Ibrahim Hindy – The Easy Life

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The importance of humility in Islam is highlighted, as it is essential to show respect and expect others to be liked. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to show their weaknesses and weaknesses themselves, and to show pride in their behavior. The importance of showing humility is also highlighted, as it shows everyone that they are deserved, even if they do not do the right things. The speaker suggests supporting massages and helping charities in times of desperation, as well as fundraising for a debt related to a wage dispute.
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in an hamdulillah nightmare don't want to stand you know be here you want to stop fiddling you want to study when are with a villa heater I mean surely I'm fusina Omen sejati I'm in a coma yeah de la who fella

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woman you will who fella had

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wash had wala Ilaha illa Allah who will actually color wash Haddow and Mohammed Abdul who rasool Allah SallAllahu Rahmatullah anime. In other words, meaning when Mahajan is the king, or the tendon or the edge Marian, and our Allahu

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wa Shahabi has to do with feta heavy here in an army and then also Metamorpho lube and OLFA for long mozzie hieromartyrs Eight and a B and no matter what or soon and what he what he said at him. Also Linda Hummer was It

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was early he was Halaby were either Jimmy or a minister Nabisco Nettie worked the sad Hilario Medina, and Banco Sequim one FC Vita Allahu Taala for you know, who may Allah Allah Who Maharajah while you're in high school, I just said, All praises due to Allah alone. And when we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly heal Allah subhanho wa Taala guides none can mislead, and he whom Allah leaves to go astray, There is none who can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship save Allah alone. And then Muhammad Sallallahu where are they you are sending them is both his servant and his messenger

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Allah Subhan Allah Allah tells us in the Quran, why bad Rana and why bad man in Medina him Shona Allah will be Helena, way the fault about Homolka he ruined our PA who Salah man. Allah tells us that the servants of Ramadan, the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth with ease. And when the ignorant speak to them, all husana They say only words of peace. We often recite this verse, And we mentioned this verse, especially in today's world, where as Muslims we are often exposed to ignorance, Islamophobia.

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And so we remember that the servants of Allah is Allah azza wa jal mentioned to us the servants of the Most Merciful are those who say Senem they say peace, in the face of ignorance. But when we recite this verse, And we rush to the end, we skipped over something important. When Allah describes a bad man, the servants of the Most Merciful.

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He says something about them, I'm sure now will be Helena, they walk upon this earth with ease. What does this mean? What is this description of those who are the servants of the Most Merciful, they are connected to Allah subhanaw taala and particularly to the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, they walk the earth with ease. The Scholars say, this means that they walk the earth with humility, with humbleness. This is the easy life. We all want to be the servants of the Most Merciful. We all want to be connected to Allah's mercy and His grace and His forgiveness. How do we do this? We have to have humility, and a humble nature within ourselves. So what is humility? How do we become amongst

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those who are humble and chaste? And those whom Allah azza wa jal describes with this description? First of it, the heart of the matter of humility, is to surrender yourself to the truth. The real humble person is the one who surrenders themselves to the truth. A lot of people have difficulty accepting the truth, especially when it comes from people they don't hold in a high regard. They will accept the truth that comes from a doctor from a wealthy person, from someone with a PhD, but

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They won't accept the truth when it comes from a simple person. But humility is to surrender yourself to the truth, to surrender yourself to what has happened, whether it came from the man or a woman, from the elderly or from the young, from the richer from the poor, whoever it came from, when the truth comes to us, humility is being able to accept it. This is the first part of humility. The second aspect of humility is that you treat people with kindness, and you treat them with gentleness. Again, regardless of who they are, whether they are rich or poor, whether they can benefit you in the dunya or not.

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This is humility. Every person is treated with respect with kindness.

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And the opposite of this is Kebun arrogance. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, what's his arrogance, he said, buckled on helped. Welcome to NUS. He said it is suppressing the truth, and condescending to people. Arrogance is when the truth comes to us. And we don't want it. We reject it, we suppress it. Therefore humility is accepting the truth. Arrogance is condescending to the people, people who you see as beneath you, you look down upon them. You tell them I'm better than you. You hold yourself in greater regard than them. How often do we see this attitude in our community? In our culture, we cater our events to a certain type of person. We build our masjid for

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a certain type of person. We invite people to our home was a certain type of person, and those who we see as beneath us, not because their practice of Islam is lacking, but because we think they're poor than us. They're ignorant compared to us. They're weaker than us. They don't have access to the dunya like us. We exclude them from our lives. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told some of the companions on the love of being the ruler of the Allahu, and he said, the Prophet told me, If someone invites me to a walima, where they've only hustled the * out of me. They only want the rich people. They don't want the poor people, they push them out of there. What do you man? He said,

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The Prophet told me not to go.

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Because the Prophet was encouraging a community of humility,

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and community of humbleness.

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We have this attitude sometimes in our community.

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Somebody's deserving of zwcad deserving of our sadaqa it was their fault. Why don't why don't they get a job? They don't work hard enough. That's why they're poor. We look down on people like this. This comes out of a place of arrogance. We think we're inherently better than others. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us mantel Wilder and Allah had Illa Rafa, no one shows humility before Allah, except Allah will raise them. And this is a beautiful Hadith if you really reflect upon it, you understand it's reality.

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When you have humility, Allah raises you, when you are humble, in relation to knowledge. When you consider yourself I don't have that much knowledge. I'm limited in my knowledge, you know what that does, that makes you want to strive that makes you want to study that makes you want to sit in the hands of other people.

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When you say, You know what I'm going to sit and study arrogance makes the person say, I don't think he's that knowledgeable, so I'm not going to study with him.

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They knew that he didn't know the along well, I'm the grandson of our Prophet sallallahu, and the great grandson of our prophets of Allah,

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he would sit in the Halacha of Zaidan outcome.

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And people said to him, number one, your nobility is more noble, you are related directly related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Number two, your knowledge is greater. This man has less knowledge than you. Why are you sitting listening to him? He said to them, I'll gradually edge this hifi interface. The man should sit wherever he benefits. Yes, maybe I have more knowledge than him. But maybe there's something he knows, I don't know. And I need to sit where I can benefit. So I sit here and I learned from him.

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And he said to them, you know, the nobility, my nobility is not going to help me on the day of judgment. My relationship to the prophet is not going to help me on the day of judgment, if my good deeds are not there. This is the attitude of humility. When you're humble, Allah subhanaw taala gives you the ability to strive and to learn. When you have humility, in relation to your wealth than your you'll give charity. You'll say this money Allah azza wa jal blessed me with it. So you will get from it and you will work hard.

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The person who shows arrogance in their wealth, they want to hoard it, and they ignore their account and they ignore their soda club and they want to hoard it. And what happens to these people their money tortures them what happens to these people

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Allah subhanaw taala punishes them and lowers the baraka in their wealth. Whoever shows humility to Allah azza wa jal, Allah will raise them. Whoever shows a single degree of humility for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal will raise them. This is the reality of our of our deen. This is the reality of what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mental mental well, he had Kedah refer to haka, and he made this gesture. He said, whoever shows humility like this, is raised like this. Just as you show humility for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal will continuously increase you, He will raise your

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status, he will place you amongst the angels amongst the prophets in paradise.

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And this is something we should understand. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah, I will hire Elaine, until well, the HUD Allah when I had what I believe that I had on the other hand, he said, Allah revealed to me that you should show humility, until no one boasts over another, and no one transgresses against another. You feel like you want to show off, you want to boast about something that Allah has blessed you with. Instead show humility. And this shows us by the way, that the transgression that people have, and the showing off that people have comes out of the lack of humility. So keep showing humility until we reach a point where nobody is boasting over the other

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person. And nobody's transgressing wanting what the other person has wants to steal. It wants to take it. show humility, show humility in your life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Lions hold gentlemen, can you call be myth all the rotten men keep? The Prophet said nobody will enter Paradise, if they have an atom's weight of arrogance in their hearts. This is a powerful Hadith. We have to be constantly in the practice of trying to remove arrogance from our hearts constantly in the practice of removing this from our psyche.

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And the area. We mentioned the beginning of the hutzpah, where are you bad Rahmani? Lavina? Am Shona and then the one that the servants of the Most Merciful are the ones who walk the earth with ease will either halt other human Jahannam Hina. God was cinema. And if the ignorant speak to them, they say words of peace. Why are the humble people? Why does Allah say about them that they walk the earth with ease? Why is it easy to be humble? Because the humble person cares about Allah.

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Not about the people. The humble person, their whole obsession in life is the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala not how people see them. The arrogant person needs the people. They need the people to see them as better.

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Their arrogance is rooted on putting people placing people beneath them, claiming that they are more than them.

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So they need the appreciation of other people. So the humble person

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are you bad Rahman, the slave of the Most Merciful. They are the slaves of the Most Merciful. The arrogant person is the slave of the people. He has to be the slave of the people. Because he needs some people seeing him as cool as worthy.

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He needs some people seeing him as worthy of respect in order for him to place other people beneath him. He's dependent on people and the humble person is dependent on Allah subhana wa Tada. So the humble person. When the ignorant person speaks to him, he says Suriname

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and the arrogant person when the ignorant person speaks to him, he will go mad, he will go angry, he will curse back, he will lose his mind

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because his entire psyche is based on the appreciation of people.

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So for the one who is humble, the insults of the ignorant roll off his back, and the one who is arrogant is tortured by what the ignorant people say.

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And this is why every Muslim wanting to be the abbot of Allah subhanaw taala wanting to be able to ramen, the servants of the Most Merciful way to free ourselves from caring about what the people think about us, free ourselves from that and rather care only about Allah subhanaw taala what connects us to Allah azza wa jal and we look at the example of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his whole life is a description is a lesson of humility. The slave girl will come and grab the hand of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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A fella in Zarya, to whom and yet he had to have behavioral shot at the prophet would not take back his hand from her until she took him wherever she wanted to go. She wanted to take the profits intercede. She wanted to take the profit to one place or another, the prophet wouldn't remove his hand. So Allah who said that, he wouldn't say I am the leader, I am the noble one, you're a slave. No, she took his hand he wants with her son, the love where it was sent in a way that send them send them the quality, when he would give salaam to people, he would turn his body to the person, his whole body would give cinammon to the person. He wasn't just like, s&m, as if you're not important

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to me, you just pass through them. We do this so often. The Prophet would churn his whole person to that person, when he would give them to them. What are your sort of watch who I'm meant to send him on? Yesterday for who are watching?

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That the Prophet wouldn't turn his face away from that person, until that person would first turn their face away from our Prophet Sall Allahu Allahu Sena, he gave that person all of his attention. So the Allahu wa it was an immediate and say, I'm more important than you, my time is more valuable than you, even though he was more important, and his time was more valuable. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he still had this humility dealing with people. What can he edge this Hadrian to him and mentioned this, and he would sit with people in gatherings until the gathering ended. He didn't say I'm too important. I gotta leave now. I sat five minutes with you. It's enough. He would sit with

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the people socialize with the people, some Allahu Allah, He will send them not acting like he's better than everyone else. Over and over in the Sierra. People come to Medina. And they would enter the masjid and say, Who is the prophets? They can't tell. He's not wearing a special hat. He's not sitting on a throne. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's sitting on the floor with the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu man. So they enter the mystery. They don't know which one is the prophet who is the Prophet.

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We see our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when a man entered upon him, and the man is stuttering, the man is shaking. And why wouldn't he stutter? Why wouldn't he shake? It's Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, how when?

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How when are they? I'm not a kid needs to take it easy. I'm not a king. In them out and writing. Can I call him or did he start I'm only the son of a woman that used to eat the dry meats. The very simple food that people would eat. I'm not a king. I'm the son of a woman. They used to eat the simple food that people eat. You don't have to shake consider. It's okay take it easy. Some Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is the humility of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is just a glimpse of the humility of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and something for us to pay attention to something for us to emulate in our lives to have this humility to free ourselves from the focus of people in the slavery of people and rather to be slaves of Allah subhanaw taala already had there was a suffering while you would have been suffering in all of

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this will allow Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who was a woman who Allah Tala just before I conclude the chutzpah, I want to remind everyone, you know, we did a short fundraiser at the very beginning. But as I mentioned last week, we have to pay the CRA is charging us interest on money they claim that we owe them for the wage subsidy that we took during COVID. We disagree with what they are saying because they are trying to charge us for money that was raised to build the masjid. And the masjid has been purchased and has been paid off in Windsor, Ontario. That money they're saying is revenue you should have used for salaries, which we think is completely wrong, and

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we are appealing it. But the problem is the appeal takes a long time. And if we lose the appeal, or even if they come and they say okay, we'll take off half of what you owe. The problem is they're charging us interest now. So by the time that ends, we might owe them double what we owe them now or triple what we owe them now. So we want to pay it off now. And if we win the appeal or if we win half of the appeal, then inshallah it's money that comes back to the masjid. But we can't have a scenario where we owe them 200,000 Now, we lose the appeal a year from now when we owe them 500,000 Because of all the interest charges, whatever the amount will be, we don't want that to be so we

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need to pay it off as soon as possible. And I said for this masjid, I think what we owe is around 60,000 Last week we raised 10,000 inshallah today before drummer we raised maybe 20,000 Please before you leave give something please before you leave pledge something you can get a tax receipt it's end of year anyways people like to give at the end of the year for a tax receipt you get 30% of it back during your taxes approximately and that's something inshallah that can that can benefit you but inshallah benefit the message and like I said, You

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You're supporting not just one message our organization all of us is being charged with this. We have a mystery to here, Mississauga, one in Scarborough one in Stratford, Ontario, one in Oakville, one in Windsor. And we have three Samak schools, all charitable all under the same organization. So you're supporting all of these massages with your money number one, and number two, you're helping us in a time of desperation. If you help in times of desperation, Allah subhanaw taala will help you in sha one times of desperation in Allahu mela because he was someone in the BI unit or the username was FEMA alone last Sunday we'll send them out to see if you know when to be you know, have you been

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Mohamed alongside the item medic medical evacuation abroad, also the early hiragana method or myschool effect so the idea here of Minnesota to Ceramidin you may need a little machine well he was obviously up in the fall he didn't Well I don't matter mean what I didn't know what I know you saw the pain alone metadata and a female call me I had the love of Raja Walla Hammond Illa Faraci what are they in for data while I'm or even illustrator while la vita well it had just happened how I did Rahila Karina one and I feel Surah Illa Kalita also tabula hermetical Hamra I mean, Allahu Allah as a listener Muslimeen where Ali before they could carry with it hopefully within Allah Allah had been

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in Eman was able to pull Obinna or carry in an uncomfortable

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or Jana mursaleen in the line and we'll get motivated to do and so anyway today's report about 100 fascia and what it will look at when I look into the Quran with Goliath cucumber schoolwide I mean, it's it's commodity Kobayakawa wala, Haryana and what snarling Abdullah from sunnah.

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