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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who either early he was actually being an alarm about our first question today, somebody emailed me and said that he heard in the lecture in Urdu, somebody was saying that the Prophet sallallahu either he was setting them, he saw a lot Subhanahu wa Taala and he's asking, Is this true or not? Did the Prophet sallallahu smmc Allah? And the answer to this is that multiple parts first and foremost, this is the Arabic issue of Rukia are seeing Allah subhana wa Tada and one of the key fundamentals of Sunni theology in contrast to non Sunnis, more anti Zilla and the troll Rishi and others, they don't have this perspective. The other

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soon that they say that the belief is that we will see Allah azza wa jal in the hereafter and this is something that we say is affirmed in the Quran and the Sunnah. As for the Quran, there are at least four verses two of which are explicit and two of which are implicit about the issue of seeing Allah subhanho wa taala. As for the explicit one of them, I just recited and salata Alicia Will Do Hoon Yoma Eden Now later on in our behalf now Vera on that date faces will be now there are no Bharat means to be brightened Ihlara Bihar now Vera with a VOD, because they will be looking at their Lord. So this is an explicit ayat of the Quran. On the Day of Judgment, the faces of the

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believers will be bright, shining happy because they will be looking at ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. And there is another verse that is also explicit that Allah says in the Quran, color in the home or rub him the aroma even lemma Jew boon, that the people who reject Allah the kaffir on that day, there shall be a barrier between them and Allah my job, hijab amount of Shafi said when the kaffir has a barrier between him and Allah, this implies the Muslim has no barrier between him and Allah on Judgement Day. So he derived from this verse, why would Allah azza wa jal punish can in the homophobia with Allah Maha jawbone? Why will there be a hijab? This means those who believe in Allah

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there will not be that and from the Hadith there are mutawa two there are more than 15 narrations from the Sahaba two from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam reported in every book of Hadith Buhari Muslim every one of them and the most explicit one. And it is in Sahih Bukhari that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a calm letter honorable IANA, you will see your Lord's with your eyes Rihanna with aim you will see your LORD with your eyes on Judgment Day. And in the famous Hadith Abu Abu Hurayrah. The Prophet system was walking with the Sahaba there was the full moon outside this is Bukhari and Muslim and he said, you will very rarely see your lord the way that you

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are seeing this moon the comparison is not out of Allah to the moon and Allah the comparison is between how the people see the moon and how the people will see Allah subhana wa Tada and he then clarify and he said, You will not be pushing one another to see him you will not be arguing or having a problem when the moon is full. Everybody is equal they can see the moon it's not as if there isn't, you know some celebrity comes in you cannot see no it's not like no Allah azza wa jal will be visible to all the believers nobody's going to be fighting or anything like this. So you will not be cramping one another to see him now to gall moon and another to Isla to door rune you

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will not be harming one another to see him. So this is explicit that there is belief in the hereafter. Now the other groups, they deny this and they say Allah says in the Quran, love to do recall, absorb who or who you recall, absorb. eyes cannot encompass Allah and Allah encompasses everyone's eyes learn to decode will absorb and they say, Allah said to Musa lenta Ronnie you will never see me. So they use this Quranic evidence and they say we cannot say Allah subhanho wa Taala and the responses Allah azza wa jal says led to the removal of sore eyes cannot encompass and we are not encompassing we are simply seeing eyes cannot fully grasp Allah agreed even in the era, but

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there is no negation of simply seeing Allah. It rock is not the same as Iraq is a higher level. And when Allah says Allah to the removal of soar, it is true eyes cannot fully comprehend Allah, they cannot encompass Allah. As for the verse of Musa and in fact we flip it around, and we say the very fact that Musa said either Abedini Angotti like signifies that Musa knew that it is possible to see Allah and Musa assume since I have been chosen to speak to Allah. Now I want to also be chosen to see Allah. The very fact that Musa asks indicates it is in the realm of possibility is not befitting that Musa asks the impossible. Musa alayhis salam knew that people will see Allah He wanted to

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expedite is that in this world? Let me see. So Allah said lenta

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Vani meaning in this world you cannot see me this is how the Sunnah interpret this Now, as for the Prophet system in particular seeing Allah. This was a controversy that occurred in the time of the Sahaba, Ibn Abbas and obey and others of the sahaba. They, in fact, some of them would swear I swear by Allah that the Prophet system saw Allah when he went to Israel and miraj so they would give custom that he saw ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and Israel El Mirage, and they interpreted the verse in Surah, najem Fergana Kobelco, Sanyo, Adina Nakamura, I'm an adorabile Cobra, the interpreters who are at the najem if you read it, they interpreted those passages as meaning that the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he saw Allah subhanho wa taala, one of the students of Ibn Abbas came to Isha. And he said that the Prophet SAW Allah and the Isha said, What did you say this hadith is in Bahati, he repeated what he had heard from his teacher, even Abbas. And Isha famously remarked, my hair is standing on end from what you have said, meaning I'm shocked from what you have said, my hair is standing on end from what you had said. Don't you know that? Allah says law to the equal absorber he did equal upside that he that Allah said lentil and so she quoted the same standard. So the man said, Wait, hold on a sec, doesn't Allah say instead of the najem Fergana acaba Cosina owner

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doesn't Allah says the Niger LaPadula Amin adorabile Cobra, so Aisha says this hadith isn't Behati I was the first person to ask the Prophet system about this this ayat, and that was Gibreel, not Allah. He saw Jibreel not ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. So that the najem is about God. So if he resorted to najem now he understands about God, this hadith is in Buhari. So there seems to be a conflict. Ibn Abbas says one thing I should says and other Some have said, there's no real conflict, because there is one report from Ibn Abbas that he said Rahu he saw him from his unbe the kunbi He he saw him. And this means that even Abbas is saying that the seeing was not the type of seeing that we

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understand it was a different metaphysical type. So some have said there's no conflict and some have had their two opinions and Allah azza wa jal knows best Imam and no we remarks and his commentary on Sahih Muslim Imam and no, we says the correct opinion and the majority of the scholars opinion is that the prophets Assam saw ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in the positive he saw Allah this is no always interpretation, right? Others commented including him and TV and others, and they said no, this is not the majority opinion. This is no waste assumption is the majority opinion. And in fact, they argue the majority opinion is that of Aisha Radi Allahu anhu, that he did not see Allah subhanho wa

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taala. And they quote, many evidences of them, the same Hadith of the moon, the prophet system is speaking in the future, in come set our own are back home, it's in the future, you shall the scene and Arabic means for the future, you shall see your Lord. So he didn't say, oh, you know, I saw him and you guys are going to see him No. And also the famous Hadith of the jungle. We mentioned many times when he talked about the job that the Prophet system said that you will see that the job he will claim to be your Lord, and know that you will not see your Lord in this world. This is an exquisite Hadith, but there's a clause for dunya, which means what you will see him in the after so

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explicitly the processor is saying that anybody who claims to be God, He is not God, and the jazz claiming to be God, so he is saying, Don't be fooled, you shall not see your Lord in this world. So the fact that he said this and he's the one saying it means he did not say Allah azza wa jal in this world as well. Also, there are other evidences as well of them is the famous hadith of Abu Bakr Al Rifai. Now Imam nawawi has a different interpretation. It is in Sahih Muslim, and it is an authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim without a look if it asked the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam ala Rasulillah hell are eight are back you cannot get more explicit than this. Hell atera but did you see your lord

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in Israel email Raj, and the prophecies and responded? No, an aura? There was light, how could I see him? Now the majority of scholars say there was light how could I see him means that he saw the hijab of Allah which was made out of light hijab who nor hadith is also a Muslim. And the other interpretation is he didn't negate seeing him he's asking a question rhetorical. And that's not the same as saying I didn't see him and they have their interpretation. Allah knows best it appears that our Isha and by the way between Isha and even Abbas Isha is senior

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not just the more knowledgeable an issue is the one who accompanied the process and much more of an Abbas How old was you in the process and passed away who can tell me 12 or 13 years old right? I Isha and I've been Abbas are not the same. Isha accompany the process and for all of Medina and she lived with the process of Ibn Abbas is the nephew and He is the great scholar haberle on mythology moto Quran, but he doesn't compare without Isha. So Isha is saying, I asked about these verses, that's not correct. So even Abbas had interpretation and Allah azza wa jal knows best now this is with regards to seeing in Sol Mirage and see there is another controversy about the Prophet system

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seeing a lot and this is based on the Hadith that is reported by five Sahaba and it is reported in Timothy and most of the Imam Muhammad and a number of books that died me and it is authentic. There are many Sahaba reported this in fact, Timothy narrates it and he said I asked him Ahmed Buhari about this hadith that Amelia was his main student, actually Muslim was a student in MIT it was a second main student. So Muslim attend media or Buhari has two main students. And Timothy wrote his book while Buhari was alive. And so sunnah. Tell me the Jama Tirmidhi he said I asked him I'm gonna Behati about this hadith which one I'm going to narrate to you and Imam Al Bukhari said had the

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Hadith and so it is an authentic hadith. So we have an authentic idea. What is the Hadith say? This hadith says, In one version of the Hadith, that we woke up, sorry, we prayed Fajr and the processing was delayed and coming out, we waited for him, we pray for treasure, he said, Stay where you are. I have something to tell you. Then the Hadith goes. My Lord came to me in the best image in my sleep fee Iceni. Surah tin fee in the best image, he came to me female anatomy in my sleep. And I'm quoting you the hadith is in tune with you can look this up, and he placed his hands between my shoulder between my chest on my chest until I could feel the coolness on my chest. And he asked me

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that ya Mohamed, I said the Baker was Sadiq, meaning I'm answering your call, oh Allah. He said female customer will mela will. Do you know what the highest of the angels are? arguing over hadith is very long. It goes on and on. He said, I don't know this and that then then Allah azza wa jal gave him that response after the hand was placed. And then the Prophet system said, everything became clear to me. And I said, they are arguing over the dot and the kuffaar, rots, the Daraja. They're arguing what good deed is the most precious and blessed to Allah that will raise you the highest strengths? And what good deed is the one that forgives most of the sins. This is the

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arguments of the angels that are arguing who has the more money who has the bigger house who has the bigger car, although this is irrelevant. What are the angels arguing about? What deed is the most pleasing to Allah that will raise you Hi, and what did will forgive the most sins? So he was asked, What are they so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, As for the Dora jacket for Isabel, who will do a fist Subbaraj one tirado salata, the other Salah that perfecting will do when it's difficult, it's cold you DO THE WILL DO properly and in the masjid, waiting for the next Salah to come. This is them and ask for the kuffaar rod for the ammo ammo of SHA Salam, what Abel Qalam wa

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salatu an Estonian so he gave the Kufa rod, then the Hadith goes on so long howdy. This hadith is very explicit about a Torah b v axonius. Surah. But it says female anatomy in my sleep. So based on this, the majority of scholars said, for the Prophet system to see Allah in his sleep is John is because sleep is not the same as awake, and a dream is not the same as reality. So whatever he saw, it was a dream that was true because all the dreams of the prophets are true. And it is permissible for the prophets to see Allah in a dream but not in real life because a dream is not the same as real life. Okay, is that clear? Now? The question that arises from all of this before we move on to

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the last one, okay, Jay, we acknowledge the process of Salah in a dream he did not see Allah in a wakeful state, he did not see Elijah certain Mirage, and the believers will see Allah in the hereafter. Now, can anyone else see Allah in a dream? And the response is there is no evidence to suggest this. There is no evidence to suggest this and it is not befitting for anyone other than the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and there's a famous story narrated from Abdul Qadir al Jilani, the famous chef and the famous Zahid, an abbot, and what Tolkien Imam, the famous scholar and the famous ascetic and worshiper, Cardinal Gilani, that one day he fell asleep and he saw a big light in the

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dream and the light said

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him I am Allah and I have chosen you and you are my preferred of my Reba then my oh Leah and this and that and you will no longer have to do the Salawat and the will do and the Zakat to cliff is now lifted from you. Abdul Qadir jeelani told his students within two hours that he said to this entity, you are not Allah, you are shaytaan

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you are shaytaan. So the entities that how do you know? I mean, I'm a bright light. How do you know? And Abdulkadir Jelani said, tech leaf was not lifted from even the prophets, how can it be lifted from me?

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Even the prophets had to worship Allah, how can anybody come and say to me, I don't have to worship Allah, you must be at the jar or shaitan or something. And so he woke up and it was indeed obviously Jani, what he had seen. So in any case, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone other than the prophets can see Allah in a dream and even the prophets do not see Allah in a wakeful state j. That is the first question. The second and final question is about Islamic finance. Finally, we get there, but we have a lot of questions. We'll do them once every few weeks because most of the questions are about food and drink and marriage and divorce and finance. So we do them one by one,

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okay. So today we begin.

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A person says that he heard a fatwa that it is haram to have a credit card. So he wants to know is it allowed to have a credit card or not j? So, let us now answer this question.

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Before I begin, I want to state that when it comes to Islamic finance, and we will be answering many questions over the course inshallah of the next few months and years, however long Allah gives us this opportunity. When it comes to Islamic finance, what I have discovered in my answering questions is that a lot of us Muslims, we have already made up our minds before listening to any scholar or any show, we already have a clear in our minds, black and white haram and halal. And when a person comes and gives any opinion that is not in accordance with the one they have already heard. Rather than thinking and listening, they immediately dismiss Oh, you must be a not knowledgeable or you

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must be one of those progressives wanting to water Islam down. This is not the way listen and listen to authority and listen to who is saying this. If you come with preconceived notions, what's the purpose of asking your question? Listen, and see what your Allama have to say about our times and realize that economic issues modern Islamic finance, it is one of the most diverse and hotly contested issues. And it is not something that is black and white, it is something that is gray. For most of the questions that are being asked, it's a gray area. So anybody who has never studied Islamic finance thinks he knows the answer. I'm 100% clean, it shows that he doesn't have any actual

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studying. And he's simply making an assumption great Irma say, Allahu Allah, but I think this might be the case. And somebody who has never studied has made up his mind. This is haram and this has had that. So keep this point in mind that be open minded Islamic Finance is a very diverse field. And there's a lot of views on this issue. Now, the issue of riba there is no question and there is no controversy that giving somebody money for as a loan and demanding more back is the essence of Riba and it is one of the major sins and it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Al mobile caught and it is the only sin regarding which Allah has said in the Quran, that it will be hard to be mean Allah He

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was sued. There is no difference of opinion that giving somebody money, here's $1,000 You need a loan, but give me back 1100 There is no FDA love that this is one of the major sins of Islam that is in the same category as murder and other crimes. However, with that, having been said also realize that there are a number of traditions that are ascribed to the Prophet solicit them that are commonly heard and said, but in reality are not authentic. The Quran is enough and authentic hadith in Bukhari and Muslim is enough to tell us Riba is a danger. We have to be careful we don't narrate a hadith that have no basis or are very weak and of them is the one that is commonly told by the

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people. There are 72 categories of Riba the least of them is like committing Zina openly with your mother or the other below whether you are the biller, if not Josie, in his famous book about weak Hadith, he mentioned a number of these a hadith that committing doing rebar is worse than this and worse than that, he mentioned a number of them and he says all of these are weak or fabricated, and he then says how can taking the slightest amount of rebar or with a biller be equal to having the

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Never with your mother. It doesn't it's not even logical. And he goes that Zina, it breaks up families and creates children that are illegal in this industry illegitimate whereas Riba the harm is to yourself, whereas dinner the harm is to society, how can the two be the same, and the famous scholar and wild me, he commented, these Hadith are not from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the scholar Ibn Djiboutian one of our teachers. He said, these types of a hadith are from the fabrications of those who used to tell stories, not from the scholars of Hadith. So you have to be careful, the Quran is enough. We don't need these bizarre traditions that don't make sense. And

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that, frankly, even the mind rejects even before looking at the SNATCH and the hundreds of these are weak Now, as for the issue of riba

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being on the receiving end, not on the giving end, or in not taking, not giving a loan, but having taken a loan, realize that, from the very beginning of time, there has been a dissenting voice, primarily Imam, Abu Hanifa Imam and Alvin, the great scholar, he would have a position that his students supported and defended. And to this day, the Hanafi school is between these some of them, except some of them don't, which is that this his position, I'm simply telling you to be aware of it, that in his view, Muslims living as minorities would be allowed to deal with riba in the minority situation, not in the majority situation. And he defended that view. And he has a long way

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of arguing and I don't want to get into there. Now. That's one med hub, the other three rejected this. And they said, No, the Sharia is the same in Pakistan, as it is in America. And we should not change just because of our culture. And this is what I hold as well, by the way, but you should be aware, there has been a view not from some strange scholar from Mr. Manga of them himself. And he has some very sound logic, if you read his logic, he was a great intellectual, and he is arguing in a way that, in some ways, is very convincing. But then the flip side is, look, the shady as the same. Doesn't matter if you're in this land or that land it should be the same. So the other three

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did not agree with this. Now, I agree with us the majority as well. However,

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almost all of our scholars and especially our modern scholars, they are pretty much in agreement or modern scholars that giving a loan of Riba is not the same level of Haram as accepting a loan and having to pay riba on it both are haram. Both are haram, but the liner in the Quran is about category one, not category two.

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Do you guys understand the difference? giving somebody money and demanding more that there will be heard of him and Allah he will surely and that is sub l mobile cards. As for taking the loan and giving more back? There is no doubt that this is a sin, but not to the level of category one. Now what difference does it make? Not to the level? I'll tell you why. In the Sharia, there is a good principle everybody agrees upon it, that necessity or difficult circumstances allow the haram to become halal. We all know this when it comes to eating pork or we will know when you're about to die, and there's nothing to eat. We all know Right? Illa Matata to me like now, here's the point.

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Please pay attention to this.

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When deciding

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at what level of difficulty the Haram becomes halal, we look at two things. Number one, the level of haram

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and number two, the level of difficulty

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put together a scholar not an average Muslim, a scholar will then contextualize and say okay, this level of Haram is not to this level. So therefore, we can contextualize let me give you a simple example. Somebody dying from hunger,

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somebody dying from hunger.

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And he has the option of eating Mehta dead meat.

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And he has the option of eating so that meat he finds a cow on the side of the road has been killed accidentally not as like, you know, just dead cow and he finds a pig. Both are held on

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which one is he going to reserve to resort to first?

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The cow. Why? Because the level of the heavy game of the dead cow is not to the level of the idiom of the dead pig. Do you understand this right now another scene I'm just giving hypothetically at the point to another scenario. A person's dying.

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Or a person's threatened a gun is put to his head. And the person says, Unless you steal from this man, I will kill you. You take his wallet you have to pick pocket. Or if you don't do that, I will kill you. I'm just giving you a scenario.

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Pretty much most scholars would say

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If he wants to take this option, he can take the pickpocket and give him the wallet and he will be excused on Judgement Day. Now, suppose the same person puts the gun and says, You have to kill that person, or else I will kill you. All of our scholars say no, he cannot do that. Because the level of pickpocketing is nowhere near the level of killing somebody. And in no circumstance is your life more precious than the other life, you can never be forced to commit murder, you will die before you commit murder. I'm giving you a hypothetical example. So you understand the principle, the principle or another example, somebody says, Oh, pickpocket that person, or I'm gonna slap you across the

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face. A slap is not a gun to the head. Do you understand what I'm trying to do too, I'm trying to give you the scenarios of the level of haram and the level of difficulty so that you understand it's not a black and white issue. Now, who gets to decide the item not the one involved because the one involved has a selfish interest you go to a third party and are contextualized So, the one receiving the loan is not the same as the one giving the loan hence the level of difficulty the bar is not as high as the one who has to give you see the point here now I know this leads to the issue of mortgages and houses Believe me it is like the number two question being asked we will get there and

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I will give you a detailed answer whenever that happens. Today we're asking about credit cards so we're not going to talk about mortgages and and what not today, so credit card the issue being that in a credit card, are you giving the money or are you receiving a loan and then have to pay which one is it? The second which is the lower category? You guys follow where I'm coming from right? Okay. The credit concept theoretically is valid. Suppose I'm going to a shopping center and Masha Allah Imam Nadeem is with me mashallah Tabata kala Imam Nadeem has a lot of money in his wallet. Marcia Listopada cola. I don't have anything, right. And we go to brother Mustafa shop. And I

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realize I don't have any money. I say, Oh, I don't have any money. Mr. Saab, can you pay third party? Can you pay on my behalf? And you have my word? My credit? My honor. You know me, and I will pay you back tomorrow is this hella

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by unanimous consensus is the concept of a third party credit is hella right. And there is no doubt that the more trustworthy a person is, the more people will be willing to pay for him. If I have asked him to do 10 times, I've never paid him back on the 11th time, if he pays, then he's the one that's not acting rationally, my credit score is now in the negative. So there's no problem, a person's credit score a person's reliability, this is all something that is halal. So the concept of a third party taking charge and saying you know what, Mr. Merchant, we will pay you your money on behalf of Imam Saab here, don't worry, we trust him. We know his credit score, that check, check,

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check. Hello, hello, hello. Where does the problem come? We all know it's in one clause in the whole contract. The problem is not in the contract. The problem is not in the theoretical, you know, construct of a third party paying on credit, that's not a problem. That is completely legit. The problem and all of those five pages that you signed, there was one clause in there that says that in case you do not pay back within the 25 days or 30 days, then no problem. We want you to actually not pay because we will charge you, Reba. We all know that's where the credit companies make money, Jay. So this leads us to our next major controversy and also Leadville, and that is, what do you do if a

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contract is valid, but one condition is invalid. This is a famous controversy goes back to the time of the sahaba. It is called a shuttle facet, or the incorrect shot the incorrect clause and some of the tab their own, they said the whole contract is belted. And most of the tab and this is what the people pretty much agreed upon is like no look, you can't invalidate the whole contract because of one clause, that clause should be invalid, and the contract is valid. Therefore, theoretically, if we sign this document with a credit card company, theoretically, if tomorrow, all of the rulings of this country were made into Sharia rulings, and then we went to a court of law and Islamic Sharia

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courts of law, they looked at the contract, the majority of scholars will say, Oh, the contract is fine. Oh, but this one paragraph deleted out and to get rid of it. A shot to bottle will have to do so hey, this is the majority interpretation. And this is what across Islamic centuries people have done and this has proven explicitly in the famous Hadith but I'm not going to go into it but my Isha wanted to free a slave and the people who wanted to have and she paid money for that, that people wanted to free the slaves. They wanted to add an income

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condition, Allah Oh, man. It's too complicated. Explain. So basically the Prophet system said that that Shabbat is not valid, and but Ito will be freed. So he allowed the contract to go through and he made no What are you guys understanding the point he made? No that one clause, you understand this point, right? You can look it up the Hadith videos a bit more, it's a different topic altogether. So from this, the majority of scholars in this has the correct opinions the one that people have acted upon. It's the common sense one, like you don't invalidate the whole contract because of an incorrect clause. So we're not living in an Islamic land, the Sharia tribunal courts

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are not here. What do we do now, here is where we get to the final point, given all that has preceded, that you are the one taking the loan, that in essence, the contract is valid, that theoretically everything would be fine, except for this one issue. And given the fact that for some people, credit cards, make life very easy and not having them would make life extremely burdensome. The majority position from the fifth Council of Europe of North America of Amager of most of our scholars in the world, even of Ceridian all and many countries, this is the I don't know of any difference amongst any of the councils of Roma. And please, for modern issues go to the council's

00:31:18--> 00:31:46

don't just go to one chair, from the middle of nowhere, go to the collective bodies that have groups of people that discuss back and forth, even, um, Joe which is generally on the more strict side of things. And I respect that about I'm John, I'm a member of I'm just I'm not being harsh here. I attend Amgen once in a while even I'm sure on its website has the same photo and you can read it and I checked it an hour ago just to make sure that it is there. And essentially it is the same all of these committees have the same ruling what is it what else what will hold if a person

00:31:47--> 00:31:56

is in need, not a life and death situation but life would become quite cumbersome without a credit card. Pause you.

00:31:57--> 00:32:10

This means it's not an open license. It's not a green light. It's a yellow light. People have to look at themselves. Some people live very simple, modest lives, they go to work, they go to grocery they pay the rent, and that's it.

00:32:11--> 00:32:16

Why would they need a credit card debit cards will do fine and cash will do fine and checks will do fine.

00:32:17--> 00:33:06

Other people and I am one of them travel all the time and they need to rent cars I'm renting a car in three days I'm going somewhere they need to prepay hotels, most hotels do not accept debit cards. Almost all hotels do not accept prepaid. many cards you need an actual credit card. The amount of traveling that a traveler does like myself, I know from my own experience, it would not be possible to do what I'm doing without a credit card. So not everybody's life is the same. Those who need the credit card. Now I go on not everybody. Those who feel that life would be very difficult without that. The fatwa says they are allowed to take one with the extensive Yanni firm Nia, that they will

00:33:06--> 00:33:46

never exceed what they're able to pay number one. And number two, they will always pay on time. And so they have to be extra conscientious. They have to monitor now the burden is on them. They don't want to fall into ribeye, even if it's on the other side. So with these two conditions that are three actually number one, you really need it. It's not just an open license for anybody. Number two that you never purchase more than you can pay by the end of the month. You don't take advantage realize the credit card companies they dangle more credit in front of you because they want you to go into debt. That's how they make their money. They you can only pay 1000 They give you 2000 credit

00:33:46--> 00:34:27

why? Oh you see that nice this nine let me buy it and then you can't pay it. What do you do? You end up paying double triple over 1015 years. That's what the credit card companies want. We don't want that. So we try our best. Not just try that is our sincere intention. We never purchase more than what is on our budget. And we make it sincere effort we will pay on time and these days that Hamdulillah you actually have automatic payments on most credit cards you don't even have to sign up to write a check you literally just put it on and it pays automatically therefore with these three conditions met the standard position of pretty much all the scholar the committee's is that it is

00:34:27--> 00:34:40

permissible to have a credit card for those who don't they should not and they should restrict themselves to debit cards or to checks or to prepaid and that's a good thing that many average shops not not

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

car rental companies and not hotels. But if you go to any store and you have a loaded credit card, you know what they are not a credit card, a loaded prepaid prepaid card you know you can buy them from Walgreens you can buy them from anywhere. It's an Amazon or Visa whatever you put on cash you pay cash to say here's 500 Low

00:35:00--> 00:35:20

With this for 500 now it becomes like a simple debit card. So for those who don't definitely you should take advantage of these ones for those who need to then insha Allah Tala, it is allowed with this insha Allah to Allah we conclude and tomorrow will be the final day our helpers after Orisha from next Wednesday inshallah our Wednesday halacha will be.

00:35:24--> 00:35:41

Tomorrow's the last day will be between multiple Asia sorry, tomorrow's the last day between a shift from next Wednesday. Our Wednesday halacha will be after Russia because Russia will be moved forward from next Wednesday. Tomorrow. It's just still at nine. So we're still having the Halacha between Mercury and Asia. So I will see you then the shoulder ceremony