Haitham al-Haddad – There is no excuse for us to delay our Salah

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of preaching during winter and being careful about it every single time. They also mention the need to be careful about the timing of graduation and the importance of praying on time to avoid missing important events. The speaker also suggests ways to make it easier for people to pray on time and mentions the need to avoid getting embarrassed by plans.
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Yes, Jessica, you have raised a very important point which is preying on time during winter. I spoke about this a lot I have written about this, we really need to be careful about it every single winter, I witness people who are missing their salah, or they are combining their Salawat praying on time is the most important condition of Salah even Mahara has an alternative because I know some people might say Baja Baja has alternative have different forms, but preying on time has no

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alternative. It is true that you can bind between different assets between mother and Aisha but you cannot delay answer up until another you there is no excuse for you brothers and sisters to delay answer until the time of Muslim there is no excuse for you to delay Asia until the time of Fajr there is no excuse for you to delay Fajr after sunrise Allah Allah Allah Allah says in salata, kanatal and Momineen, Okitama Maputo, Salah was prescribed on believers on certain times the angel

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Jibreel he came down to teach the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prayer times in the Hadith person came to the Prophet I said, I'm asking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the prayer times the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, he prayed in the first day in the beginning of time, and in the second day, he prayed at the end of time and then he said to the person, salah is in between those times, and as I said, Gibreel came to teach you the Prophet salaallah alayhi salam, the prayer

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timings there is no excuse whatsoever to delay in particular federal after sunrise hustle and boho Doren acid, you can combine an extreme circumstances and not to make it as a habit. Yeah, extreme circumstances. And don't make it as a habit. Some scholars allowed this but you cannot delay until the time of Maghrib, Maghrib and Isha again in extreme circumstances. And in a few matters, if you do it, just occasionally, not even occasionally when there is a need, it doesn't become a habit, you

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can combine them but there is no excuse to delay Asia until five years time. Now so many people are coming and say chef, I was driving plan your trip yes, if you had no choice but to combine between Margarita and Asia or Doha and the answer as I said some scholars allowed it provided that it becomes it doesn't become a habit. But if you plan your trip accordingly, you will be able to pray on time if you know that you are going to delay your salah I am afraid that your Salah will not be

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accepted will not be valid if you delay answer door and acid until another if you delay mother event Asia until federal or you delay further Be careful brothers and sisters I feel that many people are taking easily. Yes I know that now we are talking about Rosa and what is happening in Palestine etc. But our Salah is our success we cannot neglect it especially praying on time may Allah Allah Allah reward you if you plan your trip, but you have no choice. You can pray as you are but don't delay it

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beyond the time you can pray in a standing position in a sitting position you can do to your mom and instead of making Google as an alternative if you say that you don't have access to water so there are alternatives but there is no excuse for us to delay Salah beyond its time as I said Fudger after its time asked her to bring it to Margaret and Margaret Asia to bring it to Fajr.

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Gotta Rooney, yeah caddy

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