Do Covid-19 vaccinations break the fast

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The speaker explains that the vaccine they are discussing is not supposed to disrupt the fasting habit, but rather improve it. The vaccine is designed to be effective and safe, and is safe for humans. There is no concern that the vaccine will cause health issues, but the speaker reassures the audience that the vaccine is safe and is designed for everyone.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Do COVID-19. Vaccinations break our fast? There's a very important question this Ramadan because perhaps some people took the first shot before Ramadan. Now they're gonna take the second one in Ramadan. Or maybe some people will take the first and second Ramadan. So does it break the fast or not? And before I answer the question, I want to make it clear and those of you know me know very clearly that I'm not in favor of this vaccination, and I don't recommend that anyone takes it. But if you're from those who have taken the decision to take the vaccination, the question remains, does it break your fast or not? To understand the ruling, you

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first have to understand that there's two main types of injections. The first injection is the one that is non nutritious therapeutical the ones that are used for medications and from that will fall into it vaccinations. The second type are the nutritious injections, the one that are given to provide nutrients to the body. These type of injections, nutritious injections, they nullify and they break the fast they're not permissible to take it Ramadan unless it's necessity. If it was a necessity and someone took it, then he would have to make up the fast from another date. But as for the first category, the therapeutical the non nutritious injections, we said These do not break the

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fast. And why is that? This is because they are not like eating and drinking, meaning they don't enter from the same digestive tract. And they're not for the same purpose which is for hydration and for nutrition. And this fetch was that these injections don't break the fast. This is the Fed to one of the Megaman fifth and Islami the Islamic fifth Academy. Therefore, if you're from those who are going to take the COVID vaccination, the COVID vaccination does not break your fast inshallah.