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Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom continuing the theme of the day or judgment or yo mille that we find in his previous few sort of sorta Zilla unsorted the idea. Now spilling into SoTL Cory are the same theme continues. But this time a loss panda begins to speak about what these people concealed inside their hearts, what they placed inside their hearts will be exposed or it will be weighed or weighed or scaled on that day. And either the person who scales or heavy will be rewarded with eternal bliss and reward inside Jenna and he the individual who scales light a week

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in wait for that individual we none other for omo how we are. And this is the theme of the Quran, yet occur with Quran continuously the concept of the day of judgment because this is trying to build the individual towards a concept of preparation to me Allah Subhana Allah because many of us when we approach the last day, we begin to have this concept of trying to dissect the last day in a technical academic manner what is the last day we failed to understand that the focus of the ayat inside the Quran is about the E buenas to encourage people in an animal towards actions does earlier I mentioned can fulfill Quran a third of the Quran is speaking about the last day. Even the Quran

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speaks about things of this dunya and marmelade contractual relationships, business divorce transactions that we find Allah Subhana Allah will still take the discussion back towards an era where remind us about the last day for muscle inside the Quran towards the end of SoTL bacara that we find whereby Allah kind of speaks about a Riba about interest and straight out that speaks about loans, taking of debt, writing of loans in between the CF, the context of these ayat Allah, Allah diverts the discussion away from the world towards an era whereby Allah mentions I suited Baccarat verse 281 what Doku Yeoman Toby Aruna Fie de la tamatoa Falco, lunasin Makassar, blah, blah, blah

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moon, what Taku Yeoman toda una de la la fere that day whereby you're going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and every individual we made brought forth the accountability of the actions that they done with whom law US law moon, they will not be oppressed and then Allah returns back to what is known as the longest iron inside the Quran is to Dane Lima, for what purpose? Why is the last time speaking prior that about about usury about Riba and speaks about debt and then inside the context of these ayat, Allah reminds us and I'm huge inside these works of Allah lwml. Quran mentioned this ayah from Surah Baqarah verse 281, is the final IR sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the

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final verse inside the Quran, what dako Yeoman toda una de la la la the final surah or a final ISB halal and haram. The final idea because of this I remember you demand you said his work that room alone for the Quran. He mentioned fermat about a year that appropriation only live for nine days after his verse was sent down

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as the whole the context that the journey of the beginning and the end of the individual is what Taku Yeoman toga una de la la fere that day whereby you're going to meet Allah Subhana Allah that your life when his dunya is preparation that's what the believer should be taking the lesson This is about an era from certain cells and also to the idea of aloha Shia Oh attack we're an mp4 are in Chicago I'll work here Akasha that the Holy Quran this Yun unanimous continuous repetition that's why remember for to be good asthma XM when it comes to our shooting a smelly Yama, Yama in our code to be collected some 25 different names about our piano and some random I've gone far beyond that.

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Share wisdom. Imam Al ghazali Rahmatullahi lwml what Dean collects more than some approximate 82 names 82 names of the last day where I'll serve Leo mithya Malema the well mmm Saturday you're called to do Lula Mia whenever the Quran wants to highlight heterophylla go to the IRA when you want to emphasize something you repeat something you give it various derivatives various names. So that's the Quran is replete with ayat speaking about the last day for what purpose lead the theme? Well, it does seem to show the the importance of Korea mal Korea adorkable Korea

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To show the importance to awaken the individual read through the iron inside the Quran and

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malha adorato command her power. What is the repeated? What I'll have called the truth the reality when madaraka Malhotra will explain to you what is truth. There is reality is, is throughout the Quran,

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metal Cobra, the great calamity that will come upon upon the world upon the human being. So Allah Subhana Allah is speaking as to awaken us to instill Venus of the favorite architecture mmm So you decided to sit he mentioned there's no ratio in Canada for this week, but we were mentioned is to awaken ourselves about the impact of the last day. The one the companions, he was away for some time, he fell ill Sara pauperism asked about this, this individual, that How come he's missing he's not there inside the gym era. And then when they went to visit him, they discovered his individual was ill.

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He said that

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he fee nothing enters me Illa hora jomini except when it comes out to be expelled our meaning is such a state of sickness. That is fevers as taken over my whole body anything I tried to eat or drink, it just leaves me

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What was the purpose of this? without some ailment of the dunya he said You're a fool Allah, I prayed Salah behind you and you read surah to Korea and the understanding surah overwhelmed me and lead me into come into a feverish state that nothing comes that I say so much that my ending is going to be a bad ending I'm going to be punished

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sir appropriately some he rebuked him and said don't just ask for for for the hero. Ask for goodness inside this dunya just like inside the Quran I found a burner Athena for dunya Hasina waffle escena joaquina or the burner. The person didn't say Just give me just a ophira in a panic let me take this punishment inside this dunya so I don't have it inside of our head. That's not the way of the believer. The believers would have been attina if it didn't your hustler give us good in this world who wants punishment in this world? Who wants hardship in this world? Who was difficult inside this world this dunya is an element of difficulty if it doesn't mean that you you believe that you should

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live in difficulty. Give us good in this world good in the hereafter walk in our other burner save us from the punishment a Hellfire or a bonus riff, another by Johanna Inaba. Karna Rama insert suited for con Allah mentioned about the believers were able to rock man amongst the list of supplications rock bass riff and other budgin Jana divert away from us. push it away from us, move away from us the punishment of jahannam in other about kind of Rama everlasting punishment it will be. So that's what the believer is. So it is believed or recognized. He's mistake that he's he thinks that this is this punishment is something good for him. But the professor is rebuking him.

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Even as you mentioned that Hadith is very effective in many narrations of people who the Quran overcame them or overwhelmed them. It made it made them we made them reflect about the life Some even they fell in a state of trance lost their senses that the magnitude of the Quran and some narration is speaking about this, this surah Shiva houden and inside the Surah Al Khor as mentioned even once against Hadith is dirty, but the meaning of Shabbat knew who did what to her. That is certain passages inside the Quran. The Imam generates that make the person's hair go gray.

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It's a few dimensions about sort of the hood, the level of sushi but you who do know what sort of food and a sister suitors have made my hair go gray, about 10 different narrations, some realm I don't accept them. But wonder Nations has some of each melon overall olema accept these narrations about shea butter who didn't want her word to her and read surah who'd read the surah why why does it make a person's hair go gray? why did why did why does the Quran have an impact upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that's why he mentioned that his surah was talking comma omit remain steadfast you've been told to do so. Mm hmm. Beauty sir is to see Adorama through he mentions for Maria but

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the delicate dahican and I still have to sit on the professor who never ever seen after his verse to sit down was talking to Mohammed remain steadfast as you've been commanded to do. He was never ever seen laughing in his life ever again. He never laughed. If you would, he would smile. Very rarely you would see his molar teeth. He wouldn't laugh that that we laugh today with our mouths full open and illuma ski they speak about laughing like like assays and donkeys braying

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believers don't have time to laugh.

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Not saying we shouldn't enjoy it, but this this excessive opening of our mouths and laughing that we find that as we find it This world is over.

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have entertained because they don't believe in an era. They don't believe in a hype. They believe that this is the world is the old end is this word This is instilling within ourselves unfortunately, that we believe that it's just this dunya there's going to be no return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah wants to awaken us that the book of Allah wait because every time you mention you read a passage, it will speak about Allah Subhana Allah is speak about the glory, the mind, the power, the honor, that belongs to Allah to Allah, that will speak about an era to remind us about Africa in our preparation to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So this Korea this

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striking hour

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the final Korea that will come upon individuals,

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even a people are going to be in a state of hafla heedlessness. Just like that you find a people inside his dunya if you just step back for a few moments, and you reflect that dunya is running Helter Skelter, it has no purpose, whether it be running to work and running back and doing this or do you just stand back and visualize the world.

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So almost kind of speaks about this.

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Yo mercola nurse will call for a shin Baba fouth. The people be scattered like moths, like insects running around.

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Comparison to this dunya just like in this dunya you may think people have an objective they have a goal. They don't have an objective is just a daily grind is the daily struggle is a daily ritual that they have to carry out the end this cavity, there's an emptiness within their soul within their body that is doing this struggle they have to do if you stop them and pause and ask them what's your purpose in life? A simple question what is your purpose in life? To get rich, to have wealth to our family, to have this type of good property to have a good car?

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What else to have contentment. contentment is the priceless commodity that people on the face of this dunya are searching for

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is priceless. People have spent millions people have spent billions on therapy, on trying to find some form of contentment inside their life, some form of understanding of their life, some some form of purpose of their life.

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Believers are those individuals who seek to see the Quran and they see the purpose. That is the purpose of my life. So if you find that you see people running like morphs Allah Subhana Allah makes it inside the Quran makes these Ansel of insects. The first parable inside the Quran speaks about berubah speaks about about the mosquito. And so Hippocrates they say what is why is it not to give you this example of a mosquito

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the Quran is unique v these Ansel inside the Quran, these eight to 93rd inside the Quran is able to find more God has collected but read specifically about weight loss rather speaks about insects about animals. About the dog about the fly about the mosquito about the and about the bee read about these Ansel in Santo Quran Why? Why is Allah speaking about them? Why does Allah refer to them?

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To see that a typical I'm fairly nagri who have been a nurse these are the answers that we placed upon upon humanity.

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Women who are in the early moon, the only ones who comprehend these and third of people intellect. Allah mentioned these until they are placed that they may enter for Karun. Yet the karoun yet had the Barun Yaki Luna tequila, her moon

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these are all the derivatives are the corona DS I'm sorry for you to ponder and to reflect upon them to bring you close to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah Subhana Allah speaks about this to awaken us individuals. To see that where are we heading inside our lives?

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Yo yos Laguna middle Desi Gangnam, Gerardo moon Tasha in South Sudan common Allah mentioned that Allah is going to bring them out who Shan of sorrow that the high the eyes in a state of being very degraded. They're going to come out yahuda mineral deathy they're gonna be going to be corpses, dead individuals come out of the graves, they're going to be

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for the unknown, Gerardo Mantashe, locusts which are running around,

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fleeing around no purpose. But a purpose is the purpose of Islam. That's what a prophet Allah is not to summon a hadith in Bukhari, he gives this purpose of a person and let the you call the nurse. The person who has ignited a fire.

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The person who ignited the fire, you find that these insects, the moths, the flies,

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they begin to come towards the fire they attracted towards the fire

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and they begin to go past this individuals ignited the fire and go into the

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The profit ratio of some says I am the example I'm the person who ignited the fire, and I'm trying to stop these insects. I'm trying to stop Bashar. I'm trying to stop human beings from going into the fire.

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I'm trying to stop people to go into the Hellfire but some people afford to go past and go into the Hellfire but he's doing his best

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so people in his running around they're just having a one track journey towards the Hellfire that's why Mirage is a defeat he mentioned if Allah mentions montage it

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can spread around they don't know what they're doing that luck gives the example makes the example of being the the in these human beings they're going to be like morphs

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because why the Morph has no direction when when panic comes anarchy come they begin to run all over doesn't know where to go. Where to direct Sala uses example, as he mentioned that is to say that Allah speaks about a human being loses focus as a total Hajj. Yeah, you know so tacos come in, doesn't it sir it shaken azeem. Allah speaks about once again human beings are somewhat remember, go to the Buddha, when Allah speaks about a human being sometimes is referring to shut out or Hulk is referring to the most wicked of people, because believers will be content on the last day, there's going to be element of worrying, but the end result they're going to be content because of their

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preparation for the last day. So Allah did mention that sootel had Ouattara NASA tsuchiura you're going to find the human beings a state of loss, drunkenness, 101 b. Saqqara, Latina are the beliee shadid. They don't drunk.

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They haven't lost their senses. That was the punishment Allah they don't know what to do, where to go. Where to find refuge, where to find protection. That's according or the striking hour when it comes. That's a fun read about him. I'm shocked at studies to see he begins to discuss the linguistics of what is

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called Matt Matt. Yet Harvey kulu is the striking that strikes your heart.

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So the Day of Judgment first is strikes your heart it strikes you within a calamity. Just like a sudden cardiac arrest that shuts down your body. The last day will will shut down everything shut down the human being shut down the world.

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And as we find the inside of curonian mentioned but don't The only other places are the Quran says suta rod Allah mentions to Cebu Korea to the people of disbelief to Cebu party or tune that is calamity is going to strike them is going to hit them and a stranger and get this idea is inside. So to run it inside a 13 surah means the thunder, the lightning the striking. Once again you go back to Souter Baccarat the first parable inside the Quran, the first complete parable is speaking about the disbelieving or the hypocritical individuals that every time they see the bar Cora dawn, they see that the thunder and the lightning they first the fingers inside their ears. They're scared they're

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worried that our last panel is going to expose them

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is going to expose them what why is the last panel speaking right in the beginning of the Quran about Shiva to Muna 13 a whole page or so it will tell you about God rights, our reseller rights the whole book about sefa toluna again, why why is the Koran speak about hypocrites? We just shrugged it off we think nothing of it. Because once again we failed to understand the language of the Quran. And Abraham the moon will lovely lovely Khufu suburb. The lesson is taken from the generality of the woods, and not from the specifics of Revelation. We should approach the Quran. Under Quran you have a boonie I should approach the Quran the Quran is speaking to me is addressing me that I should see

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those lessons those mistakes. That's what the history is, is a person who reads history and doesn't make the same mistakes. That's what the reading of history is. The reading of history isn't academia and not to make a parallel between the Quran and history. The Quran is an academia the Quran isn't a reading the Quran isn't regurgitating of just words of old five of coloumn have reciter that's just one aspect of the Quran.

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That's one aspect of the Quran that's not the real deeper meaning of the Quran.

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That's just one aspect when we have a reads I have follow a shadow Hashanah to ever read one letter and if the mean is it one letter and if is a letter lamb is a hard meme is a hard sell a 1300 30 has given to you

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but as tertiary. This is urgent given what's the real edge it has given to a person unless you talk people Quran, your formal Quran not as a person reads the Quran who pondered over the Quran, as we began with the Quran leads the individual to action to application leads individually to fear Allah Subhana Allah so in

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Is that a day that they're going to be flying around? Then Allah speaks about what are called GBR Luca illman fouche

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that the Quran is indicative mentions again to be like souf like wool, shed or they mean Ramadan I mentioned is going to be just like a soft substance, like cotton cotton, just easily peeled away. Once again, the person asked the question, why does Allah speak about the mountains? As Imam Saudi studies to see remains? Why is Allah speaker a total Geobella Jeremy Dutton, you see these mountains which are firmly rooted inside the ground that all of a sudden they evaporate, they vanish. Why does the love throughout grandpa speak about the ending of the mountains? Why

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is Shara in a busser sciences a human if I can remove this great big objects that you visualize on a daily basis? I will uproot them, I'll take them away these mountains, crush them a sand that turned into dust from an anti evil Insan.

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So who are you the human being in front of me in front of Allah Subhana Allah Who are you? If I could remove everything yoma to undo hiral Abdi was somehow worth while bada Zhu Li and why did

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what Allah will change the heavens and the earth would change him without wrap them up, read them? Who would stand in front of Allah Subhana

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Allah mentions limonene muncul yom Lin lead where he will kaha To whom does his kingdom belong to today?

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That you you boast about this dunya

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who does it but not when Allah wipes it all out and turns people into small and ends walking around and people will would step upon them?

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We are going to be then on that day. Where are we going to be on that day? This is a lesson the Quran is highlighting that when what what the Guru Ji balluta

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when the mountains turn, I guess like woulda plucked away taken away

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and then begin to speak about what is the return to a loss. And as we began with for a moment circle at nauseam, you know, for Who Have we reached out to rob via whoever scales are heavy on that day.

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Person scaled to a heavy heavy on that day that that individual for Who Have we reached out to rob via the individual be in a in a blissful state raesha to robbia is Jana.

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That's when a person will be will be rejoicing. Why Mammon, Halford Nawaz, he knew for Omu how we are whoever escaped a light on that day, then he's returned will be heavier, this bottomless pit. And as we began with many of us, we begin to speak about, about the scales about belief about the way the scales will be, how they will carry out what actions that they will do. And we don't deny that fact. But a deeper media demand bill, Ernie, well, Islam a greater meaning about these scales is what

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what goes into these scales

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is part of al Qaeda.

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Al Qaeda.

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And you go through that about Alma was in about the scales is a reality is a fact we don't talk will speak.

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But this is all academia, that many of us that we fall into because our approach to Islam has become an academic approach.

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It's an approach about what are we doing in our lives? You know, good luck and lack of knowledge leads to this unfortunately, it's like me tie me up but Paul, if he told me I said Anil Anil Allium Yara, J Hill,

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then the scholar knows ignorance. One malga Hill layer is an alum. The igloo, one doesn't know a scholar. Why? Because this scholar was once ignorant. So he recognizes his ignorance and he became a learned individual and majah Hill, a jazz maraca. One who's ignorant, he thinks he's a scholar, but he's never taught the path or learn or began to remove ignorance. He's just judgmental about other people. And it's a sickness inside our society, that we're just so weighed in about society, about people.

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We're so worried about that we learn elements of knowledge and we begin to boast about our knowledge, we want to take the whole world to toss as if I'm the only one that discovered this knowledge. I'm the only one that discovered of Hadith.

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In Sahih, Muslim I'm the only one who discovered his Hadith that the Prophet said to the to this girl who slept by her master, and then she complained to the Prophet. And he said to and he asked her mandana he asked her well who am I? He said, You are at the mercy of Allah. Akbar. They said a nun lies in ways Allah collard fish Allah. Allah is above the heavens, the Maluku be generally article for Mina freer, because she's a believing

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slave. Look our understanding this Hadees

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we go on asking people were raised Allah if they don't know the answer if that's the person's damned, they, they are key this corrupt.

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Ask any basic Muslim, no basic Muslim believe that unless the Colima can work on the fee column, Muslim eight, incorrectly saying that unlike everywhere, but they don't believe that Allah is everywhere they believe that Allah and Allah is above the heavens seven heavens, above his throne that defeats His Majesty, one euro.

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And Allah sees one no semi or bossy. An average person knows that when we bring in people to task

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when we bring in the average person to task unless he you're stuck in ashra sad, he works 10 hours in a day. He feeds his family and all your bug in try to trap this individual that he doesn't know wakita is.

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So what if he doesn't know what Akita is? He knows what our current Islam, he knows what he meant is he prays five times a day, he says away somehow wrong, he tries his best. So Allah will judge him while we taking scholarly debates amongst people and bring it to the masses of average people and make fools out of them. To show that we have some element of knowledge of understanding that before this, you was ignorant. Today you discovered it so everybody in the world is ignorant. Everybody in the world is damned to *. I am the only saved individual shaves every time you read his works have occurred.

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Today, Maria, and Maria Kitab when a man will simply read his works, you know, at the end of awasthi what he writes at Amanda an akuna Minh Minh Sirikit in Nigeria.

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He says I hope and I aspire in my life that I'm going to be amongst the same sect. He never claimed it. He never said to people around it, I'm definitely going to be saved. I'm going to be rescued and everybody around me because they don't know the right belief they're going to be doomed individuals have a slew another way. As we've talked about a handy the perfect time saving people from the fire is a sloop filled, journal filled column filled nakash these are smooth and how you speak to people, how you train people, how you discuss with people, is not damnation of people. It's not condemning of Muslims.

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There's a fine, our school is shameful, Misa you know, the heaviest thing in Amazon. The heaviest thing on the Day of Judgement inside the scales, it will go beyond the person who prays at night, who false every single day supererogatory actions will excel all of this lead individually to be the level of Shahada a martyrs and prophets as crochetville meezan who are hostile holyoake

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hostile hoolock find character behavior is going to be the most heaviest thing in a person scathing a dead judgment. The most closest people, Accra boo nursey in our food, Allah

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sallallahu Sallam the most closest people to the mess are going to be whom

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the most finest in character, the most good in character, the most kindness of people, the most gentle people, the most tolerant of people, the most understanding of people

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from lemon circle at miroir de novo who have elicited robbia on that day that person scan is going to be heavy who has this fine character find behavior? Good actions that's what we should worried about every we should make this more hassle by every single night of ourselves.

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Every single night we should think about our life that whatever what what is inside my scales today?

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Is it shattered? Or is it cursing? reviling stealing, cheating, lying, looking at her arm saying her arm doing her arm backbiting harming someone taking someone's right is that my is that in my scale?

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That's what Allah says. What does Allah say inside the Quran? A crocky tadhack Katha been a seeker Yama Allah has Seba. You know Quran is strange. Quran doesn't say that let someone else come and speak about me. Quran says a cranky Telugu you read your own book.

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Read your own record. does have been of sickle Yama. Allah has given you evidence for yourself today. You have evidence yourself today of what you did in your life. In his 50 6070 years in your life, what what did you do? You were so bogged down in what did other people do?

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What other people react? What did they say? What are they doing inside their life? You know, I have to hide it because it's a growing sickness in our community. Because every other person you speak, that's all that they worried about.

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You don't find a person I know I'm worried about myself. Give me some advice about myself. Now I'm worried about this person but a person

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They have a mistake. It may be just a misunderstanding. They may have so many good deeds that they do it wipes out their bad deeds, or wipes out that misunderstanding, or they may have a genuine excuse.

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wonderman Hufford my words he knew for Omaha via whoever skates are late on that day for Omu habia. Allah uses kalama ohm, her other mechanical Rudra in his dunya the point of return is your mother. So the end the day judgment, the mother of the people who escaped are going to be live is going to be how we are going to be the Hellfire from well who now the above will be the fire

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alarm whom we met and

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it means the brain that you find a child is delivered by the head first, as they say.

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And likewise on the Day of Judgment, a person will be thrown head on, on their head for almost how we are dragged on the head and throat inside. Johanna, may Allah protect all of us. Foul Mahalia women are the rocker man here what will explain to you what this this bottomless pit is? Now rune hammer is this endless burning rage and his fire upon these individuals for almost

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a descriptive nature What is this bottomless pit that we find the Quran it describes a similar animal God is amongst one of the names. Sometimes the names of jahannam are one of the sefa the characteristics of jahannam very highly concerns jahannam this bottomless pit that we find inside a hadith in our module at Columbia kalama the person speaks with a word and pays no attention towards it. And our word makes a person drop. submarine hurry if 70 seasons, it makes a person drop seven seasons inside jahannam just one Kelly my one word. Some other interracial mentioned pairs that they heard a sound

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and appropriate Some said to them. Do you hear that sound? The ending sound that dropping sound at the end they said yes. He said that. Is that is that is that a word that a person said or stone that was dropped? That's just right now reach the end of jahannam.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:11

Right now.

00:32:12 --> 00:32:35

What concerns us is a person says a kalama says a word and it drags them down in jahannam just remains as we mentioned about the sickness inside our society amongst ourselves. We don't think nothing of our words. Were very abrupt Muslims. Were very quick to say but another Muslim for careful of who mushrik

00:32:36 --> 00:33:00

or this person is a disbelieving individual he can make sure this person is sinful or this person won't be forgiven. There's no paradise for this individual or this person is lost is a straight doesn't deserve guidance is ignorant. All these words and calm that you find inside our society flourish around inside our society. We should be wary about these words.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:06

Because these words they say they could haunt us they're gonna haunt us on that day.

00:33:07 --> 00:33:37

And they can lead to our destruction. Now rune hammer Mia Sala mentioned is going to be narrow doesn't just say narrow any fire hammer Mia. So mm hmm emika series and tafsir because you speak different narrations about the type of fire mm slowly begin to speak about how the fire will be ignited, will be burned for 1000 years then burn again and burn against it because blackened that's the fire the exposure is going to be given to the individual on that last day when madaraka may hear what this fire is going to be.

00:33:38 --> 00:34:04

And as you find his narration that the the hottest fire on this earth is just one juice is one small particle one small element from one to 70 parts of hellfire. So 69 still remained. So the Hawk is fine the face of this earth is only one part of the rest, or one part a 70 parts that exist has been extracted. So imagine is that the hottest find the face of this earth? Can any of us face it?

00:34:05 --> 00:34:07

But yeah, we belittle things.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:24

We so abruptly easy to say things to do thing. We don't think about the repercussions. This is what a Muslim should be a Muslim. Have you began with always thinking about the repercussions of the actions, repercussions of their life? There is no in this dunya there's going to be a he said

00:34:26 --> 00:34:45

on the last day that I'm worried about the last day that I don't want more say yet. That's a because he mentioned but he's hired that those individuals whose whose good deeds has an A to Roger had good deeds of overcomed he's bad deeds, and like was the opposite.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

That they don't have many good deeds that are going to end up going the day that the bad deeds have overcome the good deeds. skeins alight, so this is the preparation we do instill inside our lives.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:08

Instead inside alive that is this coming of the hour, I'll clear my windows cuyama begin. It is academia dimension is going to be at the end of time

00:35:09 --> 00:35:14

that we can it's good to read about no doubt we should read about Fiamma. We should study about the last day.

00:35:15 --> 00:35:19

But understand that tiama begins when you die.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:26

I am begging for a person when they leave this to you as soon as you close your eyes that's why you find a buzzer

00:35:27 --> 00:36:16

the eyes It follows the soul. So when when the eyes are left open, the financial seal that leads of the eyes close the eyes. That is Sakura mode. That is the pangs of death that you find is taking it as you find is an inside social worker as well if you're going to be able, if you're able to return back to life in try to do so because once the soul begins to leave, then when a person tries to then say India to like Europe, fiddly for harmony when a person dances when the soul is leaving the body, Allah forgive me. There is no more Toba then, there is no Toba when the when the soul reaches at this point at the tip of your throat, the top either what is known as Dr. Herrera that you find that

00:36:16 --> 00:36:21

that gurgling sound, the emanating sound of now you're so live in his body.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:28

ferrata to boondock Felisa Toba Huneck, there is no tober now,

00:36:29 --> 00:36:53

because now you are visualizing a moral al-hurra, you're now visualizing death. It's not a near death accident, you are now visualizing death, because in front of you is the angel. who's waiting, who is now pulling out your soul, either is going to pull out your soul. Have you ever Bing as if you're going to take out your soul, like you find a water bottle, a drinking bottle, a vessel is squeezed and a soul just pops out

00:36:54 --> 00:37:04

or is going to be snatched and dragged out so he's going to try to hide everywhere inside the body by be snatched out for a person sees that the person cannot repent now.

00:37:05 --> 00:37:08

But a person who has been preparing himself in his dunya

00:37:09 --> 00:37:14

that a person is going to be in is going to feel feel a slight pinch.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:36

But inside their heart and their mind, they're going to be laid to rest as we find some narrations that you've already mentioned. The other day of judgment, we said in a barrage will be sent to these individuals. We asked about these individual asked about so and so individual. And obviously, I had heard about birds of this need to be taken with a pinch of salt. But we tried to understand the scenario

00:37:37 --> 00:37:45

that there'll be people people have died, that guy another new person joins them. And they asked his individual mother for a full on waffle learn

00:37:46 --> 00:37:48

what happened to so and so individual.

00:37:50 --> 00:38:02

And they don't find this individual day. You know what the responses that they say when they don't find this individual? He's not inside their software inside the companionship. They said the Hello, either.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:09

If he's not with us here, then perhaps he's been taken to the bottomless pit to the fire.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:15

If he's not here, there's the only one one explanation he must have been taken to jahannam.

00:38:16 --> 00:38:58

So if whether we accept these narrations not but it's the context, or spiritualize spiritualization of understanding that if I'm not heading towards Jenna, that I should be heading towards mela freedom or heading towards and how we are, we are lost and that gives only tofik inability to increase the good deeds that Missoula has hunted as scales of Hasina that increased the last pantalla It doesn't mean necessarily that we do have to do lots of action which you should be trying to do, but we pray to Allah to Allah to accept the actions. When Allah to accept your actions, you by Allah further multiplies them, multiplies in many times over that is the mercy of Allah Subhana

00:38:58 --> 00:39:05

Allah. So as you find a person to do one small action, Allah takes one one date, takes one point

00:39:06 --> 00:39:07

and nurtures it,

00:39:08 --> 00:39:20

and takes care of it till eventually becomes what a mountain becomes a mount is a one to one date of sadaqa one coin of circuit becomes a mountain on a day judgment because Allah is taking care of it.

00:39:21 --> 00:39:44

So when Allah becomes your head of Allah becomes your goal. Allah Allah becomes your life that whatever you're trying to do inside your life is trying to please whom Allah insha Allah, Allah when Allah please renew for the holy river the word Holy jannetty Allah will say enter into my paradise and amongst my servants, servants who are pleased with

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