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Continuing the journey of the bad moral habits of practices that we find that some of these habits have become a betrayal amongst us and some of us we begin to think nothing of it, and it becomes common practice. So there's some of the the previous sins or the bad habits that we mentioned. It becomes part and parcel of our life that we carry out these actions. And we don't even think that we're sinning. We think we're not doing anything wrong. And we mentioned at the sad fact is that sometimes you find religious people, or people who should know better begin to justify or begin to legalize these practices and this doesn't help.

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As for religious people, and obviously, we can take this in a very loose manner because many people practice or claim to be practicing the deen of Allah Subhana Allah today. But unfortunately, I've many flaws and many practices of many of these bad moral habits. They exist inside their life.

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And they may cover themselves with a a cloud or clothing, appearance of Islam.

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But internally, there's still corruption that we need to purify the need to take away from their lives, or these bad moral habits have come become a part of their life and need to cleanse themselves from these bad moral habits. Not to say the person a religious person may not have bad moral habits, but they don't begin to carry them out. In a public domain, they vigilant about how they conduct themselves and what they do. So does this connotation of a practicing Muslim is a very weak wording in actual fact to use in a western world What does it mean? to entail to be a practicing Muslim? Does it just mean to do certain actions visibly, and focus upon the core elements

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of belief and character and avoiding the harem and sticking to the Hello that we find? We find that today's moral habit of bad habit that we find is not just a bad habit, we can safely conclude that this bad habit is something which is held on something which is dangerous, and something which is even sinful, or can be punished by Allah Subhana Allah for carrying out this action. All of this action is based upon this one Hadith. upon various Hadith the prophets of the low send them know how Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and acclaimed buslee will kuras the prophet Elijah some he prohibited people from the eating of onions and leeks, and its pure format in a raw format to eat. These

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vegetational is vegetables that we find for Halliburton and hodja to Facundo minha. So they have a need, that they liked his food and he began to eat it. He overcame them sakala Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he said to them and aka lemon howdy Shakira montini Tina tea, whoever eats from this fowl evil tree is felled spelling tree Fela kharbanda masina for in Alma Akita that at the min Maya to add the mineral ins. So whether it's from this, this foul smelling tree, or this plantation, let them not come to the machine machine, because indeed the melodica to add them in Maya to add the mineral ins, because indeed, the angels feel the harm, just like human beings may feel the harm of

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that smell, or a foul smell that's coming out of the human body, or the mouth of that individual.

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What we want to deduce from this Hadith, it should be

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noted when the taking of cigarettes or smoking cigarettes, that we find that this bad moral habit is we're going to conclude is something Haram. And it's something rampant amongst the Muslim society that we find that as we mentioned, as we began with many people don't think much of it.

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And unfortunately, maybe a minute element of a small percentage of religious clerics who may have initially classified as being mokoro, something disliked and people begin to follow that. Or we find that people do that. And people look up to these individuals as role models, and begin to justify the actions that they're doing.

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People may begin to say that why are we worried about this action? Why focus on this? When the world is suffering? There's so much hardship that's taking place in the world? Why are we focusing upon such actions that people are doing?

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amongst the answers that can be given is the world suffering is a global issue, a political issue that maybe we can only say certain things do certain things, we don't have the full solution to change the world, status quo, the politics of the world, the suffering of the world.

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But those things and those actions which are directly inside our hand, were able to prevent ourselves, were able to stop ourselves. And Allah Subhana Allah will ask us about that. Allah will also ask us about the suffering around the world. But Allah apparently knows that there's certain things that we can't do.

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We can't change, we don't have the tools, we don't have the voice, we don't have the ability. So we could be excused from that in front of Allah subhanaw taala. But the daily sins, the daily bread, bad practices, which are within our control within our reach. And we don't try to change ourself that we are responsible for that even more so. And likewise, some people begin to give this argument that up will only focus upon the patient that the pill, you don't follow the core element of the problems that we're facing. This is the mantic the logic that they use these modernistic words that they use that only focusing upon the P of the fruit and not focusing on the core of the fruit. This

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in itself is flawed linguistically, and understanding from the science of food as well because in general, the extended plantation of a fruit shows the internal core if it's corrupt from the outside to be corrupt from the inside.

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And likewise, we find that even if we use this modernistic approach that we find if we use classical texts of the Quran of moronic adolescent, it will Gemma What does it mean of being people of the sadhana and gemera A sadhana is the internal core

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of changing oneself within. While Gemma is the consensus external body of Muslims, of how we represent us of what we do. So this is from the manual of Allah suitable Gemma is to focus internally and to focus externally, just because certain people may externally they only focus on certain things. And they make that the cliche they make, that they approach of the external elements of how long a person's bed is, how long their hijab is, whether we're in the pub, whether customer Thea, whether they have their garments over the ankles are certain ways that they pray just because some people may do that. We're not saying that's wrong.

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But that's not just filled up with

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a lack of understanding that out of the zeal and their passion, that's all that they focus upon. That's all that the life becomes. And that's what that's the only thing that they preach to people. So people get that understanding these people, the only thing they speaking about is these things, they don't have nothing else to address, they have nothing else to tackle, nothing else to speak about.

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So we have a suitable gym at all times throughout life, whatever needs to be highlighted externally, internally, we try our best to remind ourselves, and likewise, to give the excuse that a person is drowning is dying. you're discussing whether to touch the person whether or not to touch the person, if it's a non man, whatever it may be. And this is false, because the Sharia is flexible. If somebody is dying, you will take them out and rescue them, you're not going to worry about the intricate details about them. So that's not what we're saying. We're talking about those things that directly we have the ability that we can address that we can change, we should focus upon that

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inside our lives that we find. As for the history of the terrain of tobacco that we find, if you read through the Encyclopedia Britannica and other sources that you find historical evidences that we find, they say that it goes back to the people discipline itself is repulsive. The essence the foundation is plant is a repulsive plant that not even animals go towards or eat from this plant.

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And we find that they they wrote that certain people, some of them go to the view that the land of Trinidad and Tobago, that's where tobacco comes from, that they had a y shaped like a fork that used to smoke or inhale the smoke of this plant is one view that the history of tobacco that they find. The other view is when Christopher Columbus he landed upon the Americas in 1492, and the native Indians that gifted him with tobacco. And they began to transport that back by the, by the 15th 16th century defined the European soul. So the usage of tobacco they began to use, transport tobacco input tobacco begin to spread that use that as a commodity amongst themselves that we find.

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And a strange thing is that by the 17th century, they saw the dangers. They saw the dangers of tobacco and began to implement some prohibitions, and some punishments began to implement it about this. But as we know, they have no faith. So with this away, just like you find the alcohol ban that took place in the 1920s and 30s. In America, they find alcohol was haram Hummer was made Haram in America in the 1920s into 1933. So it was haram forbidden.

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But why did they then legalize it once again, because of a man they had? No, he had no faith,

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to abstain from it. And because you know that everything about these people in general revolves around money.

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Money is their God is their dignity. That's what you find that they go to wars with countries they entered the country based upon, upon currency upon wealth, upon minerals, upon oil upon revenue, upon natural resources, is this what mostly the world is based upon that intent? And as you find historically they find that the American Revolution 1776

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Between the Americans and the British largely based upon tobacco.

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And an even as a side we defined was classified as the Opium Wars, that when this country went to war with China, regarding opium, regarding drugs, of the use of drugs in those countries of killing people, was based upon this don't don't think that these people, they're away from what they want to achieve inside their lives. Because they will go to war, to defend their wealth to defend their property, they will go to whatever happens to be something Haram, or something detrimental because they don't look at few individuals. They look at the global impact of their wealth and the currency of what they're trying to gain from these people. And even they call it themselves the syntax. They

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said in taxes that they place upon certain commodities, they say themselves is classified as syntax. But why because it's a multi billion pound industry. So they're not going to classify straightaway as heroin or push people away from it because there's a benefit from it. Yes, aluna. Somebody will Mason will feed him a

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woman effort or a nurse or a bourbon if

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they asked you about wine and gambling, and intoxicants, say there is a sin in them. But it's also a minor benefit. That minor benefit is this, the welds that they try to extract from it that we find, and as you find that the marketing expenditures, inside the use of advertising cigarettes that we find is 12 billion in a year, daily, $34 million is spent

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in advertising, in pushing out cigarettes in such society that we find. And as you find out more than 1 million, minors or teenagers annually, begin to get addicted to cigarettes. More than 1 million inside the country that we find the Institute of Medicine, it concludes that tobacco kills more Americans than aids, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, homicides, suicides, car accidents, and fires combined. more deaths, and that is tobacco, diseases of tobacco. You know, they speak about terrorism inside the world, which obviously is wrong. But they don't want to discuss these issues, or what's killing their society, what's killing humanity, we find that more than 1000 people per day

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in this country per day in this country are hospitalized due to tobacco related illnesses and diseases, more than 1000 people. Yes, we're all worried about COVID-19 and sickness and illnesses that we find

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about how many deaths have taken place. In comparison, to find out how many take place between 1950 to 2000, you find more than 6 million deaths inside this country related to tobacco related diseases. 6 million deaths inside this country have taken place. And you will honestly, we have to acknowledge that some people amongst them, they do make an effort they have recognized that smoking is dangerous, as you find out in some 1972. So that smoking was banned in the radio and television that we find. We find smoking in general banned in public places that we find inside this country, even to such a degree they recognize the passive smoking, they want to ban that as well, of the

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abandoned in public places, affecting children. And it may even sound strange that the government is even researching or pushing them even when a person smokes on their own. In a private place like inside the car, we need to ban that as well.

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So if a person wants to smoke, they should open smoke in the open faraway. They shouldn't even smoke inside the car with their own sauce is detrimental. So as we find organizations like ash that we find action in smoking health that we find, if you look at all these research that they carried out is something we have to acknowledge

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that they do understand the dangers and they do try to certain degree but the government obviously has his own role to play. Compare that now to the Muslim world. How the Muslim world we find in 1633 that Sultan Murat the fourth that he ordered tobacco users to be executed. So they we saw the dangers as well. And a state policy began to develop the people use tobacco need to be executed executed by 1647. This ban was lifted by 1832 that we find that this the roll up the cigarette that we find in today's modern form is attributed to an Egyptian soldier who's inside the Turkish army, who took tobacco and began to roll it into cigarette paper form.

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And as we find that sometimes we like to blame non Muslims for carrying out corruption and expanding upon corruption. Sometimes we should look at our own history, our own selves, that how we take sometimes haram things and then we begin to push it inside society and begin to encourage people to come towards haram that we find and to date in general.

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In general, we find that smoking is rampant in the Muslim world, in general to a large proportion 95 to 97% many guns

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don't seem to care much about the danger of smoking inside the society. Yes, there is some effort but it's a very minute effort in the global picture of things compared to what the Western world so we won't imitate the Western world in these things about our health and trying to protect our society protect people around us will imitate the West in the wrong things.

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And these are just some statistical data we can go in and look back

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inside our lives. But let us refer back to the Quran and the Sunnah. To see how the Quran and Sunnah engages with these aspects. The Quran mentions ma forbartha Phil keytab him in shame.

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We haven't left anything out in this book that you find that Quran who assess is the foundation everything that you find that rules and regulations are based upon the Quran and the Sunnah that we find as analogy is based extracted from the Quran, that we begin to take something else we begin to throw it in light of the Quran and we begin to extract hokum and rulings are something which could be detrimental or beneficial to us. The role of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we hit lulo multibit we have read more Allahabad is instituted an awful lot of speaks about an Ambien ami, the enluxtra profit

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by looking at the division of this illiterate Prophet sallallahu is of Allah mentions that he is the one where you hate Lula Mota. You bet. He makes good things halal for them. Well, you have the more La Mancha is anything which is which is filthy, which is corrupt. He makes it haram upon them by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala or legislation from Allah Subhana Allah overland. It is haram to once Dean is Hadith that we mentioned when a calamity shudra Almunia T for la cabane de la ciudad Medina, Medina,

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Fela yarrabah musti musti Deena whoever eats from this from this foul tree, that a person will come close to a machine to have a place of prayer. For in that manner. To add them in by a domino is indeed the angels upset it harms them it grieves them, just like human beings are grieved. In other heads we find had the Sheraton and sabetha whoever eats from from this evil tree shape and anything from this evil tree from his plantation that our personal computers must should have of ours, man Akela Fuhrman obasan, whoever eats onions or garlic,

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in its raw format, that a person will come to our places of prayer. These are original evidences that run amok concluded that smoking is mokra is disliked, in the late 18th century, the beginning 19th century the realm are based upon these ideas and what they saw they couldn't see the medical discussion, they couldn't see the harm that a moment in time. So they concluded that this is something which is makuu.

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makuu isn't something to be taken lightly, even according to a set of principles of faith that we find are rulings of faith that we find makuu carries the meaning of this is something disliking by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, that should be enough for a person to think that Allah Subhana Allah does not like this action. And this is not something likened by the prophet Elijah or something I need to avoid this.

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And this was a ruling that was mentioned a long time ago.

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And the Sharia has developed in the sense that it begins to see the light of the harms and the dangers and as we find that the consensus a large portion of the earlier today from a broad spectrum spectrum that you find from people and he just to answer Sharif, two people have deal been that we find have concluded ignore whether some people like to say that some of the lemma that they smoke, etc, but that the standing fatwa of the legends that we find amongst them is that smoking, polluted Hindu or haram? Haram is forbidden because of all these dangers that we're going to highlight harm to one's Deen that we find that some people that affects a smoking they stay away from sutra they

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stay away from the gym and they stay away from the congregation. And we find that some people even in fasting they have to break their fast on a cigarette.

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Which may sound strange for some of us but you find that there are people that have to break their fast with a cigarette

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This is the nourishment This is the food that would have to effects their Dean that we find harm to the human body as we know that medical has been proven we find that these people in a combat campaign they're on a cigarette boxes is clearly states is dangerous to have look at even cigarettes in shops now there you have to conceal them. You can openly advertise. You get fine if the cigarette shelves are being open in display. They have to it has to be concealed. And are they even moving towards that the packets need to be a plain packet. No brand new

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And just a label on their why and they clearly state this is detrimental to one's health poisonous elements. Research has shown that this 4000 chemicals inside cigarette smoke and 43 compounds that can cause cancer inside a person and the smoking of cigarettes. A smokers age is diminished by 10 years, obviously, we know that aging is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. But this is Bob, these things that a person does that becomes harmful upon them.

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The British Medical Association has mentioned that the smoking one cigarette which approximately takes maybe five and a half minutes, takes away five and a half minutes of your life. Every time you smoke a cigarette it takes away five and a half minutes of your life. What does the Quran say? When I talk to Lou and fusa comb, don't kill your own cells in the law can become rahima don't lead yourself to killing your own self. This poison that you inject inside your own body is killing your own self. What are told Kobe de come in attack look at don't destroy yourself, lead yourself to destruction with your own hands. And likewise you find the Hadeeth libre wallet there are we find

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which is a principle of solid fit, there is no harm,

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no harm upon your own self and no reciprocating harm upon another individual. Don't harm yourself and don't harm other individuals. And likewise, in a day judgment, five things a person will be asked about and this may female a blue person we asked about their body is a right that our last panel is given to the individual to preserve their body. And they'll be asked about this on the Day of Judgment, harm to the mind and willpower kolomoisky Hakuna Matata harem

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everything that intoxicates you mind streaks takes away your your strength, your willpower is haraam.

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Once again, you may sound strange for us, but some of these people, they become slaves to the cigarette.

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They become slaves to it. It controls their life. They may speak about I can abandon at any moment inside my life. That's not true. Many of them become slaves to it runs their life. Whenever they upset their panic. They're happy, whatever work career life, eating, drinking, socializing everything, it just becomes part integral part of their life that they need to have it as part of their life. So it harms your willpower harms your mind. And likewise harm to the environment. As we mentioned that law there are studied the researcher of fires in countries how many fires have been ignited by cigarette smoking with a bunch of cigarette have caused fires inside the society inside

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the Western world that we find. And likewise, the passive smoking has been concluded that even for us who don't smoke, being at some close proximity to person who smokes, is equally dangerous as a person who smokes that affects that smoke enters into our lungs enters into our body and harms us. Just like the person who's smoking is a dangerous which has been proven inside society, smoking in front of children, it harms children. And as we mentioned that even alone as you mentioned, it can harm the individual people around them as well. harm to one's property and one's wealth. How much does a box of cigarettes cost today more than 10 pound or so? Personally smoke 20 a day. Multiply

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that by a daily usage. How many 1000s of pounds a person spends in a year on this action for unmentioned one or two but the tip of the Euro in nonverbal verina Keanu is one a share of pain. Don't waste your wealth.

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Don't become amongst those individuals squander their wealth destroy their wealth

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of things that have no benefit for unmentioned in non MOBA darina Can we want to share?

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Those individuals who loosely spend their wealth have no accountability, their wealth to squander their wealth, or unmentioned? Can we want to share pain? They are the bredrin of the devil of the devil's in a hadith we find that Allah Allah dislikes free things many times mentions Hadith. But inside this hadith we find Tila will call this and that was said we're able to learn wasting of one's well for a catheter to swirl. So today we focus upon it many times. But what about wasting one's well this wasting one's wealth inside our daily lives that we find. And likewise you find resembling people of the Hellfire modern day about the passive dimension sootel Akasha the

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overwhelming laser and firemen in them in Berea law use meanwhile you gonna mean do

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you find these people they Pam Lamin burrier will be a plantation, a fully plant of Johanna will be their food will be the next

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And now use me know what i mean during this doesn't nourish them. And it doesn't take away their hunger.

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A Bernie thorny plant will be the nourishment. Does modern day remember the facility mentioned that this this ayah it can be used to speak about smoking, it doesn't nourish you. Smoking doesn't give you nourishment like food and drink. It gives you a form of nourishment is just a smoke. A plant a burning plant that a person is inhaling within their body. And as we find everybody in society acknowledges This is an evil substance. Nobody calls it a good substance. You mentioned speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam we heard more elements about is

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that he makes haram things or evil things haram upon them. And likewise, the Quran mentions Kula yester will habito Ebola dibaca castrato hubbies say that pure things that impure things, good things and filthy things are not going to be the same. We all conclude that smoking is something filthy, it is something impure. ignore the fact that whether the person wants to smoke or not smoke, the key factor is all of us conclude is something which is impure is something that burns the body of the human being harms the internal

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system, the internal organs, affects the teeth, the mouth, creates cancer, tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart disease, heart attack, all this all of us we conclude this safely. The dishes are how can we say that this is something which is good, or something which is pure. And likewise, other issues related to this. Some of the elements, the fuqaha of molokhia

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have gone to the view that a person who's the Imam well, who are you duck in and he smokes for his Salah is barkatullah his prayer is invalidated.

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It's a minor view but that's what you need to study in great detail. They said that the Imam who smokes is not permissible for him to be there to be the Imam.

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Look at us today that we see they are there. Unfortunately, there might be a minute amount There are moms who smoke and some of them who smoke in public because based upon they think is makuu there is only disliking

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but FOCA have mentioned that person that they their prayer is invalidated can't lead the people in prayer. That could be an extreme view. But it's a view which is less than that, which is even better. I mentioned it when he's asked about the person mm who smokes. They he said that the prayer is complete. But it's not befitting for that person to lead the people in prayer.

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Select another Imam have another Imam to lead the people in prayer. But if he happens to smoke and he leads the people in prayer, your prayer is complete. But it shows the worry that we should have you know sometimes we become trivial in in many of our things. We think that being the Imam is just light hearted. If he doesn't cover his head if he if he shaves his bed if he's his bed is short, or the stove is not appropriate. We find it trivial today. It's not trivial in the fuqaha. They never found it trivial. They found a survey they found they found it is the dean that the Imam has to be somebody who's upright in such society has to fulfill all of the characteristics the thought of

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being an Imam doesn't mean imams are infallible, they do sin. But there's a certain demeanor there's a certain characteristic of the Imam Hey, but it needs to be delivered. So people find the Imam is a good one. Not the Imam could lumen have Baba Baba and the individual is the Imam. Just because they're fluent in Quran is something to be something good.

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But it doesn't give the overall overall right for a person to them begin to have a fist, avoid a parent sitting in in public again to overlook this because they happen to be Person of the Quran, we should find the Jew balance of reminding themselves of reminding ourselves of the person being inside that position. Like always find that many of the average individuals that they say maybe I don't smoke, but we find Muslims selling tobacco selling cigarettes. They think nothing of it had eaten in an hour in the center of the Deadwood and a Muslim Imam Ahmed in the light of the Hydra mushy her Rama Salman who Akuma con la salatu salam if Allah had to make something around and

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octoman make something haram upon the people. Then there's someone who the price the commodity the earnings, everything linked to it is all around. So he's Muslim to say I don't smoke but if I sell cigarettes, it doesn't mean anything. Now you use Haram is forbidden. In the Medina you have buena and Tashi and furniture to fill Edina Avenue. Those who want to spread virus inside society spread evil inside society for them is an evil punishment for those individuals.

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A man is weak we live in the West my earnings, my risk my sustenance

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So I'm going to lose my income, that we find

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what is more dangerous

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than what is more dangerous for a person to lose the man

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or to be worried about, about their earnings. And this is the sad thing about some of us Muslims. We don't take moral stances.

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There's an element of weakness inside a society. That's what you find that we know. We have to sometimes praise. Unfortunately, non Muslims, they do take stances, that when they believe in something, they they, they highlight it, they're willing to sacrifice their lives for it, let's ignore this email or ignore that for the time being, but they believe in something and they will highlight it.

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We Muslims, we believe in something we don't highlight it. We become shallow become weak Muslim, that why why should I highlight Why should I make this stance? Why should I go forward inside society and highlight this? That's not what Islam is. Islam is a dominant change of the person and the society around them. Well, as you mentioned, that affairs are related to tobacco, as you mentioned, about being people in society leading the people in prayer or person begins to sell these evil substances that we find. And that also which is linked to it is the chewing or the eating of thought that they find that in general, people inside the Ethiopia, likewise inside Yemen that we

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find in Somalia that we find that you find up to 12 million $12 million a day

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are spent on buying the substance spot, this discipline that we find which affects that they chew as the same as cocaine,

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the chewing of this pot that we find these posts in countries that how can how can these countries spend $12 million a day on the substance you find the substance in broadly, in certain European countries has been banned? It's only this country, that moment is still legalized at the moment, if I'm not mistaken, by inside Holland, other European countries, that the taking of cod is something which is forbidden. And once again, the inside our Muslim countries no no effect

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is detrimental to a person's health to a person's life that we find. And likewise, another thing inside, which is more prominent in the eastern world, like what the Western world has at the moment is she shared that we find

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that inhaling that people say is food substances that we find that dangers have already been highlighted.

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And even we if we tried to go to that Buddha, people tried to say some mukuru just like cigarettes, it will be proven more and more that it is as detrimental as scholars and medics have highlighted just as smoking. That is alleviation of people now that we find as we began with so called practicing Muslims. The sad fact is they are practicing Muslims who open these environments. These lounges are people to go and smoke shisha or they don't have no there's no other work for you to to earn a living. There's no other work for you to do. This becomes a way of earning for you that you feel even even we say it's a gray area, it's a very big gray area. But we can safely conclude that

00:33:02--> 00:33:21

this taking of the smoking shisha is wrong. And the whole environment around these people that they create these lounges that they create of music of a pillar, or maybe a listing of music, taking of drugs as well, all these for why he existed. How did this now make it a lot I could man

00:33:22--> 00:33:25

wasting of money wasting of time.

00:33:26--> 00:33:31

You know, I visualize with my own eyes in some Muslim country, the people before fudger.

00:33:32--> 00:33:55

Before fudger are preparing the tools and the instruments as we're walking to get to the machine they're preparing themselves will know and whether they prayed further, obviously we didn't see them in a machine in JAMA it may give them excuse prayed it quietly then inside their shops, whatever may be, but preparing the tools, preparing the instruments. And then throughout the whole day. People are just sitting there

00:33:56--> 00:34:02

all through the bar as a Muslim Asia through the night, smoking the shisha.

00:34:03--> 00:34:32

Then we want to complain about the Muslim world. We want to complain about politics. We want to complain about our suffering. This is what the average person is doing. That's all that the life becomes just sitting there discussing things wasting their time. That's what would become a nation a waste their time, have nothing constructive to do inside their lives, wasting our life away. And likewise, you find it's been concluded that smoking, the smoking of cigarettes is a stepping stone to other drugs

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

is being proven medically. It's been proven socially, that people who smoke cigarettes will eventually begin to Dibble and dabble in other substances and begin to take drugs. In general, it's been proven, it's a stepping stone. And likewise, you find in conclusion that we find the means for quitting the spiritual means we shouldn't display we shouldn't lose hope that we find resolution that a person should have a reliance

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Upon a widow Allah subhanaw taala for either a center for what can Allah Allah when you make a resolution to do something inside your life fatawa Allah Allah, pleasure to work on upon a with Allah Subhana Allah. That's what a Muslim should be. When they make as Masada a strong resolution inside their heart, they placed the trust to the last paragraph Bismillah Nevada and they begin in trying to stay away from that path or trying to follow a good path. Likewise, we find that the support will come from a loss and whoever strives Allah manges would support that individual will lead Dena Jehan rufina then at the end, nam sabudana, y de la llamada sin, those who strive in our

00:35:41--> 00:35:48

paths, you try your best, and Allah will guide you to the right path and allies with the doers of good

00:35:49--> 00:35:52

and third we find make Dora what color of Buddha Ronnie

00:35:54--> 00:36:21

Duran is a powerful tool. person ask Allah Subhana Allah give me the trophy, give me the ability. Give me the means Give me the ways. Give me the image, give me the strength, to avoid the sins to stay away from it to come away from it make me do these good deeds, a tofik with a lie Subhana Allah. If a person has that conviction inside their heart, it may even be years. But a person will move away from these bad habits that we find.

00:36:22--> 00:36:27

And as soon as a person knows inside their life, person should take immediate action.

00:36:28--> 00:36:43

So for me procrastination, leaving it for another day, Muslim isn't like that, soon as a Muslim hears something, and it penetrates their heart and the mind they should make that intention straight away and avoided. So I read it the seed of the idea of a hammer and sort of marry the verse in 1991.

00:36:44--> 00:36:47

How you find that alcohol was close to the lips.

00:36:48--> 00:37:05

As soon as they heard these, if not, these are the final stages. They could have thought maybe have a have a have another drink, or maybe abandon it next week, the following month, I set a plan now straight away because a man was dead now they abandoned it. That's what you find out some of the historians that write up people to see that the writer, there was one that was flowing.

00:37:07--> 00:37:13

Older, all the utensils were smashed in the street and wine was flowing through Medina because that's it now.

00:37:14--> 00:37:49

So that's how a Muslim should be that when they hear the the head of Quran, they should make that strong resolution to stay away from it. Likewise to avoid bad company. People who smoke avoid people if the person smokes, avoid these people and if present did smoke avoid them. And because the person doesn't smoke, avoid such people sitting amongst such people who have these evil, bad characteristics. Likewise, seek medical help. There's nothing wrong with medical health. If it's patches that don't contain something which is haram or, or tablets or nourishment of gums, or whatever it may be, there's no harm not 100 feet, Alec present takes these to help them also to

00:37:49--> 00:38:15

abandon this evil action, change their food diet, engage inside exercise, use of the miss work, all these things that we find. And even the person falls into the trap of shape and may go back to it again. Don't despair. Carry on, don't give up continuously. Strive again, to perfect yourself linguistically to make yourself a better individual. And we ask Allah, Allah make us amongst those individuals. alladhina yestermorrow Nicola, for

00:38:18--> 00:38:58

those who don't just hear the words, and the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but they ponder they reflect they lending a wholesome air to it. It penetrates them with a bit Runa accent who and they try their best to make it back to the best of their ability. That's what a Muslim is. We ask a lot of the automaker's amongst those individuals who hate the Quran. Listen to the Quran, listen to the Sunnah it penetrates our heart and our mind to become good believing individuals and to stay away from all that which is Kaaba is which is impure via Rama Barton and externally and internally go towards the pipe to piggyback go to the good things externally and internally inside their lives

00:38:58--> 00:39:02

and likewise inside our society to make it wholesome and a good society.