Muhammad Al Bizry – Scholar Series #3 – Al-Imaam An-Nawawi [Accepted by the Ummah]

Muhammad Al Bizry
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I shave he has seen even use of. He said when I came to the city of Nova

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by witness some lads, some youth playing.

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And there was one kid who didn't want to play who was sitting in the corner holding a book, what was he reading, really in the Quran.

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And I watched him for a while wanted to see what's going to happen. When he's in. When his friends invited him to play. He refused. And when they tried to dominate over him, they tried to force him. He began to refuse harshly and began to cry. Literally, he was crying, going to mum and dad, literally crying, saying I don't want to play. I don't want to play my whole life nearly how the world credit for this owner read let me be. Let me read the Quran, Allahu Akbar. So when a chef has seen in the news of witness this, he had to go and find who is this person's teacher, it was directed to his teacher, I remember no his teacher, he went over to him, and he said, This young

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lad, then ya take good care of him. For in the future. He's going to be a pious, ibid scholar that is going to be a role model for the people. So his teacher, the teacher will remember now we said to him, I'm gonna do one and are you a sorcerer? Are you a fortune teller? He says no. However, Allah azza wa jal made me out of these words, it was just something that entered my heart I had to tell you. So now the teacher of Alabama No, we went to Alabama know his father. And he told him about this incident and story. And that was enough. lmm know his father packed up everything Hola. We're moving to the lands of Syria. So remember, no, we can learn under the scholars of Villa de Sham. So

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he can excel in his studies, because in the city of an hour that will limited there will limited and that's when he flourished. Allahu Akbar, when they moved to we led to Shem. And that's when he began to study. And that shows you the importance of the parents, the parents, yes, your kid may be pure. Your kid may be noble, your kid may be intelligent and gifted. But you have to also provide the means and the environment. That's crucial. Just like a plant.

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It starts off as a good seed. But that's not enough to get a good plant through you need proper environment, sunlight, when water nutrients. Likewise, children that could be pure and they are pure, they innocent when they young, but that environment can either make them or break them. So this is very important for the parents to understand. And that's when he excelled in his study. Subhan Allah, He excelled. We're going to get into what he did at these universities in a moment. But the point is, the scholars said from the signs of the Olia Allah protects them at a young age. So at 10 saponify. Doesn't he want to play? Well, that's highlighted for him. tonnelle Allahu Akbar

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that was I remember nowhere. Yeah. Even a shot off al Moray Abu Zakaria.

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Firstly, I remember knowing what was his real name

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was Yeah. Yeah, a lot of people don't know this. Yeah.

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It shut off. Al Marine.

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That was his full name.

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Yep, no, shut off. And Moray.

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He also had a cornea. What is the cornea Shabaab nickname Correct. What was his Konya? MashAllah Asad Abu Zakaria.

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Now, did he have a son called Zakaria? No, he didn't. In fact, he didn't have children. In fact, he never got married.

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So how can you because that was a career in Arabic. The word Abu doesn't always necessarily mean father of in Arabic, Abu and ohm can mean saw him and saw Heba. So

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what's that mean? Companion companion. For example, Abu Laila, commonly translated the father of the kitten, but he didn't marry a cat and his wife didn't give birth to a kitten. So it's the companion of the kitten because he always has a kitten around him. So abou doesn't always mean farther off here, we translate it like that, but not necessarily. It can mean farther off, but it can also mean saw him like Abu Lahab. He was called our lab not because he had a son called lab a flame. But because of his face and his skin color, he had a reddish tinge to his complexion. So he was called Abu Lahab, literally the companion of the red flame, because of this reddish complexion. He actually

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stood out from amongst the Arab, and I love the other word dark in his skin, because of the sun, of course, but he was different. He had this reddish tinge, and that Subhanallah was seen as something exotic and beautiful. And thus he was called Abu Lahab. Because of this exotic nature because of his good looks. Yes, I would I was extremely handsome. What do people think I will have was this grotesque, vile, disgusting, ugly person. We he was disgusting. He was grotesque. He was wild to his character and his leader. However, in terms of dunya standard, he was extremely handsome. And that's why it was called Abu Lahab. So Abu doesn't always mean father and mom doesn't always mean mother.

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So I remember no way it was called

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was a career although he had no sun called Zakariya. Now in our day, think of the word Apple as guy or man. Someone loves cars you say car guy. Someone loves soccer, soccer dude, SOCCER GUY. Someone loves laptops and desktops and computers tech guy. guy that's what basically Apple means.

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So that was his Konya but he had a lock up as well. Name I say mclubbe Doesn't that mean nickname as well? Yeah, they couldn't Yeah, and lock up commonly transmitted as nickname however, there's a difference between the two. Who knows.

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Acid lockup is when you have a nickname without a will and without um

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so I couldn't hear with be able back at the Konya. What was our bucket Jakob?

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Acid, the acid acid Yeah, cleaner Abu

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Amara do hottub what was his Konya that had Abul with him? I will have very good and he's like El Faro. So in nutshell lock up doesn't have a boo no more squares. Konya does. So what was the lockup of Oliver Minogue?

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Masha Allah sent two points for you today. Mohiuddin. Moshe, then from here up, where he came from, you're here to give life the one who gave life to this day. In other words, the revival of the deen that was his nickname Allahu Akbar, what a nickname. So that was his full name. As for his birth,

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was born in the 631 after Hijra

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at the seventh century of the hero, of course.

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he died in the 676 after Hijra. You know, that means that he's a seventh century scholar in birth and in death.

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If you were to calculate how many how many years he lived, you won't even get to 45. He lived 44 years and a bit. That is it. But look what he achieved in 44 years interview. In under 45 years Allahu Akbar, look what an Imam and now we achieved a legacy that continues to inspire millions of Muslims in each generation. So he was under 45, Allahu Akbar and 23rd Rahim Milani died without any children. In fact, he didn't even get married.

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45 If you were to give some people 450 years, they still weren't even achieved 5% of what I remember. No, we did

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45 That is it. Allahu Akbar. Some of us are close to 45.

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It's part of our time to reflect. And he was born in the city of

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He was born in city of nowhere, and that is near Haoran which is near Damascus and was Damascus. Syria I sent

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so that's where he was born. So he was born in the area of Villa de Xiang. But he wasn't actually born in Syria. You'll see later that his father actually relocated him to Syria he took him to Syria later on. So he was born in the city of no any Syria.

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And thus he was called now away because of nowhere. And this is something that's allowed that way you're born you own the name of that town, that city their country, no problem. Like Albert Hardy was from

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Alabama, NASA. He was from

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NASA, NASA and thought this is fine. So you can call yourself I lost Raleigh. I love nanny. I'll miss three. That's okay. Not now, bro. This nationalism as long as you're not saying it, as long as you're not saying it to put other people down or you think that you're better than other people because you're from this particular country, place or city? Or Liverpool? Liam from Liverpool, bro, I'm the Habib's so as long as you're saying as a matter of fact, that's okay. Like they did on Buhari and now will we? So he's calling them away from now but there's another way to pronounce his name and nowhere we they both accepted and now we know where we are which is what is commonly known

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I won't shut off your honor he gave to the city of nowhere. Honestly, who would have known the city of nowhere if it wasn't for Alabama? No way.

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Hola, Ana, the city of nowhere, because of this great man. And that's how Allah honors Allah azza wa jal honors you and honors your people and your legacy because of Islam. A lot of people these days they look for on a via other means they look for another dunya by putting other people down by stepping on people's heads using him as their own personal staircase. So I'm gonna get to the top you know step when everyone else not having the you want honor than you do. Why Islam? Look at for example, Al Bukhari, there was a great scholar in his time by the name of as the holly if you recall, and remember don't really, but who has heard of a dolly before we actually took his the

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biography of Al Bukhari before then, who's out of the valley before we actually mentioned in his class, I'm sure none of us know

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But this man although he was a scholar in his own right because he hated on Al Bukhari, he tried to put him down because if you jealousy Allah azza wa jal disgraced him And subhanAllah the irony, no one remember that. Oh, honey, everyone remember that Buhari. And the irony is you only know about the holy is if you learn about an Buhari. Only the only way you're gonna read up about oily is if you're reading about animal no hurry up. This guy don't really want to hate it bro. Allahu Akbar. Because he tried to hate on Al Bukhari And subhanAllah he was a scholar. And in fact, he used to teach many students that will, the format that he used to teach many students until they went to Al

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Bukhari, if you remember the story, when Al Bukhari came to town, and he said, Yeah, go and study under this man, or somebody better smile, as big mistake on his part. That's what he was thinking because once they heard that Buhari, they got addicted. And they lifted the holy and they said with Al Bukhari Salam but the point is, you weren't gonna only be remembered for your legacy find the in Islam now via cause property real estate women divided in so this is the Biographia Shabaab of Alabama. Now we were taking this way so you can appreciate the 40 a hadith because that's what we're doing this term for Hadith class come in?

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Yes. You have even

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Yeah, he there's plenty of No, please. He wants the extra reward.

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Well, the son of did say once knowledge was taken from the masjid to the universities, we lost the baraka and what's knowledge was taken from the floor to the tables, we lost humbleness. And once knowledge was so not for itself for the sake of Allah but for deployments, we lost the class. So we lost three things.

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Everyone wants to walk out now and get along. Stay. Stay, but yeah, but it's okay. Okay, Hamid, please, sit, sit on the table, Allah.

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All right. All right. Let's look at lmm and know His qualities. Just gonna mention to two scholars said among the qualities

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he had was that he was gifted by Allah. He was gifted, and he had this divine protection and care by him as a religion.

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scholar said that from the Olia, you know the signs of the earlier from the signs of the earlier is that Allah azza wa jal protects them from a young age. So when I remember no, we was only seven years of age, when authentically narrated that when he was seven on the 27th night of Ramadan. He wakes up confused, he wakes up scared. He rushes over to mum and dad. Mom, Dad wake up Yabba Yabba at his father says What's wrong what's going on? Yabba tema had adult will lead him into a dark, muddy father What is illuminating light that has lit up the house. Father was confused when he talking about he woke up, investigated the house he saw nothing. He said then it hit me then I

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realized that tonight is little further from what he witnessed and he went to be shaved and he shakes at the same thing has to be because he was known for his stuff quite impiety even at a young age, because when he was 10 years of age, I share he has seen the news of Al Morocco che and McCulley be this was a famous chef of an McRib, a chef he has seen even use of he said when I came to the city of Nova

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I witnessed some lads some youth playing.

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And there was one kid who didn't want to play who was sitting in the corner holding a book. Imagine that imagine seeing kids playing and one of them doesn't want to play just wants to sit and read. What was he reading? Really in the Quran? This is a shift. Yes seen a B news of speaking. I witnessed these kids playing one kid on his own. And I watched him for a while wanted to see what's going to happen when he's in when his friends invited him to play. He refused. And when they tried to dominate over him, they tried to force him he began to refuse harshly and began to cry literally he was crying. Going to Mum and Dad literally crying saying I don't want to play I don't want to

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play metal listening to how the world credit for this owner raid let me be let me read the Quran Allahu Akbar. So when a chef has seen in the news of witness this, he had to go and find who is this person's teacher, it was directed to his teacher and remember, know his teacher. He went over to him and he said this young lad, then yeah, take good care of him. For in the future. He's going to be a pious, ibid scholar that is going to be a role model for the people. So his teacher, the teacher of Alabama, now he said to him, I'm gonna do one and are you a sorcerer? Are you a fortune teller? He says no. However Allah azza wa jal made me out of these words it was just something that entered my

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heart I had to tell you so now the teacher of Alabama no we went to Alabama know his father and he told him about this incident and story and that was enough. Mmm no is father packed up everything Allah we're moving to the lens of Syria. So Ali mama no, we can

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Learn under the scholars of Villa de Sham. So he can excel in his studies, because in the city of an hour that will limited, there will limited. And that's when he flourished. Allahu Akbar when they moved to, we led to Shem. And that's when he began to study. And that shows you the importance of the parents, the parents, yes, your kid may be pure, your kid may be noble, your kid may be intelligent and gifted, but you have to also provide the means and the environment. That's crucial. Just like a plant.

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It starts off as a good seed. But that's not enough to get a good plan true. You need proper environment, sunlight, wind, water, nutrients, likewise, children that could be pure and they are pure, they innocent when the young

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with exceptions, little Shayateen sometimes, but generally speaking, you do have those pure Yes, generally speaking, kids are pure, but that environment can corrupt them or make them good. And it can either make them or break them. So this is very important for the parents to understand. And that's when he excelled in his study. Subhan Allah, He excelled. We're gonna get into what he did at these universities in a moment, but the point is, the scholars said from the signs of the Olia Allah protects them at a young age. So at 10 saponify doesn't even want to play. Well. That title for him, Talon. Allahu Akbar that was I remember no way Yeah, Abner shut off al Moray, Abu Zachary, Mo Hindi.

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Also among these qualities, you find number two, his acceptance in the ummah.

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Him as a scholar him as a person his books widely accepted, the scholars went so far as to say no one from post fifth century was accepted in our own man like I remember no, we look at the dilemma of the past because the element of the self fifth century onwards, I'm not talking about private private you have a body element mathema. The chauffeur Yes, but they said fifth century onwards, no one was accepted in the OMA like Oliver Minogue his books him as a person his scholarship amongst all the groups of Alison Nojima you do have others that are widely accepted, like given the payment not me, but not like Alibaba Norway, for example, named me a book of Tamia.

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Kita William and good

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word for Tao. Yes, everyone knows that. naming a book of anima Minnawi.

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But also the hen or herb I know we try to have the bat Yes, at least everyone knows to at least and even among the layman. That's proof, but many people don't know Kitab Lehmann. Many people may have heard of material Fidella. And even we know some of the groups don't really recognize everything and take everything from him with me when I was a biller, because of some deviancy or whatever the case may be, but you find no one was accepted. Post fifth fifth century now OMA, luckily, I'm nowhere among scholars and like mushiya Students of knowledge even amongst the layman, the average layman you find even in his house even know he's not really practicing then he has also had a hand or

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alibi, nowhere. Even as a kid as a kid. I used to see the 40 Hadith on my mother's bookshelf and what is boudoir? 40? Hadith 40. I used to think, well, I, I'm sure you probably say no, when you're a kid, Allahu Akbar, his acceptance. Now I'm going to show you how he was accepted via his works.

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But before we do that, I want to I forgot to mention something about this gift, this divine protection of Allah azza wa jal. Why was he protected like this? Why was he looked after? Why did Allah gift him like this?

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Among many reasons, no doubt his hard work, but because of his father, his father, his father was extremely poor, but he's extremely pious as well. Usually you find people their situation, it can corrupt them. When I was overseas, for example, in a particular country, not to mention which country but because of the poverty of the country because it was poverty stricken people and led them to cheating, lying deception. It can make you lead and it can lead you to that stuff. If you don't have Taqwa. So people were resorting to those things. Why just to earn a buck? Why because either hunted will be hunted. So your situation can change you by not the father of anima Minogue

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who was extremely pious, and because of that Allah looked after his kids, you want Allah to look after your kids. You have Taqwa?

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famous story of sorts of gaff the two orphans Why did Allah look after their wealth although they will often no father figure to look after them. Why What can

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I woohoo masala ha. Their father was righteous salejaw as among the soil behind you be righteous My dear brother Allah will look after your kids Allah. Yeah, mille Mola when Yamawaki What better protect them better disposal of our affairs, Allah.

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And that's why when Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz was was on his deathbed. We know Ahmad Abdul Aziz, one of the greatest hola of our OMA some classified him as the fifth rightly guarded Khalifa when he was on his deathbed, the people

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round him said would you not leave anything for your kids in the will? We don't leave anything because he's leaving for them very little.

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When I when he heard this from them he stood up he basically sat upright in his bed. He's on his deathbed. He sat upright, and he said to hold the phone and he biller he's threatening me with Allah. He says hola Tareq Tula home Allah Jalla Jalla I've left for them Allah. That's what I'm there for them is scaring me with the scare tactics. What if I left, I left them Allah Allahu Akbar, the narrator of this, the narrator of this hadith, the narrator of the story said we witnessed the rise of the above acid Empire and the Khalifa at the time, he Shami blogged in Malik, who left behind millions for his kids we witnessed with our own eyes, the kids of his Shami blobbed Malik

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after his death, begging the people in the streets for money and food. And we never ever witnessed the children of Ahmed Abdul Aziz ask anyone for anything.

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This one left behind millions millions. What? I'm going to have the disease leave behind, but live by the dollar him that is it. Allahu Akbar, because he left behind Taqwa. That's why he left. It's not about what you leave for your kids. It's what you leave in your kids. Leave in them Taqwa. darkwa 34 This is the only Allah protects them when the young because of the parents. You'd be righteous, my dear brothers and if you're not married, make sure you marry someone with Taqwa because she's going to look after your kids. Most of the time dad's at work. Most of the time dad's out the breadwinner. The mother is going to be with the kids a lot of the time. That's very

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That's why I love protecting them I'm in no hurry. Let's look at his second quality. That is his acceptance. Now let's continue with this. His acceptance. Now, as we said, No one for the last 1000 years was accepted like Al Imam and no way to him Allah. That's a big deal. Why was he the most knowledgeable scholar in the ummah? No, he wasn't al Bukhari was Manoj Malema Muhammad was more knowledgeable.

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Was he the most knowledgeable scholar in the chef a fickle because he was of course of the chef and method? No, he wasn't. Did he have high status that why was he a Khalifa? No. Why was he accepted? As we said last 1000 years no one was accepted in the OMA like I remember Norway loss he's lost a stalker impiety that's the only reason we can give I'll give you some examples. Let's just look at his works and this will make it clearer in terms of his books to show you his acceptance number one Riyadh Salah his

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famous book I'm sure many of us have heard of this book. What is it called Salah Haman translated

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gardens of the righteous very good. The word Riyadh came from the Arabic word Raja Raja is a garden but older is a garden and the plural for older is real, real hot Riyadh that's what it means literally the country the place so the old soil hang gardens of the righteous Why did he call it this two reasons the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said gatherings of knowledge are are enrolled from reorder Jana literally gatherings of knowledge like this There they gardens from the garden the gardens of Jenna so when you come to these gatherings then you feel him on an amen Hi then you feel in Africa the worries of the dunya levy you lie you do suddenly when the panic alarm will be

00:23:24 --> 00:23:27

Hambrick Masha Allah it Helen oh the whole moon come back yeah all the worries.

00:23:28 --> 00:23:44

And also because the Hadith he gathered in it, if you implement it, you will be among the righteous in Jannah. That's why as well that's why you implement what's in it up in Jana with the righteous Allahu Akbar. What is your Salah hain? It's a compilation of

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That is it.

00:23:48 --> 00:24:19

Was he the only scholar to compile a hadith? We know the Muslim dilemma. And so he'll Bihari sunnah Buddha would like compiled as well, in fact many others that we've probably even never even heard of many others. So what makes us so special? I know this commentary. Yeah. No, there is no commentary. Very little commentary. In fact, he does comment but very little and if he does, it's one or maybe a line or two that is it. Hardly any commentary, you'll be hard pressed to find comradery and that's why you always find commentary on Rosella Hain because he didn't really comment. What was it?

00:24:20 --> 00:24:29

Nicholas? I'm sorry. That's the only explanation I can give you is the only explanation the LMA gave his talk was Nicolas his pure sincere intention.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:55

It's just a compilation. But is it our Hadith? I totally did. And you don't find the scholar said you don't find a bookstore in the world and Islamic bookstore except the 100 Salah when you don't find a market or a center except that it has three also the hand and nine times out of 10 you find it in the Muslim home nine times out of 10 even among the laymen even if they don't even read it. And the scores were so and he went on to say this is the most printed book after the most half.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

Nah, the most printed book after the Quran, Riyadh Salah him

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Then it's been translated in many languages, acceptance from Allah. And thus he was accepted in the OMA. That's the first book I wanted to discuss the Riyadh Saudi

00:25:19 --> 00:25:19

Second Book

00:25:23 --> 00:25:26

of God, what all of God mean

00:25:29 --> 00:25:30

the remembrances literally.

00:25:31 --> 00:25:42

It came from the woodchuck, which is remembrance of Allah. It's a book of Afghan literally and benefits of it. Very good book. This book was so widely accepted in the OMA.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:01

The scholars went on to say they developed a maxim I probe about it, they said, Be Adar wash, sterile of car, sell your house and buy the Escalade. And if they had no means to buy this book, but by selling your house didn't do so. Bad door, wash study of car.

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That's how famous why, why did you learn such acceptance? Why acceptance is the OMA? Is it the only book of liquor knows plenty. And is it the best book of liquor now, there's others that are far more detailed, give you more of God, but Subhanallah you find once again is a Class B Idar washday lefkara.

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Another book, man has a totally been

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what has been has been came from the Arabic word man hedge, what's one hedge methodology way? So the white of the Taliban who are the Taliban, the seekers of knowledge very good. And the SEC is in general.

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Man has probably been

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this is a book of folk in particular Scheffer I felt

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now, let me tell you a bit about what their Oliver said about Minotaur Libyan

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they said when he wrote me in Italy been afterwards shortly after he received wide acceptance from the relevant that it actually became a reference points a manager that will go back to a reference point for her for Chef a scholars centuries to come. Why was he the most knowledgeable of the element? No. Was he the most knowledgeable of the chef a fit? No. in the digital age, for example, I remember subkey they were far more knowledgeable in the chef and cook than him. But his book became a reference point manager for the chef race scholars later. Once again, the same reason

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last Taqwa piety he wasn't the most knowledgeable chef very first year it became a manager for the chef raise

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another book this is book number four

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Dockray bootay sci

00:28:09 --> 00:28:12

fi Sunil by sharing knowledge at the crib

00:28:13 --> 00:28:14

what they see is

00:28:16 --> 00:28:18

this is a book on masala Hadith

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Come in brother

00:28:22 --> 00:28:23

while it comes to them

00:28:31 --> 00:28:36

it's full name is definitely what they said for you Sunil Bashir in the lead.

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But at the end what they said is what is commonly known as like sahih al Bukhari at the free workplace it is a book of masala

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now was he the most knowledgeable in masala I'm sure you know the answer he was it I remember no he wasn't the most knowledgeable and Mo Salah you have for example if the hydrological Lani Allahu Akbar one of the most knowledgeable masala Hadith, you have also had half of amazi

00:29:06 --> 00:29:25

but you find his works and masala weren't as popular. Now when he wrote I remember no we went here at the crib booth. They see it commonly transmitted the closeness proximity and is in the Sunnah of the provider is autism. That's a rough translation. When he wrote it, interestingly enough, did it become popular?

00:29:26 --> 00:29:59

No, it didn't become popular at all low Akbar, what happened and why we mentioned it later on, and the man was silty. In fact, three centuries later. Three centuries later, three generations later, three generations later, I remember CLT he gave shorthand this book. And he called the teddy bear Rawi sharp curry but no way. He called this book that Drib Arroway. He gave an explanation of this book and masala thereafter it took off that was like the launch pad. And that's when it didn't just become a manager. A reference

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

point it became maramba under a solid base for the element of masala Hadith after that, and now it started in the universities on a tertiary level. This book attribute they said in the beginning was it wasn't as popular maybe because no one knew about it. So memasuki He's the one that basically published it and you know, gave it some attention and maybe because it was difficult to understand maybe so he gave it a bit of salt Ah, now okay mashallah, what an awesome book. So Allahu Allah what happened but Allah put Baraka I love Barack and also this is a shout out for Alabama zeuthen

00:30:33 --> 00:30:43

And by the way, a bit of Alabama CLT and we're gonna take his name a bit more often when we get to sort on Fifth of said because he was one of the great scholars of Quran

00:30:44 --> 00:30:46

his nickname was ignored,

00:30:47 --> 00:30:56

ignored could have been avoided Nakata. What is it? No codomain first first, first of all the sun of the books that he was he couldn't have could anyone smiling, maybe you know,

00:30:57 --> 00:31:21

because his father, his father was a scholar and he had a lot of books in his house, and his personal library at home. He told his wife one day to get him a book from the library. And she was pregnant at the time. As she went over to get this book, she started to feel the pangs of pregnancy. And in the library, she literally she couldn't hold it anymore. And she gave birth to a liver Masotti right there in the library among the books.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:54

To Hoonah literally right in the maktabah anthos He was called Immanuel Cotto. And he became a scholar of this afterwards, that was Alabama's duty Jalaluddin. My brothers. These aren't all fairy tales we made up is a true account. True accounts. Look at these amazing stories. It could be legacy, look at the honor. These are our LMR what's the most exciting thing that we do on the weekends? Compared to these stories? What do we do a show Allah gotta Westfield's show our awesome man and ice cream there?

00:31:56 --> 00:32:17

That's about it. That's the most exciting thing I've done in the last two weeks. Okay, these men work one final book before we actually wrap it up about this great man and the man and now we know that said the point is so you can appreciate him and his works and I'm sure it's it's having that effect on you because of this great Imam and His sacrifice the fifth book others

00:32:19 --> 00:33:00

I was going to mention like shots of Sahih Muslim or that became so widely accepted in fact, a lot of Parliament only use his sort of on Muslim you don't find to have Muslim becoming popular. You don't find any others like to be and they give shot how Muslim but it wasn't as popular but that was that's another book. But we'll just end with the 40. Hadith, the famous collection for the hadith of a No way. What is the 40 Hadith of unknowing, he basically took 40 Or as we know 42 To be precise 42, a Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he felt he felt were from Joe me al Kalam. Were from the concise comprehensive speech of the Prophet Allah so to say, and he compiled them in a

00:33:00 --> 00:33:12

single book. That is it. That's all it did. It took 40 142 To be precise, put in a book. There you go. But look at it today. Everyone knows what the 40 ahaadeeth they know of this book, even if they don't know who wrote it.

00:33:13 --> 00:33:25

And in fact, it's called 40 Hadith No. Yeah. Was he the only one to compile this? There are many relevant who compiled foria Hadith. I challenge anyone in the stream naming another book of 40 Hadith Apart from knowing

00:33:28 --> 00:33:29

what's a cold

00:33:30 --> 00:33:32

you only know that because we mentioned that from week one. Yes.

00:33:33 --> 00:33:34

You saw

00:33:35 --> 00:33:40

him at my challenge Shalabh I didn't get the name. What's the name? I don't shoot the correct

00:33:41 --> 00:33:52

No, because he actually used and remember no is 40 and he as he's like as his base and the added eight. So he was like, you know piggyback on the on the baraka actually.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:36

There are many who wrote compiled for the Hadith all of them vanished without a trace. We don't even know any others. Except maybe the name Yeah, we know who but where are they? Where are these books? Lm Rahim Allah you define them, but very rare that will vanish without a trace. But this one state. The only reason we can give urbanite who said this, his his Taqwa his piety. That's what that's what will take you places. You know the hearts of hon Allah the scholar said, I'll call boo Abdullah who Minella Amman, I'll call when Nia OB level middle Iman will Joetta Johar is far more reaching. Then your deeds then your actions. Why? Because the heart can take you places that your limbs only dream

00:34:36 --> 00:34:36

about going

00:34:37 --> 00:34:57

you can intend things with your heart that you actually never reach. You never actually implement. Maybe something he'll do back I intend to go to Hajj DC somebody calls me back maybe I get sick maybe I don't have wealth. Maybe I can't get there whatever. Maybe the take my passport. So you got the reward because your heart took it already. The scholar said a Nia will call a black woman alarm and all

00:34:59 --> 00:34:59

this right here

00:35:00 --> 00:35:19

Oh this morning also, Allahu Akbar. It's so powerful. It's strength of the heart not of the body. People think it's the other way around. No the profile is for to some was in his 60s and his family late 60s. Today a brother 60 and built like a tank Allahu Akbar or 26 or 36 but he can't even do to rock out at night.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:28

Now brother to America, they can benchpress 200 kilos, but at first it can't even benchpress the one kilogram blanket off his body at first time last blankets too heavy

00:35:29 --> 00:35:54

strength of the hearts, none of the limbs and the proof is a burger Tabata cola is built like a tank, his legs Allahu Akbar and one of his legs equals two of me is telling me son just passed away he'll fall to his knees wasn't that wasn't his legs that held him up it's the heart focus on that purify that work on that will lie you'll find everything will be correct as the profile is to set you fix this the whole body is correcting good. And finally my dear brothers

00:35:57 --> 00:36:09

show a nearer and nearer if you want this is in ignore all jobs. jam along with him. I can give you the exact narrator's name and the thing but basically a new year

00:36:10 --> 00:36:12

of love men and women

00:36:15 --> 00:36:20

a blog from bellava and Vula and W I'd love to reach

00:36:23 --> 00:36:23

up level.

00:36:26 --> 00:36:27

Mina Hamel

00:36:28 --> 00:37:06

So, once again, why did all this why was he blessed so much we said already is that quite Nicholas? And large real accepted him. But no doubt, no doubt, because of his hard work as well. He worked hard. 45 years he didn't even reach 45. In fact, look what he achieved in 45 years. Those books and more. I don't even mentioned others. There's like Takata Scheffer. Here is others. We can go on and on. But look what he achieved in 45 years he was hard working. And that's why he actually narrated when I was taken to the Institute in Bilodeau, Sherm, he says, I remember normally speaking, he said, I would study for years on end with very little sleep each night, very little sleep, and very

00:37:06 --> 00:37:34

little to eat. Because the weekly relative the weekly wage was very little wouldn't suffice him. And at times, he said, I would sleep on my book, so he's like, sitting down, he just slipped like that. And then when he'd wake up, he blamed himself or wasted too much time sleeping, Allahu Akbar. He was hard working. And just to show you how much knowledge you would sit daily, he would go to 12 Halaqaat on a daily basis. 12 Halaqaat all that we've been doing from when we started tonight at 630. That is one Halaqaat.

00:37:35 --> 00:37:52

So tonight, we do three year 12 Halaqaat daily, how many do 12 Halaqaat in a week. Our goal is to further How many can do 12 Halaqaat in a month for most brothers one lecture a week yeah, Tuesday night to check up on them. That's enough, bro. One lecture a week it's four in the mafia 12 daily.

00:37:53 --> 00:37:57

Forget any take it easy for these guys, then they wouldn't take it easy.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:11

And on top of that, as he was going to his lessons, he would be reading on the way why it doesn't waste time. He's reading to and fro to and fro while working on

00:38:12 --> 00:38:19

something that one of our misshape was asked how do you always revise when you're so busy because I revising my cars I'm driving. He's got his book on the steering wheel.

00:38:21 --> 00:38:22

Well lie.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:39

And just the SIR Yanni, you can do this, you can put maybe another's iPhone holders or Samsung holders, you put it and you can have it there and you can just read as you're driving, you can just read but make sure you look at the road at the same time and you look at both you go back and forth. Otherwise, it'd be the last thing you read.

00:38:41 --> 00:39:09

So my dear brothers, the lesson is the point is sacrifice now live the rest of your life as a champion. Do things now that your future self will thank you for Have you ever done things in your life where you look back at the handler the handler role in the course handler got married to so and so. handler had kids you happy you had kids whatever. If you ever done things in life, we thought hamdulillah that's a good thing. We'll do things now that your future self will look back and say just go ahead and bro Allah appreciate it.

00:39:10 --> 00:39:18

Keep up the good work. Do some more things next time. Yeah. When you get old, you're gonna say man what? I'll do more. So do things now that your future self will thank you for

00:39:19 --> 00:39:35

everything, man. I can't be like these men. You have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great. You have to start somewhere. And I'll end with this beautiful quote by Malcolm X Rahim Allah that should be written in gold. He said tomorrow belongs to those who plan for it today.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:44

That's for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare now and work now. Vertical or Facom Subhanak Lahoma will be handed a shadow Allah, Allah Allah and Mr. Furukawa

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