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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier send them. Continuing our journey we stopped or SoTL assar, whereby we spoke about the wasting of time, or the opposite the importance of time. Today surah continues the theme of speaking about how people begin to physically will literally begin to waste their time. So it will houmas or begin to speak about those individuals who backbite slander, who demonize other individuals. And this service may find it to be something strange, but it's a common trait. Even amongst Muslims today that we find that gossiping and slandering and speaking ill

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of other individuals, has become common inside our society. And just to remind ourselves that Reba middle kabaya to backbite, about other individuals or to make Barton to slander another individual, to slander individual imposes the law of a loss upon the individual to be duly processed and punished for slandering, if you look at the inside, so to know, the 24th chapter of Quran, so he but that we find on the Day of Judgment inside the hereafter that we find numerous traditions or narrations speak about those individuals will be back biting one another. The second half or so that also speaks about how to develop a good society the traits and characteristics of a good society

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elanda Dena Amman, huamu, soggy hurt, whatever. So we'll help you whatever. So be sober. The society which is based upon these four principles that we mentioned, of Eman, belay, Subhana Allah, where I'm going to slowly hurt the carrying out of righteous actions, and in cooperating one another towards the truth. And being patient upon that results don't come instantly, they take time, take decades take generations for results to come. And that is a lesson that we focused upon inside sought after, but what dismantle the society, the opposite is mentioned inside SoTL homosassa. The slandering the backbiting, the tarnishing, and the excessive use of wealth, wasting our time with

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the words that we possess, not using it in the right direction in serving Allah Subhana Allah or using it to squabble and to fight amongst one another, or perceiving we're going to live forever, that in pursuit of happiness, that wealth is the end result of happiness. Key is the key element of giving me contentment inside this dunya whereby the Quran follows an opposite path, what it speaks about wealth that wealth is and can be detrimental to the individual. If the person doesn't know how to control and to use that wealth, we find the concept of you speaking ill of other individuals has become something common amongst the tip of our tongues and even beyond that we find if you look at

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the media world, that these are not just mere words, but you find a continuous repetitious nature of slandering of maligning or speaking ill of people. And it becomes, as many of you mentioned, even a person speaks about if we use such words of Cofer disbelieving individuals, a person should have meat on the and cursing and reviling because when a person is cursing reviling always on their tongue, it becomes habitual, it becomes common practice that it begins to then spill over with the people around them their loved ones, their family members, Muslims around them, they quickly become abrupt and they say words, rude words, incorrect words and so on words when they disseminate from a

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mouth of an individual. They're very difficult to retract to take back. Because some people may not accept the apology may not accept the word. Once again a day judgment, a person become bankrupt the Day of Judgment. As honorable as is mentioned, we used to consider righteousness, not excessive praying and fasting. Here we're talking about no wellfield supererogatory actions because that's what we think in today's society that a certain demeanor a certain depiction a certain action shows righteousness, Omar Abdulaziz read about the Sierra Club as a fifth Khalifa. He said we never used to consider these things as righteousness in his real meaning. We should consider righteousness

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people used to guard their tongues, preserve their tongues, their speech, they conduct their behavior, what they should say to other individuals. That's what the benchmark was. Because a person who can't restrain their tongue, it will be a source of Nadella a source of regret on the day judgment, this tongue even more argue German, whereby the professional said that what will drag people by the by the tip of the tongue drag them on their faces to go into jahannam? And why would you ever didn't understand the statement of the Prophet Allah is not to Swami said himself elliptica omac May your mother perish, you don't even understand what I'm trying to highlight to you. What

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would drag people to the Hellfire will be this, their tongues, the harvest, the fruits of their tongues will drag them into jahannam there could be mountains of good deeds, mountains of extra praying and fasting, but they can't control their tongues, or they listen to every form of gossip slandering Chinese whispers. So even as a side point, the modern world around us, we should have based our world on the media world, we push it out or certain photographs or certain images or certain regime or a p but and base our understanding mentality of what they pursue or what they will do push the agenda. This is

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how people are for Andrea EULA, Dina Amadou injure a confessor convener but in fact a bit of a bad joke Rod fortessa Berto, a person, a fantastic, rebellious animal, you can't trust the news, you can't trust the intelligence. You can't trust them unfortunately. So Muslims, you know, fall prey to that, and fall in your trap. So they want to set the agenda to be that certain people or certain regimes or certain individuals, certain personality, this who they are, we fall prey to this even amongst us Muslims, were very quick to lash out to just see an image of a Muslim may be standing with a strange individual who may not be observing the best of Islamic etiquette. You can read the

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blogs, you can read the views, you can read the comments, then we have to retract so maybe that was a person sister who is a practice Islam. Maybe it's a woman's brother, maybe it was a non Muslim, madam towards that person that we have to retract ourselves because we're very abrupt, harsh people that we see certain images and we begin to jump to conclusions we find appropriate Some say give 70 excuses. Even Barack Obama made his head if not be authentic, but the meaning is true and acceptable. Give 70 excuses for another Muslim before you jump to a conclusion. If not, you're going to be amongst those individuals where you liquidly Huma Lumumba woe to those people who spread every

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gossip, every slander, who don't pay attention towards it. mm Shirazi. He said once I was with my father, we stood up and we offered some night prayer. Then I said to my father, look at these people, they're all sleeping, nothing bothered to wake up to offer the night prayer. He said, Oh, my son will be better for you not to pray anything. Therefore you to revise and to say things about other people, meaning you've wasted your tahajud you wasted your night prayer you wasted your PM, how many of the areas that we do good actions may be in secrecy, but when we come in public, we make comments about people because we can't restrain our tongues. It washes away our good deeds, washes

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them away. We don't even seem to perceive it, that they are good these have been taken away from us, I mean, given transported to another individual. So an individual should be vigilant about that their tongues Marielle Philbin Polin Illa de e rocky buena RT, nor a word do we utter except for rocktape and attivo. Well, more than one mufa citied they say rocky but it is the names of these two angels is some of the aquata been mentioned that these two eight is physically their name. And if you don't take that view, there are angels who are over us Kira mchattie been here and the moolah matters alone. They are noble scribes who are over us. Yeah, Allah Muna matters alone look

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Elementary, they know what you are doing. They know what you're doing, meaning that they are they are physically present and ascribing that everything that we do, and then they they close the suit of just like a normal Juma the last person to enter before the Imam, the angels they close the books they close the record, there's no opening of the record anymore. The only time the record will be open will be on the Day of Judgment. When a person say Mally has kitabi layer you are doodoo sorry rotten wall aka be rotten Allah azza wa jal Duma Aminu hell there are yob de Moura buka I had on the day that those scriptures will be open and a person say whoa whoa pardon me this book has not left

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any single thing layer you got through severe rotten Wanaka be rotten in the saga. Now even a minute action or a great action except for a saw her is compiled and composed it collected it is dust upon it is being stored. Your Lord does not oppress any individual there's another place inside the Quran a corrupt Kitab Kapha because yo Malaika has either read your acre Akita but read your own book he doubly

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careful Hippo speaks to us speaks to me. They will say a crock kita Baca read your own book. Sufficient is a used as a witness over your own self. We don't need other people to stand witnesses about ourselves, we should be indoctrinated so that I will stand as a witness of my own self. Likewise in the day judgment other place or the Quran, person's limbs will will begin to speak person bodily parts will begin to speak and Takapuna say Allah can make anything speak will make a body part speak that you done this on this day you you done this action you walk to this, you done this you harm this person, you had this action, all of it will be there. Why? Why did a prophet

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Elijah mentioned two things that are personal take God these two things are manabu Jana, I guarantee for the individual are placed inside paradise. What two things he said, Man yardman lima bean alayhi wa bainer rich lady, admin now Jana, whoever controls what is between the two doors, and control vary between the two legs are guaranteed for an individual place. It's at paradise. Studies had these in great detail, what we find inside our society, lewdness, promiscuity, sexual immorality, whatever other words that we find inside a society that we find where masses of people they go towards, and then the masses are the people who are supposed to be so called religious practicing

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people. What do they involve in? What do they indulge?

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In speaking about other individuals, this is how I society is dismantled how society destroyed. Wei Lee Kuan Yew who was at illumos or wall to every slander, a person who spreads tales and gossiping and calumnies about other individuals. That's the full ride is makansutra Bella Philip hmm show Can you see the mentions? And aside when read him I'm sure Ken is the seat for to deal with possibly the the best tafsir regarding the surah and likewise about suitor Haji rod, how give this depiction and his visualization of backbiting, slandering, and ills in society that we find it because he mentions the whole idea is the name this way Lu nicolaou. Mirza lumada, which is communist works after Farsi

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they take the first whole line of the suicide This is the name of the surah mm su teacher is to see do Roman food when he speaks about the football L. The virtue sewers, he just lists. That's what mmct does is it does it he says listen, I had it but I had it. What does he speak about? He doesn't know what virtue is speaking about. He speak about all of a hadith about on the Day of Judgment, what will happen to the person who backed by to slanders that's all he collects. There's only criticize I've seen. So he's not speak the other element just to remind us that what this is the virtue of is not a virtue, this is the evil ending of a person who doesn't restrain themselves will

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be the end of the individual. And some other measure this this surah has been revealed regarding Asness embouchure as a man cool to be on February mentioned inside the tafazzin. It could be possibly true but many really matter fussy dementia. The Quran in general, is speaks about principles. It doesn't delve into personalities, that we look at certain models they speak about certain individuals, so it will annek speak about certain individual sort of COVID speak about certain individual it never mentions the name, because the principle of these people will continue inside our society while oolichan numerosity lomasa ignore who this person is the only time the

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Quran does speak about certain individuals directly his people are called rule and for all who lived in the past because these are common identities well known personalities individuals to send home the message as retirement occurs. The Quran very rarely speaks about the name. It lays out the principles. That's why for me Kathy mentioned her masm Masha and Bina mean says Why do liquid tumors that illuminate like this versus that sort of column? So to noon, it's just if you read these two suitors, you see the similarities of people gossiping, slandering the bad deeds that they do so, because he goes to this view, but if you look at unsorted column, you find something strange,

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because whoever that is, speaks about his bad traits. sudo column begins with something else a highlight what is the beginning of the character of the human being? Why not Allah Allah who Lucan alvine the surah begins by speaking about why Nicola Anna, hello can mean that the Muslim, the default position of a Muslim is good character. That's the diva default position. Unlike today's society, we have to learn characteristics. Because we've been so indoctrinated with bad corruption around us. We find it normal to curse to revile to swear to do bad things to make bad comments is that normality inside our society, but it's not normality, that the foundation of a believer is

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we're in natella, Anna hoolock. In azeem your cat a sublime is manifest, that's how a Muslim character should be. So these individual mentions a different column. And this euro as well, those who carry it slandering gossipy or other individuals, some of the random blogger they mentioned houmas aluma, that Allah Bina in for Allah for Allah Bhima yesteryear is an action which is continuous. It's a continuous practice, He will speak about any one of us sometimes we could make a wrong comment. We could hurt someone's feelings, no pressure, we're human beings. The person should have playing the emotion that how can an Imam say this? How could my father say this? How can this

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person say this we're human beings, we're human beings, we we make many mistakes inside our life. But when it becomes habitual, this is what we need to understand when your life becomes habitual, that every other word of yours is a swear word is a rude word is a bad word is demonizing is corrupt. That's where you need to now begin to think even a heavy theory speaks about the four traits of a monastic it says either either demand esteem raw Wucherer, yeah, yes, Murat it happens again and again. If one so somebody trusts me with their money, I delayed their money if once I say something wrong to another individual, that we shouldn't jump to the bandwagon say look, this person

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is corrupt, does know what the hell these means. It is either that it continuously happens every time you trust them, they break the trust me give them money, they don't return the money is continuous. That's what should I saying? That when it becomes clear, and this is continuous inside our society, as I began with, read some of the blogs, read the wordings read our conduct, see our society we don't deal with the problems is our society. We live in a cocoon world. We brought us up to say that these problems don't exist amongst us. These what you

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clarify small problems are what dismantle society This will create. That's why even our boss he mentioned, while only consumers that illuma is a Latina should have been the Mima Bane and a bear. There are people who spread gossip slandering tales amongst a HIPAA between loved ones. Between now where we take it on a, on a, on a macro level of this Muslim oma of creating dissension amongst Muslims, or taking on a small level, amongst our own selves microlevel amongst the outs of how it Shakedown would come and stir problems. We read such sort of that when we're in poverty, many Nakata do for us Nairobi gnome I read that the series is that so to refer to these 18

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as many universities This is what creates a Muslim society. What happened we need to see this is how you find that certain personalities began to stir the trouble amongst Muslims made them to what level to go and fight one another to harm one another. We did the seed of what was the movie have believed me and what are the for Roku was guru net motto is quantum either and for Allah Bane Apollo become first minute Mighty One inside sorted array bronze of 103 or so read defeat of Nicosia of what the stirring the problem was of an hour while hundreds of decades of fighting decades of standing just like in today's political standing at the at the rim. Standing at the brink and

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watching Muslims fight one another watching and also has even at that time they weren't Muslim, but fight one other and they controlled our yesterday they controlled Medina from the outset. So let them fight. Let these backward medieval people they may be let them fight amongst themselves their tribal wars and whatever it may be. And we would control them from the parameters.

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It's the same policy is the same policy exists wherever that we go today. Because most as we mentioned, were very abrupt people. We can't read into the text and see certain symbols inside the forum where a toughy movie have delayed Me and waratah for Rocco, because we've been so far away from unity, unfortunately, so far away from the Shetty of Allah or that we can't visualize it anymore. Ignore them. We as Muslims can't visualize certain things. We can't perceive. We can't swallow certain things anymore. Because we've been surrounded by certain things that this must be normality. This must be live. If someone comes outside the parameters, there must be an heretic.

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There must be a rebel. There must be people who don't really know what the Sharia is. These are statements that we find amongst our own Muslims. Unfortunately, because we've been indoctrinated, passive Muslim that we become we don't understand the spirit of the law of Allah, Allah, is it tertiary things. These come in development read the scene of the Prophet Islam of 10 years inside Medina how we develop society we enter into Medina did he come and did he bring people to the gallows? What is the greed somebody had he he said if she Salam at the time he entered Medina central people spread salon feed the people was a new baby lady when Nelson Yeah, read the headline

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in the night while people are sleeping. The silverware that he enters into Medina. He entered the Medina he's saying to the people of Shia Salah, give people Salaam give him God gotta give him peace. That's what that's what Islam is, is peace is not what these people try to bombard us with what we try to bombard Islamic, enter in a state of peace. reread sootel but how the progress he entered into Makkah in a state of peace, humanity read his sea Syrah. When he came the foot of market entered the market. He was riding with his neck attributed to the neck of the riding beast, such humility, he could have entered into Makkah in a victorious manner, showing his strength during

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he said, when you perform the tawaf run the car, show them your strength show to crush your strength Center today, show them your right arm, show them the physical mind when you're going around the top to show the courage that we mean serious business. We're not cowardly people, but he never done that. When he entered burqa he never done that. He showed the opposite to show them that we entered it humility is a journey through my well. What I don't know yet Hello Luffy de la afuera for some Birmingham the Rebecca was stuck there in no Canada with lightspeed that is the third word October woman a shoo in I mean in dilla and Nasser is from Allah is from Allah Subhana Allah wa now Romania

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is ramita will attend Allah Rama, you never through that day. Don't think it's your entourage. Your people that people have you around your day have been there they've all heard the day 100 I

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don't think that it is it is Allah subhanaw taala who beat what Tin Can a young new Davina have been and these are days as a parameter. These are days that we alternate days they have a timeframe. So it's nice taking a few decades to get to those days. So the day January could be a few more days. But these

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Just days that Allah alternates, because, you know, we haven't been there for days. We've been there for centuries. We've been there for centuries on the face of this earth, that we need to understand it's only been 100 or 10 years or so that we've been in this fractured state. Prior to that we were a glorious oma. We were powerful nation. We are powerful people. That's what we were. There is a needs to be within ourselves and our needs that will be explained by removing gossiping and slandering inside our society about fellow Muslims. We learned to numerosity Lumumba and Lady Gemma mela, adada person who gathers their wealth, there's a chef license, once again, a steamroller

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continuous habitual nature, that a person is just compiling their wealth. And things are who they think that their wealth is going to let them live forever. There's some more for three dimensions, there's any individual whose wealth can let him live for eternity, it would have been whom qarun the amount of wealth they possess really no sort of passes the 28th Chapter The Quran is worth about how he lists about just the keys, the keys that will own to the wealth of God who know the actual treasures, that 10 people 10 strong men, they had to just carry the keys, and he speaks about the Sabine, behold, there were 70 camels or 70 donkeys, that were just carrying the treasures of karma

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possess focus of Nabhi he will be dirty, but what is Allah say we cause him to drown. We cause him to hold his wealth to just drown into the earth to be to be taken away. So what does it make a person live for forever or for eternity? And as we find that when I speak about houmas I slandering and Al Riba and I want you to insert either directly you say something to individual, or lumps is been healthy from behind the person you speak about individual having times outside our society we face that, oh, I would say that in front of their face. So why don't you say that in front of their face? Why is it habitual whenever you speak to someone, they speak about someone else, just worried

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about someone else. But someone else trade someone else's characteristic. That's all that this speech is. This is habitual summary of I mentioned and Houma is to make to curse a person via physical speech. And lumada is via bill a knee is via a shower rod, even to make a symbol with your eyes to wink at a person that look at this person, or hint towards this person. This is also a form of slandering so a person could be not in the best of demeanor or best of state and you want to make a shout out huffy about this person, your friend knows what you're referring to. When you make that nudge of their head. You make that wink you make that a Shara, they know what you're referring to.

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So that's what we do to not obey Sharia. We try to play with the Sharia. I'm not really backbiting, okay, I'm not really slandering. I'm not really doing that. This is what we do. Why do we make excuses for the better individual we wonder things about inside themselves? This is not right. These practices are not good for me as my personality as a human being, because it becomes habitual inside my life. Because I begin to speculate about everything, and everything becomes speculation everything around you. That's what the Quran many prizes is speaking about spreading gossip, and slander Do you find that other person is is vigilant about a one in about one knee ism, indeed, much

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of speculation is a sin for the individual. So some of us, this is our path. And the rest of the path is under mallow, Canada, who they think that their wealth is going to make them live for eternity, that if I for Gemma for him, because he mentioned that a person is collects the wealth for our he doesn't even spend it just pile his wealth more and more, and things is going to help him inside. We're not saying don't pile up wealth. We're not saying don't store up when we're saying understand the concept of wealth, that if you think that wealth is going to let you live for eternity is going to give you the pleasures of this dunya the real pleasure of this dunya is what

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these are just tertiary pleasures that you have a good life. There's nothing wrong wrong with having a good life. But the real pleasure is the pleasure within oneself. Which is priceless that that that pleasure is a pleasure hello to him and when I had in the beginning of a Muslim Kitab an email and a shout out you know we read keytab when he man read the explanation what is Halawa to a man what is the screen is a man that thought man he man oh that guy though put a man that is that the sweetness of a man read the Hadith what are the three elements of sweetness of a man that when Allah is mentioned become more beloved to you than anything else, then everything else you rather be thrown

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into the Hellfire then to go back to becoming a Jew or a Christian, or whatever us before and a shift and what they mean Ramadan is the theory or the saline or shall we say he mentioned but this hadith about a person doesn't want to go back to it.

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For Monday language to jar helliya to ignorance therefore hello to a man is sweetness of Eman the person sees the beauty of a man I don't want to be like what I was yesterday I don't want to be like the people around me. I want hello to email I want the sweetness of email I want contentment inside my life which is priceless that believers adult individuals alladhina Padma in Apollo moon basically learn and I basically live but my no clue that what gives people peace tranquility is moments of seclusion of remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala within our hearts and our minds in our soul, it gives eternal bliss that is priceless when when a person when when they face clumsy hardships or

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difficulties or even at work sheduled when they just bow down at the end of the day they bow down prostrate, you know people do this inner feelings and dimensions that release of power and serenity. You know, what, what are they referring to? They should just refer back to making sujood that it takes out audio, your difficulties, those few moments of seconds of going into such a pet it penetrates your soul that everything of yours is forgotten. Because why Subhana Allah, Allah you are now down on the ground in front of the most ultimate one, Allah Subhana Allah, no, no, whatever the troubles of the dunya whatever it may be the worries, whatever it may be, now you are dead down on

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the ground, remembering whom? The Almighty the one and only Allah Subhana Allah, do you think that person that Allah will push that person away? Do you think Allah will rebel, this person away, won't respond to that person who bow down frustrated us for Allah Subhana Allah. So that's what we should remember. There are many good Muslims inside this world because we're living once again, it's bubble world, we think I'm the only good Muslim, I'm the only good person or we as the people around me, we're the only good Muslims. That's the fallacy. That's a fallacy we declare from our hearts and our minds. There are many good Muslims, there are hundreds 1000s millions of good Muslims who existed

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existed before that we need to understand. So we should move away from this concept that it should be just myself or the people around me who are the only right people of Islam. Allah I will select people even had the full circle and bandaraya that we find that Allah will aid this Deen even why I rebellious person, I'll make it become victorious. It can happen and it has happened throughout history. So we shouldn't be so full of ourselves and think that when anything, the tide changes, the status quo changes that we become slandering individuals, maligning individuals, looking at faults of other people and just tarnishing them and bringing them inside society can the human burden feel

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hopeless? Otama then this individual tell Danny indeed, that his person will be thrown inside and hota mala like a Torah very special him one man who wonders who finner is individually throw into an Otama somebody earlier metaphor see the image in the photo of Babel jahannam and Rama is the is the door is approved Prelude of going into jahannam about the call under here a delicate a delicate just like you have that adjured diraja of generally if you have that occurred, you have stages of jahannam is a call that is the second or the fourth or the sixth depth of January find some random whatever see that they've collected but what anyhow, whatever concerns us can learn a human burden

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of this individual will be thrown inside this this this burning fire and they should should awaken the individual just at the beginning of surah speaks about Waylon there's only twice inside the Quran Allah begins a surah via Wade inside sorta who Mirza and sassuolo to motor Fifi both the suitors once again to speak about traits and characteristics of of people Wei Lin Muto, Fifi speed Allah Xena Dr. guerra NASA stole food what is the Kalam or was the no all your people who cheat inside society. So once again, we think that Islam is certain demeanor certain practice, we don't focus about the people who cheat who robbed who lied to take people's wealth, who lie to people when

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they're weighing the scales such a small thing that when they want something they take their full need. They measure it fully. But when they do give people they short measure, they short change people such simple words inside the Quran. But how profound they are that this is unfortunately practices that existed before and exists amongst Muslims as well the professor when he walked in Medina and a person placed the grain the good grain above the wet grain. The professor thrust his hand inside the mortgage is Amina like a miracle from Allah. He thrust his hand inside the grain inside the wheat and he felt it wet. He said to the individual, what is this? Man the question of

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Elisa Mina, whoever cheats that is not from us. Cheating not from Muslim that you cheat another Muslim Hadees inside Buhari if two people buyer and seller they expose the default I'm selling this item it has this problem is true.

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refund for booty coffee by Emma, then his blessings inside the transaction. It isn't, say considered once again, what do we find inside out society? Most of the problems that I've emailed have to deal with is people be treacherous and they're dealing, I don't have to disclose this to the person. It does not how Muslim conducted or even to the non Muslim. If there's a default inside your commodity, and boosting is true, Phil is open. And that's why sometimes we find these principles they put us to shame. They find non Muslims, therefore principles, even though they're non Muslims, we have those principles and unfortunately, not to undermine as Muslims, we don't follow them. We have the text,

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we have the book, we have the law, we have these teachings, but we don't do it. So this also tarnishes Islam. This prevents people from seeing the beauty of Islam. When people see that a Muslim doesn't cheat anyone, doesn't harm anyone doesn't take away their property Candela bloombergnef in hota, ma Kemal pratama no line muqtada Allah Subhana repeat what are the Raka read the 11 or 12 places at the Quran whenever Allah mentioned Wilma at the rock repeats what is going to be meaning is stunning. Pay attention to now what Allah is speaking about. Candela bloombergnef inhotim a woman a DA camel Otama mahatama pay attention. What is a huhtala? No lie in muqtada. Allah didn't say a

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fire. Allah doesn't say that. Look at the grammarians they discussed it. Allah says now rula II, this is the fire of Allah. That should be enough for a person to be worried. As I shared with me, Rahmatullah is speaking about this study tafsir the surah he says that almost depicting Fiamma de mama Dada in these pillars of columns of fire. He says imagine a person who dies in a fire is placed inside a vehicle and a fire breaks and they're trapped inside a inside that fire and they they perish. May Allah forbid they die in that manner. Just the soul picture that in our minds of dying in that state that's only a minor minor my new dust element of being burned in a fire or what would

00:32:05--> 00:32:05

happen with my

00:32:07--> 00:32:48

life line muqtada and let me tell you, a feeder that will come over the heart that's a summary metafields diversi they mentioned that the fire when when when fight when pain strikes you is not when it strikes your body you know what upsets an individual when it strikes your heart when words strike your heart is a different perception as we began with so when the fire That's what I meant when the fire goes into your heart It destroys the individual turns him to crushes the individual so the cousin hon I'm sorry to see football but he mentioned Why does love mentioned as either the heart is in the in the huddle McCann occur and these are bartylla this location of false belief,

00:32:48--> 00:33:30

false false false actions, feelings. So Allah strikes at the hearts a lot punishing the people go the fire goes into the house, then it parishes them around them. That's what these are so many elements FC dimension. When we start reading such diversity remains, as we mentioned, we're not reading it as grammarians, we're not reading it just to see, oh, this will happen and that will happen. We're reading it to absorb so from the punishment of Allah. That's how we should be approaching Islam. We are not approaching Islam, to judge people. This is the biggest problem is that our society today, everybody learns Islam, their biggest attitude and worries other people.

00:33:31--> 00:34:09

That's all it is. It's our society. You don't learn Islam to look at other people you learn it's time to look at myself. And if Allah gives up as a trophy, to then share that beginning with their loved one with the people around them. And if Allah gives some form of position or authority, whether it be a head of a school, or stomach, society or environment or community Allah gives that person shouldn't see that if it's given that a person needs to conduct themselves appropriately and even then deep down within themselves. What should they thought be cool to have I mean in dilla, all of this is from Allah. There's so many of them I mentioned called Luma z to Aleman z to Tada. And

00:34:10--> 00:34:52

every time I excelled in my knowledge, I Excel demand humbleness, a my humility, this this is from Allah. And just like everybody be questioned about their rights and regulations are the question about my rights and regulations. So these are the teaching Islam we need to instill within ourselves of being worried about the fire because the fire is dead handed in such a Muslim. Every single one of us is close to judge his right foot or right shoelace and every single one has close to jahannam like the left foot or the left shoe lace does each one of us that's how close we are. So when we exit this dunya that's it the record is closed and there is there there will be Hellfire, there will

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

be Paradise is not going to be later on. That's why we will be saying that day away loon

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

numbers that I mean Mark Medina Harada he was yawei Latina they said in such areas in yawei elected a wall openness as a study to see up in Santa Clara Waylon whenever Allah mentioned wait on study, attack job pays person be started. Whoa How can we be resurrected so quickly boy out from the grave, or will be from mimbar Bella? Either way loon vimana is Yuan and hell up where I didn't feed jahannam destruction a valley inside Johanna That's the meaning of the genuine meaning of Wayne inside the Quran. For where you live. mousseline Walter of people who pray, how can Allah say woe to those people who pray? Allah Needham, Ancelotti ser hoon. Those who delay their prayers. Those who

00:35:42--> 00:36:01

don't offer their prayers don't offer their prayers, appropriately. Mm. Shanti. Sarita see radwell began making the seed of the idea for Hala Fabien birthday mahalo funada salata, whatever oshawott for so for your corner here. Release the fetal image speaks about abandoning the press he got hacked that was sent out wahida

00:36:02--> 00:36:17

he says even what even though this is not the most accurate statement, but just to create fear, to remind us, he says the evil one Salah a person misses intentionally undone for yet hold john, person Enter to join them.

00:36:18--> 00:37:00

We should be worried we should be worried about this inside our life away lil mousseline whoa about those people who pray, who don't offer their prayer appropriately or their prayer doesn't lead towards good actions in a solid 10 her and in fashi while moonta well as the crew line up her Salah takes you away from immorality from bad speech, bad conduct, we finish Salah What do we go into outside? Some people go outside to start smoking, start gossiping, scrolling the phone looking at incorrect images and pictures and messages straight off the seller. So what Salah is that, what's our mindset of coming to Salah? The amount it is I've done this many people Speaker I came for Juma,

00:37:00--> 00:37:28

what do you mean you came for Juma? As if you're doing a great service to Allah Subhana Allah, you're doing a great service to Islam. Allah as proven and shown. Allah does not need any single identity in the face of this earth. Allah doesn't need anyone, if you do good deeds is for your own self. It's for your own self. Allah does later I sooner if you do certain things in a congregation in a manner then my blessing will come upon that congregation come upon that gathering