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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa urn he was seldom,

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as you mentioned on numerous occasions, that the be or the environment that we live in, begins to have a great impact upon the culture, the mindset of the people, that the common practices amongst the people begin to become common practices, even amongst us Muslims, that we begin to adopt the traits, the characteristics and the culture of the people around us. And as a person needs to preserve their identity and preserve, holding fast to the traits and characteristics of Islam. Otherwise, we find that more and more of us Muslims begin to follow these common habits. And some of these common habits they are sins, or even major sins that common people begin to do find them

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trivial, that we as Muslims begin to follow the same practices as well. Thus, we find our fullness the custom of people, has a big impact. refining the fabric of America that you find in my Malik declassified that there are four people of Medina the custom of the people of Medina, Georgia, is a form of Sunnah for people to implement, if there's any difference there go and look at what the people of Medina practiced, and use that as a foundation because the people of Medina were the closest people to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That is what we're trying to extract that years of living amongst people, 4050 years, 60 years, 70 years, even some of our subjugated 400

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years, 150 years, you find that the customs of people begin to train come into our life, and we think nothing of them. And it's trivial things that some of us that we find, which are habitual and common, there are major sins. A major punishment is given to individuals who indulge in such practices. We find exaggeration, eavesdropping that listening to people's conversations and exploiting people's conversations. All this continues from the main theme that we spoke, speaking about about peeping prying suspicion of one worried about what people say looking into what people say extracting information about them and spreading it. This is all a culture that is common around

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us. That then some of us Muslims begin to follow this culture and think nothing of it, that if we just hear some information, we begin to relate to another individual. So sufficient is as a sin.

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And you had the third module called Luma. Sameera that a person narrates everything that they hear, they begin to narrate it. They don't verify it, anybody tells them something, they just begin to narrate it without authenticating and checking it. And as we mentioned, that sort of not only sort of full of adamant etiquettes, about verification of news and information that we find, and this eavesdropping or listening to people's conversation and spreading them, old follows from the path of suspicion, or being suspicious of looking into people over suspicious listing and try to extract something that a person can exploit about another individual. And that's in today's Hadith it

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focuses upon three things that some of us may think that the trivial the first Hadith speaks about a person narrating about dreams. The second about a person estimated a cold heartedness listens to the speech of people and begins to spread that around. And a third individual is a person who makes the Swede who draws pictures depicts images, statues, idols, relics of paper drawings of living things. And these things that we began with that somebody thinks are trivial for us.

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They're minor things that these these scenes don't have no impact on the Society of Muslims around us. They yet look how the Prophet Allah Islam described these people and the punishment for such individuals. Adam Dr. Burstyn probably a lot earlier on Houma call in Abu Salah. lahardee send them man tell them a bit Holman lamb Yahoo whoever narrates about the dream Lamoureux, who he didn't actually see that dream could differ, and Yaki the diner Sherry retain that person will be told to tie a knot between two pieces of grain of barley of wheat or rice, whatever it may be to tie a knot between these two. Well, and if other he's not going to be able to do that harder, Mr. Hill is

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impossible. What minister Marilla hadiza Coleman Bahama who carry who person begins to pay attention lens and air to people's speech, while speaking amongst himself that disliking that it doesn't concern this individual. He tries to listen to the conversation. Oh you feel Runa Minh, who are they tried to get away from him but this person is following them. Common Language today. The media word that we find Twitter, Facebook, searching listing

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So it doesn't necessarily mean that person is physically present some people will try to search information people trying to flee away as it begins to div to dive and delve into trying to extract some information to serve their purpose. Suba Fiona he and okuyama Tiana on that day of judgment molten brass or lead will be placed poured into the air of the individual woman. So we're so rotten or zebra, whoever makes a picture will be punished. We're Khalifa and Jambo coffee have Elisa be nothing and be told to give life to that wish they drew or that we should depicted, but they're not going to be able to do that because that only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala Hadith inside the say,

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of of Imam Bukhari Hey, we want to extract his three what we may see Miss trivial things when the world sees a trivial, we find severe punishment is mentioned inside this hadith. And as a symbol as, as getting to a tangent many times we mentioned that to symbolize a major sin. If this caliber of other of torture of punishment have had inside the Quran and inside the Hadith for how to delete a nobleman and Kibera that is a sign this is amongst a major sins. As a member hubby collect some 80 to 90 major sins. His book, his book is called alphabet, the major sins and many of those sins inside their assumptions May Allah protect all of us we may do on a daily basis. We don't see them

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as bad as major sins. But a symbol is there. That the Quran mentions punishment for that sin or the Hadith, or this is a HUD is a load as applied upon the individual. These old symbols are the Wrath of Allah so panda is upon the individual, unlike Angular individual, Allah dislikes that action. These old symbols of action being major sins inside of Islam, the first severe punishment could differ and Yaki debater shall retain, well, well and

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the person will be given the responsibility to tie a knot between two pieces of grain. What is the meaning of this? Allah, Allah of Hadith had mentioned the meaning of this is unknown how the Mustaine is impossible, well I know who you ask them continuously, the person will never be able to do that. So this is a keynote speech inside the Arabic language, this person is going to be continuously going to be punished again and again and again. for carrying out this action, they find that this individual is narrating a dream that they never saw. And this is symbolic inside the Quran as well. This type of speech exists inside the Quran. Allah mentions I sorted our off sutra of the

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seventh chapter of Quran a person to read

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in the certain area inside so to the era of because it is between the people of Paradise and the people of Hellfire, where the people of the Hellfire will be given and what the people of Paradise will be given. In the last round I mentioned not too far. Above summary wala yet whole agenda had Elijah jiamusi somebody

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these people, the doors of Paradise will never open for them. The doors of heaven will never open for them until the camel goes through the eye of the needle.

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This is once again Kenya Mr. Hill. The camel can never ever go through the eye of the needle. That's disbelieving individuals will never go to Jenna waka Delica Nigel muturi me likewise we will recompense the criminal individuals. This whole speech inside the Quran.

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We should be Ross inside a fight inside our belief

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under Cofer either murder to Al Kufa yet whole agenda. person should be firm inside that belief person doesn't need to be derogatory or rude to any individual. But a person should be firm inside the belief. Whoever dies upon disbelief, no symbols of Islam. Nothing that they uttered the Shahada detain that person is careful Mohamed fichtner will remain for eternity inside the hellfire. No excuses are to be given for a person who's openly who's a disbelieving individual excuses not given the excuses given for Muslim not for a non Muslim because some of us this what we begin to do we fail to understand the language of the Quran we apply in the wrong context. We begin to start making

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excuses for non Muslim that maybe they might go to Jenna. The only one person it could be you could go to Jenna is going to be who was given the opportunity was given to him is given a lesser punishment. And the Hellfire was Abu Talib,

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the uncle of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's the only individual and Shiva is allowed for him inside the grades of Shiva which are given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. As for the rest of humanity, the only thing if they died in the state of there was a state of there no Islam delivered to them, then they will be tested by Allah subhanaw taala. But in today's world that we find most people and Allah in the evidence is against them. Islam is far wide spreading. Everybody's heard about Islam.

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have the opportunity to respond to the teachings of Islam, we find the second individual punishment for a person who listens to a person's speech and begins to spread the speech. What is the punishment for this individual superficial DNA and an okuyama piano, you find that molten brass lead will be placed inside the ear of this individual. The third individual who draws pictures, who make statues, this individual happens individually or liba, will be punished and be given the responsibility or to be asked, blow into that which you were that which you created with your own hands that which you drew. These are punishments, severe punishment for these individuals that we

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find. And what is the link between these three types of individuals is forms of lying, exaggeration, and seeking attention. The person who narrates a dream, doesn't hear doesn't see the dream, wants people to maybe marveling at their dream, to be surprised that they dream to listen to their dream. A person who listens to person speech wants to exaggerate that speech, spread it inside society and create upheaval inside society. And a person who draws pictures maybe have their own soul for other people is to exaggerate exonerate them to show respect to them. This is what we can find the link inside this Hadeeth possibly that exists about these type of individuals, our mantella behold Mila

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Mirabeau person who narrates a dream and he never saw the dream.

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Dreams in brief on three types of categories. Saleh Amina by Subhana Allah, a good dream that a believer sees from Allah subhanaw taala boosh Rahman Allah Subhana Allah, glad tidings from Allah subhanaw taala. Even if a person sees a good dream, he should only narrate it to whom he loves.

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You don't narrate it to everyone. Delhi Fie surah Yusuf hole surah is in general based upon dreams, the world of dreams, when his father system yaku don't narrate this dream, even to your own brethren your step brothers. So dreams good dreams are from Allah Subhana Allah person only confines those people close to them, those that they love those that they trust. Second type a dream, man a shape on from shape on comes and plays in the mind of the individual what they call in today's language nightmares. That person sees person sees they had been decapitated and being punished or something happening to them, scaring them evil creatures images inside their dream. This is in general this is

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from Shay pond, and a person they wake up in a nightmare they should seek to avoid and spit and and change the direction of sleeping and seek refuge with a loss from any evil and they should not narrate that dream to anyone should have narrated, that is the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam The third type of dream or the call to lm in, in such a use of verse 44. that these are the people that advises around around the king. They couldn't interpret the dream. They said these are these are mixed up dreams.

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roadmap described mixed up dreams of what a person may do in their daily life versus an accountant by profession, in a sport to say the dream about money dream about their work, dream about this sport. mixed up dreams have no meaning. That's many of us, we dream. But by the time we wake up in the morning, as they say most dreams are taken away. Even we find 146 of dream is a concept of no Buddha is revelation. But most of we don't retain it inside our minds. Then we find religious dreams that people that go around saying I saw a religious dream. People who dream that it's the end of the world destruction, this will happen I saw this I saw that the world will be destroyed at a certain

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time certain area in a certain era in a certain year.

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kulu have bartylla all of his faults, because I come is not based upon dreams except for Gambia. So even the righteous person says I saw in a dream that the world is going to be destroyed. Or this calamity that we're facing at the moment is some people spreading I saw this in a dream. We're going to be facing a virus we're gonna be facing this the car was gonna be shut down.

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It has no foundation inside a deal. It could be a dream for an individual we don't face a Sharia upon upon dreams. If they happen to be righteous people. pressure should be taken with a big pinch of salt. And as you find extremely few people narrate dreams that they don't see. One of one of the biggest calamities that we find is people exaggerate and say and some people might be upset upset about this, that they say that they saw the Prophet sallallahu Sallam inside a dream. And it's true man Ronnie Phil monasticon Ronnie, whoever sees the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in a dream has seen the Prophet sallallahu wasallam because a shape on law you must see to be the shape one can never

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imitate the profits although some can never come.

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But shape one can deceive people

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and pretend to

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To be the Prophet Allah is not to stop and tell him certain words which go against the Sharia. Or give them certain glad it will go against the Sharia. And some people have made it the benchmark. If you've seen the Prophet salasar inside a dream, that means you're a real believer.

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They've made it a benchmark. So he asked these intricate questions if you've seen him that means you're a real believer. That's not good. Yeah, one second, there is no proof that a person needs to see the prophet Elijah in a dream to certify that you are a real believer in him.

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If you do see him, some of the people who know his traits will recognize him That's why I read him um pyramid is a Shema in Al mohammedia

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sobre la sala whereby he depicts or he speaks about all of the characteristics of Seaford and hold up 170 year old depictive nature of his characteristics, his behavior, he's dressed, said, his beard, his hair, his garment is sleeping, is eating his drinking, urinating, defecating. All fit is documented there. So a person who reads about that will will quickly when they see

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and if they're blessed with the opportunity will recognize the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and even then some of the element mentioned person shouldn't narrated because some form of audio, being marveled, being proud, being arrogant, being that you're a preferred individual could delve into the heart of the individual. That is the dangerous factor that's entered into some of our hearts and our minds regarding seeing such dreams. One minister, Mariela Coleman, who ever listened to speech of people who carry hood, and a disliking that, oh, you're rude, I mean, who Suba O'Neill and okuyama piano, on the day of judgment, that person who's eavesdropping that you find the punishment as an

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individual, eavesdropping that you find going into someone's privacy, to get information about a person and to add some information to it, to spread it inside society that we find that we find is similar inside the Quran and mentioned inside so to Jin? Allah mentioned anonim, last summer for word for word jedna mooli at Harrison shiddhi that was Shahada, the gene speak about when we went returned back to the heavens, we found it guarded. We found it protected with flames of fire. Because according previously what happened, that gene would travel to the lower, lowest heavens, and they will listen to some form of revelation or commandments that were given to the angels and will

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snatch from that. And it'll bring it down to the earth and then mix 99 lies with it.

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But then we find Allah mentioned what an akuna naka domina maccarinelli summary we just sit there waiting for information to come. But then what happened for me Yes, Camille, Ana Lucia rassada but now we find an ambush the fire that we find the meteorites are never mentioned inside the heavens They are there to Rudy Rudy militia pin they've been they placed it to throw be thrown upon the shell pin, so that they can't listen to the information that happens again. We're trying to highlight here is the estimated home listen to people is that the way of the gin to try to extract information again go back to whom to soothsayers to the care when the person looks at the crystal

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maze crystal globe,

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the crystal ball adds lies to it. Chinese whispers in today's words, takes one piece of information extracts it goes beyond the limits, that you find that this suspiciousness leads on to what people who Delve inside these type of things are seeking information about people about the future about other people what happens. It sounds extreme, it leads to poofer.

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This is the beginning steps that we find that people want to find out people are always wary about what would happen in the future, what will happen to me. So from there, they begin to travel into the world of assertion of the magician of a car, who tried to protect themselves that we find time to heal themselves. These are all elements of Shelton and gene that we find traits and characteristics they find a delicate take the person away from Allah subhanaw taala. And that's in today's word, esteemed metal comb digging for information amongst people to prove one's point. Many of us we already have a presumption about a person. So we try to search some information to prove

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the false thing that we believe in. You know, even in a religious context, this exists. There's so many dilemma when you speak about the blind following people have a strong staunch falling of mother him. They already have a presumption they believe something so they approach the Quran to prove their view. This is a form of deceit, which is inaccurate. With the person who's more fussy. The Quran shouldn't have a concept inside their mind. A ruling in the mind then try to use the Koran to prove the ruling person makes the fetal Quran to be open in their mind and try to extract that which is beneficial to people that we find

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So we find that seeking information to tarnish people common inside our society. That's what we find inside our society. Everything is designed to tarnish another individual or if not, we take what they classify as Chinese whispers we heard something and we begin to add something to it until it becomes a book turn, becomes a slander becomes backbiting at least become speak about individually without any justification. superfeet ooni and okuyama tm, molten lead will be placed inside the ears of the individual. Some of us we don't pay heed. That's the Quran mentions and another place that the Koran kana can donate a Baccarat insert Sora lukeman in the beginning of the matches as if

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inside the eighth is molten lead being same kanemaru same type of car is mentioned it is placed inside the A's people who don't pay attention. The car called the context of this of this ayah or this ayah inside so Lockman was number six and going forward it mentioned woman a nassima yesterday we'll have DC legal tender and Sabina

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is related to music or whatever is linked to music. Look how Allah Subhana Allah describes that faculties what a person uses is going to be punished with those faculties. person who listen to evil speech, wrong speech, vulgar speech, music, gossip slandering will be punished in that manner. People who commit Zina will be in a state of nudity will be hanging from the private genitals will be tortured in that manner. People who take Riba would bloodsucker be punished in that manner read the depiction inside the Quran and Sunnah how Allah Allah describes that the faculties that you use to carry out a sin will be the faculties that will be punished by

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to send the message to a person. The Quran and the Sunnah should awaken the individual that we find to give the individual some form of life. For our ninja Latina woman, is tangible. 11 in Rasool either there are Colima Yi con.

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Yeah, that's what the Quran and Sunnah should be the Hadith. And I should awaken a person.

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That's what the idea is awakened, the person revitalizes the email and takes them away from sending that we find look at it, look at the characteristics how basic Islam is, we don't seem to develop inside our lives, speech of people I find,

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if there's three people that speak three people in a gathering together,

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two of you shouldn't speak in your own language.

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Two or two of you shouldn't turn away from the third person.

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Because that could upset the third person, make them develop suspicion that you're speaking about me basic etiquette

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that three of you the gathering, all of you should converse in the same language, the same tone, the same etiquette, same behavior don't speak at the expense of another individual, less it begins to create an ill feeling or some form of suspicion amongst the individual that we find. And as we find the Quran mentions that this, as we mentioned, this is not trivial.

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Allah mentions it prior to that layer two agenda. otterton

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uttered Jani

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Riva refine kalama, man,

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layer two Hello Jana,

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the person who eavesdrops and spreads gossip lie yet Hello Jana Hadith in Bukhari. So as we began we find it trivial. We find such severe words person who carry this out will not enter Jannah either that is for eternity but obviously being a Muslim they will eventually go to gentlemen to be punished.

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And as we find that an Imam contacted Allah mentioned a chef a lady yesterday Allah Aqua nurse Oh Allah, Hadith Enos or calamy him

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Wang Shu Hua ze Allah He went to LA

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and he excels upon it and spreads inside society for a 10th of fitna

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is no something that we see today inside that society. That common practice that we take the speech of people or words of people and we extend upon it. Those we find inside the Hadith, we find that two people being punished inside the grave

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and above being punished

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and people think once again is trivial.

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Um, I had a woman Sakina young, she been the Mima.

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The Prophet he placed a plant on their leaf and they said as long as plant remains ripe and fresh, they will be punished will be decreased for them. But as a punishment will continue after that, to individuals who for what they're doing is trivial. Most people think it's trivial. One of them can a young sheep in the Mima. First one you should go spread gossip about people you

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been punished for the grave. One masani the second one never used to protect himself minute bowl from you Ryan drops to you and will drop when he's closed on his body.

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couldn't care just like we find that people may Allah guide these people how they are people defecate and urinate, standing etc that we find once again we began with sounds trivial. These are traits that some of us Muslims that we do today, we have our own way of deprecating urinating that we find because of this

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person who doesn't God they bowl the urine if it drops to them, or you as the cover person is where it could be punished inside the grave. And before that they Salah is bartylla because Naja impurity on your clothing if it remains there. It doesn't dry it remains the on your clothing on your body. It nullifies breaks your prayer. This is what we're worried about. We're not worried about people around us how they see us. If I urinate and defecate sitting down what people say about me, I worry about standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala and my prayer is invalidated. I worry about standing in front of a loss kind of being punished or being punished inside the grave for doing carrying out

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this action Have mercy Masha and Bina mean.

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Allah mentions our total column

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that the person who's going around spreading gossip and slandering about people, you know certain column is a is a strange surah

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because some suitors or the Quran we don't focus upon them. But you can say sort of palemoon will enemy woman is Tarun

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kulu Allah, holy surah is nothing but o'clock

00:26:23--> 00:26:30

we'll call them the pen woman, your stone, Marnier, and that you can extract overland or a noble one.

00:26:31--> 00:26:47

rasa and Ye, Allah says to the pen set up in October right right will occur from today to the until the end of time, that revelation is written. The second form of keytab woman is to rule is etiquettes which are written down inside the Quran.

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Atticus how to live a life how to behave ourselves what to do. So that's defined inside the sort of dimensions we're in Nicola and a hooligan Alvin.

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Your character is so sublime and so manifest.

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I had the mufa city in New Jersey and tell bL andalusi Medina de Coronado from Granada is famous tafsir.

00:27:11--> 00:27:20

Manhattan area, why not Allah, Allah Who could have him is Raja, he extracted a segment Salah seen for wide

00:27:21--> 00:27:22

one verse

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he said from his one verse we're in Nicola, who can have him more than 3033 benefits. You can extract from this one verse about the Prophet Allah says a bit about his fine character and his fine behavior. So let's read this surah people slandering, gossiping person who's who's proud about their wealth, their children, their power, the dignity people in the garden reached is given to them. They said, Don't let the Muscatine come into our garden and take some of the pluck some of the fruits

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they began to whisper amongst themselves don't let these poor people come take some fruits. What is a few fruits take away from your garden from your orchard from your richness? Look how bucola they were a Richard they were not to share a few fruits. Then Allah mentioned by the people of Jenna, then Allah mentioned Nigel Muslim, a nickel moochie mean, are we going to make Muslims that criminals then Allah concludes about so I have been hoot about the noon how became what he drifted away. And I'll mention that this could be the punishment he could face. These are all lessons that we can extract from sort of column as a final part of the Hadees that we find women so we're so

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rotten of zebra. The person who makes a picture depicts a statue drawers any living thing, as earlier mentioned any living thing that contains a soul like human beings and animals that we find the person draws that makes a statue image of that, what will happen to the individual Khalifa and yen for coffee, hawala, Sabina for him, the person will be given the responsibility you said that blown life into what you've created. And they're not going to be able to do that because Allah Subhana Allah who will call it the Creator is Allah subhanaw taala once again, we may think and this is something trivial, drawing of a picture of living things, or making imagery of people. Remember

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this leads to people, glorifying people in linguistic term making people Demi Gods

00:29:22--> 00:29:24

extra reverence that we find read inside surah Noor

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were called hula taruna and they had to come they said don't forsake your your gods. Don't give up your Gods don't give up these five people.

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What whatsoever? Well Yahoo for your openness or

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the reader to see or intercede in Nicosia. These five individuals who just pious people by a pawn came and said just make something to remember these people do some sort of card remembering these people next generation 10 began to overpraise the next generation came and should entered into people who began to worship them.

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So that's why Islam is hard.

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Against imagery against depiction that we find, had eaten Bukhari to Mahalo to him. On a day judging, we said give life to that, would you think that you've created a shadow, nasty Adebayo, Matsuyama and masamune. The most severe is the people have punishment, under their judgment with people who deal with imagery, who draw people who make statues who make this imagery that we find will be severe punishment a day of judgment that we find the only some leniency that we find is for beneficial purposes that we find for education or something else, for traveling or trying to find criminals or something that may exist that I've spoken about. So what's become common practice?

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Once again, we find it trivial. But what we find around us, plastered all over the Muslim world, images of people that we need to show reverence to, wherever you go, you know, this, this is all tech lead record. This is all imitating the West. Because they have this this image of, of over reverence of the kings and the queens and wherever they go, they depict the images in their pictures of people can recognize this is the rule of the country that we find in them in the Muslim world

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that we find wherever you go, you find that this imagery just plays plastered everywhere, for what intent? If we're all in unison, and we all agree that imagery is only there for a certain purpose, why? Why is an exception to the rule? Why is this for all depicted everywhere? Is it possible for the reason not to stand political to force people to remind people that we are the people that govern you show reverence and respect to us.

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This week, we'll have a concept of demigods,

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that people want to be rivard. They want to be over respected, they want to be over known that symbols of them are there. That's why some of these people even make statues of themselves.

00:31:55--> 00:32:26

So we know that making them feel and statues is derogatory inside Islam, in the same heady that we speak about 30 that the Prophet lay some said that go and desecrate any grave, which is beyond a hand span. In the same Hadith he mentioned, go and dismantle any statues and images. In the same Hadith, it mentions that, but why do we take a double standard in inside our lives that were so harsh against that we should be equally harsh against that which people deliver inside society to begin to lead to over reverence that we find.

00:32:27--> 00:33:02

And as we began with all these affairs are not trivial. They're not trivial things that we think they become common practice. Were on that level even said Muslim homes that we find imagery of our family members displayed inside our homes had is quite clear. Angels does not enter into the home whereby a picture is displayed. So why do we take these pictures down when someone dies inside our families? Because why we say the excuse because angels won't enter into the home to pray for mercy of that person. So what about the rest of the year? What about the rest of our lives? We don't want angels to enter into our homes.

00:33:03--> 00:33:21

The prophet Elijah, somebody entered his home and he saw a curtain placed inside inside his room by a shadow delaughter and a place there. And he saw this image on there. He became so enraged, so angry, and he mentioned his hobbies, but these people with the most Severe in punishment,

00:33:22--> 00:33:41

he said remove it, take it away. So any form of imagery they display that we find inside our government buildings inside our homes is at a public places. They all need to be taken down because there's no Baraka. There is no Rama, there is no mercy. There's no angels. There's no subpoena, they know there's no timeout, Nina,

00:33:43--> 00:34:13

it sounds trivial, isn't it, but that's the fact. All these things need to be deployed inside our life, to make ourselves living, to gain the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. And as we find eavesdropping, gossiping and so on, it is common inside our society and open since that's what is open since being displayed inside our society. No individual has a hierarchy over another individual. No one has a superiority over another individual, all of us. Above, the molecules are children of Adam.

00:34:14--> 00:34:48

There's almost kind of gives a few individuals a preference of another individual. So all of us we journey together to encourage ourselves to become good individuals to take away these bad morals, these bad practices inside our society which are influencing us to not gain the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Allah Allah three years old, from these bad habits and and traits, and protect us not to be punished inside that graves are being punished inside and earlier that we may fall into these sins that are locked under them begins to punish us and bring us out of all these diseases and hardships and sufferings that we're facing upon this earth and return us all back to

00:34:48--> 00:34:54

our Dean in the beautiful, returning whereby an estate of obedience to Allah Subhana Allah then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam