Ramadan 2023 Appeal

When Worship Really Counts

Mohammad Elshinawy


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Bismillah you know, everyone rushes back to God when they're stuck between a rock and a hard place. In fact, one of the greatest signs of a person's Doom is that when they don't rush back to God, even during hardships, but one of the signs of a person's prosperity is that they fight to stay close to God, even when things start going their way. And so don't ask yourself, if you pray, you're five when you're feeling desperate, and so you need God. I mean, that's what those difficulties are there for. To begin with. There are a recall button to help you reconnect. Ask yourself, you continue praying your five, even after things start working out, because that'll tell you, whether you live

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for yourself or you live for God. It'll tell you whether you're the person who only wants from God, or a person who wants God. May Allah and His pleasure be our ultimate passion always until we breathe our last everybody said I want to come