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Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misuse of Islam websites and warns against relying on ratings and Google Analytics. They stress the importance of being aware of websites that involve ratings and encourage people to be aware of current events and current actions.
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Some there's some websites that are come out websites. And these websites have misguided messages about Islam. What do we see Muslims? do they mean? Well, Muslims mean well, they gather all the links and sending it to everybody. You have to be aware of these websites be aware of these websites be aware of these websites. Now it's human nature. You said beware you didn't give anything human nature. Let's go see Click, click, click click click.

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So you warning people against but you got people to visit

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without you intending, of course, human good, but people visited. So what happened? That website got ratings now, Google Analytics got ratings. So now when you search about Islam, which websites come up first,

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which ones these ones that have got so many hits?

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You have to be you know, and this is why I also tell our young brothers and sisters be current.

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But just current in terms of fashion, be current in terms of what's happening, how things work.

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