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Nam de la Hamad who want to stay in who wanna study who wanna stop hero when I was a villa him in Shoreham fusina woman sejahtera Medina Maja de la vida mo De La Hoya Euclid Farah hodja y shadow La ilaha illAllah cuando la sharika lahu eyeshadow no Mohammed abu allah pseudo

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Latina mana taco la haka Takata. Wala Tomatina illa Anta Muslim moon, NASA Takara como la de la comida de la hora. Permian has Oda. How about salmon? humare Jalan kathira Vanessa, what Taka la sala de casa Luna Viva La him in a la cocina de como la Kiba

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Yeah, Johan, so taco.

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Taco taco. Taco Bakula de la comida de Caminha. Xhosa, amin humare, Jalan Catherine De La Hoya de casa de una de la to have in a la cocina de como peba. Yeah, you have Latina Amman, Taka la waku, Conan Salida usili la cama cama de la comme de novo come, what may you a la hora, sudah husaberg faza fosun of Lima about old praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family's companions and his followers until the day of judgment and all the prophets and messengers and their followers.

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My dear brothers and sisters, last week, I start talking about some of the etiquettes of coming to the salon performing the salon. And some of the common mistake that I notice, you know, in our congregation and when people come to the masjid and pray, and I would like to wrap it up this week by going over a few other points as well. We know that Salah is ordained as a form of connection between us and Allah. That's why a Salah it means a prayer which it means you pray you supplicate to Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah said,

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Our hope here in praise pray to your Lord with humility and by loading with while you're lowering your voice in a bass con and hope you're here and to smear NF sec. That you hear yourself when you talk. Not the person next to you, hears you. So that's why among the etiquette in the salon, that the person will not raise his voice out loud. Like some people when the say mean for example is scream or they say in winter, you know, the Imam said mean like or for example, when they make the tech computer behind the Imam Allah he like raises his voice, you should not raise your voice while you are behind. The Imam the Imam is the only one allowed to raise his voice so people can hear and

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even when we say I mean we say it out loud.

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Because in nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever is mean will match the mean of the Imam, Allah forgive that person's sins and the Sahaba they allow us to raise their voice with mean but in a soft voice not in a very loud voice.

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Also in the tech up rot from one basically position to another it should not be very out loud. Another scenario in the salon, that the or closer to this point is a lot of people invent very their own or some of the common prayers and supplications which is not from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I highly recommend each and every one of you because then hopefully we can go over that, that you learn what the kind of supplications that the prophets of Salaam used to do to say in the salon. There are plenty of good apps you can download books you can read, you know about what the cause of the salons are. But some of the things that people made up and has no basis in

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Sydney for example in the Imam said it you know syrup, er cannot go to a canister in you see some people say estan Nebula, you know or people for example, when they go to su do this ASAP Hana Malaya school, all these are new bases in the sun of the prophets of Allah or when they raise up from the rocor they will add like a shoe semi allowed him and Hamid Robin our can handle that the sooner so people are dweller cachaca the word shoe could never came into Sultana be Salalah earlier it was seldom some people in the karma is said karma to Salah they would said upon mahalo Adama, all these are things not from the Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and one of the

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things that I haven't seen is enormous and hamdulillah but it's common.

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In other communities that is experienced and heard it before, if the person comes late and he found the Imam making record, he would say in alarm our submarine. Yeah. And he allow those our patients to stay in your position until they catch up with you.

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Also, among the things that you should be careful about is the issue of following the Imam. And this is very interesting that an Imam in Ibiza Salaam said in the majority Eman, new attempt maybe for either kabara fekir Belarusian wanna fight turkey Yeah, and he when he makes the Kabir you make the Kabir when he makes record, you make record, but you can go in the same time. A lot of people you say Allahu Akbar going to seduce already people in their positions, prostrating themselves over there are in touch the ground before the email or send me or allow them and hamadeh is already up. So make sure that you follow the map. That's why jabber or the Allahu answered could not be in a

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suit had to establish one abuse or Salam sajida we will not go to sujood until we see the prophets of Salaam already on the ground making sujood the only thing that you should say with the Imam is a mean and a lot of time people they don't do that with the Imam they do it before the Imam if you notice most of the people say what are

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you didn't finish in noon you didn't reach Bali people so I mean, you should wait until the Imam said well a bar lead. Then when they say I mean you say with the Imam that's the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also among the things that you wish should take care of and it's very interesting how many narrations came in the sin of the process of lemon the tradition of Mohammed Salah in regard to the following point, which is complete the lines and the Salah

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to amazing how many narrations focus on the importance of completing the lines. The prophets are sometimes said at the most so forth. Have you been Almanack. You should do Harlan Leno be ad juanico Yeah, and you just have to come lay in bed and when our forages upon man masala soften was Allahu la woman Katara soften Katara Hola. Oh, booty Sunni, the tender be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at the most so forth, straighten your lines. Have you been shoulder to shoulder so don't Harlan don't leave gaps? Lean will be a de whiny can be soft with your brother so if your brother tried to pull you closer to him or she tried to pull you said don't push say Don't touch me. You know that's not

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the attitude then in ob sama Salaam said do not leave gaps for the shape on and whoever complete align Allah Subhana Allah to Allah well basically support and aid him and whoever cut a line basically cause the line to be disturbed or pull someone from the line that the Navy sallallahu wasallam said that Allah will cut him off

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another Hadith in Nabil sallallahu Sallam said in Allaha Mehta ekata who you saw Luna and a lady named Luna so forth. In the Hadith in Salalah alayhi wa sallam has said it's authentic, and he shall Vanya as well. Allah and His angels pray and praise those who complete the lines. When they see a gap or the lines not complete the fill it up. They fill this gap and they complete the lines. And Nabeel sallallahu alayhi. wa sallam also said men said the Folger Rafah hula hoop Raja Bella hula hoop a temple agenda. Anybody see a goblin the lion and he or she filled up a last one The reason one level agenda and give them a house in paradise. Or if you say hey Muslim

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men have et semara have been Jindo Allah taso funa Kamata so for America to interrupt BIA, why don't you line up in the same way the angel line and before their Lord

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you to moon or soften our waiter as soon as they line up, they complete the line and they come closer to one another they don't leave gaps. And with this Ahadi, there's few points I want to point it out. Number one, there is so much emphasis so much talk about completing the lines, because that's a way of life.

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It is so dangerous when this society have so many gaps and holes in it. We need to have this attitude when I see something missing I completed when I see something need to be taken care of. I will make sure that I will come forward and do it. But I am Allah they have been when he wrote the biography of an Imam moja an imam of Venezuela, Abdullah Venezuela. He said that Mujahid said

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What can ally Baba mean? avoidable rebar that he had Johannes inlet aka lava. Anytime Abdullah Mr. versi people abandoned something and nobody take care of it anymore, he will make sure that he will be the one who filled that gap. He's the one who stand up to take this initiative to fulfill that, you know to do that thing that needs to be done. He said and one day in Canada, the house was filled with water flooded and nobody going photo because flooded photographer Abdullah urban suburban Beatty Siva cola hadn't had on so the opposite, aka better. He said that one day he found there is nobody making power because what's flooded so he went and he met off swimming. Every time he comes

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around by the Blackstone, he will go dive down and kiss the Blackstone come up and continue his philosophy. And that is Gemma I'm in Santa Rosa, there's a group of scholars actually did that other than a surveyor, but the surveyor was one of the earliest on the report that he did such thing. My point is that this is a lot of emphasis because as a community, as a society, we learn to, we need to learn that attitude that we always try to complete one another. And we see something missing, we fill that gap.

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And we come forward to do not to replicate the work not to start a new line. And the line of line before us is not even complete yet. Halfway, then you start another one. That's one of the biggest problem that we're facing as a community, everybody starts his own organization and start his own work and duplicate the work and instead of completing each other's work, and complementing one another. So this is not only about just literally a gap in the line, that you fill it up in the salon, and you forget about him you walk out of the masjid, it should be an attitude, a way of life that you live the way in your life. Also, it shows you how close we should be to one another. It is

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sad when I hear that in some of the massages. And some of my sister side were sisters will be standing. And there is a gap there is another sister be three feet later on one than two feet than another sister. And that's how they line up.

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It is sad when you see people, they don't want to come closer to each other. That's not how the Brotherhood is built. And Islam cares so much about coming closer, shoulder to shoulder to line up. And to basically that will create a sense of closeness to each other. And that's also a meaning should be carried in our life, that we should come closer to each other in the society, in the community. And we care about one another, also chose that we are all in the same boat, we are all in the same line, you know this line is crooked, the whole line is basically take the responsibility of it. That's a building a sense of community and society. That's a practice that we do every day five

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times a day, supposedly,

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or at least once every week when we come to Juma. But when you see that's why when you see the mustard, somebody go all the way back in the lion and somebody were, you know, stay in the remember in the other when we used to pray and behind, people will not care to fill up the lines.

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Oh my god, I'm gonna still walk all the way from the middle to the sides. That's such a long distance. So you know, it's tough my online

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ads a behavior problem, they didn't need to be changed.

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Also, one of the things that is you see here is the issue of making sure that our lines are complete and straight.

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It's interesting.

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Anytime you want to line up people in one line straight, you start from the central,

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then the center go left and right. If you start looking at the people who are very far away in the left or right, you're going to miss up the line. All what you're responsible for is the person's the right hand side and left hand side to make sure that they are lined up with you, then they do the same to the people next to them, then they do the same. And that's how the line will be perfectly lined up. But if you start looking to the person very far away, you're going to miss up the whole lot. If you don't take care of your family, if you don't take care of your people next to you, if you don't take care of your neighbors. If we don't care about our city. I don't know how we're going

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to care about our country.

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If we don't care about our country and our state, how are we going to look for the world the rest of the world and that's how it works.

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From Accra, the closest people to you.

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Also among the thing that is good to know when you want to start a line

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What do you do? You start from the middle. Some people go start from the farthest point in the right side of the email. That's not right you start from the middle and from the middle you go one right and one left because you want to make the man in the middle of the line was a man in Ibiza Sallam told us to make the Imam in the middle.

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Also among the things that you should watch out when it comes to the Salah that you don't wear basically clothes that will show your our

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for example, people come to wear shorts, you know, make sure that your knees all the way to your navel for men are covered and your shoulder covered as well because it may be Salalah solemn order us when we pray to do that. Also make sure that when you wear clothes that you avoid the clothes that have images and pictures the Muslim jurists by consensus said that images in the salon is highly disliked to be put on the clothes or when you come to the massage so you should care also for that and not a very tight clothes that give a detailed descriptions of the body but even the slightest correct for men and woman even if the clothes are tight, but it's just dislike according

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to majority of the haha one of the thing also it does sit in that when you come to the mustard there is about 14 narrations talking about this concept, which is the concept of taking a sitar that is about 46 narrations * up and say Bukhari and Sahih Bukhari about the concept of sutra that when you pray you pray to an object in front of you, not just an open line like that. 46 narrations Do you think it's for nothing,

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no doubt in me so seldom talk about this many times for a reason. And that object in front of you can be the pillars can be another person, an object that the Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, this fluther are the two third the length of your arm and then they'll be so Sallam said that's one of the things will prevent the shippon from distracting you and your Salah among the thing also that you I found some people do during the Salah that they raise their gaze up to the heaven when they pray and it is absolutely forbidden in the Salah by the Eman Alba and the slum all agree inside the Salah is not allowed for a person to raise his eyes engage up inhibition and forbade that can lead

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to a pornography absolve him for Salah

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Allah Allah eager to absorb all that in the be Salalah Sallam said if they don't stop doing this, the angel will snatch their sights away. So the stop refrain from raising your gaze in the Salah. You where you look in the salon in the salon, you should look into the place where do you make your suit except in one position? When you are on a T shirt sitting for the T shirt? You look at your hand on the right side. Other than that in the salon you should look at the place of your suit. Caleb nucleon Rahim Allah we're in the luminal b De De De De la de for salaat Raja among the innovations in religion that you close your eyes in the Salah. Some people said for no reason you

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close your eyes if there is distractions you know something distracting you close your eyes otherwise closing the eyes is not the head you know these are solid never done a Salalah Salim nor any one of the his companion report to the dead duck and some people just do this thinking oh, this is like Oh sure, you know is just more focus. They actually know the sin is to open your eyes and to look at the place of your suit. Unless there is something in front of you distracting you also had been reported remote automatic where the minute a jeep and nomadic woman Rwanda and an akuna. Nairobi will bring a man in Allah Shama Elena, we've been ordered by the prophets of Salaam that we

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put our right hand on our left hand, which is shows you that the center is to put your hand on your right hand and your left hand not to basically put them on the side.

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Also, it is important for you to know that you only set in the obligatory prayer if you're not capable of standing.

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But just for convenience is not a lot. Only if you really if you're not capable of physically you can or if you stand up, it will add more harm to you. Or it will delay your healing for example, this is only an excuse for a person to

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sit while they are praying in the obligatory prayer, any volunteer prayers you can pray sitting even if you are healthy, but in Ibiza Sallam told us in a john snow harness for him. If a person capable of standing and choose to pray sitting in a volunteer prayer, basically he will have half of the reward

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One of the things that also would like to mention, it's important to pay attention to

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and especially watch it in your kids, that when people make subdued, there are seven things has to touch the ground. your two hands,

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your forehead, your nose, and your two feet, your toes, you basically your feet

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touching that ground.

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So the hand the feet and face, the nose and the forehead. Some people do, they raise their feet up and they start like they don't make their feet out of their nose not touching the ground. All this is not correct. And your students worry that your surgeon will not be complete the slice and make sure that these seven, two and two they're basically

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endure knees as well. This is so that six than your face, the forehead and the nose. One that will be seven parts of your body touching the ground. I asked the last panel Tada. And you know your company Dean, eponymous Mr. Mostafa the lady

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Medina, via that when a person say assalamu Aleikum, wa salam, some people they do their hands very weird. I don't know where people came up with this. They do like this. So they flip their right hand to the right side and the flub the left hand, a salon article, last article, it's a lot. It's a matter of fact, that is a headquarter nebby. So some of them said, don't do that, when you pray, don't be like the ears of the horse that keep like flipping, you know, completely Schumer's. So this is also something that is not correct to be done in the salon, and in the visa Sallam said, Don't be like dogs as well, when you pray, which is you

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put your whole entire arm on the suit, when you go to suit you have your whole entire and on the ground. He said Don't be like the dogs. And he said Don't be like the chicken, you know, your your schedule will be very fast, you just touch like how the chicken pick up the seeds from the ground. Don't be like that just touching the floor and picking your head quickly. And he said Don't be like the fox, which is keep like looking. You know, the like Fox the always look around. When you pray you should focus. Also one of the things that I would like to make you to pay attention to if you ever carry a baby in the salon, which is allowed to carry a toddler while you're praying. But make

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sure that this toddler doesn't have an adjustment, basically, their diaper is clean. Because if they're if you know that their diaper is not clean, you're not allowed to carry them in the salon, by the agreement of all the

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allow. Tada. We talked about filling a gap, I just want to make sure that you see a gap is not you make one.

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You know what I mean by that, you know, you see a very tiny small guy, and a guy like me comes on like put my shoulder and I make a gap, you know, and you're pushing people, I'm bothering people on the salaah while standing. That's not correct. Make sure that there is because also you don't want to bother the people next to you. Among the thing that also people in comes to the issue of bothering others. Make sure that you don't eat turn your phone and silence and page. And by the way, if your phone you forget I forget my phone a couple of times to turn it off. And it goes off on the Salah what you do you just pull it up and you turn it off or you stop. But you know what no need for

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you to worry about it is allowed them it doesn't break your salon doesn't invalidate your salon, just reach out to it and basically close

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and or turn it off or put it on silent. One of the things also that we make sure that we don't bother people by raising our voices. That's why I've been hedged on him a lot talk about bid. We don't have it in our mestinon hamdallah that he said in one of his massages in his time. People read Quran out loud and everybody in the masjid forced to hear that person. Why do people want to pray when he said that's not correct. That's what a medic was asked of somebody do that raise his voice in the mustard pod. You heard me that message, this person should be taken out of the must. Also, we're not allowed to cause any disturbing in domestic, anything that caused damage intimacy. That's

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why I never saw sometimes it's a sin to throw trash in the master. And it is a reward to pick up trash from the master or something maybe harm people. And nobody saw them said if you walk to the mustard, and he in the old days, you know they have their arrows. He said make sure that you hold the tip of the arrow with your hand. So you will not scratch someone while you're walking. The issue of the safety of people and that's something important among the thing that can harm them or some mean harm your fellow Muslim in the master

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Not inside the machine but outside you park your car in the wrong spot. Or you park your car in a way that take two spots.

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That's not correct. If you don't know how to park your car, Hamza is very more than willing to help you park your car in the office. You know, volunteering for free. Okay, so because sometimes it's really especially in Joomla, and even Ramadan, that's something you should be careful. Also among the thing that can harm them saline and disturb them your children. If you bring your children you don't supervise them, you don't educate them, you don't talk to them. I am 100% I want everyone in this mustard to be very welcoming and accommodating to kids don't get angry, don't shout out teach them but the parents have to do also wrong in educating them talking to them if they cannot respect

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and understand the mustard just don't bring them as simple as that. And by the way, there is no such Hadith don't bring children domestic agenda boo Masada come Saviano sofa, all these are fabricated Hadith is not correct. We want our kids to come to the master we want to them. That's why we have a playground they can play. They can have you can organize among yourself, you know, people volunteered to babysit or to supervise the kids while they're playing while we are praying. So all this is to accommodate having this the people to come more to the massage. A lot of people think it does not allow inside the master to talk about worldly matters. And that's not true. The basically

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narrate a hadith that it says it talking about dunya in domestic will eat your reward like the way the fire eat the dry wood. But that's very weak. Hadeeth no base for it. That's not true, actually in the Buhari and others, many generations were in a piece of solid and the companion talked about worldly thing and the master, but it should not be the focus. It should not be the main theme of the master. We should not turn the prayer, the prayer area to be a social center. You know you want to do about social issues and stuff like that. We talked about it in the community hall.

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And I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to always give us a good understanding of the religion, and to all help us to perfect our Salah, because it is our mood to do the main pillars in Islam. Allah minister Luca Huda took our offer for Lena Lama tuna for Santa taqwa How is the canta humans aka Antonio Mola, hada, elantas, Hurricane economic nobody mean, alarm morpholino or ham no avinor for unknown, New Zealand, I mean, before I go to the salon, I just have a quick things to say, this is a holiday season.

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And basically,

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I don't believe that it is goes against the belief of the Muslim or the etiquette of Islam, in any form of any shape is to be nice and courteous to your neighbors, and to wish them happy holidays and to

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wish them a good time and to be happy as well yourself and taking advantage of this holiday how make sure that you spend, yes, we don't celebrate Christmas as Muslims, but I'm happy that there are so many friends and neighbors who are celebrating their Christmas and they're celebrating their holidays, and an A wish to see everybody having a good time, everybody enjoying their religion and doing their freedom and enjoying the families. And this is the spirit of snap. And this is the spirit of the Muslims. That's number one. Also, a lot of people ask me in regard to businesses and stuff like that, if you own business, or they have gifts that is given to the people who work for

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them during this holiday. And it's part of the culture and the custom. And I don't see a harm doing this if you own the business of this is your own businesses. And that's how the culture and the norm of people here you have to understand that is a big difference between the the there are certain rules

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designed for us as Muslims but that doesn't apply to the non Muslim also in the land and the custom and the culture of the land were here that dominated by non Muslims and some Muslim country they don't know Christmas, they don't have that as a holiday. It's not something that they use to have any gifts or the end of the year or the basically a bonus on it or anything like that, of that nature. But that's how the custom and the norm here. Nobody, as far as I know among the Muslim that I know everyone he do stuff like that because he believed Jesus as Son of God and I don't we don't believe that as Muslims but we understand that that as many other around us believe that and we come

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to you know, Kumbaya Did you have

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Religion, my religion, I have my understanding and your my understanding and nothing between us except love and support and respect for one another. So that's basically how Islam defined the relationship with people in the community in in the society that neighbors, friends, family members and so far, so make sure that you give your children a good time as much as you can. During this holiday, your kids seeing everybody happy, so make sure that they are happy as well and they're having a good time and spend a good quality time with them. May Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of us. Thank you very much and Komodo Satya Kumar, Salama aloha