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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So for a lot of you out there, it's back to school back to your routine and is back to a very, very busy lifestyle. So there's a couple of things in sha Allah that I think it's important for all of us to know when we get back into this routine because the reality is it's very easy for people to forget about a lie so adults have become so busy and so preoccupied. The just don't have time for your worship and time for Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I want to try to help you change all of that in sha Allah. Every single day, every single one of us as Muslims, we have to have a lot of time. Now, a

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lot of time, I am sure a lot of you probably thinking well every day you have a portion that's devoted to Allah azza wa jal or everyday belongs to Allah. That's not what I mean. What I'm really saying is that there has to be a moment every single day that is exclusive for you and allies. So a gel, so you stop all other responsibilities, the babysitting and the homework and the studies, all of those things. You pause it for just a moment. Now, you don't need a long time to do this. Because just think about it. Allah azza wa jal tells us fed Cooney, as quote unquote, remember me and I will remember you. This I really sets the tone of how easy it is for all of us as Muslims to achieve this

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at least some kind of remembrance to Allah azza wa jal. Now remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, you remember me and I will remember you. This remembrance that you have with Allah azza wa jal is exclusive to him, you literally put aside everything in your life for a moment, and you have victory of a lie soldier. That's really and truly the definition of victory. Now, for those of you who are going to school, and going back to university, and so on, one thing that really helps is to have either one of two things, or you can have both of them number one is to actually have something Islamic sitting in your bag or in your car or in your locker, something Islamic like an actual

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Islamic book, or an iPod that has all of your favorite Islamic apps or so on. Something that will break whatever it is that you're consumed in, in the school lifestyle. When you look at it, it automatically helps you remember Allah. Now this is like kind of like a psychological thing that you're playing with your brain. Because sometimes if you see like a fancy Islamic title on a book, and it grabs your attention, that is enough that insha Allah, it starts leading you leads your curiosity that you look at it, and you say to yourself, what's this all about, you open the book, and before you know it, you will read probably one Hadith or one, if you've never read in your life,

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your life starts changing right away. So you can do that with either an Islamic book, or what I love to do the most is I carry on most half wherever I go. Now, here's one thing that's really important. If you take a must have with you, that's one thing that must have is there you have it in a safe place. And you know, if you have the discipline that you want to have will do it every single time you touch the most half. That's the particular discipline and the particular focus. The real problem is is for those of us out there that have must have said or the poor an app on your Android or on your cell phone or whatever. This is a big problem for me. I mean, personally, I don't encourage it.

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And the reason why I say that is I don't encourage any one of us including myself to depend on that app as a replacement for the actual must have. Because the whole spirit of being there and sitting with a poor and and turning the pages and looking at the verses real right in front of your eyes. All of that spirit is lost. Now it just becomes like another app and just think about it you look at your phone and you have the core an app beside it is probably like a game. The other one is your WhatsApp. The other one is your Facebook. And all around this you have this must have app that is supposed to help you focus in your devotion and worship to Allah azza wa jal, it's really difficult

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to do that. So you need that exclusivity with the must have itself so that you can focus that you can remember a lot and that your mind is clear, your mind is stuck on just one thing. And one thing alone. These two things brothers and sisters really helped me a lot every single day. I am probably as busy as many of you out there every single day is a new day for me every single day I have responsibilities as well. So many of you are going back to a lot of those responsibilities that you had a break from in the summertime. So insha Allah to keep alive silica gel strong and firm each and every single day of your life. Try to have these two things with you. And remember, think about

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Allah. remember Allah, even if it's just one verse or one a you see something how long

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You say are with a biller, you see something great you say Alhamdulillah all for the sake of Allah. Then remember you have a lot of time with you every single day of your life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us all strength and all of you out there when you get back to your studies into your work was set at Monaco Monaco to LA he will better care to