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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi closes the lecture on Aisha Bint Abu Bakr RA in this final part and we gather numerous insights via numerous Hadiths.

Aisha RA was given the Kunya - Umme Abdullah on her insistence to the Prophet ﷺ and she was nicknamed by him as Humaira’ or the 'Little Red One' which was basically to emphasize her beauty as is also mentioned in numerous Hadith.

Of the matters of Aisha RA is that she was the most knowledgeable of the Ummahat Ul Mumineen or the Faqiha of Islam and she was a treasure of knowledge pertaining to Islam, Fiqh, theology, hadith and Aqeedah. She is among the top 4 narrators of Hadith having recorded a stunning 2200 in number. It is considered to be the most authentic as well since it is quoted directly from the Prophet ﷺ and not like the other Sahabas who have their narrations from other Sahabas.

She was also the epitome of eloquence and she has numerous poetry to her credit. She was also a herbal doctor of sorts and numerous sick children would be brought to her for treatment. She also performed Ruqyah.

She was also admired for her deep questioning and analytical skills as is evident from her questions asked regarding verses in the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ. She has also given clarifications and rectified numerous Fatwas from other Sahabas in matters relating to application of perfume before donning the Ihram, on the necessity of untying the hair of a woman while doing Ghusl when she is in a state of Janaba, the necessity to do Wudu again on kissing one’s spouse and so on and so forth.

The relationship that was between Aisha RA and Ali RA is also elaborated upon and we get the gist of it not being a smooth one. However, it never crossed the boundaries of Islam and each one refrained from making any untoward comments about each other and treated each other with utmost respect and dignity.

The actual age of Aisha RA is a topic of dispute and is put to rest by elaborating on the pointers that authenticate this very point. It makes for a very interesting listen and we can actually come to terms with it beautifully.

Aisha RA died during the reign of Muawiyah on the 17th of Ramadan, 58 H. Her Janazah prayer was done after Taraweeh after the Witr prayer by the senior most sahaba of the time - Abu Huraira RA. Her nephews Abdullah Ibn Zubair and Urwa Ibn Zubair RA and her grandnephews lowered her body into the grave and she was buried in the blessed Jannatul Baqee.

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