Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #04 Pride. A Category On It’s Own.

Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Today we're going to talk about pride. And pride is a category in and of itself. This is one of the most shameful qualities in a human being. Pride makes people do crazy things. And if you think jealousy is bad, if you think that being impatient is annoying, and it's bad pride, it takes the trophy and the reason why I say that is there are so many verses in the Quran that give us an insight of just how terrible pride is, and and just how much Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks against pride and zero tolerance when it comes to pride itself. So much so that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said a

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really interesting how do you find the subject and he says, law he had the whole agenda. Men can if he can be here with Paula Doug Ratan Minh kibber of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says no one will ever enter Jenna if they have a mustard seed worth of pride in their heart. Now just think about that for a minute. The Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam is saying that pride is unacceptable in gender as a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why he blease was expelled out of gender. One of the main reasons is because of pride, a loss penalty that says in so little out of that it was said to him it believes a fair bill to minhang minha familia Khun laka enter Cabo fi her foothold in the

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Camino. sahid in a lot told a believes get out, you're expelled, you've been thrown out, you've been suspended out of gender. And the reason why Allah azza wa jal tells him that in gender, there is no room for your level of pride. Now remember that whole incident that he has started off because it believes did not want to make sense to to another human being. So when he was ordered with the angels to Prostrate to Adam, and he said on what does he say, and a high yield on men, hakaniemi Navajo Lakota woman think I'm better than him. You know, you made me and created me out of fire, you created him out of clay, you know. So pride was a big motivational factor for a beliefs for him to

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actually be defiant and dis obey Allah subhanho wa Taala that tells you just how far pride can cause somebody to go. And the things that they say and do. It would it would literally put them in a scenario that is unimaginable. And speaking of which, it's really interesting to me that how we're talking about this subject, I actually had this subject prepared like last week, or just just over a week ago. And considering what happened in the United States with George Floyd, you know, this poor man and how he was killed by the police officer. I'm not going to get into the story because it's pretty viral. It's everybody's talking about this subject. But that police officer with his knees on

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this poor man for eight minutes, or eight and a half minutes, and then an additional two and two minutes after the poor guy was already dead and unconscious. Like what's going on in your mind when you're doing that to this to another human being? What are you thinking about? There has to be some sense of pride, that I'm better than him that his life is not as worthy as my life. There has to be pride part of that whole scenario. And my point is, is that pride makes people think and to do the worst of the worst things. If it's not, if it's not addressed, if it's not the yield if people don't call you out on it. And so it believes we saw this example right from the very beginning of mankind.

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This is a creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But at the same time, despite he he was having direct conversation with Allah, Allah is telling him certain things. It didn't stop a beliefs from being defined to Allah. It didn't stop a belief from disobeying and some handle lump. This is where it all begins. And this is what pride does. And this is why the messenger or the salatu salam once explained to us what pride really is, and he mentioned two things. The first is that he mentioned pride, Botha we help it prevents you from the truth. You know, it creates this barrier where you're too good to be talked to and to be advice and to listen to the truth. You know, you're not you've

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reached such a level in your life or a position or a place in your life, that nobody can just walk up to you and tell you ahead dethrone a You're too good for that. So that's what the prophets I sent him is referring to. So that's one button we have. It prevents you from hearing the honest

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Truth. And number two, while hum tonus, along to NASA, literally is that you look down upon people. So you've created this persona about yourself that you're superior over others. So even when nobody is talking to you, just by whether it be Association, so you come from a particular family, a particular tribe, a particular caste, it doesn't matter, just by association, I'm better than you. So that's the first category, when we're talking about where pride comes from. Or it could also be that you've reached a certain level or status in your life, whether it be politically socially or what have you. So you've reached a level where Allah blessed you with knowledge, with wealth, with

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status, with authority with power, and so the status that you carry, I'm, I'm better than you, I'm superior over you, and so many other categories. So we understand now at least, that pride makes people do crazy things. And we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala erase every ounce of pride from our hearts from our lives. Remember, the head of youth, our Prophet, our Lisa to set them now addresses something that's important to all of us, which is where does pride come from? How does it begin? Where does it start from that had the thing I quoted to you earlier, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam tells us that no one will enter gender that has pride where in their heart, so where does

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pride begin, you actually have to stimulate pride, you have to stimulate this presence of superiority over others, you have to create that it's not something natural, you don't naturally just feel like you're better than everyone else. That's something that and again, you know, in this day and age that we're living in, there are multiple factors that encourage and fuel pride. And what we see on TV, the conversations that were part of the people that we hang around with, even the families, certain members of the family that say, Well, I'm not going to talk to so and so person, I'm not going to look at that individual, I'm not going to be associated with them. You know, we saw

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an example of this, believe it or not just recently when the announcement for EAD happened. And I spoke very briefly on the subject. But long story short, when the announcement for EAD or the siting of the moon was made in in parts of Africa, so in Somalia and Kenya and Mauritania, and so on, and Egypt and so on. There were actually some Muslims that were saying things like, okay, we're not going to follow them. Who are you referring to? What are you talking about? And actually, some, some Muslims were even very blunt and open is like, you know, okay, well, that part of the word, they're technology's messed up, you know, they're backwards. Anyway, they're uneducated, and they actually

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put the word black in their sentences. And this is just the shame of all shame, and Subhanallah, they actually like some of these individuals actually completely denounced and denied any sort of leadership with respect to the sighting of the moon announcing aid, when it came from groups of people or countries like, quote unquote, them. Again, this goes back to a beliefs, this goes back to the attitude of a belief. And yes, I am going to say like, if you have any sort of kibbled, or racism in you, for your fellow Muslim or your fellow companion, your fellow human being, if you have at least a trait of that, or an element of that in your heart in your life, then you certainly are

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carrying the qualities of the beliefs himself. And so it's a shameful attitude to have. It's a shameful quality and a human being. And as I said to you before, it causes people to say, and do the worst of the worst. So let's really understand what we're talking about here with respect to this massive subject of pride. There is no doubt that pride is within internally in our own Muslims and communities at large. There's pride everywhere. As a matter of fact, there is pride just all over social media amongst Muslims, when we argue when we disagree, you know, somebody will give an opinion about something, it could be anything, I see yellow, and somebody says, No, it's not yellow,

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it's a lighter shade of orange. And then it turns into a big debate and we start fighting each other. Why? because of the color of what we're talking about. But the point is, one person will say, oh, you're this year that call you names call you up, say that you're you know, you're lazy, you're not a true data. You're not this, you're not that just because we can see eye to eye on a subject, pride fuels that because basically, what you're doing is you're trying to project that, hey, my opinion is superior to yours. Even though the subject we're talking about has various opinions, who cares? I want my opinion, to topple over your opinion. And so the cycle continues. So this is why

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our Prophet Lisa was said was so strict about it. But listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says about this. There are so many places in the poor end

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I didn't even know where to begin. I didn't know which section to tackle. So I decided okay, I went to a particular verse in SOTA Nahin where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, lead gentlemen and Nala Yara and the moment you see Runa woman you already know no doubt, Allah subhanho wa Taala has complete knowledge of what is hidden or concealed and what is apparent and obvious. So that's the first hint. how Allah addresses pride. It's other In other words, LSA I know what's in you, even if you don't show it? I know it's there. Well, man, yeah, my name is COVID-19. Higher, you're a woman, you're familiar with Paula, Deborah tin, shudra euro. If you have an atom suite of good, I can see it. I

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know it's there. So even if you don't show it, but it's in you, and it's in your heart, I counted it, it's worth something. But then the emphasis is also true. The opposite is true. That any sort of evil mistake, or things shall run is things that are unpleasant. So kibbled is certainly unpleasant. Pride is unpleasant. I see it, I know it, it's there, even if you don't show it, erase it, because why? That type of pride will never enter agenda. Now scholars have explained exactly what this meant. Does this mean that somebody who is Muslim who believes in tawheed, who believes in a London messenger already slept with someone who does all the things that they're supposed to do they pray,

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but yet they have an ounce of pride in their heart? Does this mean that they will not enter agenda just because of that one ounce of pride? The scholars explained this head Ethan said no. Amendment No yo Rahim. Allah narrows it down. And he says that the pride that's being referred to in this hadith is the pride that again, that allows you or you've convinced yourself that you're superior and better over others. If you leave this earth with that kind of pride in you. That's the pride that could prevent you from entering Jenna. So in other words, mm unknowingly, Rahim. Allah says, that person will have to be punished for that pride in the fire for an X amount of time until Allah

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wills and only then they will be allowed in gender. So in other words, it's a punishable act. That's the point. And if you leave this earth with that kind of pride in you, that I'm better than I don't care that I'm superior and so on and so forth. That's the pride is the heaviness referring to, it's not the pride that we're the the opposite the other types of pride where we're proud to be Muslim, we we have this sense of pride where we're able to worship Allah, that we're able to do the things and we're proud of that that's a different type of price. So have this had that kind of pride, where they were proud of themselves that Allah subhanaw taala guided them, that they gave them the

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leadership of the messenger at least circumcised so we're not talking about that kind of pride, talking about the evil type of pride that the Prophet Ani sought was Suleiman the poor and warns us against now last thing, as we continue with this, as a law concludes it and he says, in the law Hello, your hibou stackability in the hula, you will mistake being in indeed, surely or Verily, He does not love anybody that has an ounce of

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ounce of pride or kibble in them. So what is this all let's let's summarize all of this, what Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that he doesn't love it. He doesn't appreciate it. But he no doubt knows when it's there, and he has complete knowledge of it. And despite how much you might want to try to hide, or you might want to try to conceal that it's there and it's obvious, and he understands some of the scholars when they look at verses like this, they've interpreted that when Allah says he knows meaning he knows and he will account you for it. He'll call it out. yoma Digital Kowloon FC mera Minutemen Hiram Mahara, WA amulet Min Soo. So on the Day of Judgment, Allah tells us

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in suited earlier in Warren Hill place in front of you, all of your deeds, all of your good deeds in front of you, and more bottle gives us the illustration that it's even the kind of deeds you never thought was going to be counted ended up showing up on the scale. So you're going to be sitting there and be like, Oh, my goodness, that one time I showed pride, it actually made it. It's on my scale, because a lot of them says, well, not only that mean, Sue, and even all of the the deeds that were sued, say ugly, unpleasant pride. So the believer could potentially be there and look at both of their scales and be like, oh, all the good things are there but wait a minute. The one time I

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backed by dedicating somebody, it actually made it on my my skill of bad deeds. The times that I have Kibler and pride. Allah knew it and he counted it and I'm seeing it now on my scale. So these are the things that we have to be very, very cautious of, very cognizant of the fact that if

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You have this in you. So So here's the the, I guess you could say the litmus test now, how you know, how do you know if you have this kind of pride, when somebody gives you advice, and especially, I'm not talking about the advice where they put you down or make you feel bad or just shouting and screaming and insulting you. That's not even advice. There isn't not even a diary of Hadith of the messenger, Eileen Salatu was Salam speaking to anybody this week telling anybody or teaching anybody, por en and Hades, this way, by screaming and shouting and making fun of them and insulting them. There's not even a hadith of him doing that. So if somebody is trying to advise and be like, I

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see, I'm just trying to advise you, you know, but I think you're a big idiot, I think you're crazy. I think you don't know anything, but I'm just trying to advise you, okay, just like a little hater, you know, just understand I have a good heart, stop it. Don't try to cover up bad habits with this beautiful, this beautiful cover, or this beautiful way of life, at least snap don't do that. So how you know you have this, when somebody tries to advise you, and you don't want to hear it. And you don't have a valid reason not to hear, you just don't want to hear because it's coming from them, whoever they are. So that's one. So you're judging advice or direction based on the person not on

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their knowledge. Number two, how you know you have pride is a game. It's that whole superiority factor, just that I'm better than others. Because I studied I went to a, b and c I learned this I might shapely is that I have this status. I've lived this long, I've had this much experience, and you just go back and forth, back and forth. So status, Association presence position, those factors have nothing to do with guidance and hedaya. So if you feel that just by association or affiliation, that you're better than somebody so they shouldn't speak to you in that way. That's called kebab. That's called pride, and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam word over and over and over Why?

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Because pride is one of those things that easily finds its way in your personality in your heart. And sometimes it gets there without you even knowing without to view understanding, like somebody would talk to you and just be and you kind of look at them and turn your turn your give them your back and turn your face away. And then you realize, wait a minute, why did I turn away from them, they were actually telling me the right thing, they were actually giving me good advice. So now see how we're coming to that in one of the later videos of just how to give good advice to people. Because the poor Edmondson is very explicit, very beautiful, and how we should advise each other but

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at least for now, kibble

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one of the things that it also does is that it prevents you from the truth, as we mentioned, the profit it starts with some defining it, that it blocks you or creates a barrier between you and the truth. So I usually at the end of this video would tell you to try to get others to watch it so that at least they can you know, stimulate some thoughts and reflection and and hopefully benefit from it. But if they have pride, they won't care. They're probably saying, hey, look at this guy. He's wearing a puma shirt, he's got like 14 of these. And by the way, guys, I can see I have to address this because some of you messaged me about it, the Puma symbol there, I see that yes, I know, it's a

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picture of an animal. And they know the Prophet Allah is slow to submit perfectly understand that praying, scholars had different on this, the vast majority said that images like this You shouldn't pray with because they distract them. There are other factors that are involved with images, on on pictures on shirts, and so on. That's for saw that wearing this stuff. This is my house shirt. So me being in my house, I wear what i what i have just as home clothing. So I hope you guys understand that when it is time to pray, I will definitely put something over this or I change the shirt altogether. So don't pay attention to this sort of thing. Let's just focus on what we're talking

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about here. So at the end of the day, if you can the last thing that I'll mention to you, how do you tackle pride? Well, pride is one of those things where you don't give up on it has to be it's like as if you have a sledge hammer, and you have to keep beating against the wall until the wall starts to crack. And when it starts to crack bits and pieces of the wall fragments of the wall start to follow. But eventually as you keep hitting towards it, you break through. And that's what pride is. It's this enormous shell of superiority and that too, you know, you've you're better than others, all of these things, all of these qualities. They can be broken and shelled away, it is possible.

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It's not impossible for somebody to have pride that they don't remove those qualities from them. So it is certainly possible. Every single ailment or struggle or difficulty that is, is upon us that we need to improve as long as we are alive. We have what it takes to improve as long as you're listening to this and if you feel like you have some pride in you, then guess what, this is a huge step.

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towards you healing that insha Allah with Tara, I pray that Allah subhanaw taala heals myself, my heart My life, that any ounce of pride that I may have May Allah azza wa jal remove it from me from my life. And from all of you as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala remove this quality from our hearts and in our lives, even if it's the size of a mustard seed, even if it there's an atom's weight of pride in US May Allah subhanho wa Taala remove it from our hearts and from our lives. This stuff is these are the kinds of things that destroy relationships. You know, when a husband or wife they're too proud to listen to what their spouse has to say, what their worries and their concerns

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are, I'm too poor, I don't care and you kind of just walk away and dumped the issue. That's pride, motivating and pushing that behavior. too proud to listen to a particular mm or particular shape, especially if they don't give you the answer that you're hoping for, which is another issue we're going to be talking about. point is is that you didn't get the answer you were looking for. So okay, he's too strict. He's too simple. He's too off. He's too lazy, so we don't need to go to him anyways, that's pride pushing that kind of behavior and attitude. So we need to ensure that we do our very best to humble ourselves. Remember, an ounce of pride. As a matter of fact, not even an

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ounce. a mustard seed equivalent of pride in our hearts is enough to prevent us from entering a lawless paradise with our beloved. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cure us if we have this quality in US May Allah remove it. Never allow us to be of people of pride. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to refine our character to purify our hearts. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to increase us in knowledge of the poor and endless and love them I mean, so this is our short reminder today in this series, we will continue to be in the Lenny Tyler tomorrow with another subject another verse or hobbies such as Aquaman low height and please wherever you are, stay stay safe stay

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healthy metal so it will give you strength along them. I mean, just like hello hydron everyone take care with Santa Monica waterfront aloha

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