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ob lagman Sheree and fusina Minh say Melina

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Mang fd Hello fellow moody Lola woman your little fella had the other word shadow.

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In the law wash the hula Sherry Keller

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shadow. Mohammed Abdullah hora solo

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nos da Cunha DC Kitab LA or higher Alhaji had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon ohmori most to her work called the 13 beta wakulla beta carotene Bala Latin wakulla de la Latina

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seldom

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in our discussion or in our quest for meaning upon this earth.

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Even though we know that our stay up on this earth

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is only for a short span or short time.

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Welcome, fill out the Mr. Caron muttering Illa hain.

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You're only going to remain here for a set amount of time. And then you have to make that final destination back to Allah Subhana Allah.

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So many of us are searching for that peace upon this earth

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are searching for the peace

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in the hereafter.

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And we find that the journey of the earth of this world

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has been placed inside the Quran

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in very similar tunes or parables.

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And as we find a large portion of Quran speaks about Ansel speaks about parables of similar tudes.

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for certain reasons, some of the realm of collectives are more than 70, odd, direct, and 30 inside the Quran, which all serve different purposes, different intent

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to send home the message to the individual

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to be able to relate to certain things that we may even visualize on a daily basis.

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So there's going to be some specific and third parables we want to extract from the Quran, talking specifically about the theorem.

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But before that, just to set our mindset correctly about the reason for these parables refined numerous different verses inside the book of Allah Subhana Allah votary bootload uncertainly nursey la lomita de karoon Indeed, we throw down these examples these parables for mankind,

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that mankind may begin to reflect, to begin to ponder to begin to think or to remember specifically here that we find

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in another description of a parable towards the end of social hardship that we find the 59th Chapter The Quran, Allah xpander mentions what Telkom third will not rebo holiness Allah Allahu Akbar, rune. These are the parables that we throw down upon mankind, upon human beings, that they may begin to ponder begin to reflect.

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Like was defined with typical answer who knows rebo holliness eva Maria Kealoha, Elon, Ali moon, these are the parables that we bestow are thrown down upon upon mankind once again. And the only individuals who are able to extract and understand these parables are people of knowledge, people of understanding of comprehension, does a large portion or unlocked portion of his life is revolving around this world, to make the individual to begin to think, in a few hulky sam Albertville was Tila filet

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Ali Al Bab alladhina Yes, Corona la chiamo mokoro tamala g newbie him Coronavirus is somewhat out of bernama. Selecta heard about Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Kakinada. Now, to the end of surah Miranda we find indeed the alternation the creation, the night and the day, the heavens in the earth, signs for men of understanding. We're standing, bowing down, lying down to ponder, reflect over all of this and say Our Lord, you have not created this in a state of vanity. There must be a purpose.

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In everything that you have created, glorify You and save us from the punishment of the hellfire. So lost pound Allah throws down these answers inside the Quran, the teskey for remembrance wagon for admonition to remember and to remind ourselves that you find many the aluminum aluminum core and you find collecting these parables or highlighting the intent if you look at Mr. masucci his work on the aluminum Quran or if you look at the works of Eman, Kashi, so I have a boron boron, to mention that the reason why darville answers in Quran used to Thurman moon tesira these reasons why these parables have been placed inside the Quran benefits the individual from various different angles, or

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various different perspectives. Amongst them you find a dead skier a wild and hence a soldier, achiever. The reason why these parables had been placed inside the Quran to encourage the person to remind the person to give an admonition to encourage the individual to warn the individual. And likewise find a takeaway what a credible Mirage is. To begin to be able for the mind the intellect to be able to reason and to see. And even at times to begin to visualize we find what the swedru be so rattle muscles. Sometimes the parables are things that we can touch we can feel that we visualize quite clearly around us. That is amongst the reason I tell Ireland for say sending these answers

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these parables the signature inside the Quran, to such a degree that you find various parables have been placed inside the Quran, that some of us may not pay much attention to these parables, at times, even animals have been placed inside the Quran, there is an intent behind talking about certain animals. And the find, for example, even the dog inside so to the earth, you find a planter laying out the parable those people who don't pay attention to the signs of a loss panda Allah, who don't respond to them, that they remain like a dog whose tongue just hangs out. Whether you had admonished a dog or you praise the dog, his tongue tongue just seems to pan out of his mouth. It

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doesn't affect this individual. Likewise, you find a little panda and I mentioned parables of other insects inside sort of anchor buoy that we find talked about those individuals who commit to that last panda Anna, indeed, the most friendliest of homes. The most weakness of homes is, is the home of the spider. So this shows that those people who hold fast of committing shed can believe this is a framework that will protect them. Actually, the framework is just as weak as a spider's web. Likewise, you find right in the beginning of sorts of Bukhara last panda mentioned amongst the first parables use the use of the insect or the mosquito you find in the law hola esta Riba masala Baroda

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and firma For

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indeed a lot of other fields. No shine has to give a parable of a mosquito or something which is above it or something which is less than it. So everything inside the Quran has an intent has a purpose, so the Muslim needs to begin to understand. Likewise, you find other parabens or assorted Hajj talking about the fly once again those people calling upon others besides us, Panda Allah, other examples whereby people's actions are like thrown on a windy day. Other pirate was mentioned about last panda I mentioned that a good word. Khashoggi written by Eva, a slew has beaten over the summer. He found a good word is like a good tree. its roots are firmly inside the ground. And these

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branches go high up into the sky and give fruits every so often likewise the opposite of an even word. Like the fine parable of paradise. Those individuals who've been promised paradise, the rivers inside paradise, something we can begin to visualize obviously, we cannot understand, but the words which are used rivers, of wine, of milk, water of honey, etc, all something to some degree, the human being can relate towards this depiction of these beautiful rivers created by Allah Subhana motorolla. As for the specific answer that we want to mention about that which occurs inside the Quran about what we may visualize on a daily basis about this world we find in a mammoth little

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hierarchy Tanya Tama in an zelner home in a summer for Paula to be in a battle in a columnar salon had either accidental abuse or for for her was the unit Warden unknown cada una

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una Leyland owner Hara for Jana has she done.

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So this is the first part we want to focus upon about this, the parable of this world of this dunya Indeed, the parable of this world is that the water which comes down from the heavens from the skies, first polytope

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In a virtual world, it mixes with the vegetation, the crops, the seeds of this earth, it mixes with it and it begins to bring forth its vegetation is produced, which people unlike was cattle begin to benefit from this produce. And you see that when the earth has become in a state of beautification is reached that peak level of its crop. And the beauty is clear was the unit is beauties is is apparent in front of everyone. All of a sudden a Lost Planet other than destroys, it all, brings everything to an end. regarding those people who think that they are called the room they have the ability to control the earth, or the control whatever exists around them a lot of data in a day and

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a night, destroys it and leaves whatever is there, like the harvest which is clean move and nothing remains or what existed any before. So here we find that inside this parable gallican no fasudil Tomita karoun surah. Yunus attempt chapter four and verse number 64. These are the signs that we explained for people that they may begin to reflect and ponder over this. How you find an element of love of language of zero dimension was the unit that it begins to beautify the earth. Here dimension How did this tiara Shabbat, Bill arose, shall obey the rules that the Earth has been described as a bridegroom was the unit, he beautifies herself on the day of a marriage. So when the earth reaches

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this peak level of beautification, then after it is just destroyed by Allah Subhana Allah, where is the beauty of yesterday, will no longer exist, the time will come to the beauty of this earth and the beauty of this word will be taken away from the individual. Likewise, you find a person begins to take credit inside this ayah regarding what they've created upon this earth, so last time, I can either send a hail a disease or just destroy everything the person has created. So Muslim needs to be vigilant about living upon this earth and becoming boisterous about what they possess. These are nothing but the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, that he offered. To him he Manisha there is

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nothing but the virtues and the blessings of Allah and Allah, He sends upon wherever he wants of his servants, then you find any how see then the earth becomes how see the vimana Masuda tomahto otonashi a fee her becomes totally destroyed the earth as if nothing ever existed before, on this place whereby the whole is dunya was once placed, or the fruits and the vegetations and then comes the key message straight after this last time that I mentioned will lower the reader is seldom the minutiae we know serrata must have been a lost cause you to the home of peace, the eternal abode of the pharaoh there is a real home of the believer that last Pantheon is calling the believers towards

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Well yeah.

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It must have been in Allah and Allah guides whomever he wants to the straight path.

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Likewise, then it carries on to mention a Latina axonal hostname was the Dutton those individuals who do goodness upon this earth for them, they will be Zia the tune as well something extras, as we mentioned many occasion a hadith of Muslim does yada is to getting to see the sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the context of this is about this earth, that many of us begin to enjoy this earth and think that life is all about this earth. The piece is upon this earth last time that I can remove that piece, removed this earth and begins to call us towards darussalam the real home of a bit of peace and eternal, any existence. The second parable that we find inside the Quran,

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place inside suitor calf the 18th Chapter The Quran verse number 45. Last time that I mentioned what maternal hated dunya came in and gentlemen, a semi polytope in a battle for us by Hashem into Dhruva via joaquina lohana Konishi, maka de la, once again give the parable of this world to these people. The Parable of this world is just like once again the rain which comes down from the heavens, and mixes with this earth. And you find that the vegetation the earth and the bat begin to come out of this earth, first, Shimon, but after a short while, you find it becomes dry stubble, whatever was vegetation before eventually begins to wither away, begins to have no value, or the wind just blows

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away, whatever vegetation exists, and indeed the lowest prime data prevails over all things. So the wind blows away something which has no importance is another example can be extracted from this verse. That is dunya doesn't really have much importance in front of Allah Subhana Allah, then again, the following Ayah begins to send home the message alamelu will balloon Xena tolyatti dunya Wolbachia to salekhard hieronder Abacus awaba New Haven Amma indeed you find that the wealth and the children is world or the blessings or the beautification

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In this world, there are times these things can begin to distract you. What is more beneficial for the individual is what berthier to solve what is the remaining good deeds, that is better for the individual whoever believes in the reward from Allah Subhana Allah that returned back to Allah subhanaw taala What are these, these good actions these remaining actions, something which has been attributed to have been adverse, we look at some works at the first year that you find alburquerque or to saleha is a solo is one interpretation is a five daily prayers or coolamon Sala. Any righteous action when calling O'Fallon whether it be a statement, whether it be an action is classified as a

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good deed that will benefit the individual. These are the deeds that will benefit the individual inside this world and likewise inside the Acura as well. The third idea that we find inside SoTL Hadid, the 57th chapter of Quran once again giving the parable of this world animal animal hayata Daniela Ebola who was Xena, whatever homebuying okumoto Catherine philam Well, you will know for a fact that once again this world is nothing but play and amusement was in atone and beautification to beautify this world, whatever form by mutual posting amongst yourselves about your children and your wealth. That is what this dunya unfortunately has become for many of us individuals. And even more

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specific for us Muslims as well. That's all that we worry about at times, unfortunately, is unique about this world. Then again, unless panda then gives a parable about this canvas Elisa is in Japan.

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This earth, or this parable is just like the rain, which starters, the kofod hell offer it doesn't carry the meaning of disbelievers we might not fill the hole in the farmers that when the farmers they see the rain, any number two familia, Haeju hufa, Tara homosassa, Maya, Kunal Tama, these farmers are waiting for the rain to come down, they start, they Marvel, they wait for the rain to come down. So the rain begins to come down the vegetation, the crops begin to come out. But naturally, once again, some of these crops they begin to crumble away, some of them are destroyed, some of them they become yellow, some of them they wither away, that is a reality, this dunya that

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things are dunya they don't remain just that the fruits and the vegetation they here for short, while you rejoice for a short while. But after that short while they begin to wither away and be taken away from you. And as you find the good men are those individuals who take the real spiritual harvest, and they store it for the spiritual gain. That's the harvest of a believer. The harvest in his world is to store it as they say for a rainy day not to say it's haram to store something for the rainy day. But the real storing for the believer is to store it for a spiritual gain inside this world. And likewise inside the alpha as well. And again, unless and I didn't conclude by mentioning

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the other Boucher deed, or Malcorra terminology law, he will read one woman higher to dunya ilimitado. Indeed, for those people who get distracted by the use of this word, for them, they will be inside the era of the Buddha deed, a severe chastisement punishment for those individuals, where they could be for those individuals who maquila tominaga they could be forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah and those people who have the appropriate usage of this word, and likewise worried one the pleasure of Allah spandana but then comes a key element of this dunya once again woman higher to dunya in the motto, this world once again is nothing but a great big deception is being placed it to

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deceive the individual, only those individuals who understand the intent of the dunya and tread upon this dunya able to gain the maximum benefit of this dunya in their return back to loss panda are nothing but the goods and chattels of this dunya that we find. And then the last point are concludes or closes by sending out the message to us to encourage us subiaco LMR 30 mirrabooka magenta tin are to hacker this summer he will read the Latina M and we'll be learning about Rosalie delicato, yo t Manisha will be Navin subiaco serbisyo race with one other challenge one another, to gain the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah and to gain that God and that paradise whose width is the size of

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the heavens and the earth are Dena Amano, Bella Hebrew Sunni, which has been prepared for those individuals who believe in Allah and believe in His Messenger, that you find that the answer, the more the person has that belief and the conviction inside the Torah, the more the person begins to strive to get closer and closer to Allah, and then to develop more proximity and closeness to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam indeed the Anika for wt manjusha. There is a virtue A B of this dunya or the D painting of this amount upon this earth, which allows pandav bestows upon whomever he wants to panna with Allah

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So on this dunya that we find the individual is going to leave this dunya in nakamichi tuna in omega tune, even addressing the Prophet Mohammed Salah some you're going to die. And likewise all of the people around you are going to die need this word called Luna Fs in their Eco mode, every single soul we taste death. So why are so many of us are deluded that somehow we're going to remain here forever, that we think that we're going to stay here forever we're going to conquer and rule in is quite visible in front of us. Many of us Muslim whether it be in a senior level on average level, somehow we think that we're going to be remaining here for a longer time. So you find that man can

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you read we'll hire Daniela Xena to her, whoever wants this world and wants this earth and wants the beauty this earth pneumophila him I don't see her.

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And then we give him this dunya we give him the qualities of this dunya do people who search for the dunya who want the glitter who want the wealth, who want the embezzlement who want things that dunya pneumophila him we give it to these individuals at a life just come seeking the pleasures of this world? Allah, Allah de la Salafi

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Wahhabi Thomasina rofi How about in America and we are known for these individuals will be nothing inside the archaea for these individuals. And whatever they done what have you done the sooner you know today we find that the world is constructive world isn't it? Creating the lofty buildings that empires whatever it may be, as far as the last parameter is concerned what how be Thomas anaru null and void it's all finished. Does it mean anything in front of Allah Subhana Allah does we find that those are you talking about in general disbelievers? Yeah, Allah Muna boy here Amina piety dunya Romani, at home alone, these disbelievers only know the external factors of this world. Everything

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about this earth they are very, very skillful. But once again, let's leave those individuals alone. alebrije the removal of the law because husaberg the lesson is to be taken from the generality the words and not from the specification revelation. How many of us today, how many Muslims today are the Muslim globe all around us? Yeah, Allah moonboy here, Amina hayati dunya. The only thing that concerns them seems to be this world is quite evident, doesn't need to be a technical debate about it. They say actions speak louder than words, we can all visualize around us, how people is worried about gaining this world domination upon this earth. And thus you find that there are basically four

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elements of a person begin to strive for, for things to remain upon this earth is either a love of wealth, it's a love of power, it's a love of yours to be in a position or a love of teacher of business. These are the four elements that begin to distract a person from focusing appropriately towards Allah Subhana Allah. So you can take it any context, either from an average individual or senior individual, you find these are the elements, how many of us individually begin to cling on to this dunya and as you find those individuals who let these elements distract them. And likewise, you find that time on Josie and his famous book, can you help masala hokuriku her the one who's talking

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about the prayer and one who abandons a prayer, he says these are the four elements that also make a person abandon their prayer, either because their love of wealth, they begin to neglect the prayer their love of being a king, a person dominant Amir, whatever it may be, the title may be it distracts them from the prayer. Likewise, a person who put in that position who could be an advisor of some sort, they get distracted and likewise you find a person their business a teacher would distract them as well. And he bases this all appointed he the person that we find a person's well funny man who personally destructively macaroon is going to come who qarun was the person excessive

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use of wealth began to distract him. The person in His Kingdom shape will be with their own their own claim to be the sovereign power under a bucola Allah, I am your sovereign God, I'm your Lord. I'm the one that does all these actions. I'm the one that governs everything upon this earth. Don't be surprised even today that we find people have this belief that somehow power goes into the mind of people. It's a lust in the desire times that you can't purchase with wealth that a person comes to that station they think that they govern a rule. Many hints are given inside the Quran Allah, Allah Dr. Jay Abraham if you're a be an utter lone wolf, it's called Abraham robiola. Do you meet

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color No, he will omit these parables are not just placed inside the Quran which does skim read over them read the intent of this is that even today people say I'm the one that gives life and death Who are you to challenge me Who are you to speak against me for this one in prison execute this one let this one called free exists today.

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Don't be be fooled and think it doesn't exist today it exists exactly today the Quran has a deep methodology. They begin to look at the manager doctrine you see become becomes crystal clear in front of you, whether it be Muslim or non Muslim, unfortunately find it begins to become crystal clear that these elements have begun to penetrate into the heart.

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in the minds of individuals, likewise we are said to him or her man, the person who was the advisor or person close to your own. Likewise you need to narrow to a person's wealth will be with obey even any salaf the person will be with that individual. And these are row Sankara. These are the leaders of the disbelievers. There's four section displays you find these are the four sections these are the four elements and all this that you find if I even pay my Josie and he's working basically basically upon a hadith the Muslim Imam and like when the Sahara had been hit burn, man, half other Elijah talking about the Salah, in a Canada who knew Orinoco Hernan, when a jet and Yama, Yama, we

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have a Gods their prayer, that prayer will become a form of life for the individual and evidence for the individual form of success for the individual. On a day judgment, woman lambda Allah, whoever doesn't preserve their prayers, doesn't God their prayers, that individually for them it will not be a form of light, a form of evidence rather a newer form of success. That individual will be in the de judgment. macaroon was a man of your own obey even if that person will be with the leaders of these disbelievers. So we want to specifically want to focus upon any demand the wealth and what happened to qarun any if I look you look at sort of causes the 28 chapter Quran you find was the end

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and long discussion talking about Koran. And regarding this individual in the Quran Academy, Mustafa Ali him indeed that you find that Koran in Islam, the people of Moosa and he transgressed against his people. If you look at some of the works of diversity, you find that even amber says can ignore I'm Moosa he was the son of the uncle Jani of Moosa oldman, ashira t. o from his family home in generosity from his clan, is what some of the elements of Assyria mentioned. Likewise, the mama poverty mentioned a teacher was a had to fill kibber with a job bergenia agness. He went beyond the limits of arrogance and rebelliousness against the people around him. Likewise, find a mom so you

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teen daughter mentor mentioned that in Nima Beverly castrati Maliki wala D The reason why I began to any oppress other individuals was why because of his wealth and the children that he had. This is a key symbolic gesture that we find most people when wealth and they find that they have children etc, especially sons. They believe this is the right to become any overpowering over any other individuals was the concept that began to develop into the heart and the mind any of your own, while at a nominal cannula in number 30, who let loose buddy look over. Indeed, the wealth and the property that were given to our own. The treasures that were given to him are the keys of the

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treasures. It was a burden for any rosboroughs but that you find if you go back to sort of use of an exam that you find a nurse but we're not notice button a group A Gemma, a member of 10 people. So it could mean that 10 people had to uni carry the burden or the keys to the treasures. So 10 individuals are just carrying the keys to the treasure. Others say Gemma to Kathy era, a whole group of individuals are the early man said that monofocal assura lol arbury. That's what rosebay is anything above 10 all the way up to 40. So 40 men just to carry the keys of the treasure this individual. Some of you mentioned, some owner, fraudulent 70 individuals just carry the keys of the

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treasures that belong to call on our canoes. A minute on World War Pharaoh, we've given immense wealth, unbelievable wealth has been given to this individual, and you find that the treasures will be placed upon 40 donkeys. So either 40 individuals are carrying the keys. And you know that the weight that donkeys in carrying something immense can carry much more than its own body weight is a man of treasures that this individual was given. What is the reason for mentioning this to sweet or giving this image reform of this wealth. So a person can begin to understand that this person had reached such a high level of wealth and power and domination and blessing to be given upon him. But

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we find what happened to this individual or the rebuke that is mentioned this individual is called a local camula.

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When people say to him call a woman woman, the people who said this to him are the believers, not the flesh, don't rejoice, don't become excessive, does if and there's two elements for a believer is in a state of immense happiness, and a state of immense sadness. The person needs to have control over their feelings and the use of their wealth, that you can see the stupidity that when people are excessively happy how they begin to throw their wealth and squander their wealth. And likewise, in the state of foolishness. When a person is feeling down or sad, they begin to just throw their wealth around as well. This wealth is in America, this wealth is a trust. We don't want to get into

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the political world but we can see how clearly many Muslims we say that they are one we say they're our brothers. We care about them. You know, every single day, they have to pick up bread crumbs from the floor and eat it. And every single day you slaughter hundreds of Campbell's hundreds of bees for one individual individual and the rest of it is trashed away.

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Is that what you call a trust? Do you think that you're going to walk scout free about this trust, giving is going to be no repercussions? Do you think that no one's going to ask you that you can just do whatever you want to do. Or you believe that is your right this is following the manage the mentality of qarun when he's been warned that don't rejoice, don't become excessively happy in the law you will flourish in Indeed Allah and Allah does not love these type of individuals. alladhina karoun lyase, Karuna Allah Allah Ma, that's the reason why Allah doesn't mind you rejoicing, being happy. But Allah that does not like those individuals who don't show gratitude for the things that

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Allah bestowed upon them. Those type of individuals, a lot of data does not like those individuals. What does the female attack a load of Hera? Seek this wealth and his blessings to gain what the key element of Hera Hera, the final abode, so we've given you this well, we given you this possession, that you may use this to come towards a theater, whether licchavi, Farid Hashanah, Casa de corte or infer Minotaur art, how are you going to gain that by doing good deeds, spending Upon doing good deeds, spending your wealth in a good cause? And likewise, you find spending your wealth in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala that is a usage to correct usage of the wealth in helping anyone

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self and helping the people around them will attend Tennessee becoming a dunya. And don't forget your share of this world. Obviously, many people try to use this this verse to say, you know, we can enjoy the world. Yes, that's partially correct. But that's not the inner meaning of this. Ayah that's just a partial understanding that don't forget to take from this earth. Every single Muslim needs a share of this earth. There's some people you need fermina nurserymen yaku robina Tina Fey Daniela mela 30 min holla there's some people say just give us goodness word. There's no share for them inside the Akira. Woman woman yaku Ravana Tina Fey dunya hudsonalpha karate Hasina. Those who

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say that give us good in this world and give us good in hereafter and save us from the punishment of the hellfire. hula columna shibumi maka Sabu Allahu sorry, or sir for them is the cache, or the portion of what they've done in the last panel is swift and bringing people to accountability. So we're not saying here Don't forget your share this world. But there's an inner meaning about Don't forget to share of this world. As you find that early mark. The personal attributes of birth once again are the man who mentioned a time and the erotic work in this world for your hereafter. That's the meaning the deeper meaning of this ayah his work in this world to gain the pleasures of the

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Akira are called elemental has an A bursary ala today takamiya dunya Peter Mutharika Bill halali watashi wa Taala Baka iya, who don't waste your time in seeking the pleasure of this world, the desires of this world the enjoyment as well as the expense journey of losing the euro. So going beyond the limits, as a teacher was as bad as anything you go beyond the limits it becomes the opposite. So in this halon Entertainment if you go beyond the limitations, it becomes the opposite simple. So everything in Islam has been codified for how a person needs to use their world for what they need to do with their wealth. Likewise, you find a man with something that you attribute to him

00:33:22--> 00:34:04

and Mujahid another famous student of urban adversity find an MLB particularly no Cebu Mina dunya, Allah do you serve or anything so you find an M will be taught that the person is doing the actions of obedience was the last person to honor in this world and the person will be given the recompense and reward inside the alpha of the actions they've done inside this earth. What is one way of gaining that benefit? What is in common is an Allahu la show goodness like Allah Donna and showed goodness to you. So the more the person travels up the wealthy ladder or fortunes millionaires, whatever it may be, the more it becomes as income x and a low in a show goodness like a Lost Planet

00:34:04--> 00:34:17

Allah has shown goodness to you, as in either a burden that he came as an elite show goodness to the servants of Allah subhanaw taala around you like Allah Subhana Allah shown goodness to you what I typically what a typical facade if you

00:34:18--> 00:34:52

don't see corruption in the land. What does it mean to see corruption on the land? A lotta to be hardened man and Buffy. Toto will Allah nurse will itself without Bill mounsey don't seek with this wealth corruption upon the land of oppressing people and competing with people, etc. We touched on one if sad for the other creating corruption upon the land will mousy with disobedience. Is it not a sad fact is very sad that we have to mention some elements in the Lebanon, Lebanon the sheer shadowfell Edina Amano Loma De Lima for

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

those people who love to spread alpha Hush, illicit behavior, misconduct, bad behavior.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

are amongst the believers for them will be evil chastisement inside this world and in southern Africa as well. And I don't want to go into a poetic political world, you can understand what I'm referring to. We don't need people kicking a ball in our country. And then we say we're going to allow them to drink alcohol just for them once they come into our country, shame upon us. shame upon us. We're going to open up our blessing Lance, allow them to come and drink the alcohol, even if you quantify place them in special locations. We live in this country and all of you, you know how these people behave when they get drunk, how alcohol is for their life. But you know, some of us who

00:35:36--> 00:35:54

remain silent about this the greater good that must have led in these people coming into our country, what must have? what purpose do we have? What difference does it make to lost pound, the boat ball goes in the net goes outside the net? What difference it makes the deen of Islam, but you allowing them makes a big corruption in our lands.

00:35:55--> 00:36:31

And that's the reality. People may find it politically incorrect to make these statements. But that's the reality. That's what we become. That's all that we care about. That's all that concerns us. Those people will love to spread facade corruption in their own land, who's asking you to let these people come into your countries? Who's asking you to allow these people to lie nude on your beaches? Who's asked you to do that? Who's asked you to allow you to serve alcohol on your flights to your destination? Who's asked you? Who's compelled you? Who's forced you? Has anybody compelled you? Has anybody forced you to do that in your life? No. So why are you allowing it It's simple, is

00:36:31--> 00:36:43

elementary basics of being a Muslim, that all of us we know that these things is not a technical debate. It's not a debate that exists amongst a world of real for real or not, it's crystal clear. But we are destroying your

00:36:44--> 00:37:21

ADM destroying our own homes with our own hands. That's what we're doing. We're destroying our own homes in our own hands. And we're not going to understand the repercussions of this. And day in and day it goes out as our blessing in environments begin to get shredded away. And we just turned a blind eye that maybe there's some goodness and what certain things are taking place the goodness is very minimal. Goodness will naturally spread. But to prevent evil, takes more preference in the *ty add in the spreading of good. That's what the folk I've mentioned to stop the evil takes more importance than to allow to spreading any of God to take place in Allah.

00:37:23--> 00:37:53

Allah Allah does not love those individuals who are the corrupting individuals, whether the corrupters or non Muslims or our own one our own Muslim brothers and sisters, simple principle. It could be the Muslim virus spreading virus and spreading sin. It could be the non Muslim defiance spreading their sin and they oppression. Everyday we can see the oppression that begins to take place and we begin then we can claim to be searching for the quest for peace and to be resting in peace. How can you be resting in peace? How can you be resting in peace?

00:37:54--> 00:38:10

No matter kuno Kumamoto, quantum fever rubymotion Jeddah wherever you are whether you've been inside your 45 palaces definitely come upon you. So you have your peace inside there. But look outside, look outside the palace, and what do you find nothing but corruption in all around you,

00:38:11--> 00:38:54

called innama ot to other ailments. And then you find here comes the arrogance. This has been something I've been given from my own knowledge, I deserve this allowance from the new animal law, I need a lot of new, that's what I want said, Allah knows that I deserve this. The wealth is given to me. And just like today, you find, father to son to son to family, to family to family, raised as many non Muslims come and answer this question with nepotism in Islam. With his favorite Islam, you talk about the quality of Islam, then where is all of this? You say you tell us this, but was always around you? One son to another son to another son to another family? 20 years? 30 years? 40 years?

00:38:54--> 00:39:04

50 or 60 years? What answer do we give him? Then we talk about the beauty of Islam, which oh by the justice, Islam, we talk about the quality of Islam, one simple question, say to us, where is it then

00:39:06--> 00:39:45

you talk about our system, you talk about our way of life, then look at your own way of life, there is no difference now, at least we have whatever they call democracy, or a right of speak of freedom of expression, whatever it may be, what do you have, then you don't really have it. So at times, it's very difficult to highlight where is the real image of Islam where is the real image of Islam, that we can begin to boast and save rather these people begin to say, we deserve this. Allah knows that we have every right so we've been bestowed with this has been given to us. Our lamb Yamanaka communicably, mineral karoun man who Asha Domino, quwata, moxa, Raja Maha don't these people begin

00:39:45--> 00:40:00

to see that how many people before we've destroyed many nations before and many people before we had much more wealth, and much more superior lofty position they had but we destroyed them. We shred them apart. We took them about

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

As we can begin to visualize in each day, likewise the state when you find Manisha, domina Cova, who is more powerful than us, the same statements of centuries of gold that the Quran mentions? Exactly the same thing begins to take place today who is more powerful than us in that domination and our rule? And that's the Quran mentions, what are you under under the newbie moon, Mercury moon, don't ask, we're not going to ask about the mercury moon, these criminals, these individuals will not be asked they will not be questioning for these individuals, they will be directly sent to their location. And as you find the Harada comi effiziente. So qarun came out with his beautification.

00:40:38--> 00:41:16

What is entourage? What is pumped with this charade? We're all the people around you all the troops are really not the vasila mmct mentioned some 4000 riding bees around him he comes out and you find those individuals color Latina you return and hire Titania later and midsummer to corrode some of those individuals that are fairly man, which many of us are unfortunately, those of us with a man looked at this charade, look at his entourage, and said If only we had the wealth in the property of our own, if only we were like this individual, that's what many of us have become, we see the treasures of the world. We see the world around us we say if only I had these treasures, if only I

00:41:16--> 00:41:34

could be like this individual in the hula do How can aldine indeed is a person of manifest blessings have been given this individual a tuner See, if you had minute dunya a large portion of this dunya has been given to this individual will call Allah Dino in color.

00:41:35--> 00:41:49

People have no knowledge of understanding they said well, family is the karma of understanding and commitment and resolution to the path of Allah xpander underway local law is a little lemon M and our Amina salejaw vo upon you,

00:41:50--> 00:42:32

upon you, indeed the reward and the good deeds that were given to you. But last panda is better than what you are aspiring from this individual. anyone in the room. And only those people have patience, or resolution and commitment I going to be able to understand that is doing is going to be a great big distraction for many of us. But those who remain committed and persevere. They're not going to fall into the traps of this dunya and then comes a punishment for Seffner B he will be the result of that we made the earth to sink him down. The earth swallowed him and swallowed everything with him from our Canada home in 15 young tsunami into Nila, there was no group, there was no party that

00:42:32--> 00:43:12

could help him besides Allah Subhana Allah laid for owner and who other Baba he should have known could come now and prevent the punishment of those that are coming upon this individual and everyday possessed of sinking deep down into the ground, or Americana mineral monta serene. And this individual bFc is not able to even save and he himself was bahala de nanomechanical bill Adams. And now when these people begin to visualize what was the end of this individual, that how we learned the lesson, those individuals in you and VDS position the day before, they then begin to highlight themselves your coluna awake and allow you to risk buddy mania show me a bad day. Lola, Lola Elena

00:43:12--> 00:43:18

la casa Sabina, then these people begin to realize and begin to understand, they begin to say

00:43:19--> 00:43:53

it is indeed Allah, Allah who enlarges the provision or restricts it he indeed any any, it is not any of his servants, that they want to be one amongst the servants of Allah and Allah if I look on that not guided us or not set our record straight over time not being gracious towards us, he could have caused the earth to swallow us up as well. So you find that out most of these individuals would have been the same any destination in your own wake and no lag of zero will be upon you. The disbelievers will never ever be successful. Lafitte. Dunya will

00:43:54--> 00:44:30

never in this world. And events are the afra what will kill em em Buddha will have been a nurse. These are only days that we alternate any around with a moment never ever think that the disbelievers will ever have an upper hand over the believers never inside this world and never inside the Euro as well. chilkat Sierra Nevada de la Vina, Yuri Luna Luna, fill out the villa for sada the Accra once again we give to those individuals who when they have domination upon this earth, they don't want to be arrogant and they don't want to create any corruption upon this land. So does you find that in Naga Lila, you

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

a birdie will talk in this earth belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, when a Muslim becomes dominant becomes powerful, it comes in a position, it's a blessing of Allah Subhana Allah. But look how the Quran still tells us well, akeeba to limitata in the final abode, is best for the real believers, that the believer isn't going to become a new one doesn't become arrogant, doesn't become lofty, and begin to become full of himself. Was he dominating upon this earth? The individual ones during our email holiday

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Somebody, they believe a one's the real abode, the eternal abode inside the afra for those who do not commit, either aloo attackable Phil, because we don't oppress any individual, don't become arrogant towards other individuals upon this one facade and because you will have facade if you take any the rights of people without any justification or to carry out committing El Mariachi, while I am able to limit the agenda is for those any pious any individuals inside this word and likewise inside the alpha as well. Fela takuna nelga hiralal Catherine, so never become an individual who is aiding the disbelievers basic lesson inside the Quran. never become amongst those individuals.

00:45:42--> 00:46:20

Morena, know whom Musa Raiden ala takuna owner know whom Allah de name vamos sorry, the gnome and Adani him, simple as early multifaceted mentioned. You don't need to be a great scholar to understand this never become an individual who's aiding the symbols of their way of life, aiding their belief, aiding their principles or become an individual begins to aid their corruption, their misguided misguidance their harm upon other Muslims, Muslims should stay away from that. That's a simple approach. If we can do that today, now we'll have a great big impact never become an individual's aiding the disbelievers any against any the believers. And then we find colusa in

00:46:20--> 00:46:58

Harlequin illa wotja, who everything will be destroyed, except for a sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala his or her own to Allah belongs the command the judgment, the regulations and to Him will return. So everything once again the sewer is concluding by mentioning is the end, everything will come to an end. So once in this short journey upon this earth, that some of us been striving and struggling and trying to compete and trying to gain we lose focus, that the dunya will come to an end, just like the vegetation just that the crop just like a windy day would blow everything away. Just that the destruction this earth would all just be taken away and everything

00:46:58--> 00:47:35

will return back to Allah Subhana Allah so coming to an end that we find that that contentment that all of us are supposed to be any finding that contentment like our own was supposed to be find that contentment or that peace or trying to rest in peace and he never rested in peace in this world. And like was it never rest in peace inside the alpha as well. So it as we find he'll honor to be Hubbard Allah, that peace that corner and that you're searching within your own self there is no substitute for it. You find that peace within yourself. There's no substitute. There's nothing else in this dunya that can fulfill that contentment, that peace right inside your chest. 300 a Murphy Hurrah to

00:47:35--> 00:48:14

Bernie when you find that contentment that is then our aim that is the place that is a blessing. And that is the rest of the mind and the body and the soul on the demon Melaka dunya big man look at whoever possessed the word whatever it contains. Look at these individuals elfi they possess hell Rahman hubiera Tony Welker funny, they they go live this dunya with what except for the cotton and the shroud the cotton shouted the way that's the end of all of us. Nothing will be taken with us when we make that journey back to last panda Allah. So May Allah give us a tofik and ability to rest in peace inside this dunya and even more sort of rest in peace inside that graves and rest more in

00:48:14--> 00:48:25

peace inside the era when we return back to lust panda Allah and then the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem aku Cody had I was stuck for lolly What? What did you mean? muslimeen for stock for window we'll go for him