Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #48 – Surah Abasa

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the title "sted up," which is a sign that a religion is true or false. The title is also a reminder for people to prioritize others and value things the way Allah wants them to value them. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of valuing things the way Allah wants them to value them.
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surah Allah says extremely significant because for those who claim that there is no proof, you can't tell whether a religion is true or not. There's a significant proof in the beginning in the title of the Surah, Allah Azza wa Taala that there is a admonition, there is a correction for the Prophet Mohammed Salah is set up in this surah. And it passes what certain people call the embarrassment test, right that if this whole thing were just made up by Muhammad, Allah He salatu salam, that he would not include information that was potentially embarrassing to himself, right, or anything that could be used against him. And yet here we have a lot of data, telling him that he made a mistake,

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right? And the story is well known. The Prophet I said Sam was making data to some of the code if the Quraysh chieftains, and there was a poor person, a blind person that came up to ask some sort of clarification. And the prophesy Saddam was maybe a little annoyed, right. He thought that he had bigger fish to fry perhaps. And so he frowned and turned away from the person who is asking him. And so Allah subhanaw taala, sent down this entire chapter, right to say, no, that's not right, right. You're not responsible for guiding these people whose hearts are diseased, and who are arrogant and don't want to submit to you, right, but you have this person here who wants to who wants to benefit,

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who is submissive, who is docile, who's ready to learn, and he's coming to you. And so that's where you should focus your attention. So if if this thing were all just made up, then this wouldn't be in there. And it's also a reminder for us, you know, to have priorities people, people go straight, we're addicted to fame, we're addicted to fame, and celebrity and these sorts of things.

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And it's a problem, honestly, it's a problem we have, especially in the Muslim community, North America, we are addicted to fame and celebrity. And so we automatically value it higher than somebody who doesn't have fame and celebrity even if that person who doesn't have famous celebrities better, maybe they're more pure, maybe they're gonna get into gender faster, right? Maybe they're a better worshiper, you just no one knows about them. And so this is another reminder that you have to be seeing things the way Allah wants you to see them and you have to be valuing things the way that Allah wants you to value them a lot doesn't value fame and celebrity, right. He values a pure heart.

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And so you should direct your attention to those with pure hearts.

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