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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi reflects on the last two verses of Surah Baqarah or Khawatim Baqarah – verses 285 and 286, which was revealed to the Prophet ﷺ from under the Arsh of Allah SWT directly without the intermediary Jibril AS.

Surah Baqarah has the longest verse, the most blessed verse of the entire Qur’an and also has the most number of stories of other Prophets. Hence, It is the most comprehensive Surah of the Qur’an which deals with Ahkam, Qasas and Aqaaed.

In the miraculous journey of the Prophet ﷺ, three things were gifted to the Prophet ﷺ:

  • Five prayers
  • Khawatim Surah Baqarah
  • Anyone who dies upon Tawheed without indulging in Shirk will be eventually forgiven.


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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will be here.

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Today we finished sooner to the Baccarat and so little Bukhara of course as we all know it is the longest surah in the entire Quran. It is also the surah that has the most blessed verse of the whole Quran as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I to Kersey is the greatest verse of the Quran of Amaya tikki. tabula. It is also the surah that has the longest verse in the Quran Ayah to Dane or the verse of debts, it is also the surah that is the only surah that has every single hour can of Islam and human in detail. So you have the Salah, and how to pray and Zakah how to do will do isn't suited as well, a shadow as well. The Zakat is there you have the fasting, you have the details of

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Hajj, all of this is a source of Bukhara It is also the surah that has the most quantity of different stories of the previous prophets. You have the story of Adam in detail. You have the story of Abraham, you have the story of his smile in his house, you have the story of the Bani Israel. You have the stories of Moosa, you have references other prophets so suited to the Bukhara is one of the most if not the most comprehensive surah in the entire Koran, and its conclusion is befitting of the whole surah. So today's cartera is a brief summary of the conclusion of sort of the bacara or what is known as how our team sort of Bakara, the ending or the conclusion of sort of Bukhara there are

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many, many a hadith narrated about the blessings of the concluding two verses of Surah Al Baqarah of these blessings, it is narrated by a bus that he said when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went up to Israel El Mirage, he was gifted with three things. So in the Night Journey of Israeli Mirage three things were gifted to him. Number one, the five prayers we're obligated.

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Number two, how are teams suited Baccarat? The last verses of Surah Baqarah were given to him in the night journey. And the number three he was told, he was given the good news that any one of your oma who dies upon tauheed worshipping Allah without committing schilke will eventually be forgiven. So these three gifts were given to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of those gifts is how our team suited to the Baccarat and that's the ending of solitaire Baccarat, and from this some ruler might have derived this is not a fact it is a theory and opinion, some rouda might have derived as I said, Please remember this is a theory it's Allah knows best. That Surah tillbaka his

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conclusion I'm another soul to the ending those last two verses occupies a special status that the rest of the Quran does not have in one respect. What is that respect? That Allah subhana wa Taala directly gave to the to the Bukhara to the prophets of the Lord said them without the intermediary of God. This was a theory this is an opinion, because the rest of the Quran came through jubelin Nadella who wrote I mean no other political economy Mondrian but this hadith seems to suggest that Allah gifted the process of how our team Bukhara directly and therefore the only possible exception, there is no other verse that is even possibly an exception. The only possible exception that Allah

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xojo directly give way of the verses of the Quran without the intermediate of jubilees is how our team suited Al Baqarah and this is proven in a number of other narrations as well that our prophet SAW Selim said I was gifted how our team Surah Al Baqarah from under the treasures of the throne of man so how our team sorta dakara Amma Nora su to the ending, it is coming from right under the throne of man the treasures that are there. So it is the highest place possible because above the throne is nothing other than a law. So the highest place possible that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim could have gone that is where he said I was gifted how our team suitors Baccarat from under the

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treasures of the throne our right man so how our team certain Baccarat is originating from obviously Allah subhana wa tada being gifted to the Prophet system from under the treasures of the throne. And it is narrated in Sahih Muslim that once gibreel was sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said Yasuda Allah, this is an angel that has come to you. So a new angel came. This is an angel that has come to you. And Allah gave him special permission to come down. This is the first time he's coming down to this earth. And a door has been open for him from from the skies from somebody that has never been open just for him to come down. So this is a special Angel coming that

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is coming with some special news and the angel gifted or he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you are getting something that no prophet before you has ever gotten. I am here to give you the good news that Allah has gifted you things that no previous prophet has ever gotten. And then he said certain Fatiha wakawaka team Surah Al Baqarah says facha

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No other prophet has gotten anything similar to that, and the end or the conclusion of Surah Al Baqarah. So this is something that is unique, and it is so unique that a unique angel came from a unique door from heaven to come down to the process of them just to give him the good news, yada sutala you have something no previous prophet has ever been given before. And of them is how our team Surah Al Baqarah and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mancora ottima suited Baka Rafi Laila Jin Kapha tahu and this hadith is authentic and Bukhari and Muslim whoever recites the end of certain Baccarat on any given night, those two verses will be sufficient for him Kapha Tao,

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what does it mean that those two verses will be sufficient for him, scholars have different interpretations, but of those interpretations that are given is that if he does not pray, tahajjud, the reward of those two verses is so much it is as if he doesn't have to pray 200 not that the 100 is legit. But the point being these two verses get so much blessing that it is as if he doesn't have to pray 200 he'll get the reward just by reciting those two verses another interpretation. And by the way, it is the son of the process, and he would always recite before going to sleep, the last two verses of suta Baccarat team sort of buckler. Another interpretation that those two verses will

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be sufficient for him is the claim that there is no need for any protection, that the two verses of Surah Baqarah will protect him from all evil and harm for the entire night. So this will be his protection for the entire night and inshallah both opinions have legitimacy and correctness to them. The point being we should all make it a habit to recite how our team sort of Baccarat before going to sleep. And very briefly what exactly is embodied in these verses. So the surah, as I said, is the most comprehensive in terms of both rulings, and theology and even stories, three aspects I can write, and you have costs as well, which is stories and you have a call it or theology. No surah is

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more comprehensive, perhaps because no students more larger than Bukhara so at the end. Allah says, out of all of these stories, and rulings and theologies, and our Rasool, the prophet, Mohammed sysm, has believed in all of this, so the whole message of Islam who has perfected it the most menorah soon. So the ending of Surah Baqarah begins by praising the prophets less than an hour assume that our soul has believed in all of this, all that has proceeded and all that has preceded is what is the whole religion of Islam, and are Rasulullah owns a laborer be well known, and the believers as well believe, like the Prophet believes, but there's a clear distinction and our rasuluh Bhima una

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de la hora de then one big difference between Menon and our soul. But still, this verse praises the Sahaba as well, because the believers when this verse came down, who were they, they were the Sahaba. So the more ha Joon and unsought Allah is praising them. The Mormons have also believed in all that has preceded gewoon, all of them the Prophet and the believers does the Sahaba Kowloon, Amana belie mama equity. Well, could you be heroes? Really? So here we mentioned four of the Golden amenability women it will curiosity how many left to left? Yesterday I said about color. A lot of times Allah doesn't mention that explicitly. Why? Because color comes under comes under belief in

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Allah. So belief in Allah is incorporated is in corporate culture. How about Day of Judgment at the end of this verse, or Veronica robina? What he Lakers Macias, what do they call mahseer to you is the return. So the Day of Judgment is mentioned in this verse. Okay, so the first four are mentioned then the end of the verse directly and explicitly mentions the Day of Judgment. So the five of can are mentioned in this verse to believe in the outer can of a man then all of them believe in Allah and the angels and the books and the prophets. And we don't distinguish between any of the prophets, Llandovery, Avenida de Moura and of course, if you read through little Bukhara, how many prophets

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are mentioned, Ibrahim has mentioned his house has mentioned you have always mentioned the batter mentioned Moosa has mentioned Adam has mentioned so many prophets mentioned and Allah says the Muslim believes in all the prophets of Allah, La new Frederick Cobain, Adam illusory, and we are the only religion on earth that respects all of the profits without exception, every other religion picks and chooses. And this is one of the special realities of Islam that no other religion can claim. We are the only religion that believes in every man that Allah has ever sent as a prophet, and we respect all of them, and we do not speak ill of any of them learn new federal Cabeza de Muro

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su de Wakarusa, Mir and Alterna or fron aka robina. And they meaning the Prophet and the believers, they say, we hear and we follow and obey

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The cemetery now what do we hear the commandments of a law. And as soon as we hear them, we implement them with authority. And as we implement them, we recognize we're not going to be perfect. So Veronica robina. If we mess up if we're not perfect if we make a mistake, or frantic we want your monk Farah Oh our Lord, what a mercy and to you We shall return. Now there's an interesting story mentioned in a Muslim as well about this, that the previous verse right before this, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in it, that whatever you say, and whatever you hide, into, we do not feel physical, to who you have civic can be Hila, Allah will call you to account for it, there will be

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more hospitable, even of that which you hide, which means your thoughts, which means your desires that you don't act upon. So we learn in the sky books, the Sahaba came to the Prophet system, and they sat down and then one of them stood up on his knees in front of them, and he said Yasuda, lo messenger of Allah, Allah revealed to us Salah, and we followed, and he reveals the car and we followed and he revealed your heart and we followed and everything we followed, but Allah has just revealed a verse, we cannot follow it. Before he could say the verse, our Prophet system said, Don't speak like this. This is not the way of a man that you say I cannot do rather say Sameer and now

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what I know for Ana carrapateena, he said this before the verse was revealed, I understand. He said, this summit and now we're gonna have ronica banner before the next verse came, he's telling the Sahaba don't speak that I cannot do what Allah says, rather say, we will try our best and May Allah forgive Samir and I will sign up for the carabiner so when he said this, they immediately said semir and now weltauto, Franciacorta banner that this is what we say. Then he said they said but oh but oh messenger of Allah. Allah says he's gonna call us to account even for our thoughts because into Luma fusion Oh tofu you handsome can be loved. By the way, technically speaking, more has Seva does not

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mean you're going to be punished for it. More however, means Allah knows there's going to be accounting but not necessarily reckoning, ie you hisab is recorded, Allah knows. And Allah does know hisab does not mean you're going to be punished for it. And this is our shediac that Allah knows our thoughts, but we're not going to be punished for them. So Allah azza wa jal then revealed, the praise of the believers will call you submit in our alternate Franciacorta banner, this is the attitude when you hear a new commandment when you learn a new ruling, don't reject and say I can't do this. It's too difficult rather say Sameer now we're gonna have ronica open up what do they call

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mercy? Then Allah said, law you can live Allah who enough son in law was I will not put a burden on you more than you can bear. That's not who I am. My attributes of mercy and perfection do not allow me to put upon you more than you can bear. And this is a classical theological issue. It's called attack leaf Ramallah you talk Can somebody be burdened with more than they can bear and the Sunni position as soon as they know, a law cannot place a burden on somebody more than he can bear. This is unfair, it is it is not allowed in the laws, justice, that he tells you to do something and he commands you to do something and you cannot do it, which means every commandment of the Sharia is

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within the reason of the average human being. And if there are exceptions, that a person cannot do it, then the YG bot don't become wajib. And the ROM becomes halaal. For the one who is forced to do it. When Allah says now you can be full of innocent Illa was, this clearly indicates when you cannot do something physically, then it is forgiven from you. So the one who cannot stand up to pray he's too weak, the one who cannot physically do something that is wajib or the one who's dying and the only alternative is how long we all know that the shady eye then allows the concessions and this is the phrase law you can live with our son in law was de la casa de La Hoya makdessi. But a person

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will only earn what he has done and will only be punished for what he has done. La Hama, Casa de la means in your favor in the favor of the soul will be what it has earned. And cassava implies a little bit of effort, which means it's more than just thought. cassava is more than just thought. So here Allah is saying, your thoughts are not going to be held accountable. You have to actually do something to earn the reward the hammer castle but what I have and against it, meaning you're going to be held accountable. mk Tessa but what it has also struggled to do. Now notice here Kesava, an IQ test server there is a different slight difference. Differences attack, cassava and cassava. There's

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an elephant in the second and there's a well known saying in the Arabic language or the Arabic grammar that Xia determined not to do it.

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The other thing, that when they're extra letters, this means there's going to be extra meaning kasturba. An extra server is not exactly the same. What's the difference? IQ test server implies an extra struggle, you have to do it harder. And cassava is less struggle. So what Allah is saying, your good deeds can come to you much easier. And your bad deeds, you're gonna have to struggle more to get bad deeds, How so? many ways are mentioned only two of them. Firstly, human beings are naturally inclined to do good, you like doing good, you feel good, doing good? Which is why when you pull your window down and give $5 to the beggar $10 to the poor person, how do you feel inside, you

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feel so good, you would easily pay $50 to feel that good inside of you. The feeling of good when you do good is worth more than the money you pay for doing the good if you understand what I'm saying here. You feel so good when you do good, because Allah created you and me to love to do good. That's the first concept. The second concept, we learned from the idea that when we do one good deed, how much does a loan reward us minimum of 10, minimum maximum of 70 or 700, depending on what we do. So Lucha Makassar, but good deeds can come to you like water running, but an evil D We also learn by the way, if somebody really wanted to do a good deed, but they couldn't do it, Allah still going to

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reward them. But if somebody desired a bad but he didn't do it, Allah is not going to punish. So that's accessible. To do evil. You have to go against your own soul. You have to do something you don't like to do. Even the non Muslim who doesn't believe in a day of judgment feels guilty. When they lie, they cheat they steal. It's in their human nature. You feel guilty when you do something that you have to go against your humanity to kill, to murder, to rape, it goes against who you are, so that's accessible. You have to fight yourself to do evil. This is what Allah is saying that Hama cassava, you will get all the good easily, but harm evil, you have to struggle to get that evil,

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Allah McDevitt, then Allah says there have been a lot to ask him, Oh our Lord. Now here the person the tense changes from speaking Allah speaking in the third person. Now he's telling us what to say in the first person. And there's hope when Allah gives the door to us in the first person, there's hope that Allah will give us that door. So Rob banner, oh, our Lord that to Edna Bhima robina, la Kadena. Oh our Lord do not carry on something. If we make a mistake in the scene, our partner, if we make a mistake, or we forget, don't blame us. And God said to the Prophet system, when this verse was revealed, that Allah has said, He will give you all that you asked for this is yet another

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blessing. All that we asked for in this verse, Allah has given it to us. So if we make a mistake, or we forget, Allah is not going to hold us to account for that or not bene what I mean Elena is salon karma cameltoe Island let the name of our Lord Do not place an ism is sir is a heavy burden. And the previous Shetty has had a much more bigger burden. Their shedding was much more difficult. If you look at for example, even to this day, those who follow the previous show, such as the Orthodox of the Jews, their shadow is so difficult, if you read up what they have to do, it's so much more rules so difficult, they're cooking, they're cleaning their everything is so much more. And that was the

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law that Allah gave them and you compare our shediac in every chapter, it's easy, easy, easy. And this is what Allah is saying that that Medina is stolen don't put those burdens on us as you put on those before us robina whether to homina Mela Takata or Lord Do not place on us that which we cannot bear the primary interpretation here. This is the punishment of the hero don't allow us to taste that punishment because that is the real punishment we cannot bear like to humble and in a manner Takata be don't put us in that which we cannot bear to do then what well fildena Warhammer 1414 under here is for the YG but we cannot do if there is something we were supposed to do we couldn't

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do it. Oh Allah awful just ignore that wipe it away. What for under one theater learner if we commit a sin that we should not have done then forgive that sin so what for now for the YG but we couldn't do what Will Ferrell Anna for the sins we shouldn't have done but we ended up doing Warhammer and have mercy on us because we need extra from Allah we need Allah Rama we need we don't want equal that if we do one Give me one that's not gonna work. We want infinitely more so what a hammer. embody us envelope us in your rahama foreign well filled in our Hamner. antimo Donna and molar here means protector and caretaker. So we are reminding aloha

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Telling a law reminding ourselves, Oh Allah, you are our molar, you are ready. We have no money other than you and what he here means the one who takes care of the one who protects. So the one who protects is supposed to overlook our faults. The one who protects is supposed to forgive us and give us mercy. We'll fill in our common antimo Donna Modena from sadhana Adam COVID caffeine, those that have opposed you and have rejected you and are fighting against us or law, we need your help to oppose them as well. So these two verses are Hatim pseudo Bukhara and jabril told our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam your Lord has promised to I have given everything that you asked. So let

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us memorize these two verses and let us recite them on a daily basis and especially before going to sleep so that we can ensure a low data partake of the blessings and especially of the drop at the end of this verse was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh