The Family Who Lived Off One Pair Of Clothes

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Never did these people complain. Shara we mentioned in this the seal

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of what would happen after the Salah. The purpose of Arsenal would turn to the Sahaba of the Allah

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and he would engage with them he would talk to them.

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And there was nothing more beloved for the Sahaba of the Allah at home

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than to be in the company of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and speak to the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. But there was one man that every day after his Salah, he would get up and he would go home, never sit straight away after Salah he would leave while the rest would listen to the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So one day the Bible is on the line, it was him took him to the side.

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And he said,

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why is it that you like my company? Why is it after Salah you leave straightaway?

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And he said, O Messenger. Well, I didn't want to tell you this. But as you ask, I didn't want to tell you this. But as you ask,

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between my me and my wife, we only have one pair of clothes.

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Imagine one Why am I

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so happy.

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The professor muscling within his lifetime, gave sunblock out of $21 million dollars within his lifetime could have kept it

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he could have kept it for himself.

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He could have kept it for the Sahaba

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sudo maisonneuve Allah between me and my wife, we only have one pair of clothes. So when I come to pray Salah that my wife is at home without any clothes.

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So I go home, I take these off and then my wife fulfills a fourth one last pantalla she praises them.

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So he goes back home is delayed today. So his wife says why would you delete the white Why did you take so long?

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And he says because the message of a loss on the light labor some stuff?

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And he asked me and I told him

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and look at the reply of the wife said to to to complain about Allah to the profit center.

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Did you complain about Allah that He only gave us one pair of clothes to the Prophet Salama Allison

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mean you

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mean you are never say sheet.

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Man you It never finishes.

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You morning we wake up for the dunya the evening we sleep for the dunya that's it.