Zakir Naik – Dawah to American Immigration and Custom Officers with Hikmah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses his past travel experiences, including a motorcycle wreck and a recent incident with police. He also talks about his experiences with being arrested for being a Muslim, including a woman who had a beard cap and a man who had a beard cap. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being careful when speaking to the police and mentions a study on beard hair.
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People tell me

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you travel throughout the world don't you have problems Alhamdulillah Allah said, I know many of my colleagues keep on traveling. They have had several problems and my appearance, the beard, the cap and a coat. So I look like a joker. It's a soft target.

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But with God's grace with Alas, Grace Alhamdulillah I never had problems. I spent time many times with these Immigrations and police officers. I was there in New York two days before 911. I just left me off. I was there for two weeks Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah good. I left. If I'd been there during 911, maybe I'll be implicated. Possibly. I've been to London immediately. And last time I was in USA double invited several times because of my tight schedule. I was in 2003 had gone to Los Angeles to receive an award.

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Immediately I was prepared the dual immigration has been targeted the way I look. I'm mentally prepared, they asked me why have you come here I said to the center what what format? Do you belong to charitable organization?

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What are what are you getting asked to serve humanity? Jesus Christ peace be upon him said speak the truth and suture for you. I speak the truth. That's why I've got the award. And it went on the long conversation. later on. I went to the customs and I purposely say I've come for Islamic conference, Islamic conference, go for checking

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the open my bag and the theme of videocassette terrorism and jihad.

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And on the cover there the pistol.

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So the customer says that Do you believe in God? I said yes, I believe in. Even Jesus Can't believe in striving and struggling. No, no, no. I mean, do you believe in fighting? I said you read your Bible. If you read the Bible, the Bible speaks about fighting. If read the book of Numbers, step number 31 was the one to 19 the Book of Exodus chapter number 22 was the 18 to 20 the Book of Exodus chapter number 32, verse 2728, and Jesus Caspi himself said in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 22, verse number 36, the taking the sword and go and fight.

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So immediately, most of the customer officers eight or 10, gathered together and they started asking, sir, can we ask you one more question?

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So I just told my host on the mobile that please don't worry, I'm stuck up yonder doing dava

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I keep on traveling, Mashallah. I've been to Australia to UK several times, by God's grace, time added spent not more than a couple of hours. I know many of my colleagues were detained. Many of my colleagues mute my speakers. I'm not talking about my Bombay speakers. I'm talking about the international speakers who keep on traveling. They have been detained. They have been deported. Allah's grace that so far, I have not been detained. I haven't reported maximum half an Amana Dawa, and I see to it, that whenever I get opportunity, i cap it. But I see to it, that according to scriptures, I follow the guidance of the Quran in surah. Number one, chapter three was number 64.

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With faith, tala Vila calm Ethan Sava, in Vienna, Vienna Come come to come in terms as been as in you. So when we come to common terms, most of the problems are solved

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this talk what we're having today was supposed to be held more than a month back. I was supposed to be in London. That's why this talk is delayed. And when I landed on the 10th of August on Heathrow Airport, and receive a call from my wife talking to you, I said Why are you in airport outside? What happened? He said no, we just received information that there are some 20 million Muslims arrested who are supposed to be homeless, etc, etc. but uh hamdulillah I had my own camera crew with me, Rotella offers all of them. Cap beard, God's grace, we passed through very well. At my talk in Birmingham, it was successful. Next day, sometimes we go and do a shooting. So next day, we went to

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one of the Jewish graveyards, and we were shooting, shooting, not shooting we were recording.

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It will be in our lingo with a shooting recording on the video camera, just to get stocks out of the city. And we spent a couple of hours in the Jewish graveyard. later on. We went to one of the church did the recording, shooting, then wait for breakfast, and we came back to the hotel in the afternoon. Then we get information. The police of Birmingham, they're trying to track us down. Maybe some passive I went and complained they were looking for seven or eight terrorists with cap and beard Who are these people? They had the number plate and they knew it was a drinker. So what they did, they phoned the insurance company and they tried to find out where we were. And finally they

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located us in the hotel. But luckily, while doing inquiry, they even happened to speak with the person who had breakfast with and he happened to be a very famous politician, Muslim politician.

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When the chief of that area of the police station spoke to him that you were looking for these terrorist financing they're talking Do you know two months

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I'd given you a DVD of a person by the name Dr. Sakina. He said yes, he is the same person who was a person. Problem solved. The passer bys who had reported

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no beard is dangerous, beard cap dangerous, you have to be careful.

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But again God's help. Allah says, and I'm safely backyard I wouldn't have been able to give the talk.

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The Muslims should not be afraid we should speak the truth but we have to be careful. Allah says in the Quran in surah al chapter number 16 verse 125, Allah Subhanallah pick up LACMA, Walmart's it has now Virginia durability, awesome. invite all to the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best nutritious when we speak. They have to speak with ECMA

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