Musleh Khan – Don’t be Hard on yourself

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The upcoming Easter season is emphasizing the importance of praying outside during the season, not feeling embarrassed by others. Jesus spoke about his partner struggling with lack of hard work and consistent behavior, and the importance of hard work and consistent behavior for personal health and success. The speaker also provides advice on maintaining a strong personal, including a secret ingredient that will help with emotional struggles and stay committed to commitments.
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My beloved brothers and sisters as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Once again, welcome to this Juma which is on the last day of aid. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of us, we had a historic week, this week at IIT across Canada and across the world. This week our eight prayer was a historic prayer, inshallah it will be part of the annals of history. We had a few 1000 people for a prayer. If you were part of that does Akuma la fire, may Allah reward you and accept your prayers in sha Allah. Also, yesterday in Canada, we had the first national action summit on Islamophobia. If you missed it, you can look at the recommendations of this historic moment and inshallah as much as

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possible, if you can try to

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assist in this process of ensuring that our government at all level, implement the recommendations of the group of people and in many organizations that have provided these recommendations to the government and across the world. It was also historic in the sense that this Hajj, was a historic Hajj, may Allah subhanho wa Taala return to normal. I want to announce that we are considering from next week one prayer for Salah to Juma on the field

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and we hope inshallah, that this will be a good opportunity for us to do that in the summer unless the weather does not cooperate. So what you need to do is to take a look at our website from Wednesday night, we will look at the forecast and determine whether we will pray inside or outside and then our registration system will be according to that but next week, the plan is to have the prayer outside and so inshallah you will have to dress according to the weather if it's very hot bring an umbrella and for those who are prone to heat stroke or anything like that, then we would advise you to stay home and to perform the prayer at home.

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And again, I want to encourage you to donate to it on your way out. There are donation boxes or you can [email protected] slash donate, sign up for our newsletter because this is a good way for you to know what is happening at it. If you go to you will see an option there to sign up for our newsletter and it comes every Wednesday does akmola fire May Allah reward you and and your families in sha Allah Salaam Alaikum

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Hello, you will vote for Mr. O'Neil subhanho wa Taala Phaeton Zd you hola Deena hermano la helco to party he wallet mutanda illa intimacy moon from buried.

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My brothers and sisters, let me begin

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by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to shower His mercy and His forgiveness, his blessings protection upon all of us here today, all of our brothers and sisters across the globe and humanity as a whole Allah mean

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also for our brothers and sisters who have completed their hedge.

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I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah bless them all with a headjam abroad was sarilumab school with them build wealth for Allah azza wa jal except their hedge a lot. So vigil allow them to be of those who are filled with gratitude and live a life of gratitude and metal lines. So we'll forgive them Allahumma, amin, and all of us along I mean,

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every so often,

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I will speak to Muslims in general, but I'll get this question. And it recently happened, where this brother was really hard on himself. And he said that, you know, since the pandemic, every time I pray, and even before the pandemic as well, when I pray, when I read or and when I do all these rituals, I don't enjoy it. I don't feel it. 90% of my Sala I'm distracted, I'm thinking about all kinds of things. I can't read or unwell, but I still try.

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And this was the complaint. No matter how much he tried to do the things that our Dean requires us to do. He couldn't find the sense of fulfillment and pleasure in his worship with our Creator.

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And I think that a lot of us go through this.

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But most of us may not talk about it. Some people, they're shy. It's not a subject you want to talk about and say hey, I don't feel solid.

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For others, they might even feel embarrassed.

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For others, they lose a lot of that self esteem. They just can't find the courage or the ability or the words to express those feelings so they bottle it up and carry on.

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Today's reminder is literally about you and I as Muslims, not to be so hard on ourselves.

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Don't be so hard on yourself.

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Now, if we go back, there's a beautiful hadith of our Prophet Ali's was sung as a matter of fact, there's many but there's one that I want to share with you. And the reason why I selected this hadith is because we can all relate to it to some degree.

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You know, our Prophet Ali saw it was said I'm told us I met horrible poor and my suffer to Kira mille Bharara The one who is an expert in recitation of the poor and is with the noble emissaries the honorable angels,

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meaning his or her reward will be of that, that they will dwell amongst the angels in unfetter dosen Allah And may Allah azza wa jal bless all of us from being amongst them. Allah Homa me. So that's the easy part. This is somebody who's gone through the grind, and they've mastered the art of recitation. But then the Hadees continues when the reporter anyway at Terra Terra Fie. As for the one that reads the core end, but they're constantly stuttering famous prophet had a stutter problem did he musar the new seller. So this Hadees now highlights as for the one who's reading, but they're really struggling.

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Then the Hadeeth concludes

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that that individual also has a tough time in general read important Shaco gnarly sharp coding literally is a burden that you try to carry. But it's almost impossible. And you fail most of the times you try to carry it and you drop. You pick it up again. You drop it again and that's SharePoint. What did the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam say about somebody who recites por and this way that overall they just can't get it. They hate their voice they have no tone. They can't figure out the letters they don't know the to read rules and they're just sitting there and it's just frustrating. But they don't give up. Profit earlier so it was said I'm ends off the headies and says

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level a juror on my goodness, all of us should never forget this.

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If, and when somebody is really hard on themselves, they should remember Hadeeth like this, the prophet earlier slides was and then concludes and says, For the person who's struggling, they get double the reward. You know, humans, we judge perfection based on accomplishments. That's how we judge each other. What have you done? What have you accomplish, that will determine what status or donnager you carry in life, or in that particular field, but with a love.

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Lead doesn't look at accomplishments.

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Allah looks at effort.

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Just try.

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Yeah, the Salah doesn't feel right 90% of it, your mind was somewhere else.

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Keep praying.

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That's the instruction here. The underlying message of Hadith like this is our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam is saying, hey, look,

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once you don't judge yourself, and you're not so hard on yourself, you know, it's one thing when you're hard on yourself, because you're trying to motivate and encourage yourself to do better. That's one thing. But if you're just hard on yourself, and you're like, I can never get this right. This is where our religions that stop.

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That's Allah's territory, He will judge you subhanho wa Taala. But for now, just keep trying. Because the fact that you're going through all that frustration, the fact that you're struggling this way, actually in the sight of Allah, the quality of effort that you have, and that you've put forth Subhana Allah loves that from you more than anything else.

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So what more of an incentive Do you and I need than to keep on pushing, keep on trying, we're gonna pause here in sha Allah, let that resonate for a bit. It's a reminder we all need from time to time. And the underlying principle here is that just because you're not that the level of a scholar or a great reciter or a pious worshipper, but you're trying, then realize and understand that it is Hadeeth like this, that indicate to us that hint to us. You actually might be blessed and rewarded more than anyone else who's an expert. May Allah azza wa jal keep a steady and male loves how to retire that keep us committed. Allah. opodo matter Samaritan was Stoffel lowly welcome what he said

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he didn't listen to me and I'm including them for stuff in the hallway la foto Rahim.

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smilla hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He often saw the woman while I'm buried, and finally brothers and sisters. You know, somebody might say, I get it. I understand. I keep trying and I keep praying no matter how I feel, I keep doing it. And in sha Allah, Allah will bless me more.

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Brother Muslim, I still it still doesn't feel good.

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How do I get myself to at least be content with them.

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So these are deeper, sort of psychological struggles that we have that we rarely address or talk about. These are unfortunately things that many Muslims take for granted with one another. We just assume that as long as we throw advice had these and reminders, it's all going to be okay. They should get it and things start to improve. No, everybody is different. This is why the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam took 23 years to deliver his message and not 23 days or 23 hours. He took time and every one of his companions responded differently, but he never stopped. And then Allah azza wa jal gave him one instruction that I leave you with. If you or your kids, someone around you.

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You're trying to get them to at least stay consistent. stay steady, just commit yourself if you're trying to get them there. There's one secret ingredient that will always help in sha Allah hotaru Allah

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you know what that is? further cure

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in nama and Tom with that kill. You know, this was one of the toughest area for the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam to accept you know why?

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Allah said remind them because you're nothing more than just a person who reminds aim with that kill. You know how hard it is when you're a prophet of Allah, to accept that because the Prophet of Allah wants the best for

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His people, even when he sees them drowning, he wants them to succeed. But then Allah emphasized it even more and said, less darling him be most likely. You're not somebody dominant over them. You can't control it.

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Parents less daddy Hindi Messiter. This is an area you probably get reminded of all the time when you're raising your kids in a tough place in a tough society.

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And you're trying to instill these Islamic values in your family and your children and it's tough. Allah says wait a minute, Mom, dad less 30 minutes later, you can control this.

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However, what we can do is keep on reminding each other. That is the one thing that never stops with cotulla Vikram kathira do it and do it a lot.

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And so my brothers and sisters, parents, adults, children, everyone.

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This is how you keep the cycle going. This is how you stay consistent. We continue to stay committed, don't give up and keep reminding each other. This is the best advice that the poor end certainly gives us. And this is the advice that Allah subhana wa tada gives all of us, don't give up on him. He will not give up on you. Now Allah azza wa jal people's close to him May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep a steadfast a loving man I mean, in Allah woman Allah eco tahu also lunarlon Eb u Latina M and also Laura Lee was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed came also later either Ibrahim awada early Ibrahim in the hamidou Majeed Allah mafia really mostly Mina will

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mostly meant well meaning I mean, and I hear him in one word in the category was semi romaji bo dharwad Allahumma inthanon as a local Jenna Mercado, la Hermine Pauline Armin when they're also becoming another woman, Robert la Herman COVID armelle Rob Benner. Tina Fey dunia has an awful ferati. filati has center joaquina reserve and now sapan Auto Body Caterpillar insert here now you'll see foreknown was set down when I learned more saline while hamdulillah Europe below the mean welcomes

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