Yaser Birjas – Q&A Session Ta’Seel Class 14

Yaser Birjas
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I mean salatu salam ala Cannavaro Muhammad Anwar al Seibel salam to Steven Katha manga. So we go over this question as a shout out here

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a question about death Leah Coppola Talia, which means to vacate before you start sweating your heart, like make sure that you empty your heart from whatever residues that are in there before you start adding those the sweetness of faith and Eman in it.

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So that you talked about this couple of weeks ago. Can you give some examples of our times now things to avoid and with that concept relate to purifying topic, topic today, or it's used as a holistic method to treat the heart. Actually, it is used as a holistic, holistic method to treat the heart altogether. So there is no one one time for it like an Italia in the past was different than today or definitely in the past whatever done today, it's the same when you want to purify your heart you need first of all to empty from to make it empty from anything that distracted so whether it's envy, whether jealousy, the love for this dunya grudges you hold against somebody

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Kibber arrogance, all these things will definitely gonna fill your heart with negativity that will make it unfortunately counterproductive. You want your heart to be strong and productive, you're gonna have to learn first of all to vacate your all these things out of your heart. And then you start with the sweetness of what love for the sake of Allah, tolerance, patience, forgiveness and so on. All these things that comes into the heart will come afterwards. But if you tried to learn to become let's say try to forgive people will still have arrogance Good luck with that.

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How are you have you're gonna forgive people if you always look down upon them frozen at them? It's not gonna happen. So you're gonna have to learn to clear the heart and then you start filling it with good things Mashallah. Tabata, Kota?

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Question from the sisters, from, from what I understand. The hadith means that in an Islamic state, those who reject Salah and Zika as a pillar of Islam are fought against but someone who's being lazy, we advise them, is that correct? That is correct, according to the majority, well, when they say for a fight against them, obviously, that's like we said collectively, if a community decides not to pray altogether, so the state will fight against them, but individuals, they will be reported, and they will be brought to the court and the court tried to advise them to hold them, you know, accountable and so on. So they're 100 innocent, that's good. If not, they will be punished.

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Those who don't pray out of laziness during prayer of Legends, they still if they report that they will vote against the court and deal with them, the idea is that they need to pray regardless. Now in regards to the Hukam are they concerned Muslims or non Muslims, the majority of the Allama the majority of the Allama they say if someone if someone abandons Allah out of laziness, they're still considered Muslims, but they're disobedient to Allah subhanaw taala it's only in the humbly school Monday Mambo Khalifa, Ahmed, the humble school that says a person who does not pray is considered out of the fold of Islam, whether out of laziness, or actually or deliberately.

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So, for the Arabs to be killed, if they don't talk about the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam eonni if they don't accept Islam, or learn from the sheikh from a shave, this was because every nation that didn't believe in the measure that was sent to them was killed, like kung fu the more than art and so on. Because Allah says cats have a low level even wirelessly so those who didn't believe in the prophets are seven from the Arab were ordered to be killed because the Prophet system was sent to the Aras especially because he was from them and the whole mankind I mean, I wouldn't say that this is exactly that the true meaning of it because they were out of wars or they were

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Christians and Jewish as well too. And the Prophet was not you know, ordered of course to to fight them like those people. If they pick up the pages, yeah, harass you leave them alone, even though they're Arab, because they're al Kitab. So I wouldn't say that this is the main reason actually for that Allahu Allah

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and regardless, Allah I see people saying that one difference between a believer and unbeliever is prayer but not offering salah or neglecting it. Would you say that this takes someone out of the fold of Islam once again how can that be so awesome is very clear. This is what you mentioned. It's actually a hadith the Prophet Sessom says that I had already been unavailable salah the criteria differentiate between a believer and unbeliever a Salah fermenter caffeic kuffaar If someone abandoned Salah altogether, then this person left Islam so therefore Yeah, it is actually very dangerous for people to abandon Salah altogether like some people don't even pray Juma

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people sometimes they don't have a prayer either at all like maybe

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Once a year, and if so they abandoned Salah all together collectively, yes, it takes that person out of the fold of Islam

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so the recommendation for trimming the nails and and the hair is 40 days. However, in the case that one doesn't have hair growth within 40 days, what would the recommendation be?

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Go to Turkey and plant your area.

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Look, the idea is to stay always clean and clear. So if someone's hair doesn't grow, you know until maybe more than 40 days, which is very hard. In average, I would say the idea is to stay always clean and clear. So your underarms always shaved? I repeat, always shaved. Don't come and tell me what in our culture. We don't do that. No, the Sunnah is to do it. The same thing, the pubic area, always shaved and always clean. Don't say that. You know what, in our culture, there is no such thing. The promise of some culture is to be clean. And don't wait 40 days to do that.

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If you take shower every week, I hope you take more than that. But if you take showers every week, at least every Juma you do that.

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And because it's summer once again, you might be doing it every day, maybe twice a day or three times a day. So every time you have a chance to clean yourself at hamdulillah make sure to do so BarakAllahu Li

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is there any recommendation against performing hustle around midnight? Not the Not that I know Allahu Allah. I mean, the Sunnah of the Prophet sola sola machi if someone

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let's say they were intimate, that they take shower and they go to sleep, if not make wudu and go to sleep. If not wait until we wake up for Fajr Danny, so anytime it happens, it should be okay.

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So you mentioned four of them in terms of Sinatra, the son of the the natural in it. We mentioned trimming the mustache and growing the beard, the hair removal, the removal of the pubic underarms and the pubic area. trimming of the nails. What is the fifth one anyone knows

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Alfreton circumcision circumcision is some of the sudden further as well the promise as I mentioned

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is although still valid if there is oil or lotion on your on your hair and skin the answer is yes. Talk about oil or lotion. But if you're talking about coat, like if you use any lotion, or any kind of material that leaves a coat on your skin, like it was on like wax, or for example, or you call them nail polish, for instance, then you can't make wudu over that.

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Or if you have an artificial nail that you put on your nails, for example, that will prevent you from being perfectly I know, they're going to talk about breathable, you know, nail polish and all that stuff. I don't believe in that thing. Because the Sunnah is not to let the water seep to your fingernails. The Sunnah of the widow is to the water to run over your fingernail

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run over your body not over your fingers not seeping under so that the breathable one is only allowed the moisture to go in there. That's not what they will do is for the water to run over it. That's what it is now.

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What about Hannah? Hannah prevent the widow Gemma. Now let's color so should be fine.

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Is there anything wrong with growing one's hair?

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But don't tell me the sooner

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the sooner is not to grow your head talk about men obviously. Here's the question. It's not so not to grow your hair. It's it's your own. Your own habit should be fine. Because the Prophet says he actually shaved he rose hair. He braid his hair many different ways. So what allows Rama?

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Was the kafirs wealth and blood hello to spell before them saying the Shahada? And that in that context? The answer is no as individuals? No it was not. But collectively as a community when there was war, obviously, anyone who was in the battlefield, there will be there'll be exposed to that. But anyone who was in their homes, and their you know, men, women and children, they're all protected, and elderly as well too.

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So someone's asking about the car. So we don't want to go into the questions over here. But what's the percentage of the car from the income? Well, if you have reached the nisab, which is the bare minimum threshold, that's the value of 85 grams of pure gold. Now what is around actually 5000 Probably maybe 700 or something Allahu Allah. So if someone has that kind of a man amount of wealth in their position for over a year, then they pay 2.5% on all the money

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they have in their hand, minus, obviously, you have all that money minus your debts, the immediate debt that you owe. And that month, the rest of it, if it's still above the nisab, you pay 2.5%. For example, if someone has $10,000 in their hand, and then accounting a year, as Ramadan, it was 10,000 100, you start counting years ago, right now you're basically the category. So you start counting that your money is gone, 1520 3040 50 went down to 20. And they went up again to 70 and went down again to 30. And then it keeps fluctuating, but never went below the $5,700. At the end of the year, you say, for example, I have 50,000 left in my hand right now. Okay, I owe this much money

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for my

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monthly mortgage payments, my furniture, payments, my car payment, my student loan payments, all these payments, that takes about 20,000 out. So I'm gonna have to 30,000 you pay 2.5% from the trip from the $30,000.

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Okay, so someone's confused about fighting against those who don't pay soccer or pray, once again, we're not talking about individuals we're talking about in a community if there was an Islamic rule. And in that Islamic rule, one village, one community refused to pay, there's a cap altogether, they say we're not going to play soccer at all, or one committee refused to pray at all. So we're not going to pray. That's it? Well, most of the way, we're not going to pray as a community, the Islamic State, or the government in that place, they have the right to fight against these people. But not as individuals, you don't go yourself and fight your neighbors because they don't pray with you on a

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piece of capital capitalism, but you're not going to do that. Or just because you're a bunch of young men, mashallah who find themselves to be strong, they establish their own state somewhere in the desert, and they want to fight everybody else right now. Now, you can't do this. We're talking about legit actually an Islamic government?

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What is the proper way to cut your fingernails? With your mouth? Probably?

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I mean, come on.

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Just use the Clippers shall be fine. It should be okay. If you're talking about specific traditional habits, some people they say, Can I do it in the bathroom? Should I do it actually, you know, somewhere where I can collect everything that comes out and embed it in the ground. All these things are cultural. All these things are cultural. Obviously, we expect you to do that either within a place we're not going to fall to someone's Sudan, right? So do it in a place where it's appropriate. Make sure to protect you and the cleanness of the house and the place as well. Too shallow data should be fine. Do you have to bury it in the ground? No, you don't have to get thrown in the trash.

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What is the proper way to do this work? Well,

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Jonathan Mira hemella has an interesting opinion. He says the miswak in general, you have a miswak in your hand,

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says that if you think the miswak to be an act of revenge on its own right, then use your right hand.

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But if you think that that miswak they use it miswak is for cleanness, then use what your left hand

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because the son of the Prophet SAW Selim format for good things and activity, but that is the right hand for active cleaners, he would use his left hand. So it depends on how you look how to view that. So if you do if you use it as an EVA, again, you use your right hand. If you use it just to clean then use your left hand. And if you use it, you should just start from the right side of your mouth or the left side of your mouth.

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Same thing says from the left side, or the right side. Depends on how you look at it. What about the tongue? The also clean your tongue? The answer is yes. You clean your tongue nowadays, by the way, if you look if you buy these toothbrushes today, what you find on the on the other side? Yeah, it's actually it's it's rough surface. Why is that for this for you to use, so you can scrub your tongue with because nowadays, you know they say that look, if you want to clean your mouth and they have that dental hygiene and and smell nice. It's the mouth the tongue that's the problem, not the teeth. So you scrub your tongue when you wake up before you go to sleep and you clean the profits awesome

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used to do that.

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In Hadith, the Buddha or the Allah Anwar da he said one time I came up to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the Prophet was kind of like he was relaxed and he was kind of like leading salatu salam relaxed and stretching his feet. And he had the miswak in his hand. He says kind of Salah Salem. He was cleaning his mouth and he said he was rubbing his tongue yet the how were our feet what does that mean? He was like exaggerating Salah Salem and scrubbing his tongue all the way until it goes to the back like you're almost gagging what is done you know you you only gag if you do it push all the way back. Like he was really really rubbing and scrubbing his tongue Salado salon to

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make sure it's clean. So yeah, if used

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swagger you can also don't forget to scrub your tongue as well to

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someone recently told me that trimming the nails on Friday is not sunnah

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is it? Or it is not. I don't know about that. Or what I know is that on Friday need to be clean.

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We don't wanna do it on Friday though the night before them. So make sure that you do it but I don't think there's anything or anything against doing it on Friday should be fun, Shanna.

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Are women allowed to pray at the masjid without a Muharram for any time of the day? Or is it recommended that women only stay at home to pray? Well, women they can come to the masjid anytime they want. That's the son of the Prophet Salah Savage, a lotta nymann Allah masajid Allah do not prevent the female servants of Allah from coming to the houses of Allah azza wa jal. However, in terms of preference, the Prophet saw some say that the best place for the woman to press your house. Now some they say this that look, this is actually a sexist statement. It's, you know, chauvinistic statement. Look, it's actually it's baraka for the women. It's very pragmatic answer really, because

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most women hamdulillah once they get mad, they can't come to the masjid easily.

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They if they're going to be holding all the whole family mashallah to three kids and for kids who come to the masjid they can't do that every single Salah so the prophesy service want them to not to feel guilty said look, you will pray at home, you have your water handler better for you. But if she wants to come to the masjid and have a salon she can doesn't have to have a Maha Mudra

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waxing is fine as well to versus trimming or shaving

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if one if someone is saying that you had a purely for the sake of saying it, and are not acting upon it whatsoever,

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and when you try to guide them, they're consistently rejecting it out of laziness. does this keep them in the fold of Islam? You said out of laziness, so it's out of laziness. They're still Muslims like if they admit that they should pray but they don't want to pray because the lazy May Allah forgive them. But they need to learn how to do it right

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so we're getting into very detailed fifth questions right now

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what is the size of miswak stick?

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What size I mean?

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Enough to put in your pocket.

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And that's all so that should be easy, shallow data and insight. There's no religious preference in that regard, except that the Prophet SAW Selim he likes it always and it's fresh, obviously. And it's soft. So if you can find that 100 afresh and sub that would be great too shallow. Donna, Zack Mahara Saramonic rahmatullah wa

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