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AI: Summary © The customer is asking the agent about the history of the culture in Israel and the agent explains that the culture was mainly led by the Jewish or the Arab people, and that the rebellious groups were led by the Jewish or the Arab people. The agent also mentions that the culture was mainly led by the Jewish or the Arab people, and that the rebellious groups were led by the Jewish or the Arab people.
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Yeah My question is regarding

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GABA use right because so many times in the Quran you perhaps recently children of Israel, especially regarding to Moses and the fables that he did for them so my question is since the who God is

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buddies right people were those the Jewish or the Arab people because things are

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claimed Palestinian as

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So could you please clarify this?

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Monica love you? First of all, one needs to attend the history class in order to learn that Ibrahim Ali salaam who emigrated from Iraq from Babel, because he was a believer and his wife Sarah and the went to a sham particularly to Palestine. And from there, they also visited Egypt. And from there the return was thorough. I'm sorry.

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Ibrahim and Sara migrated from

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Iraq to Russia. And then they went to Egypt and from there, Ibrahim and Salah returned back with her daughter, Sarah who's still so she gave her job to Ibrahim Ali Salaam and from Hotjar Ibrahim Ali salaam, happy to have his very first child. Ishmael is my then Allah commanded him to take him to the barren land which later on will become maca and Zamora will get full from beneath the foot of Ismail and so

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the first child for Ibrahim Ali salaam was Ismail or Ishmael and he lived among the Arab there and he learned the Arabic language in back then when he returned back here's the error Sara received along with Ibrahim the news that she will conceive and Allah said you would have a child by the name is help further Sharma Herbies. Hakka women who are is Hellfire hope and his help would have a child and his name will be Yahoo or Jacob.

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So Sarah's and Abraham, children, Isaac, and Isaac son is Jacob. Jacob had a nickname.

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Like my name is Abdullah Abdul Rahman. Jacob's nickname is Israel, which means Abdullah, the servant of God. His name is what Israel so the word Israel is the nickname of Prophet Jacob who's a believer. And Kontum shahada is Heather AR Kuba and Moto is called Le Vani Hinata Bulunan embody. So Jacob was a believer was a prophet, and he is the father of Joseph Benjamin and the remaining 10. Sons of his oral Esbat. So all the children of Jacob whether Joseph Benjamin, or the other twin brothers, who are from another wife, are known as a spot and are known as the children of whom the children of Jacob are the children of Israel.

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And then from their offspring, there have been many prophets

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and many kings, Moses and her room are some of them. Zachary, I think your name? Zachary.

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His son's name is Yahia Gianna peace be upon him.

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Orisha Ali Salam, they are Oh, the children of Israel. Got it. So when we say the children of Israel, and when Allah Almighty says in the Quran, when he is Elijah, Guru, Murthy allottee, and I'm to our lake, we need a bottle to Komal island that was mentioned twice and so that we're all children of Israel. Remember my favorite which I bestowed upon you and I made you superior to the people of your time al al Amin, because you were prophets, they will kings, they were believers. One day this believed Allah says in surah tonight, Lu arena, la vie Naka for roaming Bernie is for Isla, an early senator who is having Imodium Licchavi Ma So what can we do? canula Tana Moon caring for

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our lovely summer can we have followed, so some of whom are believers and some of whom are wicked, and those who disbelieved among the children of Israel, and those who are wicked were cursed, who caused them their own prophets,

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Musa Ali Salam have cursed many of his own followers. In salatu, Musa Ali Salam said about the Israelites when Allah saved them and they crossed the Red Sea and now they are in Sinai and

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They were required to liberate Palestine and they to mock this. They said you and your Lord go alone you fight and when you conquer by to knock this will enter safely. So Musa said to Allah, Robbie Nila Amiko l NFC where he flew COVID Kobe Nana however you know calming ferocity said oh Allah I only have myself and my brother Haroon, so part between us and those rebellious people who call them rebellious Musa or a sunnah who calls them Musa Ali Salam. So Allah said, All EFA in a ham Ohana tune Allah him are very in as an attorney at Hoonah fill up Falletta SRL ko mill Pharisee key so automate Allah said, so I will forbid interning Palestine for them for 40 years, they will get lost

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in the Wonderland in Sinai for 40 years. So don't feel bad for the rebellious ones. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us what is best history is beautiful. The Stories of the Prophets are beautiful and what is more beautiful, is the CRR demography of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Salam