Ask Musleh – I have non-Muslim parents and I wanna get married – What do I do?

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of not being a Muslim parent in marriage, as it is not possible to do so. The advice given is to try to get your non Muslim parents to support you and try to make them feel included. The segment also touches on the idea of finding someone who can do a motorcycle ride and mentions that many non Muslim parents may not want to be called by their religion.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today we're talking about I have non Muslim parents I want to get married. So what do I do? So here in this particular situation obviously this applies more to the sister than it does to the brother she wants to get married she needs to Lily and what kind of role do her parents play in her marriage? Number one is I want to set a foundation for all of us who have non Muslim parents. The first thing is that you should know is that Allah azza wa jal, it's loaded Look, man orders us to be kind to our parents, and in several places in the Koran, but specifically in salt Look, man, Allah says, while

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saw him a woman for dunya. Moreover, not only do you obey, and you listen to your parents, but you'll also become a companion and a friend to them in all of the things in this world. In other words, being kind to them being good to them have a normal regular relationship in this world, when it comes to the alpha, it's a different thing. When it comes to the alpha. Now Allah set specific rules for that. Now, particularly in marriage, if a sister wants to get married, and her father is obviously not a Muslim, the first basic criteria of a family or a guardian is that they have to be Muslim. So we know that the Father here cannot play that role anymore. However, it doesn't mean that

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you exclude your father in everything else. Maybe you can think about getting him involved in other other things or the other plans that you have for your wedding, let them help out, pick out some of the food decoration or driving around looking for a place for the wedding, just other logistics that you can keep your father involved. But when it comes to the actually actual Willie ship, at that point, it has to be done by a Muslim, what options does she have? If she has access to a Muslim judge, then of course, she should go to that that's the primary option. However, a majority part of the world doesn't have this option. So you go to number two, which is a qualified, local, mm was

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qualified to perform in the cache and understands the implications of the kneecap itself. So they have knowledge about the kneecap as well. In addition to that, so you have been kind of good to your parents and try to include them in basic things. Secondly, is to understand this world is just for a listener. And so you need to find somebody else that can do that. Third thing is don't completely allow your father to be ignored out of the situation. And the next and final advice that I would give is for both mothers and fathers remember, brothers and sisters, both of you. This is just some general advice when you're looking for marriage, try to please your non Muslim parents. In other

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words, if you have Muslim parents that support you, that accept you as a Muslim, accept your religion or your religious choices, then those are parents that are worth pleasing as long as it comes to the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal. In other words, don't disobey Allah by pleasing your parents don't do that. But make sure that you try to at least meet them halfway or try to have some commonality between them. Try to make them feel happy, and try to make them feel included as much as possible. With that insha Allah they'll have a happy day on the day of your wedding. And most importantly, you'll always have a happy relationship with your parents. May Allah azza wa jal make

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it easy for all of you. And for our mothers and fathers out there with those who are not Muslim May Allah azza wa jal bring them closer to their religion was

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sermorelin Kumar, the tool you will wa barakato brothers and sisters, and

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this is why this happens because I don't put my game face on.

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I'm freezing man. What am I supposed to say?

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We're talking about I have non Muslim parents and I want to get married and I want to get married. What do I do? What do I do?

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Okay. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today inshallah we're talking about non Muslim parents.

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No, we're not really talking about that. We're talking about their children.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today we're talking about non Muslim parents.

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More equal more to learn about a cat two brothers and sisters and welcome to as Muslim. So we're talking today about non Muslim parents and their children. So the children have accepted Islam, and now they want to get married. So what do they do? What role does the non Muslim parents play in their marriage or even in their engagement? The first thing is there's a banging noise coming in. It's disrupting me.

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chopping meat or something

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that was a brother chopping squash. Okay, so he's done.

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So Mr. Lee Kumara to learn more about our cattle brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim