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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of pride in marriage, where the husband is tense and the wife is tensing. The speaker suggests that the best way to avoid getting into trouble is to make the husband take comfort from his partner. The speaker also discusses the percentage of women in Ontario's first two years of marriage being affected by pride and how it can lead to divorce.
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Number four for the women,

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the away a wife ruins her marriage is that when your husband is tense, okay? When he's not having a good day, and you know, he's like this, okay? When your husband is tensing,

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make sure you make sure comfort is in accessible. So make sure that when he is in a position where he what he should be hearing his good words, or what he should be feeling his comfort, make sure that he can get the picture you stay away from him, make sure you leave him alone, have his time, whatever the case is.

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And then when you're ready, push his button, you know, the button hurt him. That's what we mean, you push this button, you realize what is the problem with him.

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And you end up attacking that problem. So for example,

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let's say the husband, he's sitting home,

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And you bring him a plate of food. And you know that this food that you just made, you know, four months, four days, four years, that this is a food that he can't eat, and he can't stomach know this for a fact, you know that he doesn't like you know that he can eat this? Which would you do? You make sure you give it to him so he can push his little button and annoy him. What do you do this? This is when we call you do this out of spite you do this just to make fun of him.

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This is also a common problem that happens in marriages. Anybody have Have you heard now what is the percentage of divorce now in Ontario, within the first two years, I looked it up last night, you know what it is now?

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It is over 65% in the first two years. That means that in the first two years of marriage, more than half of these couples will end up in divorce.

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In the first two years alone.

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Don't be a statistic brothers and sisters.

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Because marriage is something that can be worked out very early, once two people have that main ingredient of Islam.

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And so as we mentioned, the fourth point for the sister section is that when your husband is tense, he's upset. Just keep pushing that button to get him even more upset annoy him. Because for some reason, there are people that get pleasure out of this. You ever meet somebody like that? That gets pleasure out of seeing people upset? And then at the end when you do get upset. It's like, man, I love to see you man. Oh man, you look so good when you're upset.

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Or some brothers favorite favorite line to their women to their wives. You look so cute when you're mad

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is ridiculous. What is so pleasing to see someone in a state in a satanic state? What is so pleasing about that? It is just like a time when I was performing a utopia for a brother.

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Another brother came in reading and the brother was acting up and he was being real vigorous. The brothers said hey, I want to videotape this man. Can I can I take a picture of this? This is amazing.

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And of course we kicked them out. Because why would you want to take a picture of somebody in a state like this? It's a painful state. So why would you find pleasure in making someone upset?

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So this is another point.

In this clip, Shaykh Musleh discusses one of the ways some sisters may ruin their marriage.

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