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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Are we let him initiate on of regime Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Khan who Allahu Ahad Allah who slimed them nearly the one m u one me akula who Khufu when I had

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rubbish everywhere silly recently Emily Emily Sani f poco de Waal hamdulillah salat wa salam are those who left my bad. We are moving on to the phrase or the I the second idea of social class Allahu Samad.

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We're going to first look at a basic definition of a summit a summit. A cafe.

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summit is the one who is enough a lady of Jonah la He is

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the one who they return to whenever they have a need of Him who will lead to him he is the one who is enough for them. What you should do Hijazi him was Elijah whom Allah de esprit de la and he is the one who fulfills all of their needs and their question answers all of their questions. The ones that they attribute to him or turn to him with under her job at the time of need. Have a man a summit This is the meaning of summit for loja summer la he ate our Java EE and linguistically speaking when you use the word summer as a verb, it means to turn attention towards someone, what do I mean hold her or to demand from them the fulfillment of a need and you must move to LA he was

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saying it no matter what la he must mood is the word must mood is actually what Samad implies, is the one to whom people turn in time of need. Another meaning this so that's one meaning I'd like you to remember some of that when you turn to in time of need. The second meaning some other la casa de who

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the second verbal meaning is when you make someone your goal that you aspire to reach them or you aspire to please them or you aspire to attain them, etc, etc. When you attribute someone as your goal, they become a summit. So Allah is saying that he is the one returned to a need. And he's also calling himself the ultimate goal. He is the goal of what we do. And of course this is one of the reasons this is called slow to less loss. Because sincerity if loss is when we do things and the goal of it is always allows origin so that's included in the meaning of a summit was summit Avon alleghany a lady Lisa Falco who I had one of the meanings of summit also is the one who is not in

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need of anyone else and no one can overpower them or be above them in status or in any attribute and let the law a Buffy the one who has no

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no blemishes or no faults in him. mineralogy led laser FOCA who had it's used also in literary and Arabic literature is used for a person also the one who cannot be overcome, meaning can't be overcome in battle. You can't outdo them in business on their leadership or in their eloquence, then they're also called a fixture of summit. Okay, so this is from a linguistic point of view. Additionally, mufa soon comment a summit implies a Lima Jana Allah has one thing that he's He's incredible and great in terms of His glory

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highlighted it's the is the everlasting and Maqsood, the carbohydrate we talked about that the one who is turned to to fulfill needs this this is important now shame on summit, the word summit is used as an adjective also something that is summit Muslim jiofi to find out who it is referred to as something that is solid with no holes or emptiness inside, something that is through and through pure one thing like a pure brick of gold could be Samad or a pure a boulder with no possibility of any air or water getting in could also be called an attribute of it could be solid, meaning something absolute and concrete without any flaw. Right. That's that's one of the meanings. And this

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meaning is important to appreciate because we give a lot of Belgian names. And a name is like the shell. It's the outside. But then Allah azza wa jal actually manifests and fulfills every one of the names we give him. And he is he fulfills them in the absolute sense. Is it possible that you give someone named like noble

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That's what you call them on the outside on the inside, they're really not that noble as possible, right? You call someone powerful, but on the inside, there's still weakness as possible. But when we call Allah any name now because he is a Samad, he fulfills that name in the absolute sense, which is why I gave you the three distinctions earlier on. This is part of now a summit. grammatically speaking a lot of summit plays a very interesting role in the sutra. One grammatical explanation of aloha summit is that it is a burden it is a replacement of the original subject of the sentence, Allah, meaning kulu Allahu Ahad who Allah has somato ahead. It's replacing the muqtada the original

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Motorola and this is by the way also okay, and

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In other words, a law the absolute is the only one for which there can be no second. So it's further explaining that first sentence. This is the seed of the first idea by the second idea, you know,

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this is one way it's understood the other the way, the way it's understood is that it's going further from where it began. And it's repeating the word Allah again, because Ally's giving himself descriptions that the Arabs who talked about Allah did not give him. They would also say Allah created they would also say Allah is merciful. What they wouldn't say is I had or Samad. So he's mentioning Allah, Allah, a sonnet. And as someone has Elif lamb in it, which is for absolute estate, rock, you know, it's absolutely in no way shape or form. Is there anything left in his, you know, in the word sermon and the basic basic meaning of summit that gets repeated over and over again, in

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addition to what we just discussed, the one who everyone needs and needs no one himself. That is a summit.

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One of the interesting commentaries by Bukhari Rahim Allah and his seed Namo, Dora Phaeton as well, it was super commenting on the previous solar, which was the previous solar, solar, solar, they have talked about a person who thinks he needs no one.

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He can, everybody needs him, because he was the treasurer who were talking about Buddha hub, and allies even after he's done with now you should know the only one that is actually a summit is a larger budget. So there's this contrast. Well, now that the you know, that his filthy, self absorbed concept because he was self absorbed, his Illa was himself, he worshipped himself, he didn't even worship any other religion. And you have to remember what he said, when the messenger invited him to the religion. You know, there's one time he cursed the messenger himself, we reminded ourselves that bad luck and he has a jamatkhana you because you're and you'll be destroyed? Did you gather us for

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this? But this other time, he cursed the religion? And when he cursed the religion, what was his? What was his criticism? The bully? Has it been

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an akuna Saga? You know, we have Allah I will become equal to these people. You want me to accept that religion where I will have an equal because he thinks he has no equal. Now ally is teaching us the only one who has no equal? Is he? There, he's the only one absolute and he's the only one that is. Now we get to the logical conclusion. lamented when I'm you lead. There are several things to note here. We'll go through them one by one. The first thing to note here, what is the connection between the previous ayah and Allah saying he did not give birth to an obedient father anyone? nor is he fathered himself? nor is he the Old English term, he didn't beget, nor was he begotten and I'm

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using was carefully because Allah doesn't say La le do what you do. La would have been present tense, he does not be get he will he and he is not be God. Allah used Lem lamb, and lamb forces the meaning of a verb to the past tense, it forces on translating, he did not be get he did not father, nor was he fathered. So the first thing we have to figure out is the benefit of the past tense in this ayah. Why use the past? And why not say he does not father? And he is not father? Why not? Well, the latter makes logical sense the fact that he wasn't born of anyone makes sense, because birth happens in the past. So that makes sense. But why not protect shear from the future to by

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saying that Ireland, he does not give birth? Well, the one of the problems with that would have been if you say he does not give birth, that doesn't necessarily negate that he did not give he did not father. So that rooms leaves room for shaking the past. leaves room for sugar in the past. That's that's one thing. The second thing is we've already said I had an assignment, which means already there is no there's not going to be anyone comparable. Having a child, what does it do? A human being begets a human being a cat gives birth to a cat, or you know, a dog to a dog. An animal gives birth to an equal to someone of the same species we've already established he can't have a second,

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that's not possible for him. And this attribution of a law having my other law son, like the Christian community, or some segments of the Jewish community, or a law having daughters, like some segments of the machinery cool who said that he took angels, his daughters. These attributes were not made of the present or the future where were these allegations made from? of the past? these are these are they said on the angels, all of these concepts are relegated to the past. One of the benefits of this past tense is Allah is addressing the false hoods of the religions that already occurred and in it like a bucket of back and Danny actually commenting on them. Yellen said in it

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there's a miracle of the Quran. In regards to its predictions. There will be no other religion that claims that God has children that will ever take hold on the earth like which religions already took hold. Christianity is at the heart of it right. Think of other religions that give up

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You know, have a concept of God where he gives birth to another, all of them are relegated to what? pre Islam. Pretty much all of them pre Islam. So now here Allah addresses that with the problem that already occurs, the problem that already exists in the people, which is that he already had a child. So now in the Quran, for example, what are the law mentioned in the past and they say that Allah has gotten a son then allows his dilute

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Allah, they took sons for Allah, Allah tada Allahu Allah and similarly, Allah azza wa jal mentions he says, hula, hula, hula hoops Ahava, how can you have a son when he doesn't even have an associate meaning a spouse, and the word spouse one word for that is Sahaba. Another is Khufu, and that's coming in this order. Well, I'm yaku, Khufu, and that's coming in this surah. But then what I wanted to bring to your attention is something that is not often overlooked. When we study lemmya lid, Willa mula, it's very clear to a Muslim, Allah azza wa jal does not share attributes with his creation. Giving birth, giving birth, having a child or being born himself means you have a

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beginning and an end. When you're born, you will also die and when you were born, which means you didn't exist at some point. And that takes away from godhood itself from divinity itself. So we never attribute those things to Allah. That's very simple. But that's when we talk about Allah as urgent. But doing this kind of hick also has a psychological disease, we call you can call it a disease of the heart if you want to use spiritual terms associated with it. And I want to bring that to light, what is the disease of the heart, not the disease of the mind, but of the heart that is associated with saying that Allah has a son, what comes with that? Look, I'll give you a worldly

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example. Imagine that you got a job. And the boss is really strict. But the manager under the boss is your cousin. And he likes you. Okay, so the boss is strict. But the managers cool guy, and he's your cousin, you hang out with him, and he's good with you. Okay. So when you slack off at work, what are you hoping for? Even if you get in trouble, who's going to come in the way?

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Your cousin is going to come in and say, Look, look, this guy's with me. He's okay. He's okay. Even if the boss is strict, the manager will deal with it. I don't have to deal with it. But I'm really not talking about a manager or your cousin. I'm talking about why people do shake one of the core psychological reasons people do check. They figure Allah will will exact justice. He created me He gave me he I'm gonna have to answer for the things he gave me. I don't know if I want to do that. But if he has a son, or he has someone he loves, and I make sure I make them happy.

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I don't have to make him happy. I just have to make them happy, then what's gonna happen on the day of judgment? If he comes after me who's gonna come in between? No, no, no, no.

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I got this guy there with me. It's okay. Let him slide. Right. That is the that is the psychology of Schick. Now, the previous is said the one who everyone should turn to is a summit. What does it mean? The one who everyone turns to the one who everyone part of the meaning everyone turns to an ally of saying if you can, if you only should be turning to me, there is no need for you to give me a son and a daughter. There's no need for you to put anyone in between. Why did the machine can put idols in between Why? Because they will make a good case before Allah. That's what they will do set someone up in between you and Allah. And by the way, even the Muslims who commit shirk, who go and

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worship graves and you know, make dua to people that have passed away. Why do they do that? Because they have foreign businesses.

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They know they're doing really bad stuff, so they can't fess up to a loss. So what do they do? Let's set up someone in between, I'm going to donate like 50% of my liquor store earnings to this, you know, to this grave over here, or this whatever temple and then this guy hopefully will make a good case with me, for me. You know, that's the psychology of *. So because Allah used the word a summit for him, there's no days left now you can turn to anyone other than a lot because he is a summit. He's the absolute one to be turned to.

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And so, this is a logical, you know, continuity. This removes from the people the need to attribute such things to allows origin. So, now we come to the final IOM yaku went ahead. Now if he doesn't give birth, and he's not bigger than himself, the word Khufu in Arabic is used for spouse But more than that, interestingly in Arabic letters Khufu is also used for your enemy that's equal to you in battle, like two guys that are equally good in a fight. younger guys, here, no cannon, right? You right. So

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equally good, and Khufu, and it's also used in marriage. I don't know why they made the parallel but

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it tells you a lot about Arab marriages back in the day, I guess. But what it is, is when someone is comparable to you totally

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toll with you in modern expression toe to toe with you, someone who is on par with you comparable to you has the same skills has the same status as the same ranking as yourself. Such a person is called Khufu. And so you marry someone who is compatible with you the same as you the same intellect level of intellect the same, you know, circle, social circle, etc, etc. so that that's such a marriage became you and your Khufu. Right now this word is used for Allah azza wa jal, he says what am yakou one, and he never had any counterpart, anyone that can be compared to him, anyone that could be toe to toe with a lot as origin. This all of this what we're learning here is the seed of one word. One

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Hola, hola. Whoa, I had when we learned that word I had everything else that we're learning in this surah is a consequence of that word, Allah how someone is a consequence, then we eligible and that is a consequence with me, according to hakuin is also a consequence. But in this there's something else. What the will oola you see in Arabic grammar? This is why grammar is so it's a geeky subject to study, but the benefits of it holla what am IA good now who Khufu one is actually not grammatically the expected sequence. While I'm yakun I heard on Khufu one.

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That is the grammatically accept expected sequence of the sentence. But a lot of rearranged pieces of the sentence I had is at the end,

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right? And then the who is in the beginning, and kofu is in the middle.

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The original sequence was going to be allow us to be mentioned at the end.

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The one who was going to be counterpart in him was going to be mentioned in the beginning

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I had

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in this sentence, what's the most important entity level refers to Allah? Khufu, the counterpart I had anyone else? So which is the most valuable words

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and part of Arabic rhetoric? Uh hum. Allah, the most important should? Well, the most important should come first. Allah mentions himself first before he mentions everything else. He says I had one of the meanings of ahead is Allah will also not just laced Allahu fanie I had means for the one for whom there is no second, but also the one that comes first. And even in the sentence, Allah mentions himself first. That's one benefit. The other benefit is extra sauce. It is he who never has a counterpart, meaning everyone other than Him will always have a counterpart. You will have a general there'll be another general you'll have a king there'll be another king. You will have one

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false god, you'll have another false god. You'll have one rich person you'll have another rich person every other you'll have one planet, another planet, one star, another star. Everything that is in this in existence will have a Khufu but it is only that will not. And where did I get that? Only here? Because now who is earlier when I'm yaku one.

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Now just finally in shallow Tyler, I want to read to you some benefits of this solar that are commented on I found the commentary of a Razi very beneficial in this ministry, at least some parts of it with you.

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He says, actually, this

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Yeah, actually, I want to mention the first one only. And now when I saw your Lulu Allah, Allah Subhana, who ahead was summit Allah, Karim Rahim, he says the first part of this surah make sure we understand that Allah is unique. And one, the second part of La summit, make sure we understand how gracious and merciful he is. Why is the grace of mercy embedded inside of summit? Because everybody turns to him and he fulfills what they need the use model a coup machine? Well, let me let me let

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me use a clock and the fact that he says he did not be getting noisy be gotten, make sure we understand that he does not need any one absolutely at all. And that he is that he is free from all kinds of alterations in this or any kind of weakness, because having children is as a type of weakness. Why is it weakness? Because I will die one day, how will my species continue for an animal? How will the species continue? My children by having offspring for human beings? If it's not, if you're not worried about the human species, you're at least still worried about your last name?

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Or your family? You know? And if you're not worried about it now, when you become 40, or 50, you say, Yeah, I don't have any children. Nothing. I have nothing to leave behind. Right? This is the kind and this is the thing that the Arabs gave so much importance. And so there's a contrast. One of the things that was said about the messenger that was the most hurtful avatar doesn't have any kids doesn't have sons. That was an insult that can be an insult to the creation. And a and a compliment to the creation is you have children

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and Canada who melon bobunny aluminum, this is actually an attribute. Wow, he's got money in kids. He's doing well. This was a status symbol in Arab society, but

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Same thing that is an insult to the messenger to say that he doesn't have a child or doesn't have a son, etc, etc, would be insulting to the messenger, but to say a lie has would be an insult to Eliza with it, it's reversed, right? Because what what is the honoring of a law can never be compared to the honoring of creation, there are two very different standards. And so let's make sure we understand the different standards for these two different things.

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So this sorta In conclusion, this surah is probably the most important sutra for our children, to internalize to enter not just memorizing, I think every all our kids know it, and all of you know it, but to internalize, what does it really mean? What does it really mean practically for me, that allies I had, that he is a Samad that he has no beginning and no end. And we talked about the the psychology of Schick that is crushed in lemmya laid welcome unit. And then while I'm yaku, one, no counterpart, no one can be compared to him. So you understand in times of need in times of difficulty, when you recite well let me know when you will remember, will all my problems can come

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from somewhere, but you know, Allah can solve them and there is no one who can create problems and Allah solves them. This is the surah where we learn to completely give ourselves to Allah completely give ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala there's a reason Sahaba love this surah so much. There's a reason it protects us from so many things. And the thing I tell you one of the names of this soldier and nejat This is a soldier of rescue. It rescues you from depression from sadness, and rescues you from it. Because now whenever something happens, you can take your problems to who Allah you can take your problems to the police station, you may or may not get an answer. You can take your

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problems to your physician, you may not may or may not get results. But there's one place you will get the always go you'll always get it will always get it removes your problems. And it's the jasmine and na for millions and millions and millions of people who end up doing the worst crime of Schick. This surah comes and protects even the least educated of the Muslims. If they can just learn this sorta there'll be protected from the fire, they'll be protected from that great heinous crime of shift. May Allah protect us in our children from the crime of Schick. May Allah make us internalize the remarkable lessons of the soldier. May Allah make us of those who understand the

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Koran, internalize it remember Allah by means of the Quran and practice it along with the Sunnah of his beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when a final year can be it with the Hakim was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.