Musleh Khan – Ask Musleh – My Masjid prays 20 raka’at Tarawih, but I pray 8 – What do I do?

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following the Prophet's rule for every Muslim, which is to pray at a certain amount of time until he gets up. He also explains the difference between two groups of people who leave after a time of stress and suggests that individuals should be given a reward for their efforts. The speaker also mentions a film about graduating high school and the importance of not getting too caught up in a situation where everyone is feeling stress.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome to us Muslim. So today inshallah lo tala and a very important question that we're going to look at my best to praise 20 I pray eight so what do I do? So this is like the person who comes to the masjid with an intention that they want to pray a certain amount of records, but the gemera is doing something else. So what do you what kind of decision do you make here? The first thing brothers and sisters is that there's a general rule and that's the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says I lay conville gemera I order you to follow the GMR. Now this Hadeeth here is a general Hadith that as long as the gemera is doing

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something that is according to the Quran and Sunnah and has authentic evidences to support it, the general rule for every Muslim is that you should try to follow the gemera. Now there's a second Hadeeth that's really specific total Maldon and that is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered us to follow the Imam hat die on solid until the Imam gets up and he leaves and the people also disperse. This word young sutliff comes from the word self, self means to spread out or to disperse. So this heady theory is clearly talking about when the people are done their total V, they're done, the widowed or whatever it is that they're doing at that moment, and that people get

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stand up and they start to leave the masjid. Now this head eath here, which is an authentic hadith reported in all the sudden books as well, the prophets I send them is encouraging us to be together is encouraging us to stay together as one gemera. So the person here, as a result, scholars have said that this individual, in order for them to get the complete reward of total, we they have to stay with the Imam until he leaves. So that means if the Imam is praying eight, you should pray eight with the Imam until he gets up and he leaves. If the man is praying 20 you should try to stay until the end of 20 Oh grads in order to get the complete reward of total we otherwise what will

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happen is, it's not that you're not going to get any reward for toto anymore. No, but you will be rewarded accordingly. Depending on the amount of effort will depend on the amount of reward that you get. So nothing will go to waste. So this is how you separate the two you separate the people who decide to stay with the amount until he's finished as opposed to those who get up after a total guards. And they go outside and they relax and so on. And the thing that really cringes me the most brothers and sisters, and this is just an observation that I have. And I'm sure many of you have the same out there. You ever noticed that those individuals that leave after a thorough carrots, they'll

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go home or they'll go to the coffee shop or to the restaurant or something and they'll just relax for the rest of the evening? That's fine. But then you'll hear some of them will make certain comments like that people who are still praying 20 they're involved in an innovation or in a bedarra or something like that, or they're not following the Sunnah. There's just one simple question to ask, are the people who are in the masjid in a worse position than those who are sitting at a coffee shop or just relaxing? Who is in a better position in the sight of Allah azza wa jal, the one who's maximizing every moment in them in the month of Ramadan, praying and crying to allies soldier, as

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opposed to somebody else who's not doing that. So clearly, it shows now. So this is one way to look at it. I mean, look at the difference between the two groups of people. The second way to look at it is if somebody makes the comment that this is an innovation, what they're indirectly saying is that no innovation is going to be counted by Allah azza wa jal. So what they're really probably saying is that them sitting in the coffee shop or doing their own thing, all those people who remain in domestic none of their solid count, that's a really serious statement to make. And this is why we say the son of the total he is that there is no amount. And the best way to get out of this problem

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is whatever your local message is, or whatever message you're praying at whatever they're doing, try to stick with the man till the end in sha Allah that the reward of total which is stamped and confirmed for you. And as we all mentioned before the reward of total, which is all of your sins are forgiven in sha Allah Tada. This is a reward that I want for myself and this is a reward that I want for all of you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give it to us. I think he was one of the two lucky.

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I feel like you know, like an episode from like, Fantastic Four, I guess is my powers like Oh, so

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Someone's wanting

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to start some low Hollywood cinema told us about a particular thing.

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Get it out.

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Should we just have like naptime? Just relax for a moment. Okay.

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What are we talking about?

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Eight versus 28 accurate 20 what do I do, Yella

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and well

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