Why does Allah Chain the Devils only in Ramadhaan and not the Whole Year

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AI: Summary © The caller asks about why Congress should change the devil's schedule in the month of celebrate the birthday of Islam. The speaker explains that the devil is a chain and the body is a machine, and that the machine requires servicing every year. The speaker also discusses the importance of fasting every day of the year and the need for a final examination. The conversation also touches on the importance of learning and staying away from medicine.
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The next question by shamshad alum katihar, from Bihar, India, why Allah tracks or change the devil only in the month of Ramadan? Why doesn't he trapped them in other month as well?

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That's a very tricky question that why does Allah trap and chain The devil is only in the month of Ramadan Why doesn't do the other man rather than do the full year if you watched my earlier session one time than I told you that if you allow me to call a human being a machine, human being the most complicated machine and ramen is like a servicing like overhauling of the complete body. And every machine requires servicing some requirements. So here are some requirements in six months. So ramdan is one one in a year, which I would say give analog It is like a pharaoh a thing of the body.

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So when you're doing servicing, it is good for the machine. But if you say I will keep on doing servicing the full year then that's not logical. So if you say that we will keep on having run the full

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year, if the devil is a chain, the button as the last one out, Allah will also have to tell him you should follow the full year. And fasting full year is haram in Islam. Our beloved Prophet said you cannot fast every day, the maximum that if you want to do our Prophet permitted, keep the fast of Tao the less Allah He fasted alternate days. So fasting every day of the year is prohibited. So if Allah changed the devil full year, you'll also have to fast because in Amnon, one of the requirement that you have to find the the full month of Ramadan. So, if Allah change the devil the full year, you have to find the full year that is point number one, point number two, let me give you an

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analogy that you know when there is the shop, the shop normally sells good and once a year maybe a once in six months there was a sale during the sale, you get the goods cheap

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and and you go there and you purchase save a Ramadan is one month in a year where we get many benefits. So these benefits that you get cannot be for the full year. You know the shopkeeper allows only for for one month. So these benefits that you have escaped for one. But the best example energy I can give you is have an examination because this life as Allah says in the Quran in surah book, chapter number 67 was number two allegedly khaliqul mata Mata Allah has created that and life to test which is good indeed. So, this life is a test for the hereafter.

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Now, if you see the tape that we have in our life, when we go to colleges, when we go to universities, you have for the full year you you attend the University, you attend the college and you have final exam only once in a year.

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And that final exam is more important it may carry 80% marks depending upon which course you're doing. And full year you may have taught in college every day from for May for which marks may be given for attendance, they may be weekly test, some of the profession that daily test, you get marks, but those marks are less important as compared to the marks in the final examination. Depending upon the course you're doing maybe final examination may carry 80% marks of the total maybe 75% marks the balance 20 or 25% maybe for day to day activity. So similarly this life is a test for us. Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you rules and regulation which you should follow

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throughout the year. But during a man it is like the final examination

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and during final examination you study more

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you study more than the normal time. So we Muslims do more than the normal thing. But you cannot say that like the examination be throughout the year it will be a problem.

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Because in when during final examination, you do not follow your daily routine you may do less of the other activity less of social work less of and concentrate more and more on the eve of the demolition. Similarly number one is not the same activity as we do in the other days. You do more ibadah you fast you pray more you read the Quran mo which is difficult for the full full year from indium Nyan because Allah subhanaw taala James the devil, it is possible for you to do more bada it's possible for you to do more salads possible too fast for the full month. If you sell level chain for the full year. Then full year we keep on doing Why bother and and and more. It's good. But

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then it difficult during the last 10 nights. Many of us have a full night. So imagine you have to stay awake full night for the full year is difficult. So everything is balanced and comes into combination.

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You cannot say a lot changes

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The devil and then you don't stay away the full net in the last 10 nights that'd be one third of the month of Ramadan, you're staying awake for night. So that there is the combination together the best example of an examination This is like a final examination it is more important. Therefore give more time and you give more effort from done it's like that in one year one examination you give more time on latrines the devil so that you can do more a bada and come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and the marks of this is counted more for even if you make the small mistakes and the small, small faults Allah forgives as Allah says that from one Ramadan to the other Amazon, Allah washing all

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your things, except as long as you stay away from the medicine of the last question.