Hatoon Gets Attacked in Speakers Corner

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A woman in a skydiving video describes how a man lunges at her in broad daylight, questioning her for serving Islam. She suggests that people should not use their lives to protect themselves and their privacy, and recommends a school defense ID. The speaker also discusses the need for effective methods to protect young people in London, where police officers are not as effective as in other parts of the world. The need for legal means to protect people in the capital and prevent violence is emphasized, along with the need for effective methods to protect young people in the capital to prevent violence.

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Do you to compensate a man? I think you'd be this. Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

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What condensable action that we just witnessed out with this stupid man. Okay, he's acting as a lone wolf going and lunging at a defenseless woman in broad daylight, probably going to get a life prison sentence. Why are you doing that? On what basis? Do you think that's a good idea? Absolutely sickening display of cowardice by someone who doesn't need to do what he's doing. If you want to serve Islam, you don't do it by acting in a violent and criminal manner. When we have the ability. And we have been doing successfully, I may, I might add, you know, in the very place that you tried to do this attack, to

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era opinions to the people. What an abominable, and condemned honorable and diabolical and megillah maniacal action that you just committed. We cannot stress strongly enough how

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ridiculous this is, you think this is in the favor of the Muslim Muslim community?

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This is ridiculous. And I think that to be honest with you, there's a lot of people to blame here. There's a lot of people to blame. We are as a Muslim community to blame, that we still have tech fields by the looks of it, because someone does something like that is a theory, for the most part that the same kind of people that are willing to probably willing to kill you and me, Muslim people, because they're taking the law into their own hands. They don't respect the community ethic. They don't respect the Muslim community at all. They're just taking the law into their own hands. People like that. It's our fault that we have not combated that I poisonous ideology in a strong enough

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manner. And moreover, I want to say something, this is actually a lesson to all of us. Because look, we have been diluted with this false sense of security. We think that we're secure. Because just because they, you know, vote datelines police officers, let me tell you something about this country, I've lived it for 29 years, all my life. And I've seen and witnessed so many things. And we've seen and we've witnessed how many stabbings happened in the UK on a on a on a yearly basis. So many stabbings happening in the UK, maybe almost 20,000 in the year 2019 20. This is not a joke. This is the pandemic that we're talking about here. And the government doesn't like to crack down on

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those who are using life because they're using rehabilitation methods which are outdated and ridiculous. Okay.

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We as Muslims wouldn't allow people to roam around if it was up to us and stop people like that we will put them in the city centers and humiliate them, okay, and punish them with a humiliating punishment, not putting them in their cell for two or three years and come out and then they can refund. This is a Mickey Mouse law. Anyway. So yeah, the law is problematic. But also I blame the police. Because this is speaker's corner. How can you allow a woman to be stopped in speaker's corner? How can you allow that there are so many police cars, this is the center of London, there are cameras everywhere. This is a failure of the police. This is an absolute failure of the police.

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And I have to say, and I'm pushing this on to the Muslim of the Christian communities and other communities to failure of yours as well to allow this to happen. Why is it that you know, this has always happened over seconds, but we know that these things can happen?

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This is a lesson for us because next is going to be mean you do you think that we're safe? Do you think that we're safe? If this can happen to her? Do you not think it can also happen to us?

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I want to recommend a few things on protection here. This is something you can buy school defense ID. Now what it does is you this is legal, absolutely legal, you cannot defend yourself to as much as the law would allow you to defend yourself. This is a thing that you spray in people's face. Look, martial arts is very well and good. But if someone brings out a knife, let me tell you something guys. And my no punch can defend against the knife. I'm really sorry. This is not Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, our youth for Muslim youth. A lot of which again, stopped in the street corners. A lot of them are doing the stabbing industry corners. A lot of them are imprisoned our youth. Yeah.

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They, a lot of them will be at risk of this kind of thing. A lot of them will be innocent.

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What do we have to do about it? We have to educate our youth to defend the how to defend themselves legally and effectively. Because quite frankly, limited and just one more time. The police are not going to save your life. When they see a knife. They're going to run faster than you would ever run their buttons not going to be enough. There's a poorly effective police force in the UK. Forget about just London. The police are second class citizens to the gangs, the gangs, got the police in their pocket. Everyone knows that. Get the button out the gangs are going to deal with the police. You know why? Because the gangs make the police shivering that quaking in their boots and the police

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can be upset against Simple as that and with their buttons, they can't fight back. So we need to find effective methods. Okay, effective methods to protect ourselves and our communities, which are legal. Okay. And I've just given you one example here is a practice

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An example just take a spray and run. If someone comes and brings out a knife, you're not going to fight them joy understanding, I'm telling this, this is my message to every young person, you're not a big man to fight a knife. Because this is not a fair fight, you have no idea what a knife can do in a fight. Don't try and punch in this in BJJ is not going to work my friend, and life All it takes is one slice, a 13 year old can finish it with a knife can kill you. Yeah, I started all it needs is one thing, we're not going to deal with that kind of thing. So we, number one, this is a lesson for all of our communities be able to protect themselves outside the scope of the law. Number two, I

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myself, I'm not going back to speaker's corner for at least 30 days as a protest against the police, the ineffective police force in that place until we have meetings with them. And we arrange security for our communities. Because it's ridiculous that it has to amount to this kind of thing in one of the most so called civilized countries in the world. And one of the most historic places in the whole of London, and in the whole of the world, actually, which is speaker's corner.

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And I blame the police. Yeah, for not being able to effectively protect citizens who come to that place. I do blame them. And I say that we all might they are ineffective and weak and cowardly offices. Most offices in London, our capital Abuja respect when it comes to my crimes, why is it that knife crime is so

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rampant in this in this city, because once again, the gangs have got the police in their pockets. So we're going to have now ingenious ways, legal ways of dealing with that situation, which may include things like this, this can save your life one day,

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if I have bloody sand them up, you can throw on the guy, or like some guy come to me and I throw sand on him some knife doesn't matter how big you are the blades gonna finish you cut you. So we're gonna have to start learning Yeah, how to protect or defend ourselves running.

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The best thing to do is run

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equation, acid does that crime, we need to learn now. Because this is going to be a lesson if it can be it can happen, a place like this can happen anyway, these people are no longer caring about the consequences. people no longer care about consequences, you have to understand that don't be deluded, don't think that people care about the consequences. They don't. We're going to have to do secret meetings with the big speakers and speakers. And we're going to have speakers discussion with them. All that array security. And that is a message to anybody to feeling Muslim to 3d or anybody else who tries to come and bring a weapon to speak as the moment we see that blade. Yeah, you're

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gonna see what time it is, would you respect the moment we see a blade on you, you're going to see what time that is. Yeah, but we're not gonna allow ourselves to believe you need a moment with this horse is war, you understand that you don't bring it from Muslim or non Muslim is warm. And I'm not gonna wait for the police because I know they're ineffective. We are going to defend our people in that place to understand that if we ever catch tech fee, or a gang member of violent thug, or EDL, right wing or any of those kinds of people doing things like that, again, it's war. And when I say it's what means we're going to defend ourselves in as much illegal capacity as we are allowed to do.

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And as I say, it's going to be a 30 day suspension. I'm not going to go back to the school not until we saw out as a protest of what's happened. soleimani Come on.