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Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of giving children guidance and guidance in their relationships. They stress the need for parents to guide children in their decision making process. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of allowing children to make their own decisions and not letting them be too afraid.
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Number four, how does a man ruin his marriage? The fourth point that we want to mention

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Xbox, iPhone four, BlackBerry, laptop unit

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was iPad.

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You have all of these things simultaneously.

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And then you wonder why the kids are still up?

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Okay? And then you ask your mom or your ask your wife?

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Where's the chips? Bring it.

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Bring some food, man. 1am in the morning, bring some food. So that's what you do.

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This is number, what is this number for how a man ruins his marriage. What does this mean

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is that you have all of these things. That key that keep you busy, from your responsibilities to your family, showing your kids attention, showing your wife attention. And in addition to all of this, you're busy doing your own thing with all of these different gadgets. And in addition, you tell your wife go and do this, this this this for me. You order her What do you think she feels like? What does this picture look like? It looks like you are what you are the king. And this is your servant. You don't want this to ever happen. And this is a way that a marriage ends up

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in divorce, ends up separate ends up in problems.

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And then in addition, you ask why are the kids still up? That's a good question. You should also ask yourself, why are these kids still up? allowing them to do whatever they want. Allowing them to make their own decision is an Islamic way of raising your kids. Let me repeat, if you give your children

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if you give your children the privilege to do what they want and to make their own decisions. This is an Islamic way of raising your children. Why? What is the missing ingredient?

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Allow them to do what they want. You will allow them to make decisions. But what is the additional ingredient that is most important is that you as parents must be there to guide so that when you see your children make a decision that's wrong. You are there to say hey, listen, maybe you should think about this. Maybe you shouldn't take that course maybe you shouldn't take this job. Think about you are there for guidance. You are there for advice. Let's see what you're there for your children. And in the same process, you allow them to make decisions of their own. So don't allow them to be free. These are all things that causes a marriage to be ruined.