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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was so happy, my brothers and sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We finished the story, the reflections on the life of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. We finished that last week. Now inshallah I want to move on and take you with me on a beautiful journey with what happened after the life of Ibrahim alayhis salam, this great prophet, this great figure in our history.

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We mentioned that he had two sons, his smile, and his Huck alayhi wa sallam.

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We also said that he lived to see his grandson Jaco alayhis salaam Who can tell me whose son jacobellis enemies can anyone tell me so it's hack Allah His solemn or in English you say Isaac he is the father of Yaqoob in English and ecosense Yaqoob is also known as Jacob and his smile is also known as Ishmael biblical turns.

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It's an aid Allah His Selim died shortly after his father, according to the narrations,

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but he lived on to just over 100 years.

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It's made it a certain way through a lot of trials. And we have a little bit more information about him in the court and then is how Allah has sent him.

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But what I want to do today is share most of talk about a little bit about his status about his character, which I last spoke about in the court and for us to emulate.

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And a little bit about his haircut I said I'm in iacob.

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After jacoba, asylums, the prophet Yusuf, we're going to spend at least two lessons on profit use of La Selim. But today,

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we're going to start continuing on to the other prophet called lot alayhis salam who existed at the same time as Ibrahim, and he sent him then we have time, we'll start with the profit use of a center. And I really encourage especially the young people to come to the story, reflections on the life of profit use of a center because the lessons are uncountable in there, especially for the young people, especially for the young people who are good looking. So if you think you're good looking come down, use of Allah His Salaam, was very, very good looking. And he has so many trials and he became a king in the end so fame, fortune and good looks, and Allah loved him. So inshallah

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we'll begin that today, and will continue in the weeks to come when I tell you in Sharla.

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As for now, Ismail alayhis salam, we have a few information bit of information about his character, among the most important characteristics of his Somalian. alayhis salaam is what a lot of talks about him in the Quran. And this is the we should emulate what I'm about to recite because we all

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are probably lacking in this particular characteristic Allah says in the Quran, what goldfine kita is

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and mentioned in the book is mountain

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in bukan, Sahaja. De like,

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maybe what can i Morrow?

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It was Zack at work.

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I mentioned in the book, his smile.

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He was always truthful to his promises. He was always truthful. When he made a promise it fulfill His promises if he promised someone

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what else he used to command.

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Not just advise but command, his family, his wife and his children to pray their praise was solid.

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And to pay there's a cat you know is that cat is and on top of that he was pleasing to his Lord. Let's go through that just for a little bit. Number one guy and I saw what he was honest in his promises. When you make a promise, you should fulfill it.

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It is narrated that Ismail alayhis salam once promised a particular person to meet him at the hospital time of the evening in the day at a particular place. It says he went there and he waited for the men and he would not leave his spot. The man forgot

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He had an appointment with Ismail Alison and but he told him have an appointment with me. And it's made I said I'm waited from Asa until Maghrib.

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So about three hours or more four hours, he waited for him, because he's to fulfill his promise. The man then came in the end and he apologized.

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But it's my last if he told you,

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okay, I will imagine you had a mobile phone, he says to you, I will call you tomorrow. At this time,

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you are sure that he will.

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If he says to you,

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I will do our bring this over for you tomorrow. He fulfills it.

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Even if he made a long term promise, says I promise that I will lead these people into the right direction I'll bring and I'm going to train them in this way and bring him out this way he fulfilled until he finished to the end. And this is the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, in Allah, how you hibel Abdullah? Either I'm Eli. I'm Alan at Khan, who are you clean who Allah loves, not just likes but loves a person, a servant of his who when they commence an action,

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especially if you relied upon when you commence the duty and assignment. You finish it to the end. And you do it to the best of your ability, not just halfway. It's a trait and a lot of us. When we start something halfway we stop it. Now if it's involving only yourself, that's half a problem, but you're developing a bad trade. It's actually an Islamic trait. But especially when you're doing it for someone you're employed. For example, as an employee, you're working for someone This is a trust on your neck. You have in your contract that you work this many hours then you work those hours.

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Unless your boss tell you know you have an agreement that it's okay with flexible with those hours, but depending on the contract must fulfill it. The problem Mohammed salallahu alayhi wa sallam also said

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Lisa Amina would resign or associate associate minutiae in the shadow to him, the believers will always stick to their agreements.

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This is the heart one of the highest traits of believers of Muslims.

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Let me illustrate to you a very quick example. Because I think it's very important. It's in the life of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Sena, I'll tell you what happened. Have you ever heard of solid davia? How they be a treaty?

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If you have him delay, I'll remind you, I'll just remind you of it if you haven't been listened. At the time the problem homicides sell them we're talking about 16 years after his messenger message wouldn't they had lots of battles, and they won Battle of better, they lost the battle of hood. They got the Battle of the trenches. And then finally, the meccan disbelievers. They came to the prophet SAW Selim and they made an agreement with him.

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They said, Let's make an agreement of a truce. Let's not fight each other for 10 whole years. You don't harm us. We don't harm you.

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No one tricks anyone else. So the prophet SAW sent him said, Wow, this is a great agreement. This is all Muslims, I would just want peace so that we can spread the teachings of Islam in peace and people can think not afraid always they're going to die. But guess what happened? The disbelievers placed unfair conditions on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they said, however, if someone becomes a Muslim converts to Islam from our people, you are not allowed to take him off us. He has to stay with us. If we decide to torture them, we're going to torture him. We decide to imprison them, we're going to imprison them. We do whatever we want. You're not allowed to interfere.

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Not only that, they said if someone goes back to disbelief like becomes a Muslim and apostates, he is allowed to come back to us. And you can't prevent him.

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That's number two.

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Right to vary bit. And number three, that we're going to do hedge that. That year. He said you're not allowed to do this year, you can come back next year. So don't complete your journey.

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That was terrible. These are unfair conditions.

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So the prophet SAW send them his companions. They were furious. They worry is when we're talking about worries that will fight is never when it comes to the truth. You can't stand in a way.

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But the prophet SAW Selim, he said, I agree. The companions were furious. Then he came to write the agreement. He said,

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from Mohammed, the Messenger of God. The kuffaar said nope. If you if we knew if we acknowledge your messenger, we wouldn't have fought you.

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He said what do you want it they said put from Mohammed, the son of Abdullah.

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He said okay.

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He said Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the name of Allah, most merciful, most gracious. They said we don't know of a god named the merciful. They said well, right beside Mikela home, in name of Allah. And the Prophet said, All right, companions are getting furious. I know the lion wanted

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draw his sword and chop the guy's neck off. The other competitors. They even got upset to the situation. And the profit agreed to it. They walked away. And they were upset and SLM actually told them to do that. Here. They had to slow to this shape still, because they're annoyed hudge they couldn't do hedge but they could slaughter, and they wouldn't listen to the province or lesson. They wouldn't do the old here. That's how furious they were of, of the unfair agreement from the cafe. So the prophet SAW Selim went inside and his wife,

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almost Elena, she advised him she said, Why don't you go and slaughter and nofollow? So he took his wife's advice and his thought, and they all followed for the next

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two years, there were Muslims. There were people who embraced Islam, and they ran to the Prophet Salah Salem, and he would return them. And they would say, Yeah, rasulillah they'll torture me they'll kill me. He said, believers are upon the conditions. He wouldn't take them, and people will return them back. He came here next year, of course for the bigger picture, and that is for Islam to spread. And truly it was more than 20,000 people embraced Islam in only that short time. Before the kuffar the disbelievers. they betrayed the agreement. They attacked a little tribe, or a little group of Muslims and the agreement was off. But the point is for the for two years or so so I'm

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actually stuck to that agreement, and what manana industrial wrote to him. So it's made it his salon fulfilled his promises,

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whether it was in writing, or verbal, or even by mutual just understanding,

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he fulfilled this promise. But the first promise that you must fulfill is towards a law brothers and sisters.

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Second promise is towards our brothers and sisters.

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When we say I bear witness there is only one God Mohammed's law send me this messenger I am saying, My Lord, I acknowledge that you are the one worthy of worship that means I will worship you. I acknowledge that you forgive sins, I will turn to you, I acknowledge that you are to be obeyed. So I'm going to obey you as much as I can. And if I make mistake, I'll turn back to you. Secondly, with human beings, when you say Salaam Alaikum Peace be upon you to your brother or your sister, or whoever it is of the Muslims. What does it mean you're making a contract, you're promising that person that I am going to be peaceful towards you.

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And when I leave, I'm not going to back bite you or tease you or mock you, or betray you.

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And it's worth mentioning and I've mentioned this before, we should have blackmailed each other with words of the court and blackmail like saying, brother, Allah says way brothers give me a cheaper price.

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Brother, Allah said you have to love for your brother what you love for yourself. Give it to me for free.

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Should they blackmail you Muslim with the Hadees you tell him to love you like it? And then the guy starts feeling guilty. What kind of a promises when you say salam aleikum wa rahmatullah America is saying, I acknowledge that you are a Muslim, and you have the right. And if you ask me for $5, I'm going to give you seven.

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You don't have to, but I'm saying that it should be the other way around. I should say to them, Allah said the brothers should love for his brother who loves himself. He's more.

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You are my brother. I'm going to I'm going to look after you, but I am not you. Okay, so promises and contracts and agreements, the Muslims fulfill them.

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we fulfill them.

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I'm not going to go into too much detail about that, because we have a lot to cover. What can I get more Oh, hello, who is sila he used to command his family to pray.

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So when it they had different types of times of prayers than what we had today, five daily prayers but they still had solid and involve bowing and prostrating but there were times he would not let his wife or his children

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go out of the time of the prayer. He would remind them and commend him the prayer the Salah was the first brothers and sisters let me emphasize this a little bit more.

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Allah has mentioned over here the Salah,

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followed by the zeca

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Why didn't you mention other things there are 1000s of other things we're doing in Islam. Why solitons again, and you will find that in throughout the Quran whenever the Salat is mentioned as a command like commands that seek helping so that was followed by zakat. Salatin Zakat charity of the socket and the solid the connection with Allah in our five daily prayers are always mentioned together.

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After the Shahada after bearing witness there is only one got them home so I send them How do you keep your connection with Allah, it is through the Salah. If you don't have the Salah you're not gonna have the connection, man. I'm telling you, you say to yourself, brother, I've had people saying to Brother, I, you know, I love a lot and I want to be close, but I can't. I don't feel that connection. So brother, how are your prayers? So yeah. What do you mean? Yeah, praying on and off. I visited the pre people in prison. And every time I asked him the same question.

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So how was your deen How was your way of life with Allah? How's your religion with Allah? How's your Salah? What do you think the common answer

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They're gonna be usually say to me, oh, you know, with solids, we don't really pray. I mean, we're trying but we don't. What do you mean you're trying? It's just bowing and prostrating five times a day. It's easy. It's in your head. That's hard. That's why you don't have a connection with a lung. That's why you're suffering a lot. So I lost mine, it tells us keep your connection with me. Keep your connection with me. We have a saying in Arabic, it's quite funny. Libya, the anila.

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Say was far away from your eyesight, and you don't see him much is going to be far away from your heart. You don't see someone long time as far away from your heart, you start forgetting it. But you see someone always, always around you. If I mean, I remember, I used to see this person every day.

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And then one day, I got sick, got sick for about a few days. And a guy comes in says to me, Wow, well, let's as if it's been Where have you been? It's been a year. Because we see each other every day. It's only been four days. So when you see someone a lot, you have your connection with them much more, you see him less the connection is less. How do you have the connection with a law? You have the connection with a last minute dialogue through this way you're bowing and prostrating?

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So, if you want to meet your brother or your father or your mother or your daughter or your son, you hug them, isn't it right? you hug them you kiss their hand? You have that connection with them.

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And you see people but we can't hug the last one that we can't see Allah. So what do we do? We bow and prostrate to him. This is our connection with Allah. And that is why as Muslims, we don't bow or prostrate to anyone else. That's why bowing and prostrating to anyone else is forbidden. Even standing up as a glorification, like somebody, you know,

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sits down expects you to stand up like they're a king or something. I'm not talking about standing when someone walks in your father, your mother or someone you know comes in and you stand up out of respect. I'm talking about when a person sits down. It doesn't exist here but you sit down like kings and you got to stand up to the king out of reverence to them. This is different. But bowing and prostrating is special with a law special. You see husband and wife, husband and wife. If they don't have special moments together that are special to them.

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The connection is not that strong. They always have something special between them and once they share it with everyone else, it no longer becomes special. So what's the special thing between us and the love that connects us? It's this sort of bowing and prostrating and look, only really the Muslims have these five daily prayer bowing and prostrating every other religion has lifted. The Christians had bowing and prostrating, they lifted. The Jews had bowing and prostrating they changed it.

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Only Islam and Muslims of the religions to Allah that abroad kept the solid and that's why the proposal I sent him said, The main difference between you and the disbelievers is the Salah. Say this believe is fast if they want fast disbelievers. magdoff. They pray like this because when you say to them, I pray they say we pray to, don't they? But we don't mean to pray that they're talking about. They're always meaning like when you do this and ask grace or you make a prayer to art before eating or like that. That's not the prayer that we're talking about. We're talking about the special salat, of bowing and prostrating. So Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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what the prophet sallallahu Sallam on his deathbed, he said, on his deathbed, he is dying. And he has a few breaths, left and were dying. What do you think we're going to say? If you had a few more breaths, what do you think you're going to say?

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Imagine what kinds of things you will want to say. What does the prophet SAW Selim say? He gets out of his unconsciousness and he turns around and says Asana, Asana, pray like that, you know, struggling as the first one he wants to say,

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Oh, my God alone. Y'all have heard of armour will hop up. Yeah. homeroom Natasha de la Han, who is known for his strength, his size, his fighting skills, his strong mindedness. If he said, I'm going to do this, he'll never change before Islam. If he says I'm going to kill you, he's going to kill you. Even if you ended up even if he found that he was wrong than you were right. He said he's got to do it. That's how I'm gonna learn it was after Islam obviously became fair. But listen, when he died when he was murdered, the the fire worshiper came into Zoroastrian and he stabbed him with a poisoned dagger. I'm gonna have two more days or three more days to live.

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What do you think he was saying?

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He went unconscious while he was praying his fudger prayer maybe it was praying His pleasure to pray. And he was in frustration praying Imam and the fire worshiper came and stabbed him while he was in his prayer. Blood seeped out his his son, Abdullah, he came up to him his son was about 1718 years old. He came up to his father, after he saw the fire wish they had stabbed him and they killed him, of course, came at his father and he came to stop the wound. He says

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My fist, my hand dug inside of my father's stomach. That's how big the wound was. And he was poised. And I tried to stop it, but he was gonna die My father. So we took him down to the house and he was unconscious. When he became conscious. My father, out of Delano, the first word he said, was,

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please, did the people pray? Because he was Mmm. Right. So he's responsible for the people praying behind him. Did the people pray their fudger? Did they finish? They said, yes, they prayed, instead of hamdulillah. Bring me some water.

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Now why does he want more?

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Does he want to drink as a new wash himself?

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That's right. He wants to make his will do. He said, Bring me some water. I haven't finished my prayer. I haven't finished my budget.

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Bring the water. So he brought water and he made the dough and prayed his budget.

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After he finished all that, he asked, now I want to ask you a question. If someone stabbed you, God forbid someone stabbed you. And he went unconscious.

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And then you awoke. What do you think the first question you're gonna ask is?

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You don't know who stabbed you? Right? So what's the first question?

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Exactly? Who did this to me who stabbed me?

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on the lawn? It doesn't ask that question. He said, Have you prayed? Have they finished? Yes, Tom does one responsibility. God, bring me water I need to pray. I haven't finished my Lord's Prayer. After he finished that he asked who stabbed me.

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He said it was the miserable see the fire worship. He said 100 in our standby disbelief rather than a believer Alhamdulillah I was stabbed with someone that on the Day of Judgment here he owes I owe him nothing. And I can use all my strength against him on the Day of Judgment. And he has nothing to say to me. Whereas a Muslim because I'm a leader, they may have something maybe I didn't fulfill my responsibility. As an old man. Maybe I had not looked after him. But it was a disbelief Oh, nothing to not because of this believer, because he was the fire worshipper whom I'm gonna demand was good too.

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And he owed him nothing was a young man. And he stabbed him just because he was a just leader for the Muslims,

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of Salah is the most important thing. And before I go on, why smiley said is to say to his families, children are solid brothers and sisters, this is very important, especially the men, especially the men, then the women,

00:22:26--> 00:22:46

Allah placed the husband in the leadership position of that in the house, you my brothers, are the heads of the house in Islam. Allah will ask you a me, the husband's the father's on the day of judgment about our wife, and about our children before he asks anyone else. He also asked the father,

00:22:48--> 00:22:51

about his daughters and about his sons, and about his wife. So

00:22:52--> 00:22:58

the men are first in that responsibility. Allah gave us the leadership role in the house and we must fulfill it.

00:22:59--> 00:23:07

The women must support their husbands in that role. And that when the father's away, the mother carries on the duty of Sadat with their children.

00:23:08--> 00:23:09

They're not neglected.

00:23:10--> 00:23:24

Well, I know of a lot of husbands, they tell me, when I pray more, my wife prays more, and my children pray more. When I pray less, my wife prays less and my children pray less, they follow us.

00:23:26--> 00:23:29

So we are responsible for them in that sense.

00:23:30--> 00:23:34

There is a story in the Quran about the people of Paradise

00:23:35--> 00:23:55

you know, how you in this life you know, people write, you know, friends, you know, good and bad friends, you know, enemies, and friends, you know, all these types of people. You know, the Muslims in the non Muslims in paradise when everyone enters. This is very important brothers and sisters, when everyone enters paradise, and you're comfortable, and you're and you're happy.

00:23:56--> 00:24:07

People start asking, Hey, we're so and so. We don't see him. We didn't see him in paradise. You remember people, you say Where did they go?

00:24:08--> 00:24:22

Uh, people usually you weren't very fond of, and they're also people that you were fond of, but you knew that they were going astray. So the angels come up to the to you and they say such and such a person did not make it into paradise.

00:24:24--> 00:24:25

So the angels then say

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would you like to see them?

00:24:29--> 00:24:32

Would you like to see them some people paradise want to see him

00:24:34--> 00:24:36

so Allah says tell us in certain my Irish

00:24:38--> 00:24:38


00:24:41--> 00:24:47

US have any any except for the people have a right hand meaning the people of Paradise

00:24:51--> 00:24:56

have any any feagin at

00:24:59--> 00:24:59


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I mean, the people of Paradise will be questioning each other Where is so and so among the criminals like he was a bad person.

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And then the angels take them to a place and they see them in Hellfire burning.

00:25:16--> 00:25:38

And the first question that people of Paradise asks, ask the people who they knew in this life on the in hellfire. They say man Celica goofy song called, what brought you into Hellfire? What made you end up there? And guess what the first response will be from these people? Allah says in the Quran, masala Delgado v San.

00:25:41--> 00:25:48

Carlos akumina muslin knee that will say we weren't one of those who used to pray

00:25:49--> 00:25:50

as the first answer.

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And when you say more saline

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there is a plurality plurality to this word. A consistency. grammatically when you say lemmya lamb knuckle Mennella, Dino solo we weren't one of those who prayed in that in the way I said it. It means we prayed once or twice. But they say lamb knuckle mean Alamosa lean. We weren't one of those who consistently prayed. You see there's a difference consistently prayed?

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Well, I'm not gonna tell him we'll miskeen and we didn't give for the poor. Why couldn't Nana hold Omaha even and we used to waste our time with those who loved wasting their time. So you know, you go out with friends spending your time in the middle of the night somewhere in a bad place just wasting it and wasting it and wasting it. So Allah says, This is what happens to them. Now. I'm gonna come in and mousseline. We weren't one of those who constantly prayed in another verse. Allah says in the Quran for why you know little muscle lean Hellfire to those

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who pray

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hellfire. Wayne Wayne is a place in Hellfire to those who do pray.

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But what allatheena who masala to himself, the ones who pray, but then neglectful of their praise. So they pray on and off. Or they pray outside of its time. I met a friend once and he said to me, I pray five times a day. And I sleep during the day.

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Go How do you pray five times a day said at night because I work night shift I pray my I pray five prayers at night. I know what are these prayers, I pray to and then four and then four and then two. And then budget comes in I pray to so I pray fudger and I add another four. And they can just make up the times. Just pray whenever you want. Allah tells us there are special times for the prayer and there are reasons why they're at that time.

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So lasallian you pray them at the way Allah commanded us at the right time and you watch what happens to you if your heart doesn't get connected to Allah? I don't know anything. Praying properly. Like really look after them strict. Seriously, not just mechanically.

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So it's man la Salaam, where can I get more? Oh, hello hobas Salatu was the cat he used to command his family to make salad and Zakat? The promise that I send them tells us may Allah have mercy on him on a husband who wakes up

00:28:12--> 00:28:51

in the flesh at a time and then sprinkles water on his wife to wake her up for budget. And may Allah have mercy on a wife who gets up for fudger and sprinkles water on her husband's face to wake up for fudger now some people I've had some complaints in the past sister saying brother I did it and my husband lost me. So I say okay, hold on. We don't want you to fight over here. So just sprinkle What did you do showering him with a whole bucket or something. So sometimes the sprinkle them I go look, what you can do is if you know your husband, well sprinkle them and run away. Try and run away by that time he'll calm down and he's shallow. But if you know that he's gonna lose it. Use some other

00:28:51--> 00:29:28

means but the point is, try your best to wake each other up for budget insha Allah because it's a hard prayer to wake up to when you're especially when you're tired. So we move on was the cat you've got money that you have to pay on your wealth that you earn and I'm not gonna explain how that is. But Zakat is a compulsory part of our annual giving. It's one of the five pillars of Islam and abubaker are the Allahu anhu ever heard of him. The first honey for the Muslims after the promises and and the Prophet loved in the most Abubakar de la Juana. When he became the leader, there was a group of Muslims who left out Zakat they said, since the Prophet has died. We no longer need to pay

00:29:28--> 00:29:35

zakat anymore. No one's gonna watch us There's no need. his past was only in his time so they made it up. They don't want to pay zakat to the needy and the poor and so on.

00:29:36--> 00:29:59

Their lawn was said to them you must pay and if you don't, then I will use the means which Allah has given me. They said we refuse to pay him refused to carry out this command. They did they prayed they prayed solid they did the hash they did their fasting every but Zakat they left it out. They refused. You know what Adelanto did. He took up arms against them. He took up arms again. He actually got an army to go and fight them.

00:30:00--> 00:30:28

Until they started to pay zakat again. So Kathy is an integral part of our community and our society, especially when we have a Muslim non Muslim country, Muslim nation. It's a fair system that keeps everybody out of poverty and out of a need. Out of debts. We are one body. If one Muslim is in pain, the other Muslims are in pain. And if you are happy, I am happy. We are one body so we can get that through our heads.

00:30:29--> 00:30:53

We will not be the glorious nation that we once or many times were in the past brothers and sisters in Islam. This is what I had about is nine alayhis salaam in general. So just a common law code for being here um Allah Subhana Allah accept our good deeds from Allah forgive us, give us his mercy and grant us his gender. I mean her there was Salalah Han and Amina Mohammed on early or Sophia Germain salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.