Murtaza Khan – Taste The Punishmant Of The Blazing Fire Shaykh

Murtaza Khan
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu lillahi wa Madame minister in hoonah istockphoto one or two below him in surely unforeseen amin say Dr. Marina

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maniac de la who furthermore the Lola woman a little further her deola wash shadow

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in law watchdog Lucia de cada what a shadow nama hamedan abdomen what a solo. I'm about to fall in nos da Cunha de kita boo boo,

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boo the hood, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot more emotionally to her wakulla more data in bid on what could be the art in boletin wakulla Allah Allah convener

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of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we find a concept inside the Quran

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of delivering things or the themes inside the Quran in pairs. To Quran travels in the journey baignoire de Waal worried between giving a promise and giving a stern warning about carrying out certain actions. The Quran carries on a journey between being mushy when of the year between giving glad tidings and warning individuals. The Quran carries a journey being a trophy Waterhead between warning encouraging people to do certain actions and to stay away from certain actions. So this Quran has this element of zodia of placing things in pairs, just like the Quran talks about a miracle Eman, the importance of Eman. The Quran also talks about the avoidance of staying away from

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Cofer worship could be lady Subhana, Allah Allah. Likewise, the messenger came following that same pattern as well. giving people the glad tidings and warning mankind as well. As the Quran mentioned, yeah, you you will be you in person Akasha hidimba Shira Mona D ro, a prophet, indeed, we have sent you as a witness over mankind over humanity. And likewise, we have sent you to give glad tidings and to warn people, etc, as we find is amongst the tasks of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our Seneca will helpfully Bashir on when a do indeed we sent you with the truth with the Quran to give people the glad tidings and to warn them. Likewise, you find that Allah Subhana Allah

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has in place the concept of zodia of peers upon this earth as well, woman cliche in her lacunas Oj Nina and Nikita karoon. Indeed, everything has been created in pairs that you may ponder and reflect and take heed, whether it be the heavens and the earth, the land and the ocean, the sun and the moon, male and female, etc, that we find. And likewise, we find a Moodle high via the affairs of the unseen, Allah Subhana. Allah has also created elements of peers, what we find heaven and *, what an agenda to have.

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Indeed, Paradise is a reality is a truth, and likewise jahannam and now the fire, that punishment etc, is also a reality created by Allah Subhana Allah. So after listening to the art of mercy, the idea of returning back of having the bushrod the good things that the believers would be given. So our task is to go to the opposite direction to remind people about if we begin to disobey Allah Subhana Allah and those individuals who have disobey the law spammed Allah, what is any or what will be the ending of such any individuals?

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Because many Muslims even today begin to overemphasize the concept of mercy that Allah Subhana Allah is that All Merciful, the Compassionate the kind, and people begin to rely upon that people become complacent that I can sit and make mistakes and Allah Subhana Allah Pardon me. Yes, that is partially true that last pounder Allah for your table manjusha

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Manisha Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah will forgive whomever he wants and he can punish whomever he wants to panda who were to Allah. But one should not just rely upon that, and begin to live a life of mercy of a bundle of disobedience. And think that no, there will be no recompense or no questioning by Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala also we find how can we not study in such a topic?

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Pick when it is very important for the individual to save themselves from this punishment as a Quran mentions as sort of the hareem the 66th Chapter The Quran verse number six, a left hander mentioned yo yo Latina Manu o enforcer, como para poder nurse who will hedger la gambella a katana Hello Tony sheeted soon aloha Amara Maria for Luna yo Maroon Are you believe boo, boo Sakuma honey

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Are you believe Save yourselves and your family members from the Hellfire whose fuel is nothing less but men and stones upon it is stern and harsh angels who are guarding over it now yeah soon Allahumma Amato Maja for an owner

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who never ever disobey the law spandana their carry out whatever commandments instructions have been given to them. Likewise the Quran mentioned those individuals will be the losers on the day of judgment as on documents. Allah Allahu Allah colindale hos Irina Latina, hasura and fuson say those individuals who are the losers on that day to lose themselves and lose their family members with him Yama, Yama, and lose their family members on the Day of Judgment, Allah Delica who will be in the that is the ultimate loss that a person loses themselves doesn't save themselves and doesn't take effort to save the family members. Obviously, we know according to karate Nicoletta demon, Bob

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Wallach, in La Jolla diminisher. You cannot guide whom you love. But the person needs to take the effort to deliver the message to the people that are close to them. That's the Prophet Muhammad and falling his son and his methodology. Save yourself, save the people around you, and then become the individual home for and then come out and warn the rest of humanity in the people around you. Likewise, you find amongst the characteristics of the servants. As a loss of bandana mentions I sorted for con, very bad Romani, Latina, yum Chanel and Rb honer. We're either hot lava humann j Luna or Lou Salama, a bird or a man servants of Allah so panel with the other walk upon the earth in

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a state of humility. If people molest them, just let them pester them say things towards them, what do they say called lucilla. Till eventually it comes to these characteristics that concern us and you can read the rest of the characteristics towards the end of SoTL. For con that we find we're about last pandaren mentioned that this this application will lead in a coluna robina, swift and other jahannam. in Burkina Rama in nurse at most core rom com. The believers are those individuals this application, this is this application of our Lord you need divert or take away from us, take us away from the punishment of jahannam. In other berkana huruma indeed, punishment is a grievous

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penalty upon whoever enters into jahannam in his courtroom will move on. Indeed, his punishment of jahannam is an evil abode, an arresting place. Likewise, you find another location addressing the characteristics of the believers that we find while Edina, whom in other bureau beam mushy code. Indeed, the belief is that those individuals who fear the punishment in favor of behavioral Mahmoud indeed the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah is nothing that the person should be relentless, or feeling that they are secure that they will not be exposed to this punishment. Likewise, you find amongst the prayers of the believers are a burner in neckerman to the killing narozalica zeta one

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Molly Boyle in pain I mean on saw our Lord wherever you enter into the Hellfire, you have disgraced that individual. That individually disgraced individual a wretched individual is entered into the fire. And that's a loss panda Allah mentions at the end of Surah embrun kulu neffs. In the Eco mode, every single soul living thing will taste Steph Thurman's zero and in what will directly lead gen netofa confers woman higher to dunya in diameter or wherever is rescued from the Hellfire for confessor. That is the ultimate success for the believer. And what it is worth nothing less but a great big deception of taking the man and drifting the individual away from a loss of eternal water

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either. Likewise, we find Allah subhanaw taala and he has laid out his creation but before that we find those individuals who don't know the distinction between good and bad, that at times you have to study that which is evil or that which is incorrect, to better oneself. And that's when a person in his studies knowledge, early majority, Islamic knowledge and Sciences is to drift a person away from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah when a person knows that which is he learned that which is haram, the person strives to do that, which is Hannah

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and strive to stay away from that which is held on to become closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah. So the real intent is some of us don't understand what is the real intent of machinery, some of us think it is just to master certain sciences, etc. The real intent of Islamic Sciences is carob Illa, Allah Subhana Allah to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, as I mentioned in Nima yaksha, la mina De La Jolla, people who fear Allah subhanaw taala, and other men of understanding women of understanding, implementing that they know to the best of their ability, and like today that we find it becomes great slogans and titles and certification that we find doesn't mean much in the kingdom

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ship of a loss apparently, and when a person is trying to save themselves from the punishment of a lost Panda and, and if it lost power that gives a dolphy can ability individually to share those words that they hope other individuals had for don't mean ye Subhana Allah is a great version of blessing from Allah Subhana Allah, like was the Arab poet, he wrote the lines of poetry out of the Shara luxury, any Island evil, and he for the sake of not to fall into the evil, well, I can return a fee, but rather indeed to stay away from it. Wherever doesn't there's not not a distinction between good and evil, God and your coffee will eventually fall into evil. So that's why sometimes

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living in a society that we find sometimes a person has to study the evil around them, and also the evil here being jahannam that person needs to study it to be able to avoid it. If you don't know this, this distinction between good and bad one day you could possibly fall into that bad because you don't know the disease distinction between the two and likewise find her data or do the annual asking about what the bad things about affairs what would begin to take place. So on this basis, the Muslim studies jahannam to be able to equip oneself to be able to stay away from jahannam so loss panda Allah has already created Johanna This is a creative and Asana it is a deviant view that we

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find that some people amongst the more Tesla as to how we in is upgraded to how we are mentioned that some people believe that Johanna will be created on the day judgment, the stance of the creative as soon as the agenda and jahannam have already been created for loss Panda and they tried to go into theological debate about what is the need of creating paradise and Hellfire No one's going to be inside there it's just lying there just happens to be a stagnant there but as far as Alison is concerned, loss panda is already created uni Jenna and tandem with Dr Nora Lottie or that will caffeine fear that fire or it that live carefree fear that fire which has already been prepared

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for the disbelieving individuals in Naja nama cannot mere Saba lip or foenum. Indeed, jahannam is already lying in wait a place at destination for the people who transgress likewise for numerous a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim, when Allah Subhana Allah created paradise in him, and sent Jupiter into go look at it. So it's talking about the past tense when it was already created. So Jabra even came I saw jahannam and saw the punishment saw the pain etc, and said Whoever sees it want to stay away from it. Whoever sees gender want to dive straight into gender, and then we know who fought in narrow bisha war who fought in general to build mockery. Then it was said that surround jahannam

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with showered with desires with temptations every single path of temptation desires, opens the doors of becoming closer and closer towards Johanna, and a path for paradise. There are many many obstacles. In the path of Paradise a person needs to overcome the obstacles to eventually enter into paradise. paradise isn't something cheap. The person is strolling to paradise whenever they feel like strolling into there has to be certain actions the person needs to overcome. What are the difficulties? Mr. manoli highlights inside the explanation is Hadith in such a Muslim, that there are four elements a person needs to overcome the obstacles. First he mentioned and he had a bed that

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person needs to become vigilant in the bear that the daily prayers fasting forms of Hajj, you need to overcome them. These are the hurdles that come continuously person needs to focus upon them halfway through Allah Salatu was Salam ala Wooster, Baku Malinda carnitine God your prayers preserve your prayers, especially the middle prayer stand in front of Alice Panda and is the state of observance by the flattened me noon alladhina hoon fee so the team call Sharon successful other believers who are the believers are successful inside the beginning I at noon, those who are devoted inside their praise committed towards Allah Subhana Allah, which today we find that unfortunately,

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some Muslims find it trivial. They talk about other greater issues, the whole basis the foundation of Islam of the belief in a loss apparently and it's a seller and the lady Bay Nana ouabain home a Salah fermenter kochava hotcopper the covenant between us and them is the prayer. Whoever breaks that covenant, whoever stays away from the prayer that individuals committed disbelief. The second obstacle that we find that Imam know we mentioned centuries ago is cosmologies to be able to

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to swallow your anger so some of us may be good Muslims we pay pray punctually we observe a five daily prayers but some of these characteristics are missing from us. Whenever taught these characteristics cause malachite to be able to swallow one's anger is another characteristic. The person overcomes is able to control their anger. They're heading on a path towards gender. The third characteristic that we find while awful to be able to forgive people, because some people can swallow the anger, but they're unable to forgive. And as I mentioned, the Seaford of the moutoku will inherit paradise. They are those individuals alladhina cone of sorrow he was wrong LA, those

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who spend their wealth in good times and difficult times. While Cal the mean aloha is those who swallow the anger while our feanor and the nurse will lower your hibel mercy need these characteristics. Many of us have forgotten these characteristics as Muslims that some of us could pray you can even spend our wealth but swallowing one's anger, pardoning people overlooking mistakes of people overlooking with comments that people make towards us. These are characteristics and deep characteristics, which will help the individual come closer and closer towards paradise. The fourth obstacle he mentioned, is a sober, Anisha word, to be able to have patience to stay away from

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temptations and desires. Every time a person breaks the desire breaks the temptation stays away from them, that person becomes closer and closer towards paradise. The more person falls into temptations, falls into for jewel, into skillful sinfulness forsook rebellious behavior into mousy the loop becomes closer and closer towards the punishment of a loss of parent who want to Allah. Likewise we find that as we mentioned, those individuals who reject the jahannam has already been created. Anyhow, the names have been mentioned in the Quran that many of you have collected and placed them together. That last pounder Allah in nurjahan, NEMA cabinet metal solder indeed jahannam

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is lying in wait so the first name that we find inside the Quran is you need to hand them seven names we collected and inside the Quran. First name being Johanna the second name that we find can in her lava, exactingly shower desert and the shower lover. Any by no means that we find that this fire burning away right into the skull of the individual. The third name that we find is automa calella yamba Donna filho Tama madaraka mahatama narrow lionmoon cada alotted Lotito today Rolla Ada automata crushing fire is a third name any of the hellfire. The fourth name that we find for the confusion, nutty, we're free on this area. A group of people will be inside paradise rejoicing and a

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group of people will be inside a serif a serif is another name any for jahannam. so sleepy Safar. Mama de la cama soccer, la Toba ke y la la to lil Basha. So soccer is another name any of jahannam it permits nothing to enjoy, and it leaves nothing alone. Another passage of kuranda we find we sent to these individuals and what has made you enter into soccer. Why you here inside soccer inside jahannam callooh la comida mousseline well I'm Nakano, mo miskeen workqueue Nana, who Duma Alico in Baku, Luca de bo bo middie. Had to attorney again. So these people say, Why are we here in Japan, I'm inside soccer. The reasons are given columnar akumina. mousseline we never bothered to pray,

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couldn't be bothered to offer our prayers. We never used to feed the poor individuals. We used to be wasting our time with those people who squander their time. While couldn't learn to cut the below median we rejected the final day had to attend antiochene until the reality came down upon us. So the more weaker your conviction regarding the last day, the more weaker the person's actions will become. The more weaker the journey will become in returning back to lots of panda Allah, while la salud insanity Illa Murcia were anessa Yahoo sofa your man will only have that which he strives for, or she strives for and you're striving you will see it at the end. It was shown but last panda Allah

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what the every single individual we're striving for. The sixth name that we find what bourita tlj Manila horween and jehane any that we find a gem liveaboard for for those who are strength and evil is a sixth name any of the Hellfire the seventh name that we find what a man suffered man was the new Full Moon we adore come here. No don't hire me. So how are we? the bottomless pit has no ending that is a seventh name many of jahannam so some books have begun to place. These are the seven stages of Johanna by making the first day to be Johanna, then lover then who Tama then sorry, then soccer. Then Elijah him then how we are these are seven grades of jahannam. But should we safely

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mentioned here that there is no proof for this

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division is no proof, authentic proof from the ahaadeeth this is just some HD head that some orlimar have made any talking about these names and made these grades any of jahannam. As far as we are concerned, there are only seven names of Johanna which we mentioned in inside the Quran. As for the location in your jahannam that we find, you find in some works talking about whether it exists in the lower Earth underneath the earth that we find the lava, etc underneath us, is it in the heavens? And the safest answer the mumps so you already mentioned that there is no sound proof. So a person he refrains from discussing where is the location of jahannam while they're in move in the law, he

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Subhana Allah the location jahannam what will begin to take place where it will come from and that final day etc. Likewise, if an individual comes to the gates of jahannam, even before a person comes close to the gates we find that the sparks of jahannam spitting out any of Johannes Quran describes in her autonomy be shattering tell us are indeed that you find the sparks are coming out like a castle. Like imagine the size of of a castle is the size of the sparks that reeks springing out of jahannam can no g Mellotron suffer as they are great big yellow camels. That's the size of a spot that would be thrown out of jahannam even before a person comes close to the gates of Janet. So the

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gates of *. The Quran mentions in Johanna l'amour, a dome edge marine indeed the movie a time of appointed meeting of all these individuals, disbelieve etc, will be jahannam Lucha Saba to absorb it will have seven gates seven points of entry to enter into jahannam they could leave Birmingham just unlocked zone and every single door of entry just like gender has doors of entry for different individuals. Likewise jahannam will have sections for different types of people to enter into uni Johanna is me Kathy begins to mention sorry Steve said that different individuals will be allotted to enter into your new different parts of you need to handle Likewise, if I'm in a person arrives

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you need to jahannam and the gates will open and find the end of solar Azuma that we find the 39th chapter Quran was Allah Dena cafaro, Illa Johanna Zamora people we brought the disbelieving individuals brought in groups in front of Johanna had to either Jesu her does when they come to the gates of jahannam foot he had a boo boo her the doors of Johanna would just be flung open for them. There will be no Easter ballia there will be no reception for these individuals just the doors be flung open and be thrown into it. Because if you look at the difference between this was the colored in a taco or a bomb ella jannetty Zamora had either Jesu her were 40 had asked for the people of

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Jana. Same as I mentioned, but the only difference is 140 had a difference of whoa is placed there. And here the facility begin to mention what is the distinction? Why is it been mentioned footie head for jahannam and for paradise you mentioned what 40 head and head dimension This is live is the Kabbalah that when you're about to give a prize to someone, you're about to present someone you pause to give them honor and dignity and then you present it to them. So people come to Jenna, there'll be a slight pause, and then the doors of gender will slowly open for them to enter into paradise to show what they've achieved. So people jahannam 40 had fallen, there is no respect for

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these individual just dragged and thrown into jahannam will call along to her and the people who are in charge any of jahannam will say to them lm Yeti Congresswoman kamiak Luna Anika Maria Tierra de como una comida yo make them harder call. Oh, Bella, did not a messenger come to you and warn you about this day. About this meeting? Don't say no Affirmative. Yes, a message did come to us and warn us about this day. While I can help kalama to be lol carefree. But the word has been established upon the disbelieving individuals that treacherous, unique individuals, the word atonement has been established and he upon these individuals after they've been admitted they would be told a lot Hello

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abueva Johanna Holly Dena fee her for bitser math when we took a beer in the end to be told that Hulu abueva jahannam enter into the doors of jahannam and reside for eternity inside they're like oh, it's an indirect is inside the Quran talking about the gates of *. Will Edina cafaro be a Tina haben Mishima Allah him narrow Masada COVID works at the Farsi talk about Masada twin, even as mentioned that Masada tone is literally means to shut over them, the gates will be locked over them. So this shows that something which is locked needs to have a gate or door any which is shut. The alarm I mentioned is Mujahid. That in in the dialect of the forest it means something which is

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locked or something which is shut. So talking about the doors of jahannam will be shut down upon them. Likewise you find the other element begin to talk about other similar ayat inside the Quran Allah Al mukalla Allah teetotaler Allah either in LA Masada Fiamma de mama Dada. Hey

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You find once again talking about it would be a vault without stretching the columns which will be outside any of Johanna and that will be closed upon them gates will be stretched out. It is a pillar of iron that you find and then you find that there'll be bolts that we placed from outside which will see them and make sure that the furnace that the burning help begins to engage more in burning as in Reggie of in his book The cavemen and nerdy and he mentioned who is standing any at the at the gates any of * the keepers of * as I mentioned, Lacan alone khazanah to her, the keepers of * will say to those individuals who have disobeyed Allah Subhana Allah, likewise you find what

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called alladhina Finnerty, he has an agenda. The people of Johanna will say to the keepers of *, and in order of documents of Anna Yama minella, either will call upon the keepers of * any call upon a loss panda Allah to make any any to feel less than the punishment of * for us or take away the punishment slightly away from us. However, we mentioned the beginning that these keepers are stern and harsh, and they are different types of angels, but the angels which have been placed upon jahannam as we began with those individuals unit Alia Malaika tune she did. They are stern and harsh angels. These are not soft and lenient angels who have been placed there, these are harsh angels we

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placed it to God people to make sure they remain any inside jahannam one murder under a dome in the fitna, Linda Dena cafaro so the number of angels have been placed in around jahannam or the gatekeepers refined is only a form of fitness. Elliott is at the I should 19 angels. If you read the books at the FRC, the courage said if it's only 19 angels will fight them will kill them and will come out will escape. But these angels that last 100 mentioned will merge them into fitness and Linda Dina cafaro the number doesn't really make any difference. So the number in your last Pantheon is not going to allow these individuals to escape any from any jahannam As for the main any

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gatekeeper that we that we find one though yeah Malik, Leah co de la Nora Buccola in Naka murky food. So they call upon Malik Malik is the name of the need the gatekeeper of jahannam. Like was a famous Hadith about the Elise role will be arrived with the Prophet Mohammed some made in that journey of Ascension that we find whereby he saw people any inside Johanna more people being punished inside the grave. And then he saw that individual with a repulsive image of face and burning, igniting the fire. And at the end of the Hadith when he posed the question, he's told that in the video that you saw that was Malik Annie, who is the gatekeeper or the one who looks after

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uni, and he jahannam. Now as a person who never comes closer to jahannam, and sees the vast extent any of jahannam as we find is a Docker on its size with a Yama mpj handle. On that day jahannam will be brought forth and ahaadeeth actually explained what this verse means help will be brought forth that day by means of 70,000 ropes, each of which will be held by 70,000 angels in the Hadith inside any Sahih Muslim and * we'll be able to accommodate the huge number of preferred who's never disbelievers and evildoers, who have existed throughout history. It is like a mill, which continuously grinds making more and more space for more and more people to enter into jahannam

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Yamato Yamanaka Nakula, Li Jia nema hallym talathi otaku Holman, moseyed when people think that jahannam is full, but Johanna will say help me moseyed is there more to come into me Let them come is enough sufficient space for people to enter into Johanna unlike was brilliant. I've used this verse that Johanna will actually can your knees speak and and see as you find any Hadith and Sunnah to remedy proven his point likewise based upon other versions of the Quran, either at home in mecanim. Buried Sameera Lucha de yudong was a pharaoh when they see it from the jahannam sees the people coming from faraway place. The jahannam will let out any a rage and a roaring, which early

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mob depicted is a form that Johanna will actually speak and he to you need these unique individuals. What the hula Helmi Masood returning back you need to this main idea that we find in a prophetic Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim both paradise and * will be filled but * will not be filled until Allah Subhana Allah places his foot in it and it will say you need enough enough so whereby more space will be made for the millions of creation that we find to such a degree that the greatest any creations are the biggest creation but last Pantheon the sun and the moon will be there, and the sun and the moon will be rolled up like two Bulls in * on the Day of Resurrection and find the Hadith

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in certain Hadith, so he or she nozzle Dean Alberni, Rahmatullahi la Miko define what shows the vast depth of jahannam in a famous Hadith in Muslim, that we were with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and we heard the sound of something falling. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Do you know what that was? We said alone His Messenger know best. He said that was a stone that was thrown into * seven

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Two years ago, and it was falling through * until right now it landed. So 70 years ago, this stone was thrown and right now that sound that you heard was the dropping of the touching of that stone to the bottom of *. Likewise, you find even inside the floor and talking about the depth of jahannam and indirectly in pneumonia, Filipina Turkey, Turkey is fairly meaner. Indeed, the Mona Queen will be in the lowest depths of the Hellfire, the bottom end of the Hellfire will be reserved for them on their own. Like as we mentioned, for moon, we are told that the person's mother will be how we are tuned the bottomless pit and he will be the place of the individual as to the intensity

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of the heat in need that we find in a decent Buhari that the fire of jahannam is not an ordinary fire with some Muslims begin to think well, I'll go into jahannam for a short while, and then we'll come out and a stroll into paradise. I always give this parable go home and switch on British Gas and place your hand there for a minute or so and see what happens to you. Your fire is one of 70 portions of the Hellfire would it not be sufficient to burn the wrongdoers? At that last messenger salatu salam said the Hellfire 69 more portions in ordinary worldly fire and all of them are as hot as this worldly fire. likely find or unyk description of a blazing fire wire de la home sorry ra las

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pantallas prepared displacing punishment for them. Well, yes, sir. eara naran Hermia naran talaga was habashi Malema Sabu shimelle FISA movement in a face hot when is all different depictions of words inside the Quran talking about the nature of the punishment of the Fire and a scorching fire. We're not less than not welcome jahannam called lemma Hubbard did gnomes era, this fire that you find whenever it abates it lessons, it's ignited once again to make sure that the burning rage and the torture the fire intense heat is kept kept at a maximum level. For those who fallen as either come in or other bad taste, carry on tasting the punishment of the hellfire. This will be your

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punishment for you individuals and likewise defined refueled on the Day of Resurrection. What either j muscle era where either genetic was deferred on that day when you find that Johanna would be kindled to your knee a fierce and he blazed on that day. Like called you find that jahannam and you find the intensity of randomness we find a hadith of Bokhari that fever is from the birth from the heat of the hellfire. So cooling water and that's when you find in summer we find immense heat in the winter we find the bitter cold that we find rather This is the Hellfire to have any a breather or to have a slight break because we find one in winter, when is severely cold or one in summer when

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it becomes severely any hot.

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So also if we reflect upon any how when a person comes into a state of a fever or illness how their skin or their color begins to become a pale color. So relate this back to evil in jahannam. That how people their skin color and the texture he will change of the individual. So obviously his soccer Moroccan soccer, the top of the wallet other lower had to live Basha, the destiny enraging via soccer, it will change and he darken and change the color of mankind is what this any fire of jahannam any will do. Likewise, you find that * was kindled for 1000 years till it became red. Then it was kindled 4000 years till it became white. Then it was kindled for another 1000 years till

00:33:29 --> 00:34:15

it became black. Therefore it is any black and dark in the fire. Another heading to find Do you think that it is read like this Audrey fire of yours? No, it is blacker than tar in the Hadith and mortar of Imam Malik. What Kindles a fire, what is the fuel? Any of jahannam in alladhina cafaro then Tolkien whom Allah Allah domina law ha, whoo la ecohome wakulla Now, those people who disbelieve their welfare their children will not avail them or benefit them in any manner. Those individuals were Ola iica whom Baku Dona who do not that which is the fuel of Hellfire will be disbelievers will be as refined the men any and stones will be the fuel of Hellfire failed empty for

00:34:15 --> 00:34:58

Andrew will enter value for takanawa Lottie rakudo NASA will hegira or a debt will carefully read. So these people cannot bring something that the Quran they're never going to be able to do it. Then fear that fire whose few is men and stones, which has been prepared for the disbelieving individuals like as you as we began with the Aladdin, poo and full Sakuma honeycomb, Nora, are you believe Save yourselves and family members from the Hellfire whose fuel is owed to a nurse who will hegira who's fueled once again is men and stones. So the people will be the disbelievers. The disbelievers. And mushy raccoon are the main source of the fuel any for jahannam As for the stone that we find what

00:34:58 --> 00:35:00

type of stone will be in

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

jahannam we find the opinion of the laboring must earn, it will be either brimstone or sulfur, it will not jump in his book at the equipment and not begins to highlight why sulfur will be the type of any stone that will be, or torture will be inside jahannam, you find mentioned five elements that exist there, because it catches fire very quickly, has a very unpleasant odor. It produces a lot of smoke, it sticks to flesh, and very hot when it's when it is heated. This is only his own, he had, it could be a lot of fun that could create another element, another stone in existence agenda. But this just gives us some form of parable, or some form of unique understanding of what type of unique

00:35:39 --> 00:36:15

of punishment will reside for those individuals will have to enter into jahannam. Likewise, you find earlier I've collected a few of jahannam will be the false gods that people used to worship. And as you find out, some of them began to say, Well, if he says, getting into Jannah, we're going to go into him but Isa never claimed to be a god, etc. So he will not be entering any into any jahannam likewise, what comes to mind that many people begin to think that if jahannam is so fierce, and a punishment is so intense, then how can the human being begin to bear this punishment, the small human being that we find if it's placed inside that fire, it will just shrivel away instantly. But

00:36:15 --> 00:36:55

we know that Allah Subhana Allah will change the nature and the size of the human being to go back to his or her original size. And one reason as a man no we mentioned is so that the person can actually taste the punishment, because we'll go back to becoming 60 cubits etc and enter into jahannam in the full size, the distance between the shoulders of the disbeliever in * will be like three days traveling for a fast rider in ahaadeeth. Inside a Muslim, the molar tooth of a disbeliever the canine tooth of an unbeliever will be like Mount Hood, and a thickness of his skin will be like three nights journey in the Hadith inside Sahih Muslim and the the thickness of the

00:36:55 --> 00:37:33

disbelievers skin will be 42 cubits thick, and his molar will be like a hood. And the space he occupies will be as wide as a distance between Makkah and Medina and southern accommodate muddy. So the human being will be will be magnified on that day to be able you need to take in this punishment on that day. And likewise, you find the various actions that many people will do that could end them to be exposed to the punishment inside. Johanna, if you read that famous Hades mentioned about the Night Journey. In dimensions individuals are going to be exposed to certain punishment any either before entering into janome inside the grade or be exposed to the fire inside the grave. Whether it

00:37:33 --> 00:38:10

be backbiting spreading rumors, not paying attention to drops of urine dropping upon the clothing or the body of the individual. When people committed Xena will be exposed to new the furnace of fire in the state of New burning and they will burn the bodies away to come back to normal and burn them again. So all of these elements have been placed there for Muslims to begin to think that asking Allah Subhana Allah indeed to save the person from the punch of jahannam. That is the ultimate success. And that's a person who shouldn't find it trivial because especially in today's world that we find everything becomes trivial. In this will be in jahannam for a short while and we'll come out

00:38:10 --> 00:38:52

and enter into Jenna or las pantallas or a Ford or a hidden or the creative and as soon as a person has love, hope and fear, that is a creative and listen we love a lot from Ghana for the numerous blessings and bounties in upon us. We hope that we'll be any sins will be forgiven will be pardoned. When we feel that we disbelieve we carry out bad actions or disobey Allah, Allah that we could be in facing any that punishment. So May Allah Subhana Allah give us all the tofik and ability to understand and to study an agenda and jahannam with the intent to help ourselves to enter into paradise swiftly and to help ourself to drive ourselves away from the punishment of jahannam wakulla

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polyhedra was Dr. Li walakum wa ala Jamil muslimeen of istockphoto Nova photo Rahim subhanak along behind ik Chevrolet learn to stop sugar to Bullock

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