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The speaker discusses the use of Allah's language in various aspects of his ministry, including his use of the phrase "has been meticulous" to describe his actions and actions of his children. The speaker also discusses the use of "has been meticulous" to describe his actions and actions of his children.

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salted butter verse 137, Allah says in Amman, Obi Mifflin am I meant to be *a datadot or interval for in nama home fishy akok Forsake fika home Allah who assembled it. So, if they believe in the same as you believe in, then they have been guided. But if they turn away, they are only in Chicago, they are only in dispute, and Allah will be sufficient for you against them. So if they believe in what you have believed in meaning the companions of the Prophet sallallahu, they send them if they believe, like y'all believe, then they have been guided. But if they turn away, then they're only in disputation and splintering and Allah who will be sufficient for you against them. And he is the

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hearing the knowing, the hearing the knowing so we're not reading the Arabic anymore. We're reading this translation in English. How do we connect hear the hearing versus the knowing? Why does Allah subhanho data mentioned these names here? Because when you are looking for protection, Allah subhanho data says he will suffice you anytime you're looking for protection. Anytime you're looking for security anytime you're looking for, what are you looking for? You're looking for hearing, you're looking for someone who will call you when you scream, Help. You're looking for someone who will hear your SOS? You're looking for someone who will answer when you call 911 You're looking for

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someone who will hear you hear your distress, that's number one. But number two, what if I can't even speak someone who knows your circumstances perfectly. Someone who knows everything about what you can bear and what you can't bear, He knows your weakest moments, He knows your greatest fears, he knows how to lead you out of every darkness because he is the All Knowing and so Allah subhana wa Tada ends here with the hearing and the knowing he combines these. Another great example is the verse of inheritance and salt and nisab verse 12, chapter four verse 12, Allah Subhana Allah divides up the inheritance and salt and Nyssa not allowing for any differences he makes incredibly clear

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different circumstances of inheritance who gets what share and then at the conclusion ALLAH SubhanA data says for either 10 min Allah, in Allah How can I even Hakima This is an obligation from Allah. And Allah is Ever knowing and wise, Allah is ever knowing and wise, don't talk to me about why does the the child the male child, get this and the female child get this and how come if the father the father of the person who's deceased is alive, he gets this and the wife only gets this or the wife gets this and all of these circumstances that ALLAH SubhanA data lays out and to conclude, no more discussion, Allah says, he is ever knowing and wise knowledge of course, is you know, the example

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that is given a lot is knowledge is knowing that tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge to get a praiseworthy and desired outcome. And Allah Subhana Allah says, He is the knowing and he is the wise he knows what is best for us. And he knows how to bring what is best for us about how to manifest it. And so trusting Allah subhanho data, and another wonderful example, is in salt use of it sit on verse 100 Surah Yusuf, of course, is the entire story of Yusuf is laid out in the Surah And then verse 100, is the conclusion of the story of use if in the Surah and then use if it is set up with everything comes first full circle,

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he says in not be Latif only Maya sharp. In the whole Hollywood Hakeem, verily My Lord is Latif Latif is translated a subtle, it's translated as kind, it's translated as compassionate. But look is the combination of two things. Number one, it is knowledge. And number two, it is kindness. It is gentleness, it is this, it is compassion. And it is knowledge knowing how to bring about goodness, to creation in the most intricate of ways. And so Allah subhanaw taala combines both of these attributes and He is Allah teeth. And so use of it instead of he says, Allah Subhana Allah is the knowing and he is the wise, even though use this entire story. As if you were watching it unfold

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every scene you would say this is getting more difficult. This is getting worse. It's not getting better. You're got a loving Father, you've got a family and you're being sold into slavery, that's bad. And then you you you enter into the house of it as ease and well at least if you're going to be a slave be a slave in the house of a disease but then you go to prison, and it just seems like it's getting worse and worse. But Allah subhana wa Tada is positioning usif to be established in the land

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And he is able to do that in that fashion because he is highly knowledgeable and hacky. But what I love about this verse as well is a Latif is in there as well. Because when you when I was studying the names of Allah every time I would look at it Latif, the scholars would say if you want to understand this name of Allah, look at the story of usif because you see the Hidden Hand of God guiding him from one stage to the next guiding him from one stage to the next. And so in the culmination of the story when everything comes full circle for use of and he sees his family, prostrating to him like he saw in his dream as he was a boy. He says, this is the interpretation of

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my dream. In Nairobi latte for Nehemiah shot. My Lord is subtle, compassionate, gentle in how he brings all of this about, and verily He is the All Knowing and the all wise