Murtaza Khan – Surah Al-Kauthar

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of culture in the Prophet's surah is discussed, including the title of the Hadaes, the importance of practicing daily prayer, and the importance of sharing small kindnesses. The importance of practicing three sources of daily prayer is emphasized, along with the importance of honoring a woman who has been punished for her actions. The importance of showing evidence and unity in the Sun-Andru system is emphasized, as well as the need for individuals to show weaknesses and weaknesses in order to avoid negative comments. The importance of reward and apologize for one's actions is also emphasized.
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early were seldom continuing our theme or the journey of the final sword as of the Quran, whereby specifically the soldiers begin to speak about the disbelievers or speak about how these individuals begin to treat the downtrodden or weak individuals, and even more specifically, the etiquettes and their behavior towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. Seldom does he find a disorder many relevant mentioned can the Hadees surah Holly certainly Nabi sallallahu Sallam as a disorder is specifically totally uniquely for only the profits of the law. I seldom

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speak about sort of culture that we find is numerous passages of verses inside the Quran or various sources inside the Quran, that a person should read the sutras to see how the sutras are praising or speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's what is the first thing he mentioned his surah is just like the sort of Doha was shot and inshallah just like so to Doha. What bohannan surah alumna Shira, we speak specifically about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then there are other sources, like surah, Allah has the 33rd chapter, the Quran is as if the whole the surah is just a theme or a journey of the seeker of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then we we come down to

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sort of Allah that we find also speaking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So these are all surah Mohammed, the 47th chapter of Quran specifically entitle given the title, the name of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you should read the sutras. Read these passages to see how Allah Subhana Allah was corrupt, how last probably Allah has raised your rank, the rank of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, likewise unabie you all have been many, many unforeseen him in the beginning. So Allah mentioned the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is more closer to the believers mean unforeseen than their own selves. That's how much a person should show reverence

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and Adama when they're on when hope, love and reverence and display should be shown to the Prophet I'm far beyond even our own selves, is how the Quran is praising the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this Surah Al COVID that we find is speaking about the prophet Elijah to some because the characteristics of these individuals were speaking ill of the downtrodden weak individuals and and specifically about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So, this sort of comes as a test clear as a form of encouragement, a form of praise, that what these individuals saying about you, you are far beyond this, what is individuals they attribute towards you? And this is the key message

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inside the surah for us to show this reverence in his love and to follow his Sunnah follow his teachings to be given what he was given a co author, a man's goodness that was given to him inside this dunya and inside our Hara, if you want the goodness inside this dunya it is why at bat Rasul Allah is the goodness to be given to us in this dunya is why a following, he shouldn't have followed his teachings inside our life will be given goodness, contentment, rich men and rich men will be given us inside this dunya and then we find our co author, the greater abundance inside an era that's applica theories or ETFs. He mentioned this surah is about about a class about sincerity and

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a base upon the end verses or so called inner Salah t what nozaki wanna hear Yeah, well met woman at the layer of beta alanine luxury kilo will be thoroughly committed to and are willing muslimeen say indeed my prayers my sacrifice and that's what this story speak about for Selena bigger 100 make your prayer call Alyssa lace, apparently Allah, your Salah be making insane total devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, and likewise, you sacrifice. So he mentioned his desire in the end of full Anam. It's just like this surah that everything about our life, our prayers are sacrificed our living and our dying should be sincerely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. Also at the enema

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mentioned regarding the surah the relationship or a beinahe Surah Surah cobla. The relationship between this Surah Surah exists before it. This is a deep science that we don't we should not ignore. Because the previous sort of speaks about those people. And my own. Those people were the preventers of small kindnesses, the right allele you can do will be the the one who rejects the last day. This surah begins by speaking about those who believe in the last in the upper inner coaster, because our co author is Phil azera is inside a raft as he sort of begins to speak about belief in the unseen as I'm I'm chunky, the speakers are nice to see that this previous speaks about those

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individual who delayed their prayers, reject their prayers, we don't offer their prayers. This sort of praise is for suddenly a bigger one. Now you should be offering your prayers. Likewise they offer their prayers. For what purpose, your own for people to see them.

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But he Allah mentioned for Sol linear a bigger, make a floss inside your Salah your devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. The previously spoke about those individual prevent small kindnesses by Allah mentions alcocer Allah gives you abundantly you should share these kindnesses be sharing towards the society around you. This is just a prudent prelude to help us to understand about the greatness of this surah abubaker desire is a little series is the name of the surah is either and Coulter. We're now an HTML poly coated with FRC, even its use is very rare inside books with the fancied, but a name is there one heart of sacrifice. And we find the praising of this surah by Allah Subhana Allah

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The praising surah is praising the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, a discussion begins to take place when the surah is is makin or Medina and I'm sure can easily see goes there is a Medina and Surah emerica theories are history it goes to the Medina and surah because certain type of seed mentioned certain eration whereby these ideas were set down in Medina, but a majority of them are go to the View is the Mk can face because his son al Qasim passed away in Makkah. So whether it be Abu JAL or Bula, RMB or Aqua or the other individuals or Quraysh fish shack and they began to say that the Prophet sallahu wa abitare Butera, Mohammed Salah said that the Prophet is on his he is cut off

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meaning he doesn't have a nessip he doesn't have a genial he doesn't have male children. That's what they refer to today linguistics in a language, a person who was who never had male children with a person who has no respect, has no respect inside the society because the nursery a goes from father to son, the genealogy continues. That's how the people you find unfuckable answered, shine proud and arrogance, pride, by then the ancestry that existed before them. So they used to say about the Prophet Sam who were wounded on Mohammed who obtained his cut off. There's no one that's going to live on his name. No one's going to mention his name after this. But look, we find that appropriate

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Elisa some throughout history, and to minahasa illa Yama, Yama, Yama kill Jana that we find the most excessive use name will be what name will be Mohammed Salah will be his name. What a foreigner, Luca Vikram, we raised high your praise. As for these individuals, they have been cut off, there's no remembrance of these individuals, by the name of the professor and his legacy. He's so nice, his life continues for all of us to go back and to see his life. So this is, as all of my major sub avenue that they began to make this the slogan, these evil statements against the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and as we began with these etiquettes, are these characteristics of the Quran? Is it

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present amongst non Muslims? That's what they do. They reject orphans, they show blasphemy against the prophet Elijah to slaughter you know, some of us, we become so worried today what they say, is not something new read through history, you are a fool, no, come on. Known they know him like they know their own sons. They know him. So that right from the beginning, even if we entered into Medina, the the hatred that was boiling up amongst a yahood, that how can they be an army come amongst the tribe, the lineage of Ishmael of this individual of this prophet, he should be coming towards us. He should be given to us whether we are the chosen ones. We are charbel les matar, and a

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bell, nephew of no longer hit that we are the chosen children of God, and we beloved to Allah and Allah, this goodness should be given to us. But when they came when the professor he came to these individually, they knew him yardie, Fukuoka, Yahoo, they have no home, they're new, like a new their own sons, but they refused to accept him. So earlier, when you speak about I'll keep a job rude, after rejection of Allah, Cantor's rejection of the prophet Elijah to Islam, to reject his message to reject your personality. So Allah subhanaw taala is is strengthening the proposition that we are going to give you prestige and honor and dignity inside this dunya we're going to raise your your

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rank inside the dunya inside an IRA. So this is where the psyche beyond these individuals just like today that we find, read through not until you read through Dante's Inferno, this individual who live in a medieval time, who speaks about the journey through jahannam read through what he speaks about, and where does he place I even hate to mention such words. Where does he pray place the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so this hatred isn't something new that some of us that we think it's something new, the hatred existed from day one, from dot day exists today against the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, our task is to remember him to praise him to live his Sunnah to to be inspired insider

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inside alive by Sunnah and he's teaching is to go out to mankind he teaches teachings. mm So you decided to sit and speak about the football of the surah. He says that we are going to help out when he was when he would be executed when he stabbed

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did not even know he began he stepped in he began to lead the prayers for corabi surah to co author or NASA. He had kept the prayer short, completely private so to call to our nurseries what amongst you dementia gentlemen for when I mentioned is three sutras inside the Quran, which contain three IOD. So to COVID, UNASUR will answer these are three sources are the Quranic content, only three iron and the shortest amongst them in terms of kalimat is Surah COVID. But aside but just read these three sources, we need Tafseer of these three sources and be and just simply implement these three sources in our lives. That's it. I'm not asking you to read the feed throughout your life. Just read

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these three sources and read the various stuff I see and implement that inside our life and you'll see unanswered you see the victory you'll see what I said the patience you will see in our clinical COVID you see the end result you see the patient you see devotion you see commitment. Therefore we need to do inside the lives that Allah Subhana Allah send small iron small kalimat small hattah haruf for suddenly Li kariba li or am I have a great discussion so at the Farsi that what is this lead mean? For suddenly Rebecca one one in Allah just say just pray, why did Allah say for Sunday lady? Why did Allah say for suddenly Rob Baker then how Chateau tauheed wa rubia because the Quraysh

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they they magnify their ideas and statues for how the Mocambo or Buddha rubia this is station of remembrance of the LORD, the LORD ship of Allah subhanaw taala for suddenly neerim deca 100. So establish your prayer in remembrance of your Lord of Allah Subhana Allah. So these are the three short sutras that we should read the sutras to serve them in harmful tacky, even you studied the Quran whenever Allah speaks about something grand or something great when Allah speaks about the professor enough at Medina, and so the fact that we've had enough

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we've granted you grand you're we've given this to you in Anza. Now Villeda didn't cover we send it down the night of power of decree, definitely had to have in that the Quran is dynamic. It uses certain kalimat certain words that were present just focus on his words, they will find the miraculous nature of the Quran sootel hedger 15 chapter, verse number nine in what's going to happen now Hanoun azana decra in Allahu la Have you gone? We sat down, what are we speaking about? What's so magnificent we're speaking about, we're in Neptune. Xemnas decra we sat down the Quran as Epitome and he went from a condom of your soul to three dimensions as they come in a smile for him. We sat

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down the Quran and we're going to preserve it, we're going to protect it. So personally, you'd focus about when Allah mentions in certain Haruhiko kalimat inside the Quran in Altai nerja. Almost never said at a NACA because linguistically grammatically you can say at play took a column and I gave this to you, but Allah says in our plainer when Allah is far more grand is far more far far more respectful far more than that what the prize is going to be is so great. That what are we dealing you in now by not the thought that we're giving you your rasulillah we're giving you a co author with what we're giving you ignore these individuals. With this what we're going to give you mmm

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inside inside is the fear and the Lucien scholar Abu hayyan he writes 28 accordion, he read some 28 different statements understanding what he's a co author. And then likewise you find an uncle Toby, he read some 1819 different accord about what is alcocer mm Shaka and he said etc to begin to list list them whether it be a negative agenda or how our no Buddha or be conquering this world praise whatever it may be only different acquire you read them a blows the mind away that just have a one word had to begin to discuss. Even me Kathy concludes that all of this is our calcium because calcium in kufra laahu. The cafe's excessiveness is given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is

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linguistic meaning but the real meaning is alcocer is the river in paradise. We're going to give you this river inside paradise that me Kathy the stranger inside is the scene that he just spends pages some four or five pages speaking about the river in paradise. What is this river that's going to be given to the prophet Elijah to Salaam you find a water is so is pure, sweeter than honey you find that that to rob the earth around this river. It smells like musk and you find the the goblets are more than the stars on the earth or stars in the sky. And the water be like ice, all these different characteristics. He listens to Siri because he's bigger, what is alcohol third, what we give into

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the believing individuals, but how are they believing interviews going to gain this coaster? How are they going to gain it? They have to do certain actions that will be

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We've been encouraged to do to gain that reward inside of our era and amongst us actions is, is following the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, especially in today's data if people are going to going to be celebrating them only to Nadi, maybe they might be some Ramallah. Mm hmm so you will be able to follow him know we have written about this inside the works we don't deny that fact. But Allah safely conclude, what does it mean? What does it mean to love the Prophet Allah Islam? What does it really mean? Is it just a bit of a Nashi or some Buddha, some lines of poetry carside That's all it is. I just a symbolic gesture that we love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Allah

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mentioned or the Hadith mentioned speak about alcocer Vidya Hadith, that people will come to drink from the fountain drink from the river, because this river flows into the river. Well, how it goes into the basin goes into goes into the sink, goes into the main reservoir. That's what I'll call freeze flows into it. So the appropriate time is going to ask certain individuals, let them come over to Marty let them come, let them come and drink. As we said to these individuals go away so console can be off, be off. You don't know about these people. He's asked Who are these individuals irlam acid either these individuals are the monasticon. The hypocrites or the other belief is and

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this is a document that I had the people who went against a Latina, I had to remember the Haiti outcome appeal. These are people who invented things after my life. Who is the Prophet I'm referring to? Let us remove emotional feeling. Who is he referring to? Is he referring to people who speak about the foreigner is we are people who encouraged us sooner? Who people live for the Sunnah, which are people to adopt the Sunnah. What is the default position and the Sunnah is to love the Sunnah to admire the sooner to implement the sooner to call to this for now. So by default, who is going away from that, let's take away emotional understanding. By default, who is traversing away from me so

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now that people are cooling against his sooner, he's prophesizing is going to be people. We're not here to claim that such and such, or such a such group or such an individual falls upon them. There's no for us to do. What is safe, what we have to do is conclude there's going to be people who have innovations, and the profession, unfortunately, unfortunately, he will say we're not doing the innovation about inventing a plane or a car or modern development as some people try to make that when we speak about innovation for Dean. People go against his sadhana. And then then they have the audacity to say that we're trying to protect him. We're trying to honor him. We're trying to respect

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him. read the Quran surah fifth chapter, verse 67. Allah mentions out there Yeah, you're a fool Burning Man on the lake and Robic when amped up and former baluchari Salah who are messenger conveyed to the people, conveyed to the people a message has been given to you. If you do not do it. You have not lived through to the promise or the commandments that's been given to you. Look at a strange thing. How does if finishes or before it finishes? Allah says well, lo Yeah, she will come in and nurse. Allah will protect you from the people. The Prophet Sam doesn't need us. He doesn't need us. He doesn't need this Muslim oma. He doesn't need anyone. Because Allah says well lo ja

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similkameen enough. Allah will protect you from the people in Allah, Allah do como Kasserine then Allah does have guide the displeasing individus Let us take that linguistically they're not saying these people are just believing individual Catherine can mean those who are ungrateful and grateful for the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah I'm grateful for the blessings of the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so how are we going to gain a co author inside this dunya inside an IRA if we live away from his Sunnah we don't implement it sooner then we find in the Upper interkultur for suddenly the Rebecca one hug for suddenly established a prayer. Allah never said for suddenly Oh

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first score, Arabic. Allah never say be grateful because as a mom sadita feed mentioned, the most highest form of rabada is is a salah and he sacrifice there's a high that's what shoukry when people say you know Allah knows what's inside my heart I give thanks to Allah I do this element of charity I do this good deed piety about the Buddha has a higher all this is goodness May Allah reward you for that but I'm not this doesn't work just that Allah wants fundamental principles for suddenly established apparently Rob become Muslim by default should be praying five times a day is not a religious cleric. is not religious trademark is not certain individuals. You are part of the oma the

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Prophet alayhi salatu salam for suddenly neurotic, you have to establish the prayer established inside your life. For Sally Rebecca when her make that sincerity towards your Lord inside a salah and you find a more top Ronnie, oh Wilma, your hands welling up Yama, niyama Asana, the first thing that all of us are gonna be

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On the Day of Judgment is a Salah. That's the first thing. And the prophet Elijah said look at the miraculous nature of a Salah.

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Even moose Li Salaam were moose SME he went to Allah Subhana Allah went on the mountain. Allah said to him, call in the knee and Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah or Buddha Devaki Mashallah televic re insert surah PA, Allah spoke to mousse la sala makalah mala Moosa tech Lima, Allah spoke to moose la salam, and said to him, indeed I am the one and only Allah Subhana Allah wa camisa latterly the Cree established a Salah for my Vicar to remember I'm not supposed to enter Where was the perfect some given a Salah they said given in Israel will Mirage that's the ultimate speak all these are COVID are all designated at the time of the journey where Israel will Mirage as he because he documents we

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need to feel Elisa Subhana Allah the Astra be Abdi Laila mineral machinehe Rami muscle Aqsa, this the issue given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, their final two are yet also the bacara are co authored and likewise a Salah a Salah was given in Paradise is not a commandment on this dunya is inside agenda commandment is given. And then you find that Nicole's discussion of the preference and coming down a moose that I'm arguing with the progress of that you're almost not going to be able to do this because he understands and he knows the psyche of human beings. Because even though they genuinely if I'm going to perfect them, he sees a huge gathering. He's gonna be so overwhelmed. He

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just said that's my own man. If he said no, that's not your oma. That's the oma moose La Silla residency a far greater gathering and that is going to be the home of the Prophet Sam how's he going to recognize them? Why the white marks like the white patches on a black ox, or black patches in a white ox, meaning that these are several will do, he's going to recognize us via the remnants of Voodoo, how you perform Voodoo, your body parts will shine, your face will shine, your hands will shine, your shins will shine, your ankles will shine as I've already used to wash all the way up to here. He's to wash up to his his shin. He said I want to be even more radiant when Ghana had a

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fairly Abu huraira rhodiola and this was his actually his his belief was I want to shine even more and to be recognized in a day judgment. So even if simplistic action of being Voodoo person perfected should follow the sooner the Prophet Allah is not to summon I'm imitating the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and this will make the companion so great. That's what made them so special that that their love for the prophet Elijah to Islam is the imitation that's what made them special you can read 1000 Records in one night today. It is a minute you could give a mountain range mountain range of overrode the prevalence of like we used to give the goal of the man over than more than one

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mountain range of mountains used to give gold in charity even not even equal one mode or half a mode half half a handful of charity that one my seven skin you give that in gold. The weight of the range of man that is the equivalent to half a handful of what my what my Sahaba that gave because why my Walker of Iqaluit da de Moura fool the love they had for the prophet Elijah me for why the Sahaba inside Buhari said Muslim about the love that they had. That they showed him display towards the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that's what Allah mentioned, put in contempt, a boon Allah for Toby Rooney say if you love Allah Subhana Allah for Toby Rooney, follow the prophet Elijah make it about

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our food, and Allah We love you and forgive your sins in South Sudan verse three verse, the number surah three verse 31 or so. So if you claim to love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what should we do inside our lives? Follow his Sunnah. Follow his teachings, spread his teachings. Don't wash down his teaching. Don't give a modernistic interpretation. person is weak in Eman. Just say I'm weak and he man there's no there's no argument. When coluna Basha we're all human beings. There's many things that are suddenly just because we display yourself with a sadhana people I think this is personal. So now what about the internal for now? There are many enemies to speak about a monster up and for

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the living inside is worth magnimous we're speaking about love for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was the where's the internal Suna of Allah 101 hub of love, of aspiration of hope or fear of worry of forgiving of overlooking, of of empathy. Where is that for now? Because this is what we be. We don't have this sooner in our lives. Unfortunately, we have this external demeanor that we display inside society. This is a person of sooner. Yes, this is some element of the Sunnah. The professor was far beyond that. He was far beyond that. Those tests the sooner we need to develop inside Allah to see his life. See he seerah that why did Allah give him this even one hub that is sacrifice he

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done? shackle of a ministry to see

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He mentioned that the professor What did he do inside his life? He offered 100 camels in sacrifice 63 of them and what a strange coincidence was the age of the program. So some 60 sacrificed with his own hand. And the rest of them we asked earlier we taught him to sacrifice them, some 37 or so, and we're more than most of this and now he gave it away in charity gave it in South Africa, gave it away to the people. The progress I've never slept, and he really had food in his home. rarely had food inside. So this is imagine this is the profit and I start to fill up all the walks in one day and sees the V mat. The effects are read back on his feet on his body, and he says Yara, sola, what

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is this? Look at Israel, look at Kaiser and Kaiser and Jesse Look at his leaders, the Romans, the Persians, look at the Empire. Look at the entourage. People look at the lives their life and look at you look at your wrestler lying on the floor, like in this manner with marks in your best body. What do you say to him? He rebuked him this world isn't for us. This isn't for us. This is for them. Well,

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we're going to have to hear after that's what we most need to understand strive for on earth era and you know what would happen? We're going to give you the dunya will give me the dunya you strive for the dunya Hasina toyonaka you lose this dunya and you lose an era as well. In your in your try to gain this dunya as we mentioned, these people they know who the prophets of some is. That's why they leave us we don't have a deep understanding of world politics understanding the levers to squabble amongst ourselves to argue amongst ourselves and we don't uplift the sooner we don't uplift his life as we arguments or whether this is rightfully yours sooner not a sooner what his person is falling

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sooner not following the Sunnah. Look at a greater image of how that is displayed among societies around us that look at these people look at their hatred towards people and how they conduct themselves. So what's the benefit of us coming towards the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah and even the layman amongst Muslims today massive Muslims they lost some of them they don't even pray even they prayed and they were maybe showing off in like insulting my own or praying to show people but we were gone beyond that we got Muslims we don't totally don't pray, family members in a home that don't pray. And what are we doing in our society when a crux of the issues were suddenly replica one

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had a nice shiny occur who will upturn those people are going to be cut off? Don't you go away from me sooner? Those who speak against you sooner those live away from me sooner? Those who l tree and speak against the Prophet Allah if not to shut up even those individuals who speak against the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and those who make these rudimentary remarks against him, and even among 40 some of us Muslims who failed to understand the Sunnah. And and the rank of the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam many of you mentioned just to remind ourselves that a person doesn't do as soon as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam don't speak ill about it. So for muscle, if a person

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doesn't grow, they paid whatever reason they may have or that we not, it's not an issue for us. But don't say that, what is this medieval practice? What is this barbaric practice? What is Arab practice that existed before the harder Cofer ever if a woman decides to wear a niqab and cover a face, etc, you don't agree with it, whatever ruling effect that you may try to perceive to follow, don't speak ill about it. This is all that we request Muslims to do show some unity or maybe I don't follow this inside my life. But this is establish evidences that do exist. They're not made up evidence of the 21st century. These are classical lemma is that not classical lemma before that.

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These are Sahaba these are these are companions who interpreted these texts in this manner, and they stuck to them. So at least that we could do show that references. I don't may possibly don't agree with this, but this is established inside the teachings of the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam. When Kanna, can we use saloon as a summary I mentioned even if a person is praying, but they show some QA here, they show some disliking towards a suit another profession is a form of copper, if not, it is copper, a sub aroma have gone to the view based on a verse that sort of Mohammed Delica Vietnam carry Houma angelova better another home because they dislike their dislike what Allah has sent down

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upon the Prophet I mean this this was inside surah Muhammad

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Allah made that they actually become null and void. That's what read the passage or the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah nullifies actions of people who are those people, so person should be wary about this. Nonetheless your Quran Allah major Kuda, Deborah Deborah Camila Deen of Allah mu Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil alameen.

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Those people are cut off, that we will speak ill of the Prophet I shall speak in about Islam, they're cut off, then somebody mentioned who are up after 10 carries the meaning of a cipher on top there says a sharp sword

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So so that that cut that strikes. So these people after these people, they are cut off, they are alienated, there's going to be no praise of these individuals. In the shiny occur, this person will move ahead, the person who shows hatred towards a professional who shows hatred towards Islam, but the same time a person should be fair and to be just that a person hatred was a people should not let lead them to be unfair. To begin to mistreat people is a crime begins, it begins to warn us, what are your demons, Shanna Coleman and subdue come and immersed in her arm and Tatsu Epicurious, for the night tonight, I don't let the people that prevent you from martial harem, don't you now

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rebel against them and show a form of any attacking towards these individuals, you should control your your hatred shouldn't go beyond the parameters. And then in the same surah, Allah mentions, what are your demons? What? Commissioner Coleman, don't let the hatred of people toward you. And I do do toccoa so that the hatred shenana con, the hatred of people may have towards you, or you have towards people, you may dislike people. But it shouldn't lead you to become showing hatred towards in a way which is unjustified. And that's what made the progress I'm so great that even he enemies they spoke highly of him, they spoke highly of him that this individual is a strange individual, no

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matter how much we mistreat him, and how this individual returns back to us and how he behaved towards us. So this In short, is something for us to begin to ponder and to reflect upon the life of the Prophet Muhammad or some of the action that the progress he had inside his life, and how he developed himself. And what we need to do inside our life to develop ourselves that to date alcocer inside of us or to be given his brother in South Africa, Oh great, how one can heal? Or how good are they in this great goodness to be given in southern Africa is not it's not small change that some of us that we think that it's going to be a small journey that I do these small miniscule actions that

00:31:59 --> 00:32:37

I do. And now I know in return, I should be given the greatness of reward should be given to me is a powerful of struggling, of striving, trying one's best. And even a person fall short, that they know that it tried themselves. And when a person falls short, the progression will recognize us will recognize is oma were called out to us, we'll make sure that we don't reject Chava. We don't reject the chef. We don't reject the intercession of the Prophet so he he's going to be given the most grandest of intercession will be given to him. And as someone who mentioned that, many times is going to give an intercession inside an era. But how will that intercession be given read their

00:32:37 --> 00:32:48

Hadith, that he will go down in a state of praise of remembering a look, I will say that I'll be given supplications I've never been given before. And I'll go down in sujood. Then he said to me a

00:32:49 --> 00:33:30

salary, raise your head, ask and you'll be given. So even the professor and I said some isn't just going to be given his open intercession that some was, unfortunately believe because I can't his name because I live in is oma because I'm part of his alma, by default, I'm going to be given paradise. We need to remove this understanding. It may possibly true that some few people that they love maybe so much that a lot of them may forgive them and pardon them. But don't rest your life on that, though ratio, amen on that, that I could be those few people that Allah decides to forgive without doing anything. For her nerdy, that's rare. That's going to be very rare that Allah is going

00:33:30 --> 00:34:06

to just select some Muslims and just forgive them from the from the billions of Muslims that existed. Why Why do we base our faith upon that? Why don't we base our faith upon trying to do something and if we fall short, we know that appropriately, some will come and intercede for us. We know that Allah Allah Allah will also grant intercession also forgive people enter into Jannah may last 100 years only tofik inability to live in close proximity to the best of our ability to adorn ourselves, not just externally internally, we love daddy moreso love towards the prophet Elijah to some within our own souls and our bodies in our hearts and our mind, read about his life, he Siraj

00:34:06 --> 00:34:33

to develop that inside our lives and our character, local Canada confederacy relay who swattin has Santa for you to emulate him, whoever believes and look at the eye images or whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day said you really believe in Allah and the Last Day, not this. This verbal, verbal format you mentioned you really believe in the last day you're going to do what inside your life. You're going to try your best to follow the prophet Elijah to

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