Majed Mahmoud – Risalah Series #4

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the first Islamist in the United States, Sir Ben Haynor, who married a woman from a different culture and rebuilding a cabin. The importance of protecting people from evil attacks is emphasized, along with the use of words like "has" and "has." The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning about the meaning of "we" in the context of the act of Islam and the importance of strong personal and Christian identity to achieve success in Islam.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. So let's start inshallah with a quick review about five minutes to seven minutes, roughly speaking, a recap of the previous sessions that we had. We spoke about the sixth century and the atoms that lived during that time, and how backwards they were. They were obsessed about idol worshipping to the most part didn't have much respect to their family or their neighbors. They committed a lot of filthy actions and they ate a lot of filthy stuff. And above all of that they were very unjust towards the people and in just towards the Creator. Moving forward, the other tribe of kurush was different than the rest of the tribes. Why? What makes Croatia different than

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the rest of the Arab, that tribe lived in Mecca. And Mecca is a city where had the cabin the Kaaba was believed to be the house of Allah, and around the cabin that people have kurush and the other other, they put idols and these idols were believed according to them, that they are source of benefit and protection from harm. And these idols that they put, were the middle person between them and the Creator. So if they want something, they go to the idol. Oh, idol, please tell God to cure me. So these two partner, the creator with the idol, from kurush, there's a lady who married a man from kurush this lady was Amina Amina gave birth to a beautiful baby. His name was Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Afterwards, Mohammed Salim grew and throughout his childhood, right from the get go, his father dies. So he grows as an orphan, and he moves from home to home. So he grows as an orphan. Then he goes to, like an area where some people call it like a boarding school, he learns how to speak he learns how to communicate, he he strengthens himself physically and mentally with the outdoors and all that train that he took. Then he moves back again to his mom. He lives with his mom until he's six years old. Why until six because that was the age. When she passed away. He was only six May Allah peace and blessings be upon him. Then he moved to his grandpa, his

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grandpa was aptamil pilot, and he lived with him until approximately the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him was 80 years old. Then he moved to his uncle. During his youth, he stayed with his uncle for many years. And he was self motivated. He worked into business and he worked as a shepherd. And he continued to grow and He impressed many people of his character, his maturity, his manhood. Even in his adulthood, he continued to grow. As a child, he was phenomenal. As a youth, he was incredible. As an adult, he was unparalleled. They've never seen something like that before, in his trustworthiness, to his truthfulness, to his gratitude to his honesty, to his

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establishment of justice to his to him helping the needy, he was all over the place of helping people may Allah allow us to see him in the highest place in paradise. Then Muhammad peace be upon him, he marries her deja Khadija was the greatest woman hands down non negotiable in Mecca. And he was approximately 25 years. He lived with her for many years addict a decade after their beautiful marriage. And after having several children approximately five or so, at 35 years old, he helps in the rebuilding of the cabin. Why did they have to rebuild it? Because there were water floods, and the cabin was about to collapse. And he assisted in the rebuilding of the Kaaba. Actually, he didn't

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just assist in rebuilding a structure. But he assisted in maintaining the bonds of all the tribes how the tribes were about to kill one another, over rebuilding the Kaaba. There was a special stone called the Black Stone, which was believed to be blessing and the animals were fighting. No, I want to place that Blackstone, no, I want to until they're about to kill one another. So they said the first one who walks in will be the judge and the one who walked in was Mohammed peace be upon him. And he resolved the matter with wisdom and he saved lives by the will of Allah. So far, whatever we said of praise to the Prophet peace be upon him to the most part, he basically not a prophet yet, he

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never said I'm a prophet. He didn't receive any revelation yet, until he was 40 years old. At the age of 40 years old, strange things started to happen. He's having true dreams. He has a dream tonight. Next day it happens. He has a dream The next night, the next day it happens. He has a dream The third night, the next day, it happens identical strange. Then he starts to hear Greetings, hello. Not any Hello. When you greeting it says, oh, peace be upon you, or messenger of the Creator. What is this? It's coming from a rock and

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then he has loved to be secluded. I want to be alone a little bit, to get to worship the creator to get to ponder over the purpose of the creation, all that effort.

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And at the age of 40, brothers and sisters, all of a sudden, while he was in the cave, someone walked in in the dark night after sunset and Ramadan. on a Monday, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic or Arabic calendar. And that man came and he overpowered the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was strong, but he couldn't break through and then this man told them read and he says, I cannot read you know, I can't read, unlettered but he kept saying, read, read until that person said the read and the name of your Lord. With the assistance of your Lord you you will be a well read educated person. Then that person told him your Lord is the one who created you from a blood clot

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like from a leech, like from your embryo that stage and just like how you were in a small tiny piece in the womb of your mom, and look at your today, I will be able to the Creator, to make you a well read educated person overnight. Allahu Akbar, buff Prophet Mohammed is where it is concerned. He thought he's possessed he thought he's about to lose it. He thought that say I'm going to die anytime soon. What's going on? She goes to his wife, she calms him down. She told him never will the creator ever want to harm someone who does the good that you do look at her intelligence. That creator will never harm someone that does the good that you do. You never associate anyone with the

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Creator. You never worship idols, you help the poor you help the needy you were the best family men ever MCC has witnessed you're someone who is always hospitable to the guests and you lift oppression whenever you're able to God will never do something like that to you. Let's go to my cousin watarrka they go to her cousin watarrka who was a scholar at that time of religion who was able to read and to write so he heard the story of the cave and what happened in the man squeezing Mohammed and he says what happened to you is what happens to previous prophets you just have been revealed to you are a prophet of God and by the way whoever comes with the message from the God which is the truth

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the message he will be sought to expel him so people will try to ruin that individual. So watch out the profit kind of interrupted him expelled me like not out of arrogance or pride like I get expelled Mohamed you know very loved by the people yes. Because of the message that you have. And then brothers and sisters that's where we stopped the past three sessions on what was the date? Forgot September something you know the date Maria

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Oh, Mashallah. September 20 Mashallah, how old? Are you money?

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Mashallah Mila protecting Bessie, eight years old? May Allah protect you and make you the coolness of the eyes of your parents say I mean, excellent. So that's where we kind of stopped then brothers and sisters. The revelation stopped. And the Prophet was very sad.

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What's next? Okay, what is this all about? Okay, I kind of got a feel that there's something very special about this. But I still it's not completely clear yet. What's the message? In addition to the positive revelation, guess what happens? What aka the scholar within a matter of days or so he passes away without a doubt, that adds more sadness to it, yes or no? Then the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is waiting and waiting and waiting and no further revelation. What is going on? All of a sudden, as he was walking, he hears sound. What is this? Looks does, right? There's nobody. He hears sound. Someone's saying something looks to his left. Nobody looks to the front. Nobody

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looks to their back. Nobody. Then he noticed that the sun is coming from up in the sky. So he looks up. And who does he see? Hamas Assalam sees the angel whom he saw in the cane. And that Angel was sitting on the chair between the sky and the earth. Muhammad peace be upon them. He saw that he got nervous, he fell on the ground. Then he stood up and he ran to his wife Khadija he went to his wife, he says cover he said Cover me cover me cover me, cover me, cover me cover me. Then she covered him. And he comes comforted themselves. And she helped him out. But this time is different. This time that Angel will go to the Prophet peace be upon him. And he comes to him and then he reveals vs.

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Now, Khadija and whoever would be around at that time, cannot see what the prophet is seeing. But they can see the effects of Revelation. What do I mean with that? When the Prophet typically receives revelation, he sweat so much as if he ran a marathon. he sweats and his sweat even though he's sitting on his bed, not just that the color of his face changes. So they get to see all of that change, but they never get to see what he's seeing. Then the revelation stops and goes away. Brother, can you please tell us what was revealed to him? Hold on, because that Angel and he leaves. There was a very short period that he comes again. So revelation after revelation after revelation

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after revelation. Okay, can you tell us what was revealed? Here is that

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Not the problem is the time constraint that we have. So I would like to do and we will go just a little bit inshallah technical just a tiny bit very simple inshallah, but I'll do my best to make it clear for all of us fair enough. What I will do in sha Allah, Do I have your undivided attention? I will try to provide you with a summary, a summary of what the foundational message of Islam is. It's like Islam 101 to an extent, at the beginning of time summarizing, summarizing it with few points in sha Allah, may Allah bless our time. I mean, so first of all, the creator is telling Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. There's a system there's a religion, I want your actions to be in its

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accordance. What's that religion, Islam, Islam will provide you a roadmap to life. So this road is the road of Islam, these side roads, all Mohammedan all believers is the wrong path wrong way and the right way. So what is it Sam all about? The Prophet peace be upon him. He teaches us that number one, first and foremost, Islam is about complete submission to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. complete obedience. The Creator tells Mohammed, that when you submit to me Your life will no longer be the same absolute greatness upon greatness in this life and the afterlife. Not just that when you trust me and obey me, I will take care of your affairs, and will comment on that more. What

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else is Islam all about? Islam brothers and sisters is not about the worship of other that's the wrong way. It's about keeping family ties and Islam stresses so significantly on family, family, family, family, I pray to Allah to have our family bond stronger than ever see, I mean, that's what Islam promotes. And then it Sam says, Don't you ever break the family ties? Islam is all about truth and not lies. Islam is about trust and not betrayal. Islam, brothers and sisters is about humility, and not arrogance. It's about modesty and not shamelessness. It's about justice and not oppression. It's about gratitude and not on gratefulness, and much, much more. Okay? Don't you ever cross the

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boundaries? That's what you have to remember. What determines modesty? It's a big, big, big Grange, but don't cross the limits, who decides? The Creator decides which makes a lot of sense. The one who made you tells you what you're supposed to be doing. And he puts the limits for you. Anything else that can assist us? Can I ask you a question? What is it? Does Islam accommodate my culture practices? Yes, it does. It does. cultural practices, yes, is encompassed within Islam as long as what it does not cross the boundaries. So for example, if in your culture as a simple example, waving to your parents high is a sign of respect to your family, then go ahead in Islam includes the

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waving to your parents, if waving your parents was an insult, was a complete disrespect. It's like you declaring war on them, then don't do it because they'll be outside they'll be breaking the ties of family. So yes, takes into culture. For example, a woman came to me she's from India. She said brother magic in our situation. When we greet our mom, we go in complete prostration my forehead on the ground, she's from India, that's your culture. Is that okay? What do we say now? In this case? No, it's not. Because in Islam prostration is an complete act of worship, and it's only to Allah. So your prostration goes outside the boundaries. But you know what, sister? Let me tell you how far you

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can go in Islam. You can go as low as her feet but not under, you can go and kiss her feet, but don't go all the way down with your forehead on the floor. You see what Islam does. Not just that Islam also encourages accurate scientific research. That's what Allah is teaching the Prophet peace be upon him. Which part of that meaning is when the Allah says in the Quran and ask the people of knowledge, for example.

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Islam does not specifically talk about heavy doses of whatever drugs that can kill people the extreme examples, okay, the non negotiable examples. So it's them doesn't really talk about this, but Islam says that your body is what Say it. Say it is a trust your body is a trust. So by Islam doesn't say about that heavy dosage of drugs that kills you doesn't talk about it. So we need our fellow scientists, researchers, people understanding to tell us what is this product? And then once they tell us if it's let's say harmful, then it becomes the wrong way. And so on and so forth. May Allah protect us, by the way, FYI. never remember the status. Never, ever, ever will a pure,

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accurate scientific research ever cross the boundaries meaning

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It will never contradict religion. Why? Because the creator of the human beings is the same creator of the laws of the universe, are you guys with me? And two will never contradict me, Allah protect us immutable. And so this was a quick summary. And then proceed brothers and sisters in these revelations, Allah, He tells the Prophet something ready for this? What are these red dots? These red dots brothers and sisters are means have you to fall into these wrong ways. Who are these red dots warn us tell us, Allah teaches you something. Allah teaching the prophet to go convey to all of us. What is it? That there are devils on these dots trying to seduce you trying to make you feel

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insecure? Come here, come here. Yeah, yeah, that's modesty. Trust me. It's modesty. Then until they push you where to shamelessness. May Allah protect us? By the way, brother, I'm sorry. What do you mean devils like, What do you mean? They're gin. Okay, didn't help. Okay, gin, have freewill. It's a different creation, not human beings. Okay. They can see you but you cannot see them.

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Okay, are they hearing any level that's gonna, they might be here. Amongst the Djinn are good people and bad people just like you and I are human beings. There's good and bad, but the ones here are the evil jinn. They're very, very, very influential. Okay, and what's the way to rescue as influential as they are as easy as it is to destroy them? Anybody can help me What can we do to destroy the devils? What does a lot with Allah revealed to the Prophet Good.

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Now Santa Maria, may Allah protect us? Yeah, I mean, she says that Allah says, for you to be able to destroy all these devils trying to call you come here come here is by saying one statement. Who do Billahi min ash shaytaan. O Allah, I seek I seek your refuge from the devil. So far, so good. I can hook you up with a narration just one lesson that we can take chapter number two verses or verse 255. It's called a true Christian. You read that verse at night? All these devils are gone till the day inshallah you read that verse in the morning, all the devils are gone until that night, it's like shifts. So don't ever forget to read every morning chapter two, verse 255. Every night May

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Allah allow us all to remember that say, I mean, so then Allah subhanho wa Taala with that revelation, and these are like verses after verses after verses. What happens? He gives a summary. He says, Allah subhanho wa Taala and I'm summarizing those who submit to the creator in this life, and in the afterlife. There's a consequence to that in this life. He promises richness in the heart. What do we mean that's pretty fancy, the prophet peace be upon him. Salalah alayhi wa sallam he says, whoever had the after life is their main target, seeking God's pleasure is their main target. worshiping Allah is the main target, then the God promises that he will make you rich in your heart.

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What does it mean? No matter how poor you may be from the outside, you will always be content Allahu Akbar. You might have empty pockets nothing but the richness is in the heart you try but Allah always granted contentment and Allah granted to all of you and peace in the heart. Well let people pay billions and billions of dollars and you will never be able to achieve it. There's one and only one and look at the confidence How come you're so confident like that? Because the creator The one who made you manufactured you told you in the manual, that the only way Manami nasai mean veteran are unfair if you do righteous deeds, okay, that means all of us should no No, no, we have to be

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honest. If you do righteous deeds, while you're a believer in the Creator, then the creator promised fella No, no hire don't pay but I promise you the good life.

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Other people they can do all the songs they want about the good life, the rapping and all that stuff. You know what we perhaps some of us are referring to May Allah grant you all the good life See, I mean, so Allah says promises riches in the heart as an individual and as a community level greatest of civilizations promise you work as a group, you do your best we'll give you the greatest of civilizations. So what is the creator's teaching us here? that many people believe that when you connect religion with your life that makes your life not progress? Yes or no? It makes it as an obstacle you'll always be backwards No, God is saying you practice the faith you will have the

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greatest of civilizations we look back many people practice the faith okay. helped me out. What do we just say right here what was that yellow part? It's only one way it's nicely all the roads leads to Rome when whatever in the world they say no, there's only one road to that which is Islam. Allah make us all submit to the Creator. So that's in this life in the afterlife. The Creator promises absolute happiness.

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Absolute happiness. You go to Paradise. I'll share with you four qualities. You go to Paradise. You'll always be young and never get old. I know the elders, they love that fight, right?

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Thank you for saying that right now. Like, let's see, I'll see I mean, you'll always be young and never get old. Number two, you will always be healthy and never get sick. Number three, you will always be happy and you will never be sad. Number four, you will always be alive and never fear death. So you can drive as fast as you want in general, don't worry, no accidents inshallah. All right. May Allah protect us. As for those who are arrogant, as for those who rejected the truth after it was clearly presented to them, you reject it. Nope. I'm not worshiping the Creator, whatever in the world you're referring to. I don't worship anything. No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

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don't say that. There's something that you worship. I don't worship. I'm not a religious person. But you you do worship something? What is it the thing that you're willing to sacrifice the whole world for?

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sacrifice everything for something. I have nothing to sacrifice. sacrifice everything for something? No way. I'll give up my life for anyone. Okay, then you worship yourself.

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That's it. You worship yourself. Your Worship your desires? You don't ever tell me what's right and what's wrong? Don't you ever put me in boundaries? I like to live in a free world that what the who decides? How far? Who decides the right and the wrong? Who puts the boundaries? Yes, the people can put boundaries, no problem, no problem, as long as within the boundaries that the Creator has put for us. May Allah protect us all immutable alanine so they're arrogant, and they reject? This is what Islam is. I'm not going to cover stuff or sugarcoat things, because this is a trust, emptiness and misery.

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Some may say, I don't know why you say that. If you seem very confidence getting a bit cocky here. No, it's not. That's what the revelation that's what Islam is all about. You do not submit to the Creator. Or let me give it make it even simpler for you that Allah He says woman out of the envy Khalifa in the lahoma, a stone bunker, that's what he says. He says, Whoever is away from the path, remember the path and the picture. Remember that? Remember the path, he says whoever deviates away from the path will have a miserable life. So the further you are away from the path, the more miserable Your life is, and will lie if you're honest with yourself, and you explore the world

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around you. You flip through TV channels, you will hear people saying that, and not any people, the celebrities and the famous and the rich, the ones who have what you're dying to have yes or no. The ones who have what you're dying to have. They reach the top and they're yelling down like a wrong way, bro. I'm not feeling what you're dying for happiness in this road. These are the side roads. They're doing everything possible. I just watched an interview this week by one of the top comedians on youtube, he says and he explains to the interviewer who his net worth is in the millions. And he says, you know when like, you drive sometimes and it really hits you hard when you're alone and

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you're not busy.

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And the emptiness, that emptiness in the heart, and you start crying like a madman.

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Then the guy says, I know exactly what you're talking about. Allahu Akbar will love you watch this and say la ilaha illa lado deity worthy of worship Allah. And it's not just him. And he says clearly, he says, that's why we go to our phones because you don't want to face the fact that we are alone. Because when we are alone, we think what is this life is all about and we realize like, what did I spend all my life doing? Like? What is what's next? What's happening? Why am I here? All that confusion, just like the guy who came to do my internet, he came to fix the outlet. So I thought opening up the topic, wishing the best for him, because the Prophet peace be upon them was not sent

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except as mercy to mankind, yes or no to the whole world as the wonderful in our brother and sister who drew this for us. May God grant them genuine nice calligraphy, which represents the verse webinar. So not a lot of material alameen or Mohammed, we did not send you except mercy to all beings. So we try to try to open up the topic. Somehow we came to the question, brother, what's the purpose of life? He's, he's like, Listen, man.

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As long as I'm busy, I don't care.

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You know what we say la ilaha illAllah. Because him saying that shows that it came and he crossed his mind. It shows that he does not want to ever be free. I kid you're not on the end on this one. There's a lot that can be spoken about. And another person who's so famous one of the Muslim speakers.

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He came and he was invited to a high end dinner. So he said, I don't know what to talk about celebrities and big shots. He said I met people there. Some of the comedians and celebrities were amongst the most famous ones in the area. So he said I went like what should I put together about Islam? So he said all what came to my mind was to give a talk about happiness.

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About misery and what makes you happy and not all referencing the Quran and the authentic tradition of the Prophet peace be upon him. He swears by God and this was in the public This was seen by others. As he was speaking one of the top people in that media world. He fell on his knees got so emotional, started to cry, and he told them Oh, he Ma'am, you're saying the truth?

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Oh, no, ma'am. You're saying the truth. I'm among the most miserable people on earth. And he explains he interrupts the talk as a high end dinner, celebrities and so on. He said, let me tell you what this Imam is saying about not about the truth as much as about the emptiness I guess with me. He says I'm someone all you guys know.

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I would to head to the studio to record a live record to provide a live session on stage. He says while I'm at home, I'm miserable. I'm crying. I don't know how to explain it. I don't know how to put it in words. He says that I drive to the studio and I'm crying and crying and crying. I arrive to the studio and I'm crying and I'm crying and I'm crying. I go to the makeup room so they can adjust it because of the lights. Then the makeup artist tells me stop the tears. You're ruining the makeup. So he says I hold myself and I hold myself. Then I come on stage, and before the curtains about to open so I can present my segment. I'm about to cry by holding. Then they open the curtains

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and I fake smile and make the whole world laughs and only if they knew that I'm current crying from the inside.

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This is an emptiness that I pray to Allah that you and I get it to have filled for us and get it to help fill other people's hearts say I mean, and this is what the whole series about it's not just entertainment and so on. Yes, we'll have fun. Yes, we will laugh Yes. But we also want to learn and take some life lessons that we can establish for the rest of our lives. May Allah grant you all happiness in this life in the afterlife. As for the afterlife, for those who are arrogant, if what they saw in this world is emptiness and misery. At the afterlife severe punishment as the creator has decided, may Allah protect us any

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advice for all of us? Don't throw judgments on people.

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Your friend met john, your friend Yousef, David, whatever, Jessica Hadid, whatever her name is, whatever his name is in your lifetime. Do not go around to the graveyard she's going to * and she's going to join us she's going to * and he's going to trust me bro. I'm what I mean, trust you. How do you know? How did you know? What? May Allah protect us? Sounds good. Because you might get in trouble. May Allah guide you all. I mean, terrible. I mean, especially especially the emphasis, obviously, among those who say La la la la. May Allah make your last words Laila and Allah. Done.

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Good. Okay, so for the technical visits, okay. Summarize many of the chapters in the verses that were revealed, as in simply May Allah accept from all of us immutable element. All right, brothers and sisters. Now the Prophet is an admission, hey, God, that revelation and what says job conferenza go and convey and tell the people about this, give warnings and give glad tidings. So he's going to go I have a question feel free to raise your hand. I appreciate if you can contribute. What proof that the prophets I seldom have the teaser prophet like what are the proofs of his prophethood so far? Based on what you heard? Anybody can help give a shot don't go for it. What does he have?

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What is it

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wonderful so one of the things the sister is saying is that his ability to see things other people cannot see in a way that is correct to an extent but we would reward that a bit but well I will keep that I will save it excellent. Anything else go ahead.

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Wonderful so the brother to him the brother to him right here. He says one of the big proofs he has is his message that's what the brother is saying he has a green his message seems powerful. Okay, I wouldn't some of you like I'm sufficient I'm actually good with this whatever you just said is pretty kinda hit me hard. I'm good I'm actually gonna go home cry for a good reason right? When I repent change your way of life that's fantastic. Some people are like I want more give me more sign that's okay keep going. revelation came in phases and steps may Allah guide you all say I mean any other thing any other proof of his prophethood any last one go for it but he had to say out loud go

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all the way back.

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What is it?

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Send one

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Seal of Prophets are excellent. That's the point we'll touch on inshallah. Okay, go ahead. Yes, you? Yes.

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What is it?

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Okay, so he believes he practiced much of what has been revealed.

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Right before even receiving revelation. Brothers and sisters, the prophet SAW Solomon's appetizer of proof.

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is the main dish the first dish? The first one is the door. That's the biggest of proof is what is his resume his character? Yes or no? His character is unparalleled. Like, bro, I've never seen anyone like anything like this this year. No, no, no. I've never seen anything like this in this decade. No, no, expand it more. There's nothing like unbelievable. You know what I just read recently about an article about Messi and Ronaldo, right? It's a unanimous thing that we agree that they're good players. May Allah protect us if you don't know who they are.

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As you would like to know, what's your name? Erica last and I'm very proud of you that you don't waste your time right with soccer or football. So they say if you live during an era where you see Messi and Ronaldo playing live, then you are a blessed human being. They say that they are a food. What once in a lifetime football genius. So what does it mean? You will live 60 plus years and the chances of you seeing someone at the caliber of Messi and Ronaldo is once Okay, Mohammed Salim the better example. Not lifetime, not century, not Millenium. Throughout the history of humanity. No one was like

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no one. No one was as truthful as no one was as trustworthy. Is this remarkable? Who is that caliber? unanimous the entire city unanimous? Not one except they say he is the trustworthy you don't By the way, Mohammed is not called by his first name. Do you guys know that? He's not like he's like Mohamed said no, they call them all the most truthful just walked in the trustworthy just passed by? That was his attitude. No one from childhood to the 40 plus years old. Not once did he fabricate the statement? This is not normal. Because that's normal. You are amazing person if you think that's normal.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:36

Maybe not but the fabrication But how? How is it that he was very hospitable to a high level, you might have it all Mila granted, to all of you say I mean, but I'm saying not just having it. But at that level of having it. He was not a rich man. But he kept donating right or left, he didn't have all the food in the world or a house that is so massive, yet he always had the door open for guests to come. Unbelievable. So his character is the opening of proofs. The second thing is as a brother mentioned is the message the message the soul powerful what you heard and much, much more. But there's an element to it that I'll be honest with you, much of us in the west or in America or

00:32:36 --> 00:33:17

whatever in the part of the world. or to be more specific. The ones that don't know the language of Arabic may not really appreciate that miracle of the Quran, the language in which was it was said was unbelievable. And you will see that shortly. May Allah protect you all and grant regenda say I mean, okay, move on brother. What's gonna happen next? Is he gonna set up like a table and call people say la ilaha illa Allah, no deity worthy of worship, but Allah and you will be successful. He just go say that just like that No nuts yet. You forgot who his people where he's coming to preach, there's only one creator. And you know that all his people, for the most part, their social,

00:33:17 --> 00:33:34

economic, whole structure is based on idols. That's how they make their income. That's how they get their prestige. So you go and want to change that you're in trouble. Think of a place in the world that their only source of income is oil, then you cut that off what they will do with you.

00:33:36 --> 00:34:09

May Allah protect us? I mean, someone's only how many people how many people they know what's wrong, but they still continue? How many people in the world how many governments in the world? They know tobacco is killing their youth? Yes or no? It's killing their people yes or no? Yet they keep selling it. Why is an example I don't know it's true or not as an example that, you know, the billions of tax dollars that we get from it. So you know, so you know about science anymore, after all, because your science is killing people, and you tell your child what you ever smoked, but let's just make sure it's okay for people to buy. What a shame, yes or no? What a shame. May Allah protect

00:34:09 --> 00:34:52

us see, I mean, so brothers and sisters, he will go privately and selectively. And as I'm talking, when do you think would he come to you? Had you been alive then? So who will he go to? He will go and start with the people of the greatest character. Focus with me. May Allah bless you, people with the highest of character that naturally their life is similar to what Islam says, I guess with me on this one. So just like the Prophet peace be upon him, his lifestyle was pretty much a Muslim. Did you ever see someone like that work? Look, brother Wallah this guy here. A lion is such a Muslim, but he does not know about it. You see what you're feeling? I feel you. Oh, this girl. Yes, it's

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

true. She's not wearing Hijab and whatever it is, yes. She doesn't pray. Yes. She doesn't believe in God. But let me finish. The way she behaves will lie. She's like the best little

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

In the world, fantastic, fantastic. That means that the Prophet he says or get ready for this the Prophet peace be upon him said the best people pre Islam are the best people of their after Islam either of us Polish a few things. That's what he said. If you were the best one in the company of most truthful, most dedicated, most hardworking, most honest, most giving in Islam, if you accept it, you will be the greatest Muslim but just Polish a few things set up the boundaries a little bit. Maybe you thought I thought that was okay. Oh, it's not on. I'm gonna work on it. Right? Just a Polish a few things may Allah protect you all see, I mean, in the eyes of the Prophet, who was the

00:35:44 --> 00:36:27

greatest of people of character. It was none other than his wife Khadija de la Juana Khadija, and how amazing is that? That he starts with his wife. She was the greatest without any introduction. He speaks to her. And she says, I bear witness that Allah the Creator, is the only one worthy of worship and knew my husband, Mohammed is his slave and messenger, no introduction, why she's logical. I lived with him so far. for 15 years. I see nothing but greatness from this man in my life. May Allah allow our husbands, our wives and the people who have their husbands May Allah grant them that level where they praise them and they're happy with their life. Say I mean, right? Imagine

00:36:27 --> 00:36:41

the Prophet said, AM, God chose me to be the Prophet. She said, I believe you what some people will do today. A guy comes to his house. Guess what? They I got the best employee of the month. I wish you the best husband of the month.

00:36:42 --> 00:37:13

Best employee. Okay, good for you. You Fake Double faced, right? The best employee and the most ridiculous husband of the month. Right? The Prophet the best of examples. He was the best in the house, the best outside the house. You know, what was the first thing he did when he walked into his house? The first thing he did when you walk to his house, the first thing you walk ready to do this Sharma The first thing he did once he walked his house was what? what many of us do the first thing when we leave our house is to brush his teeth.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:51

Yeah, wow. Yeah. Right. It's beautiful. Because he's gonna communicate with his wife and his children. So the first thing I do once I come back home, I'm gonna brush my teeth. See what Allahu Akbar, see the greatest of men? May Allah protect the salmon. So he goes to his wife Khadija with logic? Yes, absolutely. I will take what you say. May Allah grant us gentlemen paradise say I mean a miracle. I mean, next brothers and sisters. He goes to his cousin, I live in Thailand. Brother, how old was Andy at that time, he was 10 years old. But he was not any like any 10 year old. He was special. He was awesome. He was unique. He was of the greatest of youth. May Allah protect us and

00:37:51 --> 00:38:27

allow us to see him in paradise say I mean, he speaks to Allah. How old was it about 10 years old. I mean, I'm this I'm that whatever he says. Then it says, You know what? I bear witness, no deity worship, but Allah and you are His Prophet, Allahu Akbar. You know how amazing that is. And he his cousin, then the Prophet goes to his best friend, best friend ever. He was about two years younger than him. His best friend was so similar to him. One of great character, helpful, hospitable, helps the needy, great with his family. And you know, what you appreciate here is how his best friend was someone of good character. Someone Of what?

00:38:29 --> 00:39:08

It's okay to have a friend whose favorite color is pink, it's okay. And you're just blue. It's fine. You can have differences. It's okay. If your best friend's favorite car is a Lamborghini and yours is a Toyota. It's okay. We'll always be friends. But it's not okay, for your best friend to be enabled or full of full of horrible, miserable character. And you just aren't okay with it to hang out 24 seven with him or her Yes or no? So use okay to be different with abubaker what the food he likes to eat and where he wants to hang out. But I cannot be okay with him being different in terms of great character. So he goes to the workers to do the best of friends. He tells them a book the

00:39:08 --> 00:39:17

subject doesn't have any more discussion yet with him. And to him he was full of conviction. How is your conviction so far? If you were there? Would he come to you?

00:39:18 --> 00:39:57

Or like Oh, no way. Not that No way. Are we like you know what? Yeah, I would come to them. It's okay. If you feel not, there's still room in sha Allah. May Allah bless our life say I mean, so he goes and he speaks to the people of brokenness of the earth, He realized, realize, listen, this message is not the responsibility of the Prophet. It's the responsibility for every believer. So he wants now to go convey the message. What's the proof of aboubaker that the message is true, the message he has, and the character of overkill and the character of the Prophet. So he goes and he talks to who that people have the greatest of character check abubaker out right here. abubaker

00:39:57 --> 00:40:00

right then and there. He talks to us man Ben Affleck.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

On a multi millionaire, how old is he? Approximately 3040 years old. He tells him about Islam. He accepts Islam abubaker goes to Abdur Rahman been a multi millionaire tells him about Islam someone of great character. May Allah grant you righteousness associated with a lots of money if that part was good for you, I mean, I'm I'm an alpha about 30 years old. Then he goes to seven epi waqqas talks about Islam he accepts it. How old was he about 17 years old. He goes to Paul Hebner obey the law speaks them about Islam. I says, I bear witness that the Creator is alone, no one worthy of worship. But Tim, and Mohammed is a slave and messenger, how old 13 years old, he goes to a job at

00:40:45 --> 00:41:10

Manila, one talks to him, How old was he about 12 years old. You see the young blood, you see from old from 55 years old Khadija all the way to not that debate to I live in every pilot, and it goes on and on and on brothers and sisters, all of a sudden, what happens? revelation comes, what's the matter? new revelation comes. But this revelation

00:41:11 --> 00:41:27

will change everything. The Prophet been conveying privately and selectively for about three years now. How many Muslims? How many? About 14? Some people estimate 40 roughly. Some go as far as 200. That's the range for the three years.

00:41:28 --> 00:42:15

Yeah, but they might be 40. But they're not any 40 Yes or no? May Allah bless you all say I mean, may Allah make us with those 40 who remain to be steadfast. Bless the revelation brothers and sisters. Allah reveals the angel comes and he reveals your Creator says to you what ended as your article as Robin now warn all people go public, no more hiding, no more private, no more selective, whatever word you want, go public and warn everybody is the Prophet going to put his life on the line and go talk to people? Will he do that? Is he going to submit? Is he and now is he gonna walk the talk we have to submit to the creator at all expense. We'll see inshallah, let's take a short

00:42:15 --> 00:42:21

break for about 10 minutes and Charlotte and we will resume afterwards for a very, very important session. May Allah bless yazaki molokhia

The Message of Islam Begins

What are the fundamental values and principles that Islam teaches? What are the differences between how the submitters and the arrogant experience this life and the Afterlife? Why did his wife and close friends accept his message? In this session, we talk about some of the proofs of Prophethood, the Prophet’s (ﷺ) exemplary character, and the first people who accepted his message.

Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life (ﷺ) is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughout Ramadan 2020.

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