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After praising Allah subhanaw taala under sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey looking at bad moral values, or bad practices, we can see the state of corruption or how much corruption is on the earth. What has led the corrupt actions to face all this corruption that we're facing?

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and corruption and facade is a very large word inside the Arabic language when a text of the Quran and the Sunnah, and its various forms of facade and corruption that also pounder speaks about inside the Quran and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam prophesized on his blessing tongue

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but there's one specific corruption he wouldn't focus on today. But before that we're going to touch upon the general concepts of corruption. As a last 100 mentions, I sought her room the her facility for variable by her iMac cassava at ness, do the lady Damilola Allah,

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Allah Subhana, Allah mentions bottle for surgical berryville by her corruption has appeared upon the land and on the ocean, or on the lands and the oceans by what man has earned or sent forth with his own hands. So one can take this literally that the corruption that we see at the moment on the face of the earth. The other forms of corruption are defined in the forms of corruption, of belief, etc, that we find is all apparent on the face of this earth. Allah Subhana Allah allows this corruption to take place for wisdom that belongs with him. And no one can question or ask Allah Subhana Allah, why he does something, why he doesn't do something. But Allah He mentions, the secrecy or the

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element of why this corruption has been allowed to place are we placed upon this earth be Makassar with a DNS, because what man has sent forth with his own hands, our own actions in the face of this earth have led to this corruption that allows and allows this corruption to take place. But then Allah Subhana Allah in His infinite mercy, and justice, or kindness and, and Rama towards this world, still hints towards us that even is corruption. There's something that's going to benefit us, that you taste the fruits of your own actions, for the evil actions that you carry out. And this may begin to awaken you begin to make you to reflect and to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah whom

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you are your own, that you may then return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala even though he if you can use such words, linguistically unleashes certain hardships

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or certain detrimental effects upon this world. Inside it is a hidden message for this world. And more specifically for Muslims to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as you find that these are yet that we find our soul to roam

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is unique. Because Allah Subhana pride is mentioned six times continuously women are yet he from amongst his signs, and there's no other cluster verses inside the Quran where Allah continuously mentioned these are yet he signs towards the creation for the creation to begin to reflect what we call a complimentary webinar. Last contact begins when He created you from the dust from the clay. Amina Yachty and Haleakala coming full circle as well. From amongst the signs that he created you from your own from your own cell spouses that you may live with her woman at her Kusama working out for monks who signs the creation of heavens f until the other three verses that we find it all, one

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after another running conundrum, one after another speaking about the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, but a human being doesn't seem to reflect and see the signs of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise you find inside the end of soar to Toba once again the concept of returning back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah your own unknown Mr. Luna faculty amin, Murat and Omar retain familia to buena wala home yet the corrode down they see the people see that we test them maybe once or twice in a year. So firstly, they may begin to feel malaria Tobu they don't begin to repent. While our home yet the corona don't seem to pay heed to reflect regardless of this doesn't affect them. So all these

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calamities maybe once or twice in a year, whether it be a mercy but at one faces oneself, a loss of their own, their own life or their loved ones, their family, or their wealth, their property, or whatever a global pandemic we find at the moment all of this hardship that we find is there for the person to reflect to return back to Allah Subhana Allah in other places or Allah mentioned earlier to buena Illa Allah He will stop for now who will logo for Rahim? Allah if Allah to Buddha Dhamma why don't why don't people repent back to Allah Subhana Allah wasta furuno

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And seek His forgiveness, that we find that this this concept of Toba was deferred continuously the believer and Muslim should be always making Toba elation, Hana de anda making justified repenting back to Allah subhanaw taala. And the strange thing about these is that we find such subtle Merida. And so tilma is a surah in itself which is unique, which is speaking of nothing less, but Hello Kitab they treachery, the deception the concealing of versus the speaking against against Muslims. And likewise you find is Sora is full of rules and regulations that we find is a large portion of, of SoTL Magadha. And that's maybe not to sound too political but we find corruption is touched

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inside here as well. That maybe we as Muslims, as people who govern and rule and just average Muslim begin to need to reflect over the surah and to see that the corruption that we're living in the corruption that we're facing. A loss panda mentioned where malaria can be answered Allah Allah echo McAfee wrote in the 4544 chapter Quran that he mentioned malaria can be Manzella for like aamupala Moon shade after this, then invest 47 dimensions woman Libya can be made under the law. Professor Cole

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first of all admitted they are disbelieving individuals. They are oppressive individuals. They are wicked disobedient individuals. If we look at the context of these are yet mmm chunky penis. So while beyond he mentioned about the context of these are yet that the first verse, Allah May Allah Allah for Allah common Cafiero is speaking about Muslims. The context of these ayat is about Muslims who don't govern and rule why the legislation of Allah Subhana Allah can be classified as disbelieving individuals, the second Ayah for alaikum avala Moon, he mentioned the context of this ayah to speak about your hood is speaking about the Jews. And in the final verse inside verse number

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47, or Malema can be madonsela lafa Hola, como se code, the context, the Sierra Club these ayah is speaking about and Sora. Speaking about the Christians. Now we don't want to get so bogged down into as many people begin to talk about Coco, Coco, for one concept of preferred, whereas major or minor, whatever it may be, we will accept this. But the key element here what we fail as Muslims fail to understand, we have been pushed away from us. That governance of Allah Subhana Allah, if it's not applied leads to facade leads to corruption on the face of the earth, that there is no control in the face it is that people are away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah, and that is a core element

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we need to believe in, that we need to build upon inside our lives, that the hokum the ruling and governance belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, we shouldn't go into an extremity that people think that maybe this leading people to rebel or speak ill of people around us, but it's visible, that we are corrupt. Muslims are corrupt, the authorities around us they are corrupt. That's the least that we can say. And it's visible and that corruption, since whether we whether we accept that 100 odd years ago, the collapse of the Islamic caliphate or even a collapse before that, but technically collapsed maybe some 100 years ago to now 100 years on 100 years on today, the last plague that took place

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inside on the world, maybe almost pantalla a secrecy that lies at every 100 years that he begins to awaken. Awaken the world remind the world that the level of corruption has gone beyond a level which is not comprehendible anymore of corruption we carry out in the face of this earth. And likewise inside the surah the general theme can be taken not to follow suit practices the people around us the people of the corrupt ways that they have the suit of begins were mentioned what are our own wildberry with taqwa wala Tara 101. encourage one another towards piety and goodness. Don't come towards any evil actions. ism sins when one transgression, don't cluster don't come together, don't

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unite upon evil actions and sins and corruption on the face of this earth. What takala fear of loss of Hannah to Allah and maybe some of us, that's all the ayah that we may we may catch. But Allah subhanaw taala concludes I have a mentioning in the Lucha this is something when he was Muslim, we we always rightfully maybe do go to the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. But that's why I mentioned that the mercy is balanced with at times that the anger of Allah Subhana Allah, The Wrath of Allah, the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala the chastisement of Allah Subhana Allah. So even it's worse is that many people will use this verse with our vulnerability with taqwa encouraged

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people towards piety and goodness, and stay away from evil but they failed to see the end of the verse. That when when when evil actions become dominant, prominent on the face of the earth, a loved one just in the last shadow.

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Allah is severe impact

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punishment. Punishment isn't always going to be inside an era, there's going to be reducer and there's going to be a response of actions on this dunya couplet era. And that's a really honestly person should face the punishment in this world, rather than face anything inside the IRA. Because the punishment inside the afra is going to be a shed is going to be even more severe, and more eternal. for individual faces of punishment inside an era. Like Cody finally returned back to another surah the beginning was sort of beginning of SoTL Baqarah. Many of us are familiar with the surah but the intricate details are to pick up the understand you Sora many of us fail to understand

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we may just have a tertiary reading read through the surah we fail to see who the believers are, we fail to see who the corrupt individuals are. Because Allah Subhana Allah mentions some 12 odd verses right in the beginning of so to speak about corruption. Speaking about a Luna code, that's even Karima Josie wrote a whole books speak about CFR 215. But many of us mostly read so Docker this this has become a main theme we just read through it. First three, four is speak about the believers wanted to speak about the disbelievers and Tov is speak about the munafo code. For what purpose what intent is a loss panda beginning his book, beginning the longest surah inside the Quran, verse 286,

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verses, beginning by speaking about the monastic code, because why ellebra the removal of the law because the sub the lesson is to be taken from the generality of the woods, and not from the specifics of revelation we're going to follow suit. We're going to do exactly what the people done before us. Why the appeal only to see to fit a call in number national Muslim. When he said to the people don't make corruption on the earth. They said we're not making corruption. We are people in nomina muslera. We're rectifying the affairs read it to see of corruption among tabari. If I'm correct to even me Kathy they mentioned about the corruption that is people whether it be disobeying

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Allah subhanaw taala, rejecting Allah Subhana Allah Now see, this will corruption on the land, ultimate level of corruption is his rejection of Allah Subhana Allah worshipping others besides Allah Subhana Tana, but underneath that comes as earlimart the first he mentioned as the noob well murase disobedience is also corruption and encouragement of corruption in the face of the earth and then trying to justify we are people who are rectifying this Earth and in no human Macedo, Nevada kilda, Sharon. Allah responds by saying, indeed these people, they are musi do they corrupt individuals, corrupt inside their hearts, corrupt externally become visible, but they couldn't even

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perceive the corruption.

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Then they begin to make what they begin to make such statements should we believe as a sofa as the foolish individuals. Remember, they mentioned a sofa general karate is speaking about children who don't have the mind and the intellect to distinguish their wealth.

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But this how the munafo can speak about believing individuals. They're childish. They're foolish. They have this belief inside of the Day of Judgment. They have this belief inside Islam that Islam is a way of life. This is a non Muslims. This is even amongst our Muslims, who believe that Islam is some abstract way of life. It's not a it's not a life to be followed in the modern world. Islam doesn't fit in the modern world, Islam shouldn't be used, should it be unified? Should it be codified? Should it be implemented? It's an abstract identity existed in the sixth century, amongst the Bedouin Arabs at that time. Now in a modern world, the Quran is no longer applicable, should we

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believe as these these foolish individuals that they believed,

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but once again, a rebuke to that these are the foolish individuals who make such statements. Likewise, Allah mentioned one or two siddhivinayak de banda is

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don't make corruption the land of the lost count and as rectified the land has placed the land in a state of peace and contentment that we find. And this if we go back to the beginning of suta, Baccarat that we find is once again to speak about facade after this, whereby the main theme of facade begins to take place.

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With color a boo kalamunda in Nigeria, of the halifa. When Allah said to the angels, I'm going to place upon the F advice for a representative, he a great discussion begins to take place amongst a limit to what is the meaning of halifa ethnocracy goes to the viewed a scholar if generations after generations, people who come afterwards it's not at the maricela is going to be his progeny generation after generation going to come who going to inherit the land. Because I had the Malaysian desert, no the corruption. You can't attribute corruption to him at that moment in time. But the only the other half there is no harm and attributes need to add them to them because the first

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killing the first killing that took place was between the sons

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of Adam, Allah Islam that took place he has returning back to the ayah the angel they made this question called What did you fear? When you see the fear when you speak Kadima want to be humble Allah, tala India Allah tala moon, the angels poses question are you going to place upon the earth? When you see to see her? Well yes we could deema who is going to spread corruption

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and going to spill blood? Once again a long discussion begins to take place that how do the angels know this? How did the angels perceive this that the human being and this is true? If you look at the human being in general, what is the characteristic of the human being?

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He places corruption on the land, and he spills blood, the mass killings that we find in the face of this f is carried out by human beings. Sorry angels either one view is that they saw that the essence of the human being being claimed, going to be hard in nature. So that this this this individual, this creation is going to spill blood is going to carry out this facade under the view that the first he mentioned is that they saw what the jinn were doing that prior to the human beings a strong view that the jinn they inhabited this earth. And they saw how they were behaving upon the face of this earth. So he said other human beings need to do likewise. And a third view the past

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possibly some form of ferocity inside that he could see that the future was going to take place because we're always praising Allah. Why do you need to make another creation? We're always worshipping Allah Subhana Allah, why do you need something else? But Allah, Allah mentioned collini Allah, Allah Tada, moon, I know what you don't know. And I'll have to add them the names of everything. Everything on this earth plants animals had about the element of fussy that they mentioned even utensils,

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ornaments, even things to do with washing, bathing, cleansing, etc. A lot to all the names of everything to add them and they sort of gave him that superior rank, superior rank was given to him.

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Well, aka Khurana Benny Adam. Warhammer Warhammer nofit vertical bar was a bit of fun but no. La Casita de la Wanaka kurama bunny Adam, we gave nobility rank to Benny Adam, children of Adam gave them this rank, this dignity, take him over the land, the oceans, give him a Mach preference over the whole of creation. That is the human being. So the angels were taken aback. That's what the angels when they come to, in the morning in the evening, and then return back to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah, Allah, He knows his creation. He knows what he's taking place. But he asked the angels, how did you find my servants, because the angels they rotate in the shift at a time of fudger. And

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so the angels that we found your servers in a state of prayer, in a state of Vicar in a state of remembrance. So it looks like to the angels as if the human being is always in a state of Nevada as well always worshiping Allah subhanaw taala look at the angel see us will call illuminated by the Shaku but most of our servants are grateful, most ungrateful or not grateful. We're not in a state of a bird at that time, we know the state of remembering Allah Subhana Allah in the early morning, or in the late afternoon. As for the main headings that we find the corruption, we find that Angelo Rashi will Morita she will hook him in a hadith and Muslim allies curse the individual who gives the

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bribes and the one who takes the bribes regarding rules and regulations by judgment. And as we mentioned, many times the person should study whenever inside the Quran and Hadith and mentions learn Allah. Allah has cursed that individual as a member, there have been his works of Kabbalah collect some 80 or 90 major sins. And inside that you find that this key element is mentioned whereby the curse of Allah and as mentioned there, once again, many of us, most of you, taking trivial many things the curse of a loss. Panda is upon that individual upon that society, but we think we're shareable a monster. We think with the children, children of God, as they say that we're

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protected. We're free from sin, we're free from blemish, we're free from blame. We're never going to be punished. We're never going to be tortured. We're never going to be harmed. There's going to be no calamities. This is how some Muslims they think that by default, us being Muslims, Allah will not punish us. We will punish the prefer to punish a disbelieving individual we won't be punished. No hardship will come upon us, as we began with the punishment come for any individual who disobeys Allah subhanaw taala. Likewise for Nana Rasulullah. He Salatin Urvashi Wilmore Kashi and Ethan Baccarin And likewise, Abbe de would, the prophet Isaiah he cursed. He cursed the individual who

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gives bribes and the one who takes bribes.

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You know, many of us we become so bogged down with rhetoric and academia and technical studies of Islam, that we live in some abstract world of Islam

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I don't want to sound derogatory in any manner, but this is what some Muslims we have become. We don't see the common people, the common people, there's a path of corruption. The common people don't understand academia. They don't understand technicalities. If you just sit if you just teach a believer about Allah subhanaw taala they will accept it. They don't want intricate details

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about Allah subhanaw taala they can't absorb them. They can't understand them. These are technicalities for Allah to begin to dissect and begin to explain an average individuals needs to know belief in Allah Subhana Allah. Well, who am I going to Molavi? Matera maluna, Basilan? Allah is watching over you wherever you happen to be. That's all that the average Muslim needs to understand. They don't need to understand intricate details about these verses later. chemisty Shay what was some you will receive, it's not for the average individual to understand intricate details of codified orthodox beliefs of Islam

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is good if they learn them. But as some of us begin to focus upon this throughout our life, you find that the average masses, what begins to take place is a separation between people who believe in certain things and what people practice on the face of this earth. That the average individual that you find is neglected, the average individual is missed. And thus we find that certain things that exist in a Muslim Omar that may be it may sound shameful to mention this, but bribes and kickbacks are common in the Muslim world. bribery is a common factor inside the Muslim world, the various forms of bribes that may sound very similar to many of us that we see amongst our Muslims inside a

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society is common practice, one cannot get a good service, and a person gives a bribe person will be treated well. Until that says boxes to some money is given in exchange for a person to be treated appropriately. a contractor who wants a government tender once a government contract to be given to them will give bribes to high ranking officials. And that's the scandal. It may sound strange for scandals whereby non Muslim been involved with Muslim countries and Muslim entities have been exposed, whereby kickbacks and money have been given that contracts are given to non Muslim contracts, or non Muslim countries or other other Muslim identity is given to them, that they bribe

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people, high ranking official people to those contracts are given to these individuals, even mundane things. A vehicle inspection officer will pass a vehicle knowing it's corrupt. There's deficiencies, it could lead to an accident, it could lead to a killing. But some money is given an he takes the money and he passes the vehicle. A judge is visited by certain party and told to rule in a favor when he gives that ruling in that favor. an expensive gift is sent to the individual, the individual accepts it. This is all forms of usury or bribery so that we find a high rank ranking government official.

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Lower clerics discover that he's a corrupt individual. So he bribes them. He puts them in positions now to speak about the money that he was taking and make some content and makes them happy. Like how do you find a retired officer who may want to claim his own pension his own right. When he goes to the officer claimed his money, he's fine, he's lost, his money is lost. So he offers a bribe till he could get his own right is given to this individual coming down further school results. It may sound astonishing, astounding to us living in the Western world. But many teachers are bribed. principals are bribed to pass their children in exams. Because so it is sound so harsh, but many of them are

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dumb individuals. But they bribe money is paid at the results of my child, I excelled a port forward, if not, you will be set, you lose your position, you lose your job. This is a reality that takes place inside a community that we find. And likewise, incumbent presidents are people in authority. When they want to be reelected, they'll bribe people. They'll bribe the poor people, they pay money. It's all visible inside our society, one shouldn't pretend all these things don't exist. A large portion of our world is corrupt in this manner, that we will bribe people or concept of nepotism of one son to another son. We continue inside our lineage is all existing in front of us

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that we begin to turn a blind eye. So people say there's a difference between a bribe and a prison. And as we find in a hadith it mentions that the difference between a bribe and the president you take the present.

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The gifts will be you take it even you weren't we're not inside that position. There's one companion was sent by the prophet Elijah to collect zakat. And he came back with some extra money and he gave some to the prophet Elijah that somebody took some himself the Prophet I some he rebuked him had eaten Bukhari.

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He said that you've taken this money, would you have taken this money if you would be sitting home with your parents, many of us not inside this position. You will not receive this extra money that you're trying to give to me and you're trying to take for yourself. This is nothing

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Part a bribe. B human domestic abuse of Nutella yummy dinner My bad. As for the effects of bribery that we find inside a society that poor people begin to lose their rights and are able to compete to offer the same money that rich people other people may offer to get their rights given to them. honest and truthful people begin to suffer, lose their rights and they begin to suffer. People only begin to work. If money is given to them bribes are given to them, they begin to carry out their duties of work. And people who receive bribes, they become accustomed to certain lifestyle, that certain wealth that they need for their home for their family, for a luxury for their pleasures. So

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that's why they continue persistence and taking some of these bribes to live that luxurious lifestyle with extra money they perceive that they get gaining inside their life. And like we find that money is swindled out of the country, that the corrupt money that people that they take is when they're taken out of the country. And there's a benefit economy of that country. And likewise, cost of living begins to go up. And let us conclude research in our last panel speaks once again about corruption about facade upon the earth. We're about lots of other mentions ministry dedica Khattab Nana benissa in the last panel, because of that reason, wrote down upon Bunny, bunny sorry, and

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nomen katella nutzern visa innocent officer

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for a number katella NASA Jamia that an individual who kills an innocent individual, or seeks corruption upon the land is as if the individual has killed the whole of humanity. Whoever saves one individual is as if they saved the whole of humanity. Then after the after this verse continues another version Allah Allah mentioned, even a context may may sound very harsh, but it should awaken us that so some random I've extracted from this verse that the punishment of person who's corrupt, or who's spreading corruption on the land, that this is an extraction from this verse that this is the punishment, the chastisement given to the individual. In number Jazakallah Dena johari, buena la

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sala who, those individuals who fight Allah Subhana Allah, and then his messenger, we as owners of the facade, and then they spread facade corruption on the land. What is the punishment of such individuals for carrying out facade upon the earth or human formula? Are they to be expelled from the land, the legal

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authority, or the outcome? That is for them a disgrace on this world? Imagine a disgrace. This is June 5, dounia disgrace for an individual inside his dunya then Allah mentions Willem karate, as a boon for them inside the hereafter will be a severe punishment, magnified punishment torture for those individuals may have lost control give us all a tofik and ability to return back to his Deen Allah kind of give us all this, all of us and awakening amongst ourselves, that the calamities and the hardship that we see that the world is facing, or the world has been facing, and many of our Muslim brothers have been facing many of us, we feel that in this lockdown, this hardship that

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sometimes we feel is hardship. But in comparison to what Muslims out there we're facing, is possibly 1%.

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What these people are facing for the last 5060 years of their life, that we face expelled from their lands, tortured or pressed, we find

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a bush at the moment is a case that many one may think is hardship staying at home, look at look at these individuals, the hardships they're facing the conditions that they're living in Philistine Kashmiri lands are endless that how these people live will last 5060 years to be living in lockdown and shut down not being exposed to the world, or giving access to the world, or access to basic mundane things that they need. So we should make this a point inside our life to reflect upon this inside our life that we are still living in in. We're still living in a blessing. We're still living in a blessing compared to what the mass of the people are facing. And we also learn how to remove

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this hardship from all of us in the Muslim world. Make it a point of returning for non Muslims as well. Muslims want to return back and repent back to Allah Subhana Allah