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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various aspects of the Bible, including the use of r backwards in the Bible for healing and protecting the heart, and the potential benefits of the r backwards in the world for healing and protecting the heart. They also mention the history and characteristics of the title Darai APe, including the use of the "unsure" in the title and the use of "t]" in the title. The segment also touches on the narration of the story and its impact on the audience, including the narrator's work and his desire to protect his wife and children from the evil spirit.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat

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smuggler hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Loma Linda main fauna on finally my lamp Anna was it no Illman camera I mean, they ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada teach us would benefit us benefit less from what he told us and increase his knowledge along with that again if you don't know how they are, but I mean, normally when you're called Long halacha como MacFarlane, Lacan Katutura sejati compassionate. We are lawmakers from the people who will be told get up all your sins are forgiven and your evil deeds have been switched to good deeds in short, I mean

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five, so he last week we started discussing the rakia

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and Charmouth Allah today we will go into details about the rakia from the Quran and Rukia from the center let's see how much we could finish in sha

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Allah subhanaw taala

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the Quran the words of Allah azza wa jal are the best form of rakia other Kalam, Allah azza wa jal who have the rakia, it's the best rakia ever. And

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unfortunately, many people neglect it

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and they look

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treatments that are effective.

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That does not mean we should not seek medical help or medicine, but we should have our priority. The Word of Allah azza wa jal

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Aisha or the Alon had reported that our Salah Salem came to came to her house on time and so her and so with her a woman who was treating her with rakia

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salsa Salam came to his house and saw a woman treating Aisha with rakia he taught the woman at eg her be Kitab Illa Adygea Biki tabula, treat her only with Allah's book,

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treat her with Allah's book, that from this hadith, we conclude that it is Jani, if Luca was not permitted, he would have told that show what are you doing? This is not right. No, so they're okay with the words of Allah azza wa jal is absolutely permitted. And we'll call him said Rahim Allah He said, one of the important conditions for a sick person to benefit from a desert from a medicine is that he should accept it, and believe that it will benefit him. His system will then accept it and employ and employ it in opposing the illness. Indeed, many treatments benefit through faith, good acceptance, and complete reception in medicine could be truly useful for a particular illness, but

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its effect would stop because of a patient's disbelief. Did you get it? At the end of the belief that this medicine will help me with the medicine it will help a lot okay. Look at the greatest of all medicines and cures the most useful to hearts and bodies in the first and last lives. It's the Quran, which is a cure to every disease. Note how, how it does not benefit a heart that does not believe in it in its healing and value. Rather, it only increases in illness. Indeed, there is no medication for curing the heart more beneficial than the Quran. It carries a complete remedy that would not leave any illness and cured it to preserve the hearts well being and protected completely

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from all harms. Yet. Most hearts turn away from it have no full conviction in its

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It's valued, do not use it as a cure and substituted with medications prepared by human beings. This prevents those hearts from being cured by it Subhanallah so the point that he's trying to make is the more I have believed and Yaqeen in the Quran, the quicker and more effective will be the Quran, to my heart and to my anus. Three, the first rakia from Kitab Allah azza wa jal, the first trochlea and the best rakia is looking at with Al Fatiha with Al Fattah. Al Fatiha

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has many names.

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Fatiha has many names. Anybody knows what some of the names are ml Kitab

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Civale Muthoni.

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Allah a salad. You know where the disc name come from? Salatu Salam?

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Excellent. The hadith wa salatu salam said that Allah said Percy Mata Salam Baney will they not tell you their caller ID Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen call Allah Hamadani Abdi by the color Rahman Rahim cada Esna Allah Yardi Hadith. So he used the word salad, he used the word salad for describing the Fatiha so a solid on will keytab a sub l Muthoni. As she fat it's called as she fat fed however the name for it is actually fat on Malta an omen Quran and Sortland also it is called Surah Al Han, so we all know skeleton Fatiha.

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It contains the praise of Allah azza wa jal it contains it contains everything like Allah. He said that all the books that came from Allah azza wa jal, all the books that were revealed by Allah azza wa jal are summarized in the Quran. And the whole Quran is summarized in the Fatiha and the whole Fatiha is summarized in a yak and I will do what he can to stay this is, this is the area that shows the sincerity the fatty heart can be most effective rakia, the Sahaba understood this and applied it effectively on a number of occasions. And then the chef narrated

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a beautiful Hadith listen to this hadith, which is in Buhari and in Muslim, whatever Khan Ali, the highest level of authenticity. When the hadith is in both Bukhari and Muslim.

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I was able to report it a number of the prophets companion, but they were on a journey

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when they were in a journey, so very famous Hadith. They stopped one night by some Bedouins. And they requested some food. You know, they're traveling, so they asked him, Can you please have some food? The Bedouins Ah, but they give them

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nothing. Excellent. They give him nothing. They said no, we don't want to give you nothing. Few minutes later, a few hours later, Allahu Ana, their leader of the Bedouins what happened to him? He gets stung by it says either hire either a snake or scorpion. He got stung, okay. So they started doing everything they know the Bedouins know, to cure him, and no avail. Nothing happened. So they said, why don't we ask these people if they can help us? So they went to them? And

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they asked him, he said, Wallahi I can perform rakia, but you have refused to host us. So I will not apply the rakia until you pledge some food.

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You have to make a deal.

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You're starving. You're traveling. And you said, Danny, how dare you come and ask? Why do we ask you for food, which is something simple, especially the bad ones. Usually they're very well known to be generous sharing time. The breadwinner agreed to give them

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30 Sheep

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30 Sheep. Yeah, honey, this is a very good deal. And the companion started blowing with light. Like we said before, there's no liquid saliva coming out. It's just, you know, he started blowing with light spit on the Chiefs sting and reading and fattier. He kept on blowing and reading the fatter the chief was immediately cured. And he stood and walked as as if nothing had happened to him

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via one and he this hadith is not like you know, maybe it's weak. Maybe it's not. This is Buhari and Muslim. Yeah. And he the highest level of authenticity. They started blowing on it the guy he get up and as if nothing happened to him.

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They let me ask you a question. Is it a different Fatiha

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but a different person reading it. It's a hobby that has so much trust in Allah azza wa jal May Allah make us all like this in sha Allah. The Companions received the pledge cheap, and we're about to divide them among themselves, but some of them said look at this Subhanallah what some of them said. They said let us not touch it. Until we ask Rasulullah Salallahu Salam wa Akbar, this is this is this is the deen anytime we differ, we we want to take the best decision in any matter. Let's see what Allah subhanaw taala What did Rasulillah Salam says this is the way it's supposed to be.

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So let us not divided until we reach a soulless Isilon tell him what happened and he will we will see what he command us to do. When they reached and Medina they came to a Salah Salem and told him the story. He asked I will say when are you did he can rakia? How did you know that the fatty has raffia How did you know that the Fatiha is rakia and then he added bacillus SLM added, and he did not of course, he did not answer him. So he said, soften, oxen work rebou Lee Malcolm Samer,

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you have done well, so divided among yourself and keep it short for me too.

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So Hala, so

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this is simply a very strong, very strong delille very strong evidence of the effect of the fact of the effect of the of the Fattah. Similarly, another Sahabi known as uncle of Khadija been assaulted Tamimi use the Fatiha to cure someone who was having madness. This is

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a very well known Hadith IMOCA him, Rahim Allah He said, the superiority of Allah listen to this second, the superiority of Allah's words over other speeches, is like Allah superiority over his creation.

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Using Allah's words, over other any of those other stuff that we spoke about last week is the difference is like the difference between Allah azza wa jal and and his creation.

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His speech contain complete cure beneficent protection, Guiding Light and prevalent mercy. If this speech were to be sent down over a mountain, the mountain would collapse from its greatness and glory. How about so how about the Fatiha of the book nothing comparable to it. Nothing comparable to it was revealed in the Quran, the torah, the gospel and visible, nothing was revealed like the Fatiha in any of the books of Allah azza wa jal, it includes the meaning present in all of Allah's books, as we have discussed and explained in our book modality selecting a surah with these qualities, it is worthy of being used as a cure to all diseases, abusing Allah, second rakia. And

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with that, with that, when we say Almora we that include slotless circle Faruk, and Seurat an s when I say Alma all the time, Fela Canis only, but when you say that all all three of them, then why would that?

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Which means that the protecting ones

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are the last three Surahs of the Quran. Plus almost I seldom sometimes name the sutras after the first day at uni, because the first is called

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the falconers they will call them all the time. But the source class even though it's not start does not start with it is the surah that we all know that also salam, he said it is truly from Quran third of the Quran. And it's the Surah it is named Surah class and it is a class it's about your class that called who Allahu Allahu Samad. Let me nearly dwell on Newland, whether we are Kala, who for one year or one, you know, when we meet non Muslim and some of us they say, You know what your share of Allah he I'm not very well versed in the Quran. And I don't know much about the dean, Walla Walla, he just read surah Corolla and explain sort of a class to that person. That's it. If you

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don't know much, just explain that Surah

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because this is this surah is the main conflict we have with them. They think three we are saying

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Allah has Samad let me yell it again, conflict whenever you will. And so when you explain that, what I did, it was 15 years ago, we were in a church in New York. The guy was blown away. No, because you know, we take it for granted. Oh cool. Hola.

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Hola. Hey, this is the word of Allah Azza wa Jalla wa salatu salam said it is full of full Quran. The third of the Quran is very heavy. When I explained it to a man he was in his 60s and he was blown away. Wow.

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What is this? Allah who you know he didn't say Allah.

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He was so amazed how how deep this just few words, but we take it for granted and we are so shy and scared to explain our deen we think oh, what am I going to know? Yeah, he will Allah He the hack, the hack, listen carefully. The hack is so strong when you present the hack by fitrah by nature, everyone will accept it

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as hack. It's the truth. There's no There's no other it's either hack or button. And this shouldn't be no doubt in your heart or any Muslims heart that this deen is HAC. It's just the way we present it. When I am so confident about this Deen. I will present it with with strength and power with of course with respect and wisdom. But when I'm myself I'm shaky. Myself I'm shaky *a che Yachty and other people there's something that says faculty Sheikh Niyati if someone does not have something he cannot give it.

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Okay, so those three sutras are one of the after the Fatiha the best form of rakia. And we mentioned I don't know if you remember rustlers SLM one time he was bit when he was praying, and he really he, he spit on his hand, and he and his foot, and he read those three solos, and he was he was accused

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of the love No, Kobe reported listen carefully

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that he went with other men on a dark night seeking the Prophet sly salaam to lead them in prayer. They're looking for a source excellent leader and prayer. When they found him.

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As soon as I said, I'm told who they

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not knowing what to say, Can I remain silent? I tell you what one say

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see what. So Kobe was very quiet.

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Or Salah Salem made the same demand two more times con con.

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On the third time Kobe said you had a swell Allah What should I say my mother called? What should I say? I suppose I said I said Khan who Allah who had when there was a time he in a tomb see where he noticed there Salas Murat tweaker mean cliche.

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Allah He our problem is that we sometimes take this hadith lightly.

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We forget that Allah, Allah say salam, Mariam Tikka en el Hawa, all his words, are ye, right? So he told Kobe read polu Allah had Cloudera Bill Philip Koolau the drop in nurse three times in the morning and three times in the evening

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this will protect you from any harm

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How long does it take chef? Glue Allah had a lot of some of them nearly done a mural with me I could go for one. But that was a little bit shorter and shorter if I was in either a local Amish arena for 30 for local provincial rehearsals in in

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Palau, the grubbing nurse Maliki nurse Illa in nurse Minh shall be responsible for nurse Allah the USP Sophie Salinas Jeanette Jonas I don't think I usually meditate right? I don't think so. So you're talking about three minutes three or one three minutes you get full protection insurance coverage guarantee

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free three minutes full coverage

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of Jaquan please from now on let's all of us please that's what we're here for right to learn and apply. Do

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you want he gave you a prescription? He got kulula Three times for three times there's three times no harm. If I do it with certainty, How was London nerve brand me no matter what happened to me because I know that you know, this is it this is decreed for me

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protection. So inshallah when you say morning, it means when after fissure and when we say evening

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after also after us evening after arson. When we say morning in general is between pleasure and true. Okay, and if you forgot you have to door

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and when we say evening is between us and Marie and if you forgot you have pleasure okay it's clear even when we say of course Saba sayings of the morning saints of the evening okay so three times and three times and Sharma to Allah will treat him equally when condition

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oak that banana, as you honey reported the resource officer and said yep, now at this bureaucrat the Afghan Mirtha Hill motor we don't pull out of Europe Bill falak will not be nurse

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had attained this sort of thing, or set of attributes should I tell you of what are the best to use by those seeking protection will fall OCONUS these are the two soldiers to seek protection from anything I shall reported when I sell them went to bed. And like we demonstrated last week, he would bring the palm of both hands together and breathe into them. While reciting Kullu. Allah had pulled out a bit of Bill falak called out grabbing us, and then he would drop them

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whatever he needs from his body, starting with his head, his face and the rest of his body, starting with his head face at the front of his body. He would do this three times when he was too ill. At the end of his days, when he was to Aladdin salatu salam, he asked me to do it.

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He asked me to do it. She also reported during mitosis and final sickness, in which he passed away he used to blow over himself with and now with that, when he becomes very ill, I blew with them for him, rubbing over him with his own hand, because of the blessing of his own hand. So she used his own hand to wipe his his body.

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The third Surah Al Baqarah. So we have Fatiha ferok philosopher Lochness And so let's look at what's the Hadith about swerdlow Bacara letter J. Lu Bu TECOM macabre? Letter jallo But you will take home Nakaba in the shaitan en Phil min el beit Allah the TOG Rafi Surah Al Baqarah

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do not turn your homes into graveyards

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indeed shaitan is dispelled from a room or from a home in which Surah Al Baqarah is recited

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Can I recite one and my wife and my son have issues because locker is two and a half? Yes, it is still in the same home right? Can I play it

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somewhere on the mat. So said it's okay to play it. But it's preferable to read it. If you can read read it. If you cannot read Arabic for any reason or another plate, but it's preferable to read it more barbaric Inshallah, keep in mind, every Latin has an Subhanallah

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AYATUL kursi et al

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AYATUL kursi is an ayah from Surah Al Baqarah. It is the best in the whole Quran. The best Hi Aya and the whole Quran. What's the best Surah

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Fatiha right in fact Yeah, this this brothers camera and use of stand up and

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those guys

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they come they both mashallah memorizing Quran and our Healthscope

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camera how many

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18 Michelle Yosef 15 sha Allah. So we are studying everything about solid. So even though they were not here when I asked the first question, let's ask and see if they still remember what are the names of the Surah Fatiha.

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One from you one from him.

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And we'll Kitab

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a sauna

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as she found

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My family has some MFA. By the way. Does that mean like I sit down but the subject Muthoni mean?

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Excellent. So the L Muthoni. The seven constantly repeated is Do you think there's a second on Earth? That No, someone's not reading the Fatiha every time? You know, someone time passes by someone who's eating the fattier SubhanAllah. So so the ALMA fairy is this mentioned the Quran is the word Sir Anthony mentioned the Quran. Yes. What is the surah?

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Zuma? No, no, no sort of hedge I think sort of southern nefarious type. What's the deal? That's AYATUL kursi is rakia? Who knows?

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Excellent, the hadith of Abu Hurayrah and protection of the dates. We all know that should I repeat it?

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so as soon as I sell them don't have to protect the dates. And all of a sudden someone came at night and asked for some sadaqa from the date right? Or stone and he you're stealing he was stealing. So because this hadith is narrated also by obey, obey.

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Let me just read you the obey is

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his narration

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because yeah, but you can also have the same thing happened to him. And it's the first time I read it because I always like us. We all know that Barrera narration. This is the first time I hear that obey and same thing happened to him. He rated that he had a harvest of dates, he noticed that it shrunk every day

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and decided to watch it at night. He did and found a beast that resembled the boy who attained puberty. He gave it he gave it Salam

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obey said to this beast Salaam and responded to him was salam. He asked, Are you human origin? The thing replied, I am genuine. He said, Show me your hand. It showed him his hand. And he saw that it looked like a dog's and was covered with fur, like that of the foot of a dog. He exclaimed. Is this housing? Like he told him, it told him origins know that there is no one among them? He answered, He said, origins know that there is no one among them mightier than me. This guy, this thing, Beast, he's saying, no one is mightier than me. So he said, what brought you here? He replied, We have been informed that you like to give sadaqa so we came to get some of your food. He said, What now is the

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showerhead, what protects us from you? What protect us from you? He replied, this area from Surah Al Baqarah, Allahu La ilaha illa. Who and how you are young, whoever says it in the evening he will be protected from us until the morning and whoever says it in the morning he will be protected from us until the evening in the morning obey came through Salah Salem, and told him about this masala SiteSell and said sada call Hadith sadaqa al Hadith, the evil one has told you the truth and this hadith is in a necessity and atop Ronnie.

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So in other Hadith, he said the sources have told him even though he's a straight arm, and you've been talking to shaitan for three nights, and he told you the truth, and he's a liar. He told you the truth and he's a liar. So Subhanallah AYATUL kursi AYATUL kursi when you first wake up after Fisher and ethicacy with car of the evening, that is protection at the evening and at night. And keep in mind the other Hadith that said a little kursi after every summer what's the Hadith say? What happened?

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Excellent. Whoever read Ethel could see after every frog salad nothing will prevent him from going to Jana except death Subhan Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah How long does it take me less than a minute to Allah here when we are so any lazy? We are very lazy. Please any, this Halaqaat will only be very beneficial if we apply what we learn. Otherwise, what are we doing here? Go home and sit down with your wives and enjoy some time with your children. So we come here and throw could benefit be in the lay down. Let's take one more. Yes, exactly. There's one more and then the Rocker from the Sunnah. We'll take it next week inshallah. The last one is the last two area of Surah

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Al Baqarah, the last two area of social worker. So we have Fatiha we have lost the Filipinas we have baccarat we have ethicacy and now we have the last two I have the Bacara if you noticed the last two I have the worker and the CoCr in the Bacara right, okay, M and rasuluh all the way to the end. These two areas contain distinguished praise from Allah azza wa jal for the Prophet and his followers. They also contain wonderful supplication or banana to Africa. We all know the beautiful

00:28:53--> 00:28:54

weather Tamil urban

00:28:55--> 00:28:58

Rabindra in the scene. I've been

00:28:59--> 00:29:05

on camera Hamilton who Adelina Robinette went to her Milner now let's talk about workflow and workflow.

00:29:07--> 00:29:50

And thermo Nana sadhana Alcon will Catherine please brothers if any of those shooters even though I know most of us, know them by heart except Surah Baqarah. But if you do not know anything can see if you do not know the last two, I have the Bacara please make an effort. They're very easy and you hear them all the time. The minute you start memorizing. You find yourself by yourself or by the letter. They come because you've heard them a lot. And before you sleep, you say these two and a solar sigh Salam mancora A attain mean aircon Surah Al Baqarah thi Laila now here fee Leila and he does not specifically mean before you sleep at night feel a Latin then we since we are definitely

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

want to guarantee we said before we sleep but that he said did not say before you sleep it says feeling the thing. Whomsoever recite the if at the end of circle back or at night

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

At night, they catheter

00:30:05--> 00:30:21

they are sufficient and protection all night, all night. So between that and the Quran Allah had Falco nurse and AYATUL kursi you are sleeping with a fortress with a fortress around you. Because the shayateen of jinn

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are constantly trying to get us when I sleep I have no protection.

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I'm not praying I'm not making I'm not making thicker. So I say these things are asleep. I have a shield around me till I wake up. And when I first wake up, I take my sword which is Alhamdulillah Hillary by the way, they hidden the short and I start my war again with the shift. So your constant you are in constant battle with the with the shayateen and this is the way to be protected from them. So inshallah to Allah if Allah kept us alive, we will do the rakia from the from the Sunnah, Bismillah AR Ki Moon cliche in your league, we will study them in sha Allah Allah and we will. I will if anybody needs them, I will send them

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to you inshallah. So you could memorize them via the letter. May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply the Allah subhanaw taala unite our hearts always in sha Allah. May Allah forgive our sins and increases in Iman May Allah protect our wives and our children and in rubble. Alameen wa sallahu Bina Muhammad Ali here are Sofia Jemaine, Subhana Allah Mohammed, masha Allah Allah He lands Mr. Farrakhan Toolik now

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if he asks

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I don't know this is different completely. I'm talking about this. Yes. You're talking about talking about this, the Jelly Bean. The you know what the German these are the fake of our time. They go around and they make it as a business. He did not make it as a business. He was in a place that they had, they were in need, and the people were, were not really very friendly with them. They refuse to be