Musleh Khan – Reasons That Cause Allah To Love You – #02 Recite The Quran With Deep Reflection

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of practicing the sun and reciting the Quran is emphasized, along with the use of deep reflection in achieving tada setup. The importance of shaping language of Islam to fit the ultimate results of tada setup is also emphasized. The use of C work in recitation and shaping language of Islam to fit the ultimate results of tada setup is also emphasized. The importance of showing the book in a certain context to motivate people to want to engage with it is also emphasized. The speaker suggests reciting the Quran off the phone instead of holding a phone and distracting oneself with advertisements.
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said mRNA Kumara to LA he wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill ambia you will mursaleen Ali Abdullah Saleh will attempt to slim Ummah buried. So this is part two every one of our journey through this beautiful book by ignore rahima hula, which are 10 reasons that validate or qualify you to receive the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now I noticed that nobody has found this in English online, or at least if you if you've attempted to look for it. I'll tell you for sure it is translated, it is online. But we want somebody else in sha Allah who tyla one of our viewers to find that booklet and post a link in the comment section and get the

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reward in sha Allah get compensation for the reward for all of us that are going to be downloading that and following along in sha Allah But nevertheless, I'm going to leave that up to you. I'm not going to post it up just because I want you guys in sha Allah tala to do that and get that belt. Okay, in sha Allah azza wa jal. So let's begin brothers and sisters. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to read some passages directly from Jim's book. So that will be the guide that we're using, and then I'll add some of my own thoughts as well in sha Allah Tyler. And so with that being said, the author of Rahim Allah begins with the first reason that allows us to receive the love of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. And he tells us that it's going to be the recitation of the Quran bit today about what tuffa formerly Moran he is, so it's the recitation of the Quran. So this is number one. reciting the Quran with proper Tajweed not just reading it in English or a translation, even a transliteration can get you by for some time, but all of us as believers have to make an attempt to recite the Quran properly. I'll tell you something about recitation guys. Our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us Zia, you know, a sweater comb bill Porter and beautify your voices with the quarter end. Scholars teach us that it is makrooh or disliked for somebody to recite like this Bismillah R

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Rahman Al Rahim surah to

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Wofford nah ha

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by unity lar locum Tada, Guru as Nia to its disliked to recite this way, try to beautify your voice, make your voice pretty make your voice eloquent as best as you can. And I'm not saying that you got to sound like machete Rashid, or sudais are these professional reciters that have been reciting their whole lives. Just bring out some sense of eloquence and beauty in your own voice. And trust me, we all have it, you might not sound like your favorite reciter but to Allah, the fact that you try to beautify your voice to Allah, it's beautiful. So just keep that in mind. You want to ensure that you practice the sun as best as you can. And so part of qualifying to receive Allah Subhana

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Allah tireless love is that you take his book and you recited with the best and most beautiful voice you can bring out from within and a lot. So Joel does not care what age you're at, or, you know, if you sound like this recital or that reciter know, just be yourself, but beautify that voice. So that's what the recitation of the Quran. Now listen to this. One of the great scholars out Hasson Rahim Allah once said, that indeed nations before you had seen the Quran and had received its message meaning they've received similar messages like the poor and they've received the Torah the Injeel, etc. And they use to reflect on it for Can we get a W two and a half believe they used to go

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into deep reflection during the nighttime so meaning is that the people of our past that the great scholars, the great seller, the sahabas, when they used to read when they receive the poor, and they used to recite it constantly during the night, and they would reflect on it, that's when their tears will come. That's when they would start to like read certain verses, and they're like so paddling like this versus hitting me in a totally different way. They used to experience that. And during the day, they used to illustrate those teachings in their actions in their lifestyles. So that's really important to keep in mind. Here is another way for us to connect with a last book that if no claim

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Rahim Allah teaches us the fact that this is a luz words is enough to encourage to inspire and influence you. Just the magnitude of trying to understand it. Wait a minute, I'm not reading this from any human being. I'm not reading this from a committee or group

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Scholars, this is actually my creator's words. This is a lot talking to me this is his actual words that he's authored himself. Every single book has an author's name, but the core and the author is actually Allah subhanho wa Taala himself, and just wait and allow that to resonate with you. If no claim Rahim Allah says that part of the way that we can get that connection with the poor end, is just reflecting on the fact that it comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is the author and the one that's written all of these instructions. And so this is why we love the Quran. Even if we don't understand it, we love it because why we're confident and we know for a fact that this is Allah

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Subhana with our eyelas words, and that in and of itself is inspiring that in and of itself is profound. Scholars continue to teach us that angels love to listen to the core and so it no claim rahima love quotes various scholars, that the fact that when you're reciting the Quran, and you're reciting it with beautiful Tajweed that realize and understand that the angels themselves listen to this, what are the NL mela you can Lem your to their lick that it's narrated that angels were not given the quarter end, but people were given the quarter end. And so the fact that it says like a shut off, this is like a great honor that we have the quarter end and I want to bring your

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attention. This is my own thoughts that I'm adding to this particular point that in the quarter end at the very end of sorbitol accessibe Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that he gave this amendment in nine out of no matter Eilis Semih t while Aldi well g Bell, Allah revealed this mn and meaning the quarter end to the heavens to the earth and to the mountains been a mean that the mountains the heavens, the earth, they refused they couldn't handle the court. Because remember in another sort of circle Hashem, Allah subhanho wa Taala explained to us lo Ensign has a quarter an eyelid Jebin Lara ATIA who Hashimoto Sundaram in Hershey Attila if you were to take this court and and place it on a

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mountain, the mountain would crumble into dust into submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It can't handle the Quran. But you know what's amazing? A lot. So Joel continued, and he says, I've been a millionaire. And then a lie. So it just tells us that what human beings when they got to court and what hammer the * insane

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human beings were able to carry the quote, that's amazing. Mountains can't handle the poor and the heavens and earth can't handle the quarter end. But you and I can carry this book. Allah gave us the ability, our hearts the ability, that we can take something that crushed a mountain, and we can carry it and we can memorize it. You know, what more of an incentive does anyone need than to connect with a lowest penalty wireless book, that's the strength the ability that a lot so agile gave us as human beings and not even angels were given their own quarter and, and so this should encourage them to play Macmillan continues this is this should encourage the reader to want to

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connect with the quarter and even further, just to appreciate that shut off that great honor that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them continue.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that there was a Sahabi there was a particular companion that had this habit of reciting surah tell us after Fatiha every single or aka every single prayer, he'll recite fatcat sort of class and then go into another sutra. And so the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was told about this. They'll so when he inquired Why did this particular Sahabi do that? Listen to what the Sahaba said Leanna how siffert or Rahman what animal Hippo and Acorah be here. This is because suta tell us describes a man and I love to recite those descriptions I love to recite when I'm learning and hearing about the descriptions of a lot so which when the

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Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam heard that, listen to what he says, Bill and Nala how you hibou tell that particular companion that Allah loves him. We're talking about love, right? So tell us, literally the scholars tell us guarantees Allah subhanho wa Taala is love. But you know, here's the point. That's just one surah and it's one of the shortest sutras of the whole Core M and it

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You read that sutra, and you love it and you reflect on it and you appreciate it. That's just one source of what's good. And that one surah allowed that a lot. So a loved you for that. So what would happen to the believer if they took that same discipline in the entire quarter, and what's going to be their status, their position in the sight of Allah, so it's like, it's amazing that this stuff even exists, then Allah subhana wa Tada.

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As a result of that love of Nokia, Motorola, Motorola continues, and he tells us that with deeper reflection, it allows the reader to remove doubts. It builds their confidence with the quarter and they love the core and even further, and as you reflect on it. So keep in mind, guys the way to reflect the way to achieve the tada setup board. You don't just sit with the Core M, and you stare at a verse because a lot of people ask me this, right? So how do I make the board? How do I go into deep reflection? And they'll be like, okay, I'll read a translation. And I'll just sit there and just let it like, simmer into my mind. No, deep reflection is based on actual knowledge. And so for

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you to dive into an area, guess what you have to do? You've got to learn a little bit about what that verse is its context, why the prophecies seldom received, what was happening, where the companions thinking about what was the state of the owner at that time, all of those things. So knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, leads the believer to deep reflection and thought to the board. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us a deeper wisdom as a result of somebody who who does deep reflection a lot. So which will tell us sort of 10 Lisa falaya to the baboon Al Quran, it's a rhetorical question. Don't chew for at least a moment sit there and reflect on this message. While

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Oh, can I mean India Hi, Yuri left. Now a lot tells you the reason why this is so important to him. While CanAm in India hydrilla if this book was from anyone other than Allah, La vida doofy, healthy laughing kathira, you'll find that in the book, there are so many differences. There are so many contradictions, there are so many confusions, because that's the nature of human beings, we can never author anything perfectly. So when you sit there now, and you reflect, that starts to come to life, that Wait a minute, I can't believe what I'm reading, this is actually perfect. And the language is perfect, the style is perfect, the order is perfect. The context is perfect. You know,

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even the method of certain subjects, the way that they're addressed, everything is perfect. And I know that the ignorant when they listen to something like this, I mean, what do you guys talking about, like the critics of the poor, and some non Muslims, even the look at certain verses are like, Look, look, Allah hates you guys. Love doesn't have any love. Look what the Quran is telling to do. It's like slow down, you don't know nothing about this book. So you have no right to critique it, if you critique it based on certain outlets, or media or social media, that that's where your source of knowledge is, then we don't even need to talk. Right? If you want us to really sit there have an

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open mind and engage with the book, then fine, that can be that that we can do that. And that's the way that we can show and and others can discover just how beautiful and perfect this book is. But any other outlet, it's not going to make any sense, right? So, if no pain what our human love continues to teach us that these are some of the things that we can do, in order to to connect with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Listen to this passage. He says, in a bottle, pour an URL into a murottal loop. He continues and he says deep reflection of the poor and particularly for the believer, it cures the sicknesses of the heart. So all the things that we've just mentioned. Then he

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continues away Yuji Barla Chabot hat when NASA when NASA haut allottee, Motorola islantilla Coppola was shouting into Elgin. And it also removes an erases doubts that comes into the heart of the belief or an influence and encourage from the shaytaan so many things, simply because we sit there and we learn and we reflect on how this poor end is relative to me. So a few few more points, and then we're done in sha Allah hooter Island. If don't play your Mahima hula, then goes into a beautiful section, this section of this booklet, he actually quotes some of the things or at least the author some of the things that mmm no real Rahim Allah mentions in a separate book on some of

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the etiquettes when it comes to recitation of the Quran, and this is what we're going to cover

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Include with, there's actually all over 20 different etiquettes that are mentioned in this book, I'll just share with you maybe two or three. And that's it. The first of course, is it doesn't need to be explained. But it's important. And that is the first ingredient of any act of worship, which is a loss. And that is you want to ensure that at the end of the day, this book only means something to you not because you want its knowledge, that's important, not because you want it's healing, that's important. But the primary primary reason that motivates and encourages you to be with this book, is the sincerity in you that you want to stay connected with your Creator. And that's what

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claim Rahim Allah wants to achieve in this first point. If you want a lot to love you, then you have to love a love First, you have to show him that you're real, you're authentic, you're sincere. You really love this book, you want to learn it, you want to understand it. You know, just a few days ago, I got asked a question from an elderly sister that she wanted to memorize a surah of the Quran. But she didn't know how, you know, she felt that as though she didn't have the the the ability, even the memory, so the mental capacity, she didn't feel like she could do it and just was an elderly sister. And I was able to just encourage her to some extent that age was never a restriction to him.

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Right? It was never a barrier. Until this day, we have people in their 80s I have actually met somebody in their early 90s that has memorized support, and that recites beautifully. I forget his name. There's even a chef online on YouTube. If you go on YouTube and you type in elderly men leading taught all week, or men in his 90s leading taught all we go and see it like he's literally he's holding a cane in his hand and he's leaning on it, the microphone is there. And he's leading the gemera insula in parallel where he's memorized the whole pore and and he's just reciting. And you can see the age but you can also see the determination, so Pinilla, you know, those are the

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kinds of images that I wish I would be, if I ever lived to see that age, I want to be like that as well. inshallah, at 90 years old or more, you're still standing, eating total wheat subpanel. That's what cor n is. Well, aka Dr Sonal porque en la Vicar, Allah had made it easy that this port and is remembered is recited and is reflected upon. So a loss is key to any of this the short lead that it works, some practical etiquettes, when it comes to the recitation and to the board of the quarter M is that you try to use a C work. I always say that a believer is attached to the C whack. It's always with you, it's in your purse, it's in your pocket, it's in your car, you never go anywhere

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without a C work. And those of you who have never tried to see work before, you don't know what you're missing. I'm telling you a C whack makes you feel like you've taken a shower every single time you use it. It's just remarkable. It has a flavor. And now you know there are countries in Europe and certain parts of the world that have actually taken the sea wag they either forget what they call it, they called like a blessing stick or something like that, right or organic flavored branch or some some kind of strange name. But what they took, they literally took the sea whack commercialized it and so are now selling it as though they've discovered this amazing organic piece

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of branch that could literally do wonders for your teeth, for your gums and for your health. And so panela This is a part of our sadhana. Muslims are the ones who discovered this stuff. We've been using it for ages. And our Prophet alayhi salatu salam made a statement that set the tone about the Seaway. He said well laheem if it wasn't for a hardship on my oma there's a two different headings that I'm just going to couple them together. One had he says I would have ordered them to us to see what before every single we'll do another Hadeeth says I would have ordered them to use a see what before every single Sala why because that's how incredibly amazing a seawalk is. I'll tell you guys

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a real quick story. I have a personal story about how I was introduced to this. I went to the dentist when I was much younger, I think I was like 15 or 16 years old, right? I went to the dentist, the dentist saw that my gums were really bad. And the dentist said you know you're on the path of gum disease, right? And you need to really start taking care of yourself and start taking care of your teeth. Because as you get older, you're going to start losing some of those teeth. So you got to make sure you take care of it. And I felt so depressed by that. Because I felt like I was doing just fine. I was young and I just like the thought of losing a tooth when you're at that age.

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I'm still in high school people are gonna make fun of me. I was so depressed. And I remember sitting in a Masjid and a brother saw me I was just sitting there will kind of like my head down and I looked like the whole world had just crashed down on me and this brother

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They came to me and he said, Yes. Hey, what's going on? What's wrong with you why you look like that? And I told him what happened. You know what he does? He takes me to his car, he gives me a C whack. And this is the first time in my life, I've used it. And he's like, Look, just try this. Try this and see if it helps. So I said, Okay, and he started teaching me how to cut it, how to shave it, and then how to use it, how to soften it. And then I started using it. At first, it was bitter. And I was like, Oh, I don't know if I could get used to this. But he told me when he told me this one statement, it was enough for me. He said, Just remember, this was the the sin of the Prophet

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Ali's salt was some he loves to use a sea whack. And so you should try to use it. Even if it's bitter, you'll get accustomed to it, because why? It came from the best creative creation. So the prophets I seldom loved it, he told us to do it, we should try to do it. So when he gave me an I'll see how like that I started getting used to it. And before you know it, about two months later, I'm used to the sea whack, it's always in my pocket. I went back to the dentist, the dentist checked my gums. This was like a follow up appointment. And he was blown away. He looks at me and he says, This is not real. Because this doesn't make any sense. It was what did you do? And I'm like, What are you

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talking about? And he told me is like, your gums are perfect. It's 100% healthy. And he says to be as a matter of fact, you have one of the healthiest gums I've ever seen. I'm always remember this dentist, he retired now. But he was a dentist that came from Gambia It was really, really nice man. We used to have lots of conversations about Islam, and he used to tell me certain things about his religion and so on. So he's telling me He's like, what did you do? What is it? And I just said to him, I said, look at I pulled out the slack from my pocket. And I said, This is what I've been using. Somebody gave it to me, it's part of my religion. And I don't know, this is what just did the

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job. And you know what he did? So panela, he asked me if he could have a piece I said, Of course, he went and he literally got a scissors and he cut a piece of my see whack. And I showed him how to shave off the piece. And he started trying it right in front of me. Just imagine how this looks. You know, I'm sitting on the bench with the dentist, and the dentist is there. He's got his mask on, and he pulls his mask down. He's like, and here we are. We're talking about celiac. And my dentist now was using celiac. I felt like we should have changed positions. He should have been on the chair, I should have been standing there just holding a celiac and treating him and he was just blown away.

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As far as I know, that dentist uses the seawater till this day. And so do I. And so should you. Last and Final pointed shut Hello Tyler is that there should be a level of respect. If no claim Rahim Allah mentions that there should be a level of respect in terms of the etiquettes when you're sitting with the court. And so make sure that you're clean. You know, make sure that if you want to be in the state of Waldo, although scholars have different on that a general state of Nevada and cleanliness and purity, why it's a laws book, it's not reciting any other book. This is serious. So treated seriously. And so make sure that you have your swag. If you have like a an aftertaste, you

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just had coffee or something, brush all of that stuff out, rinse your mouth, and then sit down with a last book, eliminate distractions. So if you're with a cell phone, and you're and this is the thing, guys, and this is what I'm going to conclude with inshallah, cuz I don't want to make these episodes too long.

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If you're going to recite the Quran off the phone, here's my humble advice to everybody. Don't waste your time reciting the quarter and from the phone. Let me tell you why. The whole spirit of reciting the Quran, a lot of that is lost when you're holding a device. Almost every single app you download. As you're reciting what's at the bottom of the screen, there's some kind of crazy advertisement or to interrupt your screen unless you pay for it. Even if you pay for it. There's still other distractions, you could get a call, you could get a text message. So you're reciting a sword and all of a sudden text message or WhatsApp, whatever runs across the screen. That's not the experience you

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want. When you're reciting the creator's words, get all the distractions out. And that whole idea like if it's digital, it's not good for your eyes to begin with. You're staring at a screen there. And then that whole thought about maybe I should be in will do maybe I shouldn't be and we'll do all of that is lost. You see when you perform will do it and you sit with the most half. It's part of the experience. Forget about the fic rulings for a second. It's part of a putting yourself in this concentrated state that you're focused and all your concentration now is going to be with a laws book. That's where you want to be. And with a cell phone and an iPad or a digital device, a lot of

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that is lost. With that being said, I'm not saying to you that don't download must haves on your on your digital device. Don't use it don't read off of it. What I am saying to you, however is don't do

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penned on that method to achieve the same or similar experience as opposed to somebody who's sitting on a ground or the chair and went and performed mobile and is actually holding a must have. And they're turning the pages and they're actually reading it through the phone can ring but they don't even care, text messages. They don't even care Facebook notification, they don't even care, they are engrossed in a lost message, because why and a caught their attention, or they're in deep reflection as they're reciting. That's what you want. A lot of that is extremely difficult or even lost when it comes to doing that on a digital device. So all I'm saying to you is that don't depend on getting

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that experience through that method. But it's okay, you can have your pooran and masahisa and so on on your phones however you want. I have a lot of them on my phone, but I use them just for references nothing really more. I have never actually recited a sort of off of my phone in my entire life. I can't it's just it's very weird to me. And I just personally don't like it. I don't feel the same experience that I do when I'm sitting with my most have. So I encourage all of you to do that. That concludes our first episode excuse or at least second episode but our first step towards gaining Allah subhanho wa Taala is acceptance and love based on the book of even though clay and

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Rahim Allah. So I hope and I pray that this was beneficial to you that you you were able to be inspired by the words of eternal pythium and even more importantly that you feel like you have what it takes to get the love of Allah azza wa jal in your life. Porter en Porter earn Porter earn it starts with recitation. And so with that being said, we let's conclude my life so god bless all of you metal lines so you'll keep the core and close to you may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you to every single day of your life, recite the Quran, the more you recite the more you want to recite and the more you want to recite the more you love a love book, when you love a love book you love Allah

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and when you love Allah Allah loves you in return. And so just keep that in mind and shout Allahu Allah. And stay tuned for episode number three tomorrow which is of course going to be the next point that it will tell you him Rahim Allah mentions in this beautiful book does that Hello Hi everybody. Take care of yourself. Stay safe was said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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