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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom continuing our journey with certain field, whereby we find this surah it concludes by speaking about the destruction of the people of Abraham, Abraham self. For janome costume cool, we made them to become like chewed pieces of, of crop or of wheat, or parchments of burn ashes was the ending of these individuals. And then a lot of dimensions, the elf licorice that begins to speak about for this purpose, we gave this honor and his dignity to the tribe of Quraysh. And as numerous early minds that they worked with the Farsi they

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begin to speak, that the theme of sort of field continues inside sort of Quraysh as if they are twin sewers. Just like we find a dakara we're early Emraan, we find lm third and tober we find our follow up one nurse. So even though academically a may not be documented in the Hadith, that these are twin suitors that we find in the other suitors that we mentioned, but you find is something that is wholeheartedly accepted that the theme runs concurrently from Surah alpha into surah coresh surah annfield speaks indirectly about the tribe of Quraysh speaks about the lineage or what the people what they faced, or we spoke about specifically that after some odd days, some 50 days or so was the

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birth of the Prophet Muhammad Salah I sent them so there are still people who are living, who had visualized the destruction of the Kaaba and I'm Tara cave, a foreigner of buka because Harbin field, Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the people or the companions of the elephant? And inside sort of Quraysh for Yabu raha debate cardia to rubia, the concept of the Lordship, the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, inside here we find these two surah is proved at the courage had some understanding of Allah Subhana Allah, they are not totally averse, or totally aware even though being mushy raccoon, they had some deep understanding that you find numerous is inside the car we're

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in South Sudan and Caboose are the places that look for on the who provides the sustenance, who gives you life who gives you death for say aku Luna Allah, they will say it is a law. So they recognize the concept that Allah Subhana Allah is there is exists, but you find man are budem lol Yukari buena Illa. Allah he's all for these demigods are the statues of these idols that we worship. We only worship them. Man Oh, caribou. Illa. Allah is olfa man at Madame Liu curry buena. Illallah is olfa we're not actually worshiping them. These are intermediaries for us to get close to Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah, Allah rejects this. Allah, Allah doesn't want any intermediary. What are

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what are Bashar? What are a fool? Well, mela, another is a human being or even a messenger of prophet angel who will come and be an intermediary between him Subhana Allah and His creation. That's elementary why they're so bad. They are neither in need curried. Allah says the seven asks about me I'm close, close by. So this is a warning, a reminder to the courage and to us that the concept of Ruby, the Lordship, the oneness of Allah Subhanallah is the key element inside our lives, that our lives should revolve around recognizing the creator and then failure murabaha debate that once you recognize and Allah who Allah who will Holic who will occur we and Aziz, Allah offer a toe

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worm and Hakeem and Aziz, when you recognize that Allah and Allah you see that then what should a person do just like is it surah Allah is saying to the courage that we've given you these enam we give you giving you these neerim these blessings. So Allah akaal Shea the nice that you should do, not that Allah hunter one step further, yeah, mudaraba huddle bed, then you should worship the Lord of this house who's protected you who has given you sanctity, who has given you dignity has given you honor, who has given you shut off over the rest of the Kaaba and the rest of the tribes, the rest of the Arabian Peninsula we had to Mina had over the rest of the world, because the pastor

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cannot reject that there is not further licorice, licorice Huneck for ba L. There are virtues that belong to the tribe of Quraysh that exists are documented numerous narration traditions which are authentic about giving them they do right and this is from Allah Subhana Allah also find inside the surah these these makansutra only for our yard, and for mobile ad for topics that revolve inside the short surah. And as we find that we mentioned many times these short swords, they are deep in meaning that even a person just reads at our culture even reads it to see the last 10 surah of the Quran. That would be a great enough achievement in itself to understand

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than that the blessings that Allah Allah bestowed upon these specific individuals or even upon us, because inside the surah is speaks but these blessings are not just for Quraysh they are for all of us. The blessings of Allah stick, amen. Well istikhara the blessing of peace and establishment, and the blessings of taking away unhealth, the blessings of Allah Hina while while Yes, sir, of wealth, prosperity, just as the Quraysh they they enjoyed it, we also enjoy that we should have denied the fact that we are in a state of an airman while is the NSA the peace, establishment. In other words, what we call in the common terms, the language a good life, we all live a good life. If we put aside

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the problems in the Muslim world we as living in what they call alohar in the West we live a good life and potentially good life and what should our return be? As we met not that Allah wants a return from it, but what should we do as human beings that Allah has given us peace? tranquility given us a lot greener give it a richness contentment given us a yes sir that's why all my speak about McCallum telling me earlier sir, from user speak about easiest given us well is easy for us in a general concept, so these ayat should awaken us as well and we shouldn't delve in the Quran as we mentioned many times speaking about how Allah Quran is speaking about them speaking about 100 Kitab.

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Speaking about the Arabs speaking about the people are straight. Al Quran you have the booney Quran is speaking to me, speaking to you is reminding us that the Quran is awakening as souls and our minds to lift them to come and to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala and also the surah speaks about the characteristics of the kurush and the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon this tribe has given to these individuals. So as we mentioned that the theme of alfian continues in such surah Croatia for some are not just some olema of Quran, you find what about the Sahaba obey even gab, he would recite these two sources together. We do need Bismillah without the Bismillah R Rahman Rahim between these

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two sewers know that he's rejecting that these are two separate sutras but the mobile app, the mobile the theme of the surah is so relevant that he just moved swiftly from Surah Al field into surah. koresh. Likewise, you find any mumps you decided to see a doorman so he speaks about the father of the virtue of the surah the ominous apob is is leading people in sudden Maghreb Sarah offi Nakata, Lula in the first Raka he read surah two teen and once again surah two teen is speaking about the the pristine location of our care about what TD will say tune. What are the melody I mean, and then this sanctified area. So he is praising the Kaaba. He's praising this precinct of inherent

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allamakee. And the second record he reads, he reads surah koresh. And when it comes to fall Yadu raha they'll buy for your shoe in Aqaba, for who have his sanity. And when he comes to the ifl Yeah, mudaraba had their baby, let them worship the Lord of this house, he points to the Kappa, because he's standing in front of the cat by reading a Salah, showing the sheriff showing the nobility, the rank, the grand you're of the caliber, this this precinct, that this is something unhearable McKee from an dakolo karna Minh and whoever enters into this environment becomes in a state of peace in a state of tranquility. Just Just see people who don't understand the Arabic language you don't

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understand possibly Islam as what we may profess to, to claim to hold. But you find that when they just entered the cabinet, and they see this precinct of Allah Subhanallah, what does it drive them to? It drives people to emotional tears, overcoming Yes, we could speak about the clinging to the wrong side of the car, but holding the wrong part of the Kappa. But understand the psyche is the emotional understanding. It's a journey for some of them or not for someone for many of them for only once in their life. For many of them, it's only once in their life that they've come there, they saved all of their life to come their way. Once again, we take it for granted. Some of us have

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many times visited the house of Allah, Allah many times visited it, we take it for granted for these people is the only one occasion by you may be certain elements that what they're doing may not be accurate may not be precise. But you don't need to deter them. You need to teach them that our emotional feeling is good. But the answer isn't just inside clinging to the doors. It's a much deeper concept that take that emotional feeling to change your life. And as a side point, many of them do change their life. Many and you're seeing the relics of the car by changing the old perception, their whole life changes. That's where someone will leave it to the end of their life

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because they know that I'm going to have to sacrifice or give up my normal life. And that's not the concept it should be. It should be every time we visit.

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At the house of Allah, rejuvenate our email, lists our email and once again it project to the knee increases repeats intention inside your heart that why am I here? Why ever come here in just two basic garments of clothing barefooted testitude circumambulating making power of around this car but why am I head this around that always wearing this is the end. This is how our come here, this is how I'm going to leave as well. We're going to leave with these two shrouds or or three shrouds, that's what you're going to leave with. So for your Buddha, Rob bajada date, so worship the Lord of this house, when your day focus upon it, because every Salah is equivalent to 100,000 Salawat one

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Salah, this Gemma in the hermle mckees. According to 100,000, many of us won't get to pray 100,000 sellers inside our life. So we should find it trivial when we go there, we should maximize our time and our energy and our focus. And likewise, every single seller, while a person should pray in certain assets as if it's a final seller, now we're not going to finish this seller, what will happen to them. That's how a person should approach this seller approach they focus towards Allah Subhana Allah and then comes around don't say, Allah Subhana Allah will will do what to those individuals will take away give them an element of peace, of security of contentment, and not just

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the worldly contentment that many of us we search for the inner element of contentment and peace will be placed inside the heart of such individuals that we find you follow the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala we find the elf your Quraysh for the protection of, of the kurush. That's why because he speaks about a suit namely surah being the elf some dimension only the elf licorice, the whole beginning of the first part of this verse and others call it surah Quraysh. Give me this rank to the people for us. For what reason? What did we give to the courage? What protection were given to the courage our interview mentioned the beginning the protection of the cat that was given to the

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courage, the ones that that the people of Abra were destroyed, like wildfire spread koresh remember already had shut off. They already had ranked amongst the Arabs. There's the custodians of the Kaaba and when this incident took place, what happened increased, increased the rank of Quraysh. All the Arabian Peninsula had the courage even outside so Abra came from from Yemen he came there to destroy the Kava because he saw the rank of the Kava, and he wanted to take it away, but a lot of the wished and decrease the opposite, that now even more dignity will be given to the people of courage and the custodians of the Kava, so we bless them, he protected you he left because we protected you our

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tribe of courage. And who is the tribe of courage, a long discussion, I'm shocked at the insanity of zero blockages I decided to see and others begin to discuss who is the courage. Some of them say it goes back to the trouble of Bonhoeffer and others say it was actually the name of individual courage is the name of an individual. If you read through the the lineage. That's what you find in work. So see where you find the first 5060 100 pages they speak about the genealogy or the lineage of the prophet Elijah to some read for example, shake Sophie Ramadan Mubarak 40s Rahul Maktoum, a tedious task to read through the first 50 odd pages just speaking about anessa speaking about the genealogy,

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the lineage, the name, the tribes, the format is a tedious task, it may not be for all of us, but some of us have to read that to understand about unserved about lineage how prestige an honorable, this described his tribe was, or they say that it goes back to that for the meaning of i h type of a huge fish that some ernabella that they speak referring to a whale which can only be destroyed by the fire immediately. This way it is so powerful, this fish is so powerful is not going to be overcome. So the Quraysh is a powerful tribe is not easy to overcome this tribe, or biomechanical phenomena perish from from from coins. So to see the format of courage become because they are

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wealthy, affluent individuals, respectable individually, these are all technical studies the Pentagon read about them to understand but this is the what we can conclude that there's only one tribe Benjen. Inside the Koran. There's only one tribe and that is the tribe of polish. That in itself is sufficient for a person to understand virtues. Because some of us we don't understand the language of the Quran, that is places they sometimes numerical format, or certain things are said inside the Quran that we may brush aside we may think it's not important, but the Quran is unique in every single format, what it speaks about what it relates, what had kulu

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kulu Kalima, what I can couldn't have. Now, not every word every word, if I'd had the heart of that even in discussion between whoa wah wah lamb

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When Lee defined great discussions of academia and language take place, so even when grammarian they speak about this is how the either this is an extra letter inside the Quran both today mean there's no extra letter in the Quran that the Oriental is trying to attack the Quran. Every letter has a unique meaning that you ponder reflected with an extra evidently elf preparation for a purpose that existed before what happened to the people abroad. We've given you this rank this prestige, only suburb because you are the Quraysh we've given you this elf. We give you a summary to speak about elf going back to even lethal Kullu that people hearts and respect is given to these individual

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because why if they are polled, if they uphold the teachers, I just have been telling me attorney you're cool under the Lunas ada *y who the Arabs will become the best of people, if they understand the deen of Allah Subhana Allah and then they mentioned the opposite. He mentioned that they become the worst of people. If they don't uphold these these teachings, they become the worst of people that they lose that respect is taken away from these individuals. Likewise, we find that there are a lot of a lot of courage if and when you remember that they mentioned in the last of Ernie that a lot of mothers selected and chose me How do you judge a Muslim was the Cornish McKenna

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and then Allah kind of selected the tribe of Croatian kanana selected his tribe, we find out the Hadith I remember to mean Quraysh that the lead is will come from Parisian here earlier I mentioned that you find the killer cell Ozma that the total healer for the total me over the whole Muslim Empire. And I'm assuming Quraysh leaders will be from the tribe of Quraysh This is shut up or Dignitas given to these individuals. And then we find the warning in Hades Bukhari and Sahih Bukhari ma calm Udine. As long as these people that established the deen you should give them the due reverence and the respect should be given to this individual because he he speaks about sub phorbol

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seven virtues were called kill Ashura for ba L, six up to 10 virtues which are given that belong to a travel crush. And you can go and look at it inside of the theory because he and she has urbaniak mattala and a highlight this hadith is acceptable, that these seven rights or regulations that belong to the courage or 10 these should be this should be implemented this do right should be given to these individuals. And what is the favor that Allah Allah gave to the individual he left him read at the *ter he was safe. Allah gave him this journey in the in the winter and inside the summer. This protection is grace. Remember, we read the history of the Arabian Peninsula, you find it was

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nothing about hoodlums. Therefore the IRS or the coroner speak about the amputating people's hands from opposite places. Yeah, Karuna Sabine, that they cut off the path. They were highway robbers, who should look people plunder people, harm people. But the Quran she was given that dignity that when they traveled, they were protected, protected by Allah subhanaw taala the place don't touch the tribe of flourish. And that's when we were able to make this journey. These two journeys fisita will save in the winter and the summer they were protected by Allah subhanahu Wata either that we find Why were they protected as a mom subunits are etc remains because they are a custodians of the Kava.

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Faris Sharif is given to these individuals. And mmct mentioned when Abdullah coresh Allahu Allah, whoever disgraced is the crush, Allah will disgraced those individuals is somebody amongst you dimensions in Saudis to seal these two journeys that we find inside the winter in a Yemen, because we find that a winter in the south was was hotter than Mecca. So he would travel there to buy get the produce of the commodities because as we know that Mecca is a barren land is an empty land we read about the tribal Balu, Julian, when it came down and met this man what was there nothing was there when they when they saw the flock of birds

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going around in the air, they said, there's no water here. There's no vegetation, how can all of a sudden water be there, they follow that flock of birds and then they saw that is my mother was sitting there with the well of Zamzam. And she said that's what some some that we became the whole name of this, trying to then try to make a mold of it, to stop it from gushing out if she had left it in the heartbeat, if she had left it would have been a fountain gushing out are found in the whole of the world to see that water still gushing out from that time, not centuries ago, 1000s of years ago in a yo minahasa there's a lot of zum zum is still there, this barren land that now became

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a fertile land to a certain degree that people they flocked there, and they live there. But you still find that certain commodities had to be collected from other regions, other places so koresh will make that journey to Yemen and then you find yourself in a sham because Sham was slightly buried a slightly cooler than the heat of maca that we find. So this was a journey that they made. So now in return for jambu Rob bajada bait so we

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giving you this sheriff. We're giving you sanctity. We're giving you security we're giving you this honor. Yeah, you will crush. Now what should what should you do? You know even as a as a psychological understanding when you take care of a person, not that a person wants to know that a parent wants it or a sibling wants it or not a friend once said, but you find that the normal nature of a human being would be what that show kindness was in commerce and a lawyer like show kindness to ever showed kindness to you they in terms of art you may be a person may have loaned us some money giving you some word or helped you or advise you, or just even taking away your burden just to

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listen to someone's problems in us What are these counseling at the moment we Muslims should be at the forefront just to listen to people's problem because listening to them alleviates the heart and the mind. These are stomach concepts. We should have been these are foreign concepts that what are these consultations? These are stomache principles to listen to people, and then to to offer advice to offer a solution. Don't listen to people for the sake of gossiping, and spreading tales. If you have the ability to listen to people, you listen to rectify their life, you counsel them, to help them to help them become better individuals, and the refund is prestige given to these individuals.

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They need to obey and worship Allah Subhana Allah avionica theory. Sarita theory mentions that this verse is similar to the verses of the Quran in number two in Abu Dhabi, but the Tila, the huruma that are being commanded to worship the Lord of the sanctified area. In other places are the Quran that we find and then the verse concludes one of kulu Shay and to Allah belongs everything that's something that really matter for see they mentioned this is a Shara, you don't just worship Allah and Allah in the Kaaba. You don't believe that concept. When I go there. I'm a righteous person. One who could lose shape to love belongs everything frequently McCann was a man that every time and

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place Allah subhanaw taala. Who America in America? Well, no, we met Mr. Luna bossy. Yes, it should be more vigilance, more piety when you're there. But wherever you are, taught to develop that piety and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is a ministry to see the surah he been used to how not to disobey him in his area, his precinct, there's a number of Mr. Speaker when you disobey Allah Subhana Allah, inside the harem, it is something magnified. It is something magnified because you are now in an a total precinct of honor and dignity and you violate, you violate the rules and regulations of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is something a Jew, maybe punishment, or severe punish

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will be imposed upon the individual. And this is common inside the Quran when the wives of the prophets are if they carried out any wrong action, they, they their their punishment is doubled. And

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they succumb and a

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person who knows is not one who doesn't know. So a person who doesn't know they could be some other some excuse given to them, but a person who knows that even a person, person who commits Zina while omotoso which person Xena who's married what is the punishment is a severe punishment. Why? Because he's a married individual, as I say he should know better. That is a married individual UK that is action in comparison to a person who is not married, who commits Zinner is a lesser degree of punishment, even a Bopha need to be the punishment he attributed, and not that we should say that person should commit any form of Zina no form of Zina is justified, but we find that the punishment

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is there. Why? Because you have to read the Hikmah the wisdom of laws and regulations that a person unless the motor zone, which person who's married has an avenue of carrying out their their lust, or their desires or their matrimonial relationship when they go beyond that. So now it's not something triggers anymore. Josie speaks about that. Xena is something that is a punishment. Why is it so what they use the word such a crude, medieval punishment? Why? Because why it destroys the lineage. It destroys the family, it destroys the children, it destroys the wife or destroys the husband, it destroys the parents it destroys, destroys the clan, the tribe, it destroys society. So that's why

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it's not something trivial. That's when Allah says What are takabuti Zina? Allah doesn't say well act of Zina. We as Muslims shouldn't fall into the western trap that what's wrong with a modern society of our hearts are clean and mixing with people and working with people love. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah painful hobby. There's no Allah know what he created. Allah knows what he created. There's going to be point 01 percent of a person who says I don't feel any emotional feeling towards strange women must sit with them.

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Because Why not? Because if it's a large proportion, that means the Quran is falsified. That's what it means but the Quran can be falsified because it is color moolah And beyond that, we are calcula We are the

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creation of Allah. So Allah created us and knows that this is the inner nature and characteristic of the human being, that this is what the human being is going to carry out if he's exposed to it, that has any one of us. So we should be vigilant about these teachings of Islam and wherever we are, because we all know there are cases that even inside the Harmon Makita cases documented of people carrying out such atrocities. You know, where maybe we were taken aback by this, but we're human beings, but that their punishment could be multiplied many times over because of carrying out such evil actions inside a precinct, and elementary or the Quran, obey, teleport, even purify this house

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litho feed for those who make zero, those who come and join this house, make the wealth rather purified is a purified from every element, the purity of a shape, the purity of of sins of mercy of verloop pure that's what Islam is. purification we are allies wherever we go to the favors of Allah encourage are shown for the person for what purpose to carry out the bad. There's a one aroma Mr. fussy he narrates numerous verses, speak about the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah what we should do a levy among children, where a man or woman hope Allah is the one who gave them food. When a state of hunger as we began, we look at many of us, the good lives that we that we live, imagine if we if

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we flip the coin, just for a split second.

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This is turning over our life. Imagine today if we were in Belarussian. Imagine that. Imagine if we were there. Look at look at the images. There's some people that don't look at an image you look at it, to me the destruction of the city. Look at that. Imagine if I was living there with my children today. How would my life be? How would my perception be? How will my Eman be that we find a trivially easy to say? Well, there's an action for why these people are suffering, what proves to be there could be a reason. There could be great big reason. And they also could be a great big wisdom that we as the rest of this Muslim oma should feel affection, of love, of compassion, of gratitude,

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that it lives that we live in a comfortable life that Allah has tested us in this manner, we should thank Allah, no one should also test it. Some people say that if I was tested, I will live through that test. No one should be so boastful to make such words that I would live through that test. Allah knows that if we did that maybe we would run away or not. He's disbelieve, taking our lives, said words of disbelief that all sorts of actions Allah knows that so not only tests us according to a minimal Eman that we think that we have a great email, or even we have a powerful the Mandela test is equivalent to that. And we should thank Allah for that, that he has placed us in such hardships

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and destruction. So in return, that we should show what gratitude to Allah and show that gratitude wire tried to be some service, to bring those people out of their hardship and the destruction where a man or woman have, and he's taken given us an airman, while istikhara taken away from us. You know, the fear that we see around us a moment is what is the violence, the crime, that's what we fear, we don't fit inside our own homes is peace. And we thank Allah for that his external environment that we don't necessarily have the means to change. But at least inside our homes, we have an element of peace, affairs be lifted from us, that we know that we have Tomorrow's Meal, we

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have tomorrow's life, but a mission of Allah, these old points from Surah currents that we should reflect and take lessons from these. From these four verses within the theory sorry to see the seed begins to speak about taking what Allah has taken away this fear and his hunger. He then mentioned give this parable those individuals who don't carry out the rules and regulations of Allah, Allah, it's not difficult for Allah, Allah Allah, as we mentioned, to change a situation and he mentioned a verse from the Quran with dorabella musclecar yet and cannot Minuten Allah Allah Allah gives this this parable, parable of Korea cannot a minute and Mothma inna a example of a village a city a

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people in a state of peace and tranquility yet to rescore. raga Minh Cooley McCann, their provision comes from every location, from every channel, every avenue their risk is brought to them by what happened factor for the anomala that became to reject the blessings of Allah they began to reject them. So what happens to these individuals so as a lowly bastard, you will hopefully be mad Can we just not roll? So Allah gave them what in return? He gave them the basil Jew the clothing of of hunger, well hope and fair, same two things he gives. If you obey Him, same two things he will place down upon you if you begin to disobey Allah advocate for the anomala that became rejecting of the

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blessings of Allah Subhana Allah. That's what we should look at what is Cofer? obviously extremely

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Every one of not worshiping and recognizing a lot of time to Allah. But you find that that the human being now the lumen Kaffir, Allah mentioned is oppressive and full of ingratitude, ungrateful that is that the human being, that's how I look kind of describes the human being. That's how many human beings are going to be the ungrateful towards the Creator, or the question Allah Subhana Allah. And as you find in this godless society around us, they don't want to speak about Allah. They don't want to speak about creator, they just want to speak about their desires, their life and how they live. And that's the discussion amongst Muslims as well unfortunate time, they just want to speak about

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how a good life should be X amount of investment of money of life. That's what it should be. If you study some of the as a side point, the life of someone Cora, even some of the IMA the Imam, we're all human beings, we want to have a good life. They don't have a good lawyer or money, they want things, but it's always good to be certain, not obstacles, but encouragement that allows other ones something more special from a Muslim.

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That when there was at 100 kurata, he wanted to be involved in some home, business and transaction and money. His father said that What do you want, we have these few dwellings, we have this home, just go and focus and study and learn the Quran. Because the Quran is the most powerful tool, the Quran will open up avenues of wealth of this dunya and the wealth of heart and contentment and peace for the individual inside this dunya more so inside an IRA. And as we find him abroad he speaks about Allah and Allah, his main blessing on Part Two basis, that person is given. And he mentioned, does he sort of feel protective of any harm? When you mentioned that children feel and you find job

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almanor fair, and the giving of blessing, which comes at sort of Quraysh that's Imam Razi sorry to see Matthew will arrive in Tafseer, cubby Kabir These are two things that this surah speaks about. And it speaks to us as well. They are looking under protects us for much harm, that we find that he plays have forgotten, he placed his guardians over us. So every time a calamity befalls us, we should we should thank Allah calamity, it could have been far worse. The heart You could have been far worse. Destruction have been far worse. My life could have been far worse. But there's something there, that Allah and Allah He loves us as Muslims, we shouldn't leave this concept non Muslim have

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that everything is going against me. God doesn't care about me. What did God give to me? That's not that shouldn't be Kadima that we use. Allah has given so much to us, and will continue to give to us and give us more those individual inside of Iran will give them a zyada will give them little Medina amanu al hoshina was here then sort of units Allah will give the believing individuals that give them goodness inside an alpha was Yeah, that would give them far beyond and majority really matter. For see they mentioned the Xia the extra which is given to believers is what another 200 and to see Allah Subhana Allah is the greatest blessing of Allah sadhana is a great blessing that for the

00:33:01--> 00:33:42

Buddha, you're a bird that is not going to be wasted. There in return, you're going to be given the ultimate blessing. amongst us blessing is paradise that we all dream about, and whatever it may be, but the ultimate blessing is to see the Creator, that Allah will give that to the believers who lived a life of servitude to him, Allah subhanaw taala. And then we find the opposite, that Allah Allah will give a give blessings inside his dunya that we find that we have a an encouragement, that the life that we live should encourage us to worship Allah, that if I have enough, just enough risk, that is enough for me and my family, why? Why is there this greed in the world, this monopoly that

00:33:42--> 00:34:26

you know, we study the figures, maybe three or four families on 95 or 97%, of the wealth of this world? In the hands of two or three families? You know, the amount of waste food on this earth can go around this planet seven times that we speak about poverty, third world countries destruction, any look at the stats, look at the facts, of what people are full of greed. And that same element of greed is existing as most of the Why should I share my money? It's my money. It's not your money. Gift from the man in Allah says gift from my money. It's the money of Allah. We are only custodians, just like the Quraysh are custodians of the cab that the key goes from courage to courage to courage

00:34:26--> 00:34:46

to courage, the custodians, we are custodians on this earth, therefore, that we have here custodians is the wealth of Allah. A person should feel privileged inside their heart, Allah you blessed me with so much what what am I going to do with this blessing? Whatever that blessing may be physical health is a blessing a mental state

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

is that people are suffering that we have a good mental state is a blessing speak to people who have a mental state who've been suffering from dementia or the the mental illnesses or stress way

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

anxiety, they frantic individuals, then lost individual, they'll give the whole of their wealth, just for what one night sleep. One night sleep don't burn all of their wealth to find that. So we should be thanking Allah subhanaw taala for yeah mudaraba hodel by the last panel, it was all a topic and ability, whatever remains of our life to exert ourselves, to defend and to praise the Lord from the depths of our heart. In moments of in gatherings like blessing gatherings of young will Juma and even more so in secrecy that we thank we praise and we thank you for what you've given upon us. Don't let us become ungrateful individuals. Don't lead us towards a path of ingratitude of

00:35:39--> 00:35:50

leaving personal disservice to you, you're up Don't take me in a state of disobedience. Just that you protected me throughout my life protect me that the end of my life is a state of obedience to you.