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Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”

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The speaker discusses the impact of a man on his wife's behavior, including watching movies and distracting them. He also talks about the man's weight and the importance of being kind to his wife. The speaker emphasizes the need for acceptance and love in relationships.

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Number five

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as a Man's Guide to ruining his marriage is that he will monitor for modesty in conduct and attire. Okay, listen to this very carefully, he will monitor her in the way she behaves and in the way she dresses. But at the same time, he himself will sit back when she's not looking, or when she's asleep. And he will sit and he will watch mature movies. Or he will watch things that are hot on

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things that are bad for himself, and also for the kids.

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But whenever she slips up, whenever she makes a mistake,

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he will penalize her immediately make her feel bad punish her for that. Well, when she's gone to work, or she's busy doing her thing, He's upstairs on the computer. And he may be talking to people he shouldn't be talking to. He may be doing things he shouldn't be doing.

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And as a result, Allah azza wa jal causes that this marriage be ruined. Never front. Should anyone feel or think that whenever you do something in secret,

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and it comes and goes, so even though you know it's wrong, and you do it in secret, never for a moment, should you ever believe that that thing that you do that is wrong or haram in secret. Nobody knows. Don't ever for a moment believe that there won't come a time where the table will turn right back to you.

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And we have all at some point, experienced something like this, where you might have done something wrong A few days later, a few years later, a few months later, whatever the cases, something terrible happens to you. You lose your job, just you wake up one day you go to work layoff complete, and you lost your job. And you sit there and you scratch your head and you wonder, well, I pray five times a day, I never miss fudger I fast I went to Hajj 10 times like I bought these things, yet still, this hardship is with me. What have I done, and then you begin to reminisce. And you remember, wait a minute.

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During those times, when my wife was out, this is what I was doing. And on top of that, I allowed the kids to do the same.

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This is why the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned mentions that there will come a time

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when a child will come in front of Eliza gel.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask the child, why didn't you do so? And so a particular deed, why didn't you do it?

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And the child will respond and say, Oh Allah.

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I didn't know I saw my father do this. So my parents do this. So I did it too. And being the innocent child being the child and may not know better, what will allow us to do will now turn to the parents let the parents give account to what the child has done. So basically now the parents start to take the burden of what that child has done. So the burden is doubled.

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In NEMA, Amal Kumar Allah to comb fitna, Allah azza wa jal says in sorbitol and fall, that your wealth and your children are what a fitna calls it a fitna a trial, a tribulation, something that is extremely difficult for you to care.

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And so brothers and sisters,

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at this time, we would like to conclude, I hope that insha Allah these points here, are beneficial, are something that will open your eyes, that would open your hearts your understanding, and you would begin to look at the bigger picture.

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As for the husband's your wives, is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal as for the wives Your husband is able from Allah azza wa jal, and it is a miracle, that how one person no matter where they are in this world, and that second person, no matter where they are in the world, somehow, it is a miracle you and I will never understand how Allah azza wa jal has caused the DCE to hearts love each other and come together. You know, when I was when I was getting married, I used to tell myself Subhanallah you know, here I am looking for a wife. And I don't know if my wife could be sitting in China. I don't even know that my wife could be sitting somewhere on the other side of the world.

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And I have no clue.

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And so this is a miracle from Allah. So again, this is why he mentioned in soda to room one min it from his miracles that he has brought two hearts together two people together and put love and mercy between them and from Allah azza wa jal. So husbands when you go home tonight make sure that when you have dinner, Talia zojirushi you call your wife and say here, take a spoon of food here let me make you some tea. And why sisters, when you go home to your husband's, be kind to them, be caring to them and show them that yes, their efforts do pay off. And husbands you do the same while law he you will sit in this dunya as though you are in a paradise in itself. A *hole Islam even Tamia

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Rahim Allah mentions