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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to be a Muslim to build a sense of peace and balance is discussed in a Islam channel. The Prophet Muhammad's teachings include the belief that everything is in order and everything is in balance, and the use of drugs and alcohol to alleviate someone's addiction and prevent further harm. The importance of not taking a vow of silence or worship during the culture of Islam is emphasized, along with caution against exaggerating a oath between oneself and ALLAH Subhan. The speakers also discuss the importance of praying for their daughter's health and finding the right time to read the Quran.
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wabarakatuh Al hamdu lillahi Hamza shagreen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say you did more saline. So you do not whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was likely he was a limiter Sleeman Kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdic awasu Lee can never use me. While early he was talking he was settling. It's a pleasure and an honor Alhamdulillah to join with you once again here from my home in Perth, Western Australia, with my dear brothers and sisters in around the world via the wonderful medium of Islam channel. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to connect always in that which is good and to help us achieve our aims of coming together and understanding

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our faith and faithfulness in a way that is pleasing to Him. Subhanahu wa Tada it's an honor and hamdulillah to be able to try to serve in this need where there are I'm sure questions that perhaps may Allah Subhana Allah use me for good in, in answering them for you, for your homes, communities and your families. And I hope in sha Allah that as you begin calling through Islam channel.tv Although they're stationed in the UK, we get calls from all around the world, mashallah, during this time, it's 12pm noon in London, and it's 8pm here in Perth, Western Australia. While your calls start queuing in, I wanted inshallah to begin by speaking about the environment. And of course, this

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is a very topical theme. And in sha Allah over the three or four different Wednesdays that we have in the month of November, I look forward in sha Allah in contributing and commentating on some of the issues that Islam has as an ethical system, as a system of balance and harmony. For we as human beings have only one Earth to be upon, and that Allah Subhana Allah has put us as stewards in it, and as hula fat upon it, to be able to live in balance and harmony is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which means his habit, his modality, his way of life, and what we seek in sha Allah, of course, you're free to ask questions about various topics. But that will be

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the theme of my discussion that I wish to begin with you today. All of us know in these days that many of the world's leaders have flown in, ironically, of course, flown in to the wonderful, beautiful city of Glasgow and I prayed that I can visit that community once again, it's such an amazing experience to Visit Scotland in particular, Glasgow and Edinburgh, are a favorites of myself and my family. But all of them have converged there for this topical issue. And we know that the royal family in the United Kingdom is kind of spearheading a campaign. They want this to become an issue that takes center stage. But for us as Muslims, it is a natural process. And I want you to

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kind of think of our deem, as Allah Subhana Allah to Allah saying to us, a man he begins by identifying himself, he doesn't need to say Allah is a black man, he begins just openly I am the Most Merciful, the Lord of mercy, I lemon Quran, I'm the one who has given this Quran as a knowledge as a keepsake of knowledge for you to practice it hon. Often inside this Quran was destined for you as human beings, even before the creation of Adam holofil insan I lemma who began he allowed mankind the ability, the knowledge to converse, to teach to explain to each other topics and that makes us very different to many of the other animals that have it the earth, I lemahieu, Diane, a Shem, su l

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comma, Ruby, who span the sun and the moon, everything has an accounting, everything has a place, everything has a time. Everything is in precise order. Well, Nigel was shadow your student and the stars and the trees, all of them bow down in subjugation to the authority of Allah, their prostate before Allah subhanahu wa to Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you know, in the sequence, he speaks about what that means, and that he created the balance and the harmony of all things in life. And many of the natural laws that you and I as human beings enjoy, whether it's the laws that are absolute things like gravity and so on, that we come to understand through dense demonstratable

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means are things that give balance to the earth in a way that other systems around us have not. Why is there life on Earth and not on Mars? Well, the gravitational pull on Earth allows the oxygen levels to remain in a place as as as as a

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elements and as molecules that they can stay in, in an area that is habitable for human beings. And of course, the further you go up in elevation, you know, oxygen flow, you know, is is not found in higher areas you breathe a little bit heavier when you go further up from sea level, because oxygen is a pull down through the delicate balance of the gravitational pull that allows human beings who live at the surface to be able to breathe it, the beauty of h2o and you know, the water that we're created from the water that is a part of life is something that is so precious to us. And ironically, of course, it's one of the things that Allah continues to impress upon us, lad to see to

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fill out of the bag that is slay her do not rain corruption upon the earth, after I have made it in its way of perfection in its most balanced sense. And therefore we worry about the earth's temperature increasing or decreasing. We worry about ozone three and the ozone layer depleting in the amount of radiation that touches our skin and enters into our areas and systems. That it has irrepairable damages, or for extended periods of time. We know that the Earth has evolved from one way to another not just from scientific method, but also from the Hadith of the prophets I send them one of the beautiful hadith is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the day of judgment

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shall not return until Arabia will become a land full of rivers and vegetation as it used to be Subhan Allah. We know in the Quran, that Prophet Ibrahim 567 1000 years ago, in general, entered into mechanic was desolate, no vegetation, but how do we know that there was vegetation? How was the prophets I send them who lived 1500 years ago aware that there's vegetation? Well, he's informed by Allah. But what evidence do we have? Well, the fossil fuels, you know, the oil that's found under the Arabian Peninsula is there because it's been deposited organic matter? Its seaweed, its plants, its vegetables, its animals that have been deposited and over time compacted, and with heat and

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pressure, they become these oils that are now pumped up as black gold. It's an incredible kind of statement of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he could speak about something with such surety that can only be from a realm that is beyond what was the common knowledge of his era and his time sallallahu alayhi wasallam so over these few days in chatlog, while your questions come in, please do feel free to call in inshallah and we'll try to answer your questions as they come along. We have a caller on the line we'll continue with some of our first themes in sha Allah Salam aleykum caller How can I help

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Yes, sister.

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Yes, go ahead sister.

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like the medication

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Okay, so let me let me answer that first question. And we'll take the second and third as we go along. So I understand from your question sister that you have an incontinence problem that if you cough, that it kind of allows, you know, the withdrawal to be broken, so you're saying if you put a lozenger or if you if you have something in your mouth that keeps your mouth wet, that that may help you from not coughing. Now, in general, one of the things that breaks all that and that is not allowed and so that is the consumption of food is the consumption of food. And this of course, is one who is actively eating something. So I would say to you that gum and you know lollies and things

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like that should not be eaten. But if you're able to take you know, a cough medicine or a cough lozenger Just before you pray, finish as much of it as you can, and then begin your slaughter that that would be something that would be acceptable insha Allah but actively eating during the saga, I would prefer you not do that because we have a solution in the Sooner

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The Prophets I said when he was asked a similar question by one of the women of his Sahaba he said to begin your will do begin your Salah with your full will do having cleansed yourself you're ready to pray and if this is a habit that you cannot stop then maintain your prayer and your prayer is still valid so don't worry too much about it but if you feel that if you take this medicine it will help you then do so right before this or that but don't be eating or drinking anything in the midst of your prayer inshallah bottle come off equal your second question sister

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situation that they're traveling or somewhere that they go to bathroom and for some reason they don't get

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time for Salah and then she knows that they are not going to be able to change

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for that was

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just a call Mohit for that question. So we'll follow up as a as an addition, just like Allah said. So if somebody has a little bit of metadata on their clothes, and they're not able to change it, then they can attempt to wash it even while they're wearing it, even if it's to rub a little bit of water on it. That removes the color and the scent as much as possible. It does not have to be washed with soap and soaked and to that degree, but it's something that can be just rubbed with a little bit of water to remove the spot of the Jessa if that's not possible to add a layer of water to it so that it removes an adjuster if that's not possible to make their Nia with their Sona and to pray, it

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is better for them to have that deficiency than not to fulfill their EBA in the way that is asked by Allah in the time that is asked by Allah subhanahu wata Anna. So if they can join the prayers, I would say if you can join your cohort analysis, because you know this may happen before megabit a shot and then pray method in its time and a shot and it's time when you get home. And that way, it's only impacting one prayer, it is better for you to join the prayers, then to miss the prayer from being prayed at it's time. So when you have the opportunity as soon as Salah time comes in, while everything is fresh, do your Salah, join the prayer that's coming next with it in sha Allah and

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maintain your best habit with that. May Allah grant ease and accept the NIA the intent of pleasing Him SubhanaHu wa Tada third question in sha Allah Yes sister

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so when

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are not accepted, and she was saying, if it is not accepted, then I will still do.

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And if it is accepted, that's fine because as an idea guess.

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What I would say to you, sister, and I'll rephrase the question in sha Allah, if somebody has made a vow, saying, Oh Allah, I'm asking you for this, this is a need I have this is for my daughter or for myself for my finance, and oh Allah allow this to happen? And if so, I will give this much charity or I'll fast this many days or I'll pray as you offered 50 Raka, as you are saying, the question was asked of you. If the DUA hasn't been answered, or you don't think it's been entered? Should you still pray or not? And the answer is, you're welcome to pray them or not. Either one is is is valid, if it becomes something that somebody has made an oath that they're not able to fulfill, and then

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they are able to back away from it by fasting three days, and by

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doing that as as a repeal for it. But of course, fulfilling one's oath is from the ethics of a Muslim. That is something that should be done in sha Allah. And if it's something it becomes important for us to be careful with the types of vows we make. We are not a community of monks, and we are not those who take like a vow of silence or a vow of worship or I won't sit until this occurs and these kinds of things are more cultural and are not rooted in our deen. So I would caution against making an exaggerated

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oath between

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oneself and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We don't have for example the prophets Allah I sent him saying, Oh Allah give us victory on the battle of bed that if you do so I will do this and this and this and this. Rather we have this belief and Tawakkol upon Allah, we pray to Allah to grant us success, and we are allowed to make a vow, make another with Allah subhanho wa Taala take an oath with Allah, but it should not be in temptation of Allah. It should not be, Oh Allah, I'm going to give you this. So do this for me if you do it, you know, it shouldn't be in that sense. It should be a loving act, not a burdening act, for us to enjoy

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the spirit of coming closer to Allah subhana wa Tada May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you for your questions was the duck Allah enough for you to get that Allahumma Amin

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we're going to continue with our theme about the environment in sha Allah. We have another caller with us online and we'll continue with the environment from an Islamic philosophical perspective and our doctrine our offie that afterwards in sha Allah our caller on the line is said I'm Anakin

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Allah He Vedic fee

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my first question was

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and then

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the second question was

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if you're not paying attention to like the metering the gym or if you're driving in your car

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Masha Allah, just like Camilla fed with regards to the first question in sha Allah. Actually, I'll begin with the second question. It becomes important for us that the Quran the general message is that there's a difference between hearing and listening. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when you are in an audience and in a time where you are meant to be giving your attention to the Quran, for STEM your own level for animals suitable West me, be quiet and listen. So when you are in a gathering in the masjid, for example, and somebody is giving a speech and somebody when your intention is to be there for the Quran, then you should give it your best and undivided attention.

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Allah says in sort of cough, that from the things that allow us to benefit from Nakamoto and Lehman, Canada who called to the one whose heart is present, a semi the one who gives it his full attention. Well who is Shaheed and the one who's witnessing to its lot mastery in their life, that gives the Quran as a particular flavor. Now, of course there are other moments in our life where we hear the Quran, but we're not actually actively listening to it. So you might get into a taxi or one of the brothers who's you know, picking you up or driving you off and you had the Quran on before you got in. And you you know you were on a call or you were you know, checking your email or something that

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is not a sinful practice. For us to be engaged with something other than the Quran we're not required to put everything down the moment we hear Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and somebody opens a verse from the Quran. But if we are able to galvanize our spirit and bring ourselves to that, then that is something that would be

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a righteous process. I'm not sure what what gyms you guys have in London Masha Allah pumping the Quran that's a beautiful thing. May Allah subhanaw taala increase you guys in good over there. It's a it's a very rare commodity here in Australia. So I haven't really loved that the you know, these kinds of things or whether it's in your headphones or other things in sha Allah, but tried to give the Quran as much attention as much as much care as you are able throughout the day and as as you as you as you focus on it, the evening that he Tada there's a number of

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issues that intertwine with the statements of, of the Quran and the word of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we should always give it the respect that it deserves. And one of the things that has become a last component, last pillar that upholds the, the sanctity of Islam in the hearts of many Muslims, is that we have lost the awe and the respect for the whole and so we were taught by our parents and grandparents

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In great grandparents, to treat the Quran with respect to hold it with respect to, you know, wrap it in something to put it on the highest shelf, to treat it with a dignity. And we know that this came from the Sahaba, who they followed the Allahu Anhu when he received the most heart from Earth Montigny I found it was delivered, he put his face in it and he began to weep. And he said, have a column Robbie. This is the scripture that has been sent to us from our Lord subhanho wa taala. He was in all of it. And you know, in the past, somebody who you know, who had passed away in the Battle of boyhood, the prophets I send them they were in such a rush to bury the martyrs of erode

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because of the danger that surrounded the prophets. I seldom said that the one who knows the most Quran should be placed in the grave first before the others and that just shows you even in that moment, there's a level of dignity and respect for the word of Allah. So I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows us that comfort and allows us to continue with that and that spirit Allahumma Amin

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we're going to take a break and come back for more questions but even in that he died your brother Yeah, he was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Ala Misaki ala Nabina Muhammad

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