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Murtaza Khan
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The praising of loss of Canada under and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom in the previous few Sutras, the discussion has been openly about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam whether it be Sora to Doha, or surah a Shara will do her an alumna Shira laka soldered up. Both of these suitors, Carly certainly Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam Bovary sutras are directly speaking and praising the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that inside zero to 10 thin. The theme continues of possibly indirectly speaking about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was speaking about the previous ambia were

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heard that Bella dill Ameen and the safe sanctity the safe area, will Bella do i mean is none other than the land or the area of Makkah. And you find it the first time that his preference is given to the land of Makkah, is the building of the Kaaba, via Ibrahim Ali Salaam. When can you remain even though some historians are right that Adam la Salaam was the first one who built the calendar for you help me find Abraham la Salaam was the one who rebuilt the caliber or initial building of the caliber. And then he made this application inside the Quran that you send a messenger from amongst their own selves, who's going to teach him the book in the Scripture, and he's going to purify them.

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And this has mentioned four times inside the Quran. The first time is actually Dr. Ibrahim al Islam inside the end of the first Joseph SoTL Bakara that we find whereby he made this application and then Allah subhanaw taala responded on three separate occasions inside the Quran about the sending of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam from others muscle inside Surah Al Imran Allah mentioned a Carmen de la Mini is about as a female soul I mean I'm forcing him yet to do it he will use a key him while you are limo. Makita but will heck mo incoming cobbler field Allah Allah mobian inside Sora alibre mentioned a Carmela Manilow Allen meaning you Indeed Allah subhanaw taala conferred a great favor on

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this Muslim Omar sending the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, likewise the end of so to tober that we find la caja cumbre Soloman and forsaken Aziz on Allah Hema Annie Tom Harrison, la cumbre many in a row for rain indeed has come from amongst your own selves a messenger who's over worried about you always worried about you worried about your guidance, but are all for Rahim pitiful merciful towards the believers is a prophet Allah is not to sit on one or sanaka in the RAF metallian alameen The endo SoTL MBR the 21st chapter called odd woman or sanaka illa Rahmatullah alameen we know send you except for a mercy to all of the worlds another place in the Quran Allah

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mentioned woman or son Naga in

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fatale nursey Bashir, I'm one of the RA, while kynoch Sara naskila. Moon, we send us a warner to all of humanity, to give them glad tidings and to warn them, but most of mankind are unaware of the call of the message of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So if this is the call of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and the response is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as we mentioned at the Hadith, Anna Dawa to Ibrahim I am the response the call of Ibrahim Ali Salaam, WA had and Bella del amin is blessing area, the sanctified area becomes revitalized once again, via better to NaVi La Silla to Silla via the sending of the messenger ship, sending the final message inside his location, it begins to

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magnify this environment, magnify that area, and that's inside circle ballad, Allah undermentioned inside so to teen mentioned, Lacan harlequinade in Santa Fe, s Anita Karim, that indeed, we've created the human being in the best structure. What is the relationship between the previous surah and the surah which is sort of teed and sorted Anak which is today's theme, be in the later Allah, because the Prophet Allah is up to somebody mentioned those previous tours, and inside sort of the teen is being addressed the area of Mecca. Once again, Allah Subhana Allah begins to magnify brings a revelation inside the area of Makkah. And likewise, you find Nakata kalapana in Santa Fe as Sonny

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Kwame, the only way that the human being becomes a noble, a lofty, a supreme a good individual is via

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the spirit of bicolor. The HELOC HELOC an insane amount of acreage what a bouken Akram learn teach, educate. And lemon in Santa bill column taught mankind by the use of the pen. So by the use of knowledge that you find the human being becomes Arsenal, Hulk becomes the best of creation and likewise us philosophy in any surah is the opposite

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Via keyboard around stogner the person who thinks himself to be self sufficient becomes arrogant becomes proud becomes us philosophy in the huddle Muna Saba by in a sorta teeny one Allah call in more in delight subhanho wa Taala that is a possible relationship between these two sources, which is sorted and sorted that we find. Unlike was many earlier my dimension that the beginning of this surah tub the bill Elmi with the alum while Carrara the surah begins by learning, educating and studying what Tim will be. So Judy was a birder and the surah ends via a birder and worship and submission and prostration yocto in bainer, Elmi will omul a relationship between knowledge and

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action, because many of us that we think moogerah will end that a person just has knowledge is sufficient.

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In Nehemiah shalom in a baddie Rola those who say Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, ma, ma ma, ma, who fear Allah Subhana Allah as Imam Atma Rahmatullah mentioned Rasul elmy Hachette Allah, the essence of knowledge, the essence of knowledge is a killer call. Isn't this and that the essence of knowledge is Hachette. Allah is the fear of Allah Subhana Allah, Colima, zitter Elman zeta jehlen benefic, the more a person increases inside their knowledge increases inside their own ignorance of how far away they are from Allah Subhana Allah Mariota Cobra nurse, Nm doesn't need you to become arrogant towards people around you to look down upon people, to trivialize people to belittle people

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to ridicule people, to more people to joke people to scoff at people had a license in belay. Subhana Allah and in belay, Subhana Allah, yet Jose colbeck enters into your heart and your mind. Fatah, Allah Subhana Allah increase your power or your obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah. And that's what many of the realm of extracted Allah regime shift are famous. In Sarita serious and mahana This is the essence of knowledge begins by speaking about knowledge, and conclude and speaking about the impact of knowledge inside a person's life. That's what we need to study inside our lives. The impact of knowledge inside our daily lives. Does that bring us closer to Allah Subhana Allah? does

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it bring us to question our own selves, our own intentions, our own actions? Are we so busy inside society that day in and day out? We're worried about other people come in a nurse had to feed Ramadan, how many people send us text messages, ask us know who who comfy fula and what I learned was the ruling of so and so what about this person? What about that person? What about that person? Yeah, you will have the shadow Ramadan. This is the month of Ramadan. If you haven't understood that, what have you understood from your knowledge? just busy about this person and that person in Malik Can I get through kudos used to leave teaching? What can I do? I'm Bill Quran Kanaka Lucia

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Who? Remember Quran the whole of the of the month is nothing but focusing upon the Quran. Woman Europe Kissel Quran yejide aduba. When focuses upon the Quran will find the answers will focus the Quran will find the answers will not be left in darkness. Because of Quran, your critical mineral lumati illa nor Quran takes you away from the realms of darknesses to the * of Allah subhanaw taala and that is the beginning of this surah the beginning speaks about what is guidance? What is revelation read, but when ye the beginning of revelation beginning of Sahil Bihari, read how revelation came to the prophet Elijah to Islam as narrated by Aisha radiallahu anha. He used to go

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and and place himself inside seclusion, searching for Allah subhanaw taala used to make that journey on the amount of Hara enter into the cave of Hira climbed that mountain enter into that cave in a state of Han north, who were not one minute a birder, a form of a bed of searching for Allah Subhana Allah who would take her deejo giving me some food would wrap it up we take it we remain for hours for days on end, contemplating about Allah Subhana Allah, tala Vinci I'm sure most of us are familiar with the story that you braid it some came and created a crop. Carla Anna be Korean solem to read said I am not one that can read. Then he squeezed him and rewired and telefone told him to

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read again and again. Then he said What should I read? For kololo ekra Miss Mira beaker Lady hornak khaliqul insane I mean other aircraft what abou book and a crumb and let the unnamable column or limit insert a melon Yeah.

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Has it all will Hamsa yet with salted allok the 96 chapter

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To the core on the first five verses of Revelation.

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That's where some of the early mentioned some of us will read the story. We don't see the penetration isn't there

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as a man shampoo etc etc. He mentioned that we read through the story and it is a penetrators. This is the beginning of enlightenment.

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The ending was of Ibrahim alayhis salaam in the sense that you build the car by Danny's task, then is an element of darkness after that, until a time of SLA slummin Sita croon 600 years by nerissa when Muhammad Allah masala 600 years of a gap that was existing there, and then came the Prophet alayhi salatu salam illuminated the whole area once again, was shared with me Tamia Qatada may or may attain a sreen he wrote 220 pages, explaining his revelation explaining his revelation and look at us look at the way that we deal with your Quran.

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Look at the way we engage with the Quran we don't seem to understand keytab on unza no ilica mbarara kuliah double t What are your adverb? A blesseth book that we sent down you may ponder reflect over the these are yet though under the Quran, Allah jevelin la righto caution moto sedan minha Shatila what till I'm 30 una dribbly NASA Allah home yet Africa Hoon and we send this Quran down a mountain alternate crested asunder turn it into dust.

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What typical I'm sorry Luna three baldness these are the answers that we place inside the Quran. That you may ponder and reflect. Well I'm thankful Quran focus man in more than 80 I'm sad inside the Quran is collected or even about Josiah inside his works of unsaddled Quran were more than 1/3 and most of Ansel are speaking about whom they're speaking but Allah Subhana Allah, they're speaking about academia and occurred about belief. Study the parables inside the Quran, the old speaking in general, about Allah subhanaw taala about belief to ever understand the Quran. understands the parables of the Quran will not be left in a state of darkness will be extracted from that darkness

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take it to the light of Allah Subhana Allah. This is the Quran sent down. We're more serious that these iron have been sent down when have been set down inside Ramadan. And specifically, some of them go to review inside Ramadan in Laila to Qatar. This is the beginning of Revelation. What is our relationship with a book of Allah Subhana Allah today keytab Allah anomala Allah moon many of us the book of a lost panda is behind our backs Gangnam lagana Moon we don't know the book of Allah Subhana Allah. We don't leave with the book of Allah subhana wa COVID killer and Chef rishabh me Tamia rocky Shula hada shake me I know two scholars of Allah Sana differ about his rank, about his knowledge. He

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speaks and he writes, as Benji were able to claim a Josie is profound student who also makes the same statement. If only I spent more of my life focusing upon what, focusing upon the Quran.

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And this is a sign of humility, because everybody knows that his writings of the Quran, his explanation of the Quran,

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it was there. But he still writes himself that if only I spent more of my life focusing upon the Quran. Some of his works at the faasil were written with coal.

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When he was in prison, he voted with coal. He wasn't want to waste his time like many of us today, we're just wasting our time. That's what we do. That's a sign that Allah Subhana Allah forbid has strayed from the path. Being a stray from the path doesn't mean being upon misguidance doesn't mean being born. Being a straight also means that you're not using your time. There is no Baraka inside your time you're not focused inside your time, you're worried about other things inside your life.

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And when that day comes in a person will begin to reflect and then begin to question themselves.

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That if only I done this inside my life only focused upon this in my life, it would have bet me because the Quran is not better as a person who can convert so Luca Mahajan.

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What bet is a person inside the law is the Quran Sahiba Quran a person who lives with the quran quran Casa to who I Hello, people in the Quran. Are the close friends of Allah Subhana Allah are close to Allah Subhana Allah so each one of us can see that link there in this month of Ramadan How much are we trying to recite the Quran to learn the Quran? To read the Quran to read it a seed of the Quran to understand the Quran, to live by the Quran to implement the Quran, to preach the Quran to teach the Quran and then the impact of Quran inside our lives.

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That's the greatest impact. What is the impact of the Quran inside our lives come in and look at the masses of average people. Look at the way they give respect to the Quran, maybe you can find it No one will move Allah is excessive praise that they give to the Quran. But why? Because possibly they understand the rank of the Quran. They understand this is colourway Subhana Allah and we pay no weight to it. So here in the beginning is Surah in Surah Allah that we find on Surah ekra this mirrabooka lady holla Casablanca seriously, give this title and even Karima Josie calls it surah to alum just like the surah so known while column omega stone because it speaks about scribing

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knowledge via the pen.

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And Allah had mentioned ekra mortain. Highlights read twice unmask him I'm sure Gary mentioned in Babel.

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As a form of emphasis which is common inside the Quran, Allah kind of repeats things that rock doesn't pay attention. Don't become what is the real meaning of johanne ignorant individuals.

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What is an ignorant individual? Mallya from shaming Al Quran? Ashura Sunnah Sri instana talathi in Surah your Quran is being read you don't understand the Quran matter from lava to Quran. You don't understand the language of Quran matter from Quran kennametal Quran seocho quran quran so what are you been doing with your life?

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What have I done with my life? That you can't when you stand inside prayer, you cannot understand the words of Allah Subhana Allah Yeah. blame upon myself.

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As every time he has said that whoever wants Allah Subhana Allah to speak to the individual fucker or Quran read the Quran. read the Quran and the Quran is speaking to us speak to me. Why the rock to unto hottie Allah Subhana Allah when you speak to Allah Subhana Allah for comfy salad and stand inside a Salah.

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This is what the Quran should be inside our lives.

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And the Prophet would revise the Quran inside Ramadan and the final Ramadan he revised it twice with zebra in La Silla.

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Twice he revised it because possibly knowing as a shout out it's going to be his final year.

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But every single year, can you find his knickers and gel? Should we read the Quran? Come knock mineral Quran has a slew another way to read the Quran inside Ramadan. If you don't want to follow the Quran, you don't want to listen to the Quran and

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the Sunnah to throw it into Jama Hebrew fuqaha Sinatra is an awful prayer. If you don't want to pray, don't pray it. Don't waste your time. Don't go straight amongst people go to massage and say have you been praying 20 record the Imam is like this this person like this this person like that? Where are you from reading the Quran? What have you read from the Quran? What do you learn from the Quran? Nothing that we've become people have fitted inside society rather than turkeys and Al Quran encouraging people to come to the Quran Leanna who are killed looking at

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how they assess his lack of knowledge that a perfect person you rock is attache, another euro and no shade of blue shade. That's a sign of small knowledge that a person is focused on one thing and sees that this is the crux of the matter. This is all l This is the essence of in that this one of the year this one issue is when l had official fill m these are nothing l This is a person of ill yet totowa elmy personal knowledge is continuously reading continuously studying that if I did certain bad that I thought when can you buy a thermal yoke burn Babbitt or heat or you do an ill will Kitagawa restrict your knowledge codify your knowledge via writing it down, while preserving it

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will mean as bad

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as hustlin and ways of gaining knowledge.

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simple it is inside the Quran. Allah says what the Kula Will you are lemo qumola

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Allah says fed me will you our limo como la.

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Allah yes to a goblin in fear Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will open up doors of knowledge and understanding. But if your fear of Allah Subhana is based upon people are acquired to nurse, our Haumea to nurse or Voodoo nurse, your knowledge is just for people to look at you people to praise you people to see you people to to praise you

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that that knowledge will never you will never be lifted beyond the real essence of knowledge. You won't achieve that. Have deeper penetration of knowledge of a steam bath in a yachtie well I had these you're never going to be able to access

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From the Quran, you're never going to extract the Hadith. That's when you find that many Shabaab you do rune Allah Al Qaeda, they just they just swirl around certain issues. That's all they swirl around.

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That's all their life is swirling around certain issues. When knowledge should make you ask us Kahunas of homeowners are called nurse absurdness.

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unwell nurse knowledge should make the most brightest of people, the most smartest of people, the most intelligent of people, the most understanding of people. That's what knowledge should do to a person, because a knowledge is nor can Akala mm Shafi lemma is Taka Illa

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Illa who study in a shave he worked in?

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Kala Shaco to in our Kia su V for our Chardonnay inner circle mousy, Barnaby and Manu Manu Allah Allah yo Tawny RC mm Shafi complained to Emma Maki, from his weak he's bad memory. China Maki advised him said to him, that a reason for your weak memory possibly could be his carrying out of sins of disobedience. Leave sins leave disobedience leave those things that are not important. Because in Malawi is nor the knowledge of Allah Allah is light. We're no Lola yo Polly RC. And the light of Allah apparently isn't given to a disobedient individual. Because some of us we don't think we're disobedient. We think maybe I don't mind and I'm not Xena. Well, I don't drink alcohol. I

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don't commit Zina. I don't do this. But most of us involved in what had the Quranic mill and Muhammad Allah Heba are shut shatta Mulana Heba amin al Qaeda Yahuwah backbiting is mirrored by remember these words and tibetian we crack some 80 plus kabbah if sins were Riba is there so some of us may think I don't do though these sins that people are doing. But we freelance we back by even a month of Ramadan. That's what backbiting is, is a crooked haka, Bina yagura. To speak about your brother that which he dislikes.

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And then you say I will say it in front of his face, but you don't say in front of his face. Because you don't have the courage. You don't have to have courage to say inside a person's face, because shaytaan Toby's embodies all of us we fall into this

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trap of even his mom for Ramadan that we're we're busy texting and sending messages and speaking about people and this and that this is taking away your hustle not

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and giving those people taking a you're taking your say you

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are giving more I say are you taking with this so you're giving them your house or not?

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And it could be dead individuals. It could be individuals who have died.

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So I'm rune Illa de fer lives with Allah Subhana Allah.

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Why are you so bogged down about their lifestyle when they have left his dunya for hula Rahmatullah, aka the sadhana when a person leaves this dunya David Allah subhanaw taala.

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Even the prophets of Houdini approach, read to see read Sera, he came to work, but no firm

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had the ability to work I've been known for is a cousin of Khadija who is a person who became a Christian who read the scriptures. And they began to ask him what is their interpretation of what this vision that I saw for Carla who are now moves and let the Jain the moose and a Salaam, this this what you saw this visualize visualization is now moose is the angel who gave came with revelation. He said, If only I was young,

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that I could come and join this message with you.

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But your people are going to expand you they're going to push you out. Carla mukhiya call me on my own people don't expel me. throw me out the lands of Mecca. Are they going to throw me out? He said Yes they are. Because no messenger comes except for the people stand up against him. And so inside, the sooner that we find that a prophet is exposed to individuals that we need to be things inside our life. This is another problem that we faced. Were very hasty inside our lives. What a fool I said I'm 13 years inside maccha 10 years inside Medina persevere 23 years 23 years of giving of Dawa to the people new ra Salam al Salaam Alaikum Sina Armin 1000 years except for 50 950 years caught up

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in need out to call me lane and mana Hara.

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Oh my lord Acoma people day and night, in the morning in the evening. But they took the garments and placed it over their heads and the thruster fingers inside the ears.

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So they knew early some Satan destroyed these people. He persevered with them the process and he persevered with his people

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Buddha has that we find read that to see the surah he when he said that, at any time I see the Prophet is I'm offering the prayer, I'm going to come and try to harm him.

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So what did he do? He came to the Prophet hmm and Hadith is a Muslim. He came to try to attack to poke to harm the prophet Elijah to Salaam at any step back, he became faithful we can scale. So the people said, Yeah, but how come?

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Well, what is the matter? Why, why do you Why did you hesitate yourself? He said, Indeed, that between me and him kvk a ditch 100 meter not a ditch of fire came preventing me from going to towards the prophet Elijah to set up

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around stagner this individual for himself to be self sufficient, has no need of Allah Subhana there is no need of any individual.

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When he sees the servant of Allah Subhana Allah abdon either Salah

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when he sees a seven, Allah praying he wants to harm him. Study closely. That's what really my mentioned. And I began, who have your own, had the oma, the fear all of this online again, just like you had fear around at the top of Moosa, who is terminated. And likewise, you you had Abu john and his training, that we find as I will Bucca desire you mentioned is the theory ma'am Saturday is what he said is to feed

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these individuals that Trinity leads them to what the critical behavior

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they want to do what they want to stop a person from praying

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this prayer harm anyone does prayer disturb any individual these are steps have to rerun

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that you find these gradual steps that we find therefore one step of oppression and leaves that people look at even some Muslim countries

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where a non Muslims have control these countries, they don't allow them to physically display themselves the Uighur Muslims at the moment and territory of China and what more than a China that we find at the moment you cannot display your faith.

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You can offer your prayer you cannot read the Quran and not too long ago in the Soviet Union was Pakistan because Pakistan read about the history these countries you were allowed to display your faith read the Quran read Salah Bosnia, Serbia read the History Day blocked as well again why many papers to get person and said it could be a reason to disobedience? But we should look at the lesson.

00:27:28 --> 00:27:31

The lesson I'm not be leaving to our symbols of Islam,

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of holding faster our symbols and encouraging ourselves about our Salah. abdon either Sunnah. Or I think can alhuda Amara be taqwa is this individual himself upon taqwa upon guidance, or is he just becoming a nuisance inside society to harm other individuals.

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So this is what these individuals they done to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and what even today that people that we face today, that people are prevented from the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, but a person perseveres is committed, just like the Prophet Allah is not to slum inside the surah is committed throughout his life, in persevering and as a last added to the end of the surah gives that severe warning to those individuals who tried to harm the profit and I should have to sell more harm the people of Islam, Allah Allah and Allah Yara there's not this individual See, but don't we all of us that we see because Kitab inside the Quran is for all of us. The generality of the Quran is for

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all of us to perceive and to understand. And this is another sickness that some of us that we're living in that we feel that the Quran is speaking to a certain person, or certain individual, or certain identity or certain type of people. As early of Quran have mentioned and Abraham we are moving left the Navajo suburb. The lesson is to be taken from the generality of the words and not from the specifics of Revelation. So in his month of Ramadan, as we're reading and studying the Quran and listening to the Quran, we shouldn't just stand there or sit there marveled at the Quran the Quran is look speaking about Bani Israel speaking about the hood speak about nesara about almost

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a code on a balloon speak about these all these individuals are superb learner Li jemena this the speech is to all of us. That's what is the speech is to all of us will read in the Quran that we don't begin to make the same mistakes as they made because that's what you studied the Quran in great detail. We are making exactly the same mistakes as Bani Israel. As Allah mentioned in the other foreign yakusoku Allah Bani Israel, a third lady whom telefoon in a huddle Quran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel. Moses Quran narrates about Bani Israel. There's some of the early miltefosine dimensioned caddell Quran yakun Hello Moosa and a Salaam as the whole Quran was going to be about

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Musa alayhis salaam because the Prophet I

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Sam is the most closest to Moosa ally Sam in a sense of the message and his struggle and the difficulties that we find

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surpass it approaches the Quran in his blessing. Mum's Ramadan to see. See those a shout out Allah Allah, Allah Hara Candela el ambiente Lannister I'm in Nailsea and this person doesn't prohibit doesn't stop. Were going to grass him from NASA. He might not jab her from his forehead forelock. From the top of his head where they do gloss when we're going to, we're going to grab him.

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Forget the idea, let him pull his supporters let him call whoever he wants to call to support him to help him because on that day, there's going to be no helpers. There's going to be no help us on that day.

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And likewise, Allah mentions Santa Rosa bernia that we're going to call as a bad year. And as a Bernie has earned him I mentioned is the custodians of jahannam of the hellfire. Candela Taro was stood worked on him. don't obey these people, meaning remain steadfast upon an Easter karma. remain steadfast upon the teaching of Islam was your walk toward him? perform the sajida meaning the prayer that you find the Quran begins by highlighting was there a no be Sabri was Salah

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seek aid and assistance via a Sunnah and patients are not at the beginning of Quran among so first commandment inside the Quran is about seeking aid and assistance via a seller

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the profit from what Rebecca had to

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carry on worshiping Allah Subhana Allah and teriyaki incomes to be man mode.

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That is attitude that we have inside our Muslim community that just for Ramadan, we will come good Muslims just for your mazuma Welcome good Muslims. This is hamdulillah praiseworthy, this is something good and we encourage this but the same time this impact of Ramadan should lead you to change yourself to better yourself in front of Allah subhanaw taala was stood walk

00:32:09 --> 00:32:10


00:32:11 --> 00:32:14

in the in the rugby was set up through sudo

00:32:16 --> 00:32:18

vi sudo aka maka La Silla to set up

00:32:20 --> 00:32:39

the most closest a person is to Allah Subhana Allah wa who are Sajid is once a person is take up frustration. So increase in your supplication increased his month of Ramadan. We find in numerous narrations, Allah Subhana Allah every single night,

00:32:40 --> 00:32:56

every single night freeze certain servers from the Hellfire couldn't do Laila Billa if is this every single night, Allah Subhana Allah delivers the next of some of the servants rescues them.

00:32:58 --> 00:33:02

What may have been for them to enter to Jan and rescues them, delivers them.

00:33:03 --> 00:33:27

For me a bad How could a person achieve that? Our Rahmatullah the mercy of Allah, but Allah placed us Bab Allah dunya. Allah place means on this dunya for that to be open up for you to be given to you amongst those means to increase in sudo increase in Salah at dockerhub illa Allah to ask Allah Subhana Allah

00:33:28 --> 00:33:54

does he find the greatest Ayah inside the Quran? In the whole SIOP speak about fig of Ramadan? There's only one place inside the Quran Allah speaks about Ramadan. I've heard you've mentioned numerous places and the Quran as a Salah numerous places or the Quran, Allah Qin Ramadan is only one place inside the Quran from from West 181 onwards home page or so. Speaking about Ramadan, the fic of ramadan ramadan of cm

00:33:56 --> 00:34:06

and a strange thing that some of us because we don't seem to understand the penetration of Quran inside there, Allah Subhana Allah mentions if not optimal, if Al Quran

00:34:08 --> 00:34:14

Allah mentions, if not the greatest idea inside the Quran, after Khalid Abu Rani yesterday bloco

00:34:15 --> 00:34:18

mentions the greatest iron shadow Quran

00:34:19 --> 00:34:29

what he does very badly and he finally Kareem ijebu. Dr. Derrida done for yesterday Bulli while you're a newbie, let alone your shadowed

00:34:30 --> 00:34:42

why the solitary buddy Ernie is a seven asks about me for a new colleague unclose Allah doesn't say and Tomodachi want a third one tougher sec.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:51

One towel. See, Allah doesn't say your sinful Muslim, you're a bad Muslim. You're this type of Muslim. You're that type of Muslim.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

When you have this type of affiliate affiliation, Allah doesn't say that because we began with a cool akula cos here, among

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

are deficient. Our intellect is deficient. We tried to summarize things in our own life. Our delay was

00:35:07 --> 00:35:17

just like the land of a loss panda is vast and open. For Jana was the alcoholic Jana is far more vast and open than that.

00:35:18 --> 00:35:38

No one has the keys to Jannah. No one has entrust to Jenna. The only keys are given to the doors of gender given to the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam, as for man yet whole, who enters Jana who resides there, who will be there. It will be individuals who call upon Allah Subhana Allah

00:35:39 --> 00:36:04

that's how you find out there's going to be many individuals. May Allah forbid that we come on the day of judgment and we see individuals that we think nothing of them sub Hakuna Illa Jana they have gone into Jenna before us. They're residing, they have luxuries, they have good things we've been delayed. We've been delayed to Jenna and we fought we were those are the first of those two going to Jenna. Why?

00:36:05 --> 00:36:09

Because when Tilda is so dude, killer to do.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:11

Killer two,

00:36:12 --> 00:36:29

three and fusina a lack of a lack of supplication a lack of soju a lack of encouraging ourselves a lack of ourselves remembering Allah Subhana Allah for cruelly as Coco mush cruelly wala tuck food. Allah says remember me don't remember people

00:36:30 --> 00:36:38

in this month of Ramadan, remember, only Allah Subhana Allah praise only Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Akbar

00:36:40 --> 00:36:43

will know your own allele and he's

00:36:45 --> 00:37:01

the one who when you love someone to charisma who What to tell me is SMA who is who you love a woman you love serving you. You mentioned that name you praise that name, you speak well of that name. You use five names you remember it every gathering

00:37:02 --> 00:37:03

while in a master

00:37:05 --> 00:37:25

and to Allah belongs of greatest example, Shakira Madonna lady on Zilla field Quran who The nurse will buy unity mineral Buddha will for con. This is a month of Ramadan, we send the Quran orderliness, guidance for mankind. Quran is denoting Quran is nothing but praising Allah.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:33

Do you know Quran is praising Allah Subhana Allah? What does the Quran lay up but for many regular mentioned the Quran, Allah is Quran

00:37:34 --> 00:37:43

and specifically using his names and his attributes calling upon him. Ask him for guidance and steadfastness rectification of our affairs

00:37:44 --> 00:37:50

as a professor So in conclusion, said to have delight with a bus, he said to this Ghulam, this young boy

00:37:51 --> 00:38:37

is a CELTA first and in no way this the anta first time delay Subhana Allah. If you ask, ask only Allah Subhana Allah, you seek aid and assistance is seeking only from Allah subhanaw taala so this man for Ramadan, don't complain about people don't complain even about the Muslim world and the Muslim Ummah, complain only to Allah ask Allah and you want to change our state, to remove the poverty, the suffering, the hardship, the misguidance, the torture, the animosity, the tyranny, the hardship, ask Allah, for a man who led by a there's not something far away from Allah Subhana Allah, but because we don't ask, or sometimes we don't want to ask. And that's what we should encourage

00:38:37 --> 00:38:48

ourselves in the month of Ramadan is ask, don't think there's limit to ask your last Allah is plentiful, far beyond man that the server will give and continues to give and continues to give.

00:38:50 --> 00:39:28

So we should in this month of Ramadan make these commitments in conclusion, one to the Quran, the Book of Allah Subhana Allah, one two, in Allah Subhana Allah and said to stay away from external affairs which are going to spoil our Ramadan and for free from those affairs which are going to take away our good deeds as I was speaking about another person just advised him your mother in law god What do you have, it is something beneficial it is something you want to do or whatever you have to encourage people I don't want to hear it is best month of Ramadan because maybe that perception may fall into my ears into my mind was soo Aslan been muslimeen and a bad for towards other Muslims are

00:39:28 --> 00:39:30

harmful for towards other Muslims.

00:39:31 --> 00:39:58

that many of us that we live and we sleep upon that and we thrive upon that man for Ramadan shadow Southern is to expand our hearts and our mind in love for the Muslim Ummah love Muslims love with high GPA and obedience. May Allah Subhana Allah give us all the tofik and ability to worship Allah Subhana Allah to the best of our ability inside this dunya to the best that we can do and to strive and encourage ourselves and our family members and the people around us in


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