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The transcript discusses the confusion between religion and culture in the United States, as it is often difficult to discern. The speaker emphasizes the importance of peace and safety for everyone and the need for everyone to be safe from the danger of war. They also criticize actions of some people, such as lied to someone and cheated on others, causing them to become label and lose their sense of independence. The importance of honoring and not denying crimes is emphasized, as it is often difficult to discern. The segment also touches on the use of drugs and criminalization, as well as the importance of not being in debt and rushing to pay off loans.

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Mostly just somebody with a little kiddo with the island didn't finish school who added masa. He became a school who had a neon one who Salli ala Rasulillah Hill, Accra, the shallaki Rashami will do a term called kita Bill Maka or Kamal intervener we'll call them say Ed whether the Adam and the Bashara here is a new video for the Olivia 30 He Brahim Alehissalaam in I currently have our AWT lehle Mohan for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam apparently he failed Omen, a Latina BarakAllahu li him catheter nurse a lot of I mean one item

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but hamdulillah Allah the Lomita his Walden Valeria Kula who shall control milk or I'm Nicola Holly human are dually or capital Patek

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hamdulillah under the Angela Allah Abdi Hill kita. While image Allah Who wherever hamdulillah the Nakamoto who want to set you know who want to sell fiddle will be one of our colloquially when I wrote The bIllahi min surely unforeseen our min sejati Medina when you have the level for La mobila woman you will but I had the other one the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was Zulu Allahu Allahu to Allah Buddha within it up the youth hero who Aladeen equally worker Fabula he Shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Sierra another and find that stuff and Hadith he Kitab Allah wa Halal howdy Have you Mohammed in

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in a shovel Ohmori Matata to her were inoculum jetsetting Buddha Wakulla with it and Allah, Allah Allah Latif and now God Allah azza wa jal vikita Karim Buddha Rosa Villa initiator Najim at Yahoo for Pula in or Sula, Rebecca of Silva and of any eel whether to ask them home for the Chitina can be I think we have a big was Sarah more either Manitoba alHuda

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rubbish actually somebody were silly Emery rock that and maybe Sony Cody or Muhammad Saba candle motivala Illa Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah militina Amman whammy lasagna what also be happy what also I mean?

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Today I'd like to talk to you about a glimpse from the life of Mousavi Salaam and a particular phrase that Allah taught him to say, and the wisdom that we can learn from that and bring into our own lives I pray Allah allows us to bring the wisdom of the Quran into our lives.

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So the conversation that Allah had with Musa alayhis salam on top of the mountain of food has been mentioned on multiple occasions in the Quran. And every time Allah mentions it, he highlights some details that are not highlighted in other places. So Surah Baja, the 20th sort of the Quran is one such place. And here, part of the conversation Allah is telling Musa alayhis salam, what to go and say to the pharaoh, right, and there are other places in the Quran, where Allah has told him what to go and say in more brief language. But here we find some more details that we don't find in other places. So one of the things that he wanted him and his brother how to gnarly salam to say, is as

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follows. He said,

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Go, fat Thea, Thea Whoa, both of you go to him for hula, then both of you should say in our school Arabic, we are both messengers of your master.

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We are both messengers of your masters. So now, they're not just representing their own god, their own master, like in other places in the Quran, in our Rasulullah, Bill Alameen insult Ashara we are messenger, we are both the messenger of the master of all nations and all people. But now it's more personal towards fit Arlen, we came on behalf to deliver a message from your master. So this is even far more offensive. From a from a realistic point of view, from a political point of view, than even the other statement is sort of shot. And I want you to understand that a king went back in the day when you meet the king, there's supposed to be some kind of decorum, you're supposed to show some

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kind of manners. And you get a it's a very special privilege, that you even get access to have a conversation with the king. It's not a small thing. Nowadays, for example, if you're going to meet with the President, or prime minister, or even kings in the world, before you can meet them, they're supposed to be an orientation. They're supposed to be Hey, this is how you're supposed to meet with him. When he comes, this is how you say hello, etc, etc. I've had the opportunity to meet heads of state a number of times in my life and every time there's an orientation, and there are different kinds of formalities you're supposed to follow. So for example, when I met at one cu in Malaysia, a

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royal is called the Tonquin. Malaysia because they're Muslim. They took some of the practices that used to be there from before Islam and the Islam or find them they developed Islamic versions of them. So before Islam, you used to hold your hands and go like this, but we don't bow to anybody in Islam. So they still hold their hands but they put the hand up. So this was the formality you're supposed to show to the king regarding

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LIS when you walk into the king, you, you expect anywhere in the world throughout history, such an honor to meet you, great king, thank you for that, you know, etc, etc. And plus, back in the day kings, they had the license on the official religion of the nation. So the religion of the king, in a sense was part of the religion of the nation. And rejecting the religion of the king is like rejecting the king himself. So if you don't, if you just decide to follow your own religion and reject the religion of the king, you are considered a trader, this is an act of treason, punishable by death. In fact, that's what syllable cough is about also, the young people of the cave, who

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decided not to worship anyone other than Allah, were actually insulting the local King. That's what they were, this is why they were punishable by death. It's not like, oh, you're a Muslim, you should be killed. It's not that simple. Because back in the day, and actually, even today, in many places in the world, religion and politics are confused with each other. And especially in kingdoms, this is the case. So Musa alayhis salam is supposed to walk into the king's court, along with his brother, how you should remember even though Musa alayhis salam is considered a royal, because he was raised in the palace, but ethnically, he's still from money slightly, but his brother is

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actually considered a slave. So he's not considered royal at all. So even then getting access to the court is going to be a big problem. But Allah is not even mentioning, you're just you're gonna make it, don't worry about it, you'll get there. But once you get there, imagine the Kings court, he's got a high up on stage, he's got a security guards, advisors, this entire scene like somebody Technologies, a similar scene to if somebody got a chance to address Parliament or something, right. So they have, they're down here, and the people that are in charge, are sitting up on top of higher chairs. So you have to look up to them. This is designed on purpose, because you're supposed to look

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up to your leaders, they're supposed to look up to the people in authority. So now he's supposed to walk in there. And the first things one of the first things he supposed to say is in now Rasulullah robic, go to him and say we are messengers that came on behalf of your master, as if to say you are not the ultimate Master, you're not the king, there's a king above you. And he's your king. In fact, your master in fact, and we came to deliver a message on his behalf. This is what you consider an act punishable by death. This is an act punishable by death. And this is what he is told to go and say. So Allah tells him, both of you go, you know, first make this demand and put him in his place.

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And the very next thing, the very next thing is of cinema and for cinema, Anna Bani Israel file, suburbia Hoonah. Therefore, because you have a master of our view, that master gets to tell you what to do. And he's telling you what to do, which is what all the sons of Israel that you keep us slaves, you better let them come with us. We're here to demand on behalf of the ultimate authority over you that we get to walk away with these slaves of yours for our cinema and 73. Right. Now forget for the whole imagine go into like a prison warden and saying, I came on behalf of the ultimate authorial. All these prisoners are coming with me if you know what's good for you. Next

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thing you know, you'll be in the jail. So

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you're in no position to make such a demand. And on top of that, a king cannot allow for this kind of a statement to go unpunished. Because if he doesn't punish this, somebody else might say, Oh, he's weak, then I can talk like that, too. So the king has to make an example out of you. He has to execute yes to torture you for running your mouth in this way. But Allah has commanded him to say this, and this is the ayah that I wanted to focus on. This is still one idea. Well, that was them home, and don't you torture them, don't torture the sons of Israel, or the NACA Biya 10 mil robic Sunyata

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we have come to you with a miracle from your master, we have come to you with a sign from your master. Now at the end of all of this is a statement which is actually what this course is about. So they Allah has commanded both of them to go and make this bold, certain death kind of statement. And then at the end of that the the conclusion of this is is was salam ala Manitoba alHuda. And peace and safety actually Salam includes in it a cron that's why we say something like was salam ala l Mursaleen. For example, right? So includes not honor also. So peace, safety and honor these meanings. These three meanings are included inside the word Salam. So when I say somebody has said,

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Mr. Aiko, I'm actually extending three things to them at least, I'm extending peace to them. I'm extending safety to them, which means they're safe from my tongue in my hand.

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They're safe from my intentions, I intend no harm towards them. And on top of that, I honor them. Now imagine if we actually apply to some article when we said a while ago, we'd be a different people, right? But anyway, he said was said irmo, Allah, Manitoba and Buddha. Musa alayhis salam. Now at the end of this statement, everything was about fit. ARLEN you remember right from the very beginning, we came as a messenger of your master. So you must send the Israelites with us. You must send the Israelites with us. We have brought you assign, don't you torture them, you, you, you and you everything is specific about that our own but at the end, Allah gives them an axiom of principle

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that applies to everyone. It's not about foreign anymore. By the end of this statement. It's about everyone. What is that statement was Salam wa ala Manitoba alHuda and peace, safety in honor of fall upon anybody who was going to follow the guidance, anybody who would have followed guidance, then they will get these three things. It's a pretty remarkable statement. Because if you if you think about it, Musa alayhis salam is gonna walk in there, and he already is accused of being a killer. He's already accused of being a killer and there are there's already a plan if they had found him, they would have killed him in the mother I mean, Runa Vika, the Toluca. So his safety is in

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question. His safety is in question. There's no way he can be at peace because he's walking into a war zone. And on top of that, he knows that the Pharaoh as arrogant as he is, when you try to correct someone or challenge someone who is arrogant. They respond by humiliating you. So his honor is in question. Every meaning of Salaam is going to be taken away from Musa alayhis salam when he makes the statement. But the concluding statement is was salam or other Manitoba and Buddha and whoever has followed the guidance Salam falls upon them, peace falls upon them, safety falls upon them. Honor falls upon them. It is as if this statement includes for him and his brother because

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they are following Allah's guidance. There's nothing you can do to humiliate me. No matter what attempts you make, they will work because Allah has honored me by me following the guidance. There's nothing you can do to take my safety away. There's nothing you can do to take my piece away. Because I'm the one following the guidance. And further, he's not flipping this table, turning the table. And he's challenging it on and saying, in fact, I know that you don't have Salam. Allah has informed me that you may have a palace, you may have a military, you may have an entire nation that you're powerful enough to enslave. You may be so revered by your people that they call you a God and you

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have the audacity to call yourself a god and out of Baku, Allah, my alum Tula Camilla Henry multiple places in the Quran. But you know what? In deep inside your heart, you don't feel safe.

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Deep inside your heart, you don't feel honored. You don't feel peace inside. You can have security outside sounds like it's safe. But you don't feel safe in here. In fact, another place in the US in the Quran, Allah says we're ngulia for our our Hamana What do you know the Houma ma can been home? Can we have the rune? We wanted to show the Pharaoh and Harmon and their armies that from the Israelites, we wanted to show them the thing that they had been fearing. You would imagine why would Allah mentioned that the Pharaoh and had fear that Allah has all the army that all has all the power, he has all the all the mic? Here he controls the capital and the labor everything. How come

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he is in a state of fear. This is Allah describing a powerful universal reality, safety, respect, peace. These things don't come from stuff that's outside. People think, okay, if I have a really high paying job, or I have a really flashy car, or if I have this much money, then I'm safe. Or then people will respect me. If I get this degree, then people will respect me. If I get this house in this neighborhood, then people will respect me, then I'll have safety, then I'm gonna have peace inside. When people are running after things you and I were running after things to make ourselves feel something good inside, and you can feel entertained. You can watch a comedy movie and laugh.

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You can play some sports and feel help, you know feel good about yourself, you can get a higher a good feeling. But there's one thing that seems to keep escaping you and me. You know what that is you don't feel at peace inside, you feel anxious inside. In fact, a lot of times the activities that people do, a lot of times the fact that you're stroll, you know scrolling on Tik Tok for 10 seconds, then the next thing then the next thing then the next thing, the fact that you can't get off of your device, the fact that you want to watch one show, and then you're restless to watch the next one and then the next one and then the next one. And when there's nothing I need to go eat out somewhere I

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need to go for a drive somewhere.

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You're agitated, you can't be at peace. You can't live with yourself. You can't live with your thoughts. And then you have on top of that you have trouble sleeping. And when you sleep, you don't have peaceful sleep. Right? So even though on the outside, you have money, you have a fancy device, you have the internet connection, you have everything on the outside, but there's something just doesn't feel right on the end. You can't you can't buy it. You can't subscribe to it. You can't own it. It just seems to be missing all the time. And you nobody can tell you that it's missing. You're the only one who can confess to yourself, it's missing. I'm the only one who can say, Yeah, this

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thing is missing. And Musa alayhis salam is standing in a place where all of the safety, security and respect is taken away from him from the outside. But he is so confident in saying what's said I'm Lila Manitoba alHuda peace falls on peace, safety. Honor falls on anybody who's followed Allah's guidance. It's an incredible offer that Allah is giving to fit on, you may have what everyone on Earth would ever have wanted. Human beings are an after power, they run after fame, they run after respect, they run after control, he has all of those things. If you if you think about from the materialistic sense, every human being that wants to achieve something at one point or another, they

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may they they may not want the personality of their own, but they certainly want the possessions of their own. They certainly want the lifestyle of fit own in some way or the other. They want their own castle. They want their own people working for them. They want their own slave labor, you know, they want these things. They want to be on top in some way on top of a pyramid in some way pun intended. Right? That's that's what they want in life. And he has all of those things. And Musa alayhis salam is telling him something from Allah, there's something you don't have. And that is this piece. That is this piece inside that is a safety inside. That is the honor You don't even feel

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like you're dignified yourself. Because that can only come from Allah azza wa jal, and the and this offer is open to anybody. Let's talk about that for a moment. This person, this individual, hasn't done a small amount of crimes. Basically, there's two kinds of sins you can do. You can do sins against people, and you can do sins against Allah. Basically, right? You lied to somebody you hurt somebody's feelings. You cheated somebody you stole from somebody, you committed a sin against people. When you were arrogant and you're ungrateful and when you are forgetful and you refuse to humble yourself before Allah you used to do dhikr of Allah, like what all of those things or you

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didn't abide by what he considers haram. Right? These are not crimes, they may not be crimes against people, but they are crimes against Allah azza wa jal, the poster child for crimes against people and crimes against Allah combined the highest kinds of crimes against people and the highest kinds of crimes against the law is wrong. That's why he's mentioned over and over again, in the Quran. As far as the sinner is concerned, you don't get much higher than the Quran, because he's responsible for humiliating people, for subjugating people for killing 1000s upon 1000s, upon 1000s of innocents, those are some of his crimes against humanity. And on top of that, forget not worshipping

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Allah or being forgetful of Allah, He calls himself God, you don't get worse than that, that's that's pretty high up there. That's worse than an atheist. That's way up there. He's like, forgetting, not believing in any law, I believe in any law, that would be the guy in the mirror. That's the level he's reached. And so for that kind of a wretched human being, like, you know, capital sin with a capital S doesn't begin to cover what this guy represents. And yet, when Musa alayhis salam comes to him, he's making him an offer, peace, safety, and honor shall fall upon anybody who were to follow the guidance, including you. In other words, even your slate can be wiped

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with all the stuff that you've done, all of it that you've done all the baggage that you have, all the crimes that you've committed, you know, we live in, in American society, there's an interesting, and a tragic phenomenon, right? People that get incarcerated people that get arrested for a crime, and they serve time in prison, it's on their record, when these people come back into society, they have a harder time finding a job, because they've been convicted with a felony. So they have a harder time, you know, assimilating back into society. And so because society rejects them, neighborhoods are protected and they apply for a rental application, they have to fill out a

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criminal, you know, background check, and the background check doesn't doesn't check out or you were incarcerated. You had this you had this, you know, a drug conviction or whatever, you know, drunk driving conviction of murder, conviction, whatever conviction it was right? And now they can't get a place to rent. They can't get a job. They can't move on. That's that sin or that crime? Whatever.

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It was, that is now a label they must wear for the rest of their life. And for a lot of those people, they don't even see an option to make their way back into normal society again. So they're like, the only people that are ready to take me in are people that are offering me to live, continue my life of crime. Right. So a lot of people, you know, ended up in a revolving door because of this system of oppression that's been created. Nobody's allowed to move past their mistake. They're not allowed to redeem themselves. What does this is teaching us about redemption, that even the Pharaoh, the human beings will never forget what he did. They will never forget his crimes. There are people

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whose families he destroyed, how can they forget? How can they just move on, they're never gonna forgive him in the worldly sense. But Allah is offering a different kind of offer. People are not willing to forgive you.

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People are not willing to forget your mistakes. And maybe you yourself are not willing to forget your mistakes. You keep thinking about them, you keep beating yourself up over them. But then you just take this one statement was salam or IDA Manitoba, Alberta. And you realize how universal This is? how powerful this statement is, that Allah is offering you, me and every human being on the face of this earth, a chance at living at peace with themselves. Living a life of dignity and honor, realizing that honor and dignity does not come or cannot be taken away from the words of others. You see, even though Mousavi Salam is an honored Messenger of Allah, and we respect him. We say Allah is

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Salam. We honor him because he's the most mentioned messenger in the Quran. At the same time, when the film was talking to him, he said, while I Ocado you been heavily who am I? Well, I can do you been? I'm going to follow this guy, this humiliated convict. Look, he's got a stutter. He can't even talk clearly. He can't even do that. Even in the course of this conversation, the frown hurled insults at Musa alayhis salam, what are we learning about that? We're learning that people's words don't take away your honor.

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people's comments cannot take away who you are to Allah. And therefore they should not take away who you are to yourself who you will and as hurtful as they are. As hurtful as they are. Think about Madame Salah Medallia, one of the most honored women in Islam. Isn't that so? A woman mentioned by name in the Quran? No other Prophet you get to hear, you know, new IGNOU and you don't hear the name. Or you don't hear. You don't hear about new asylums father, you know, and even when the father is mentioned, Ibrahim alayhis salam is not mentioned in a good light. You know, if cholera Himalaya be here, sir, it's not mentioned in a good light.

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But he silent Salam, ala honors this woman so much. He says he says Maria, he mentioned her name. He highlights her the solar dedicated by her name. And this woman was so humiliated publicly, by people. She was so degraded by the comments of people, then she was afraid of facing that she wished you could be dead before she had to face them.

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I want you to understand that contradiction, people, humiliating someone is not the same as Allah, humiliating.

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People, humiliating someone is not the same as Allah humiliating and the highest honor you can get one of the highest honors you can get is the angels of Allah descend to speak to you on behalf of Allah. That's Madame Salam and are there and on the flip side, she's the one that's going to be yelled at in public and shamed in public for holding a baby in her hands at the same time.

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So we often take, we perceive ourselves, we perceive our place, we perceive our sense of safety, based on what others want us to see. people the impression people cast on us, we make that a permanent part of how we see ourselves. But there's one thing here that Allah has offered and if we just commit to that, then we're okay with Sarah morada, Manitoba alHuda. And this is what I'm going to leave you with whoever followed the guidance. What is it so hard about what is so hard about following Allah's guidance? is not fair and wasn't told to fast 30 days. He wasn't told to make hij they don't found wasn't told, you know, to observe halal meat. He wasn't the Sharia hadn't even been

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revealed yet. The only thing he was being told the only thing was to humble himself and not hurt people.

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Be grateful to Allah acknowledge euro and don't hurt people. We happen to have a Sharia we happen to have things that are made haram for us and by the way, all the things that are made haram for us are only things that are harmful for us. There is no

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If you find yourself that somehow following Allah's guidance is a really hard thing. That is the biggest lie the shaitaan has been able to sell you. And the biggest con the biggest deception that you've accepted. This Deen you read Allahu bukhoma Yasser, Allah wants ease for you. Everything that he prohibited is because staying away from it makes your life easier. You read the law, Hulu huffy. fyzical. Allah wants Allah wants to lighten your burden. He wants my life to become lighter. He doesn't want me to live a life of stress and anxiety. People say things like how come Reba is haram? Well, if everybody isn't haram, you're going to just go crazy with your credit card. And then guess

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what, two years from now you're you're taking anti anxiety, anxiety pills on your credit card to deal with the anxiety of being in debt. And you're buried?

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It's because of oh, why can't I just take a student loan? Why can I just take this loan or that loan or the other one, and when you when you engross yourself in that kind of debt, then college graduates that have graduated five years are still paying off their tuition and river and this was supposed to be a good plan. This is what this is what Allah was saving you from. This is something Allah was saving you from everything. He made her everything he made haram, he made haram for a reason to help you and me. That's the only reason he didn't he didn't make it home to make your life hard. You have to be more human about it. So when Allah here says, on the tongue of Musa they said

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to go tell the pharaohs peace and safety and honor will come upon those who follow Allah's guidance. It is only an only shaitaan who will convince you that when you follow Allah as guidance, your safety won't be there anymore. When you follow Allah as guidance, your peace will go away. People will look at you funny. If you follow Allah's guidance, you lose your status in society. If you follow Allah's guidance, people will think you're backwards.

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And if you follow Allah's guidance, then what honor Do you have? What honor Do you have? You know, because you're not like everybody else. Because now what's honorable, what's honorable is what is popular right in the new world. What's honorable is what's popular. And you'll notice, the more obscene you are, the more pointless you are, the more ridiculous you are, the more purposeless you are, easily the more popular you can get, the more popular you can get. So why would I want to go in the other direction. Allah has taught us to swim upstream. He's telling a king Musa is telling the king, you're bankrupt because you don't have salah. We have to internalize that. We have to live

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this is what sit down why law Manitoba and Buddha. I pray genuinely that Allah fills my life and your life with a set up. And he fills it by us committing ourselves that we're going to try to learn the guidance that Allah has given. I'm going to try to live by what he said. It's not going to be that hard is only a few things he's mandated me to do. There's a few things he wants me to stay away from, and he just doesn't want me to hurt other people. He just doesn't he just wants people to be safe for me. That's That's it. It's not hard. It's really not hard. And if I can do that, I will get the most priceless thing that I cannot get anywhere in this consumerist world. I can't get it

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anywhere and that is a salon. May Allah azza wa jal give it to all of us bought a commodity Welcome to put on a fan you can be it.

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Hamdulillahi waka Salatu was Salam ala everybody Hilary Mustapha Sosa Allah follow him Mahatma in the been Mohamed El Amin. An early he also he explained Allah azza wa jal Pkwy Karim but an upholder Ruta bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allah Homina Equateur who saw Lunarlon Libya you holding on to Allah He was a limo Taslima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Muhammad Ali Mohammed Tommaso Lita Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Al Al Amin in Mohammed Majid Allah homoerotic Adam Hamilton, Ali Mohammed Kumar Baraka Allah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Al Al Amin in the Gambia de Majeed, Arigato, Allah, Allah, Allah in Allah yet more without the will of sandwich it will CORBA when Han is fresher, he will conquer

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political Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah will let us know in the Salah in salata, I can tell him what we need