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You're more than welcome.

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Which table

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don't take that one so don't mind

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the linen sheet

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What'd he say? Michelle aka

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losing weight and gaining weight.

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In Alhamdulillah Hina monastery you know when to stop

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when our older belimbing Sheree and fusina amin say Dr. Medina mania Hello fellow moody Lola warm a little further ahead, Yella y shadow

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Illa bajo de la sharika y shadow. Muhammad Abdul Kumara Soto. I'm about to fire in our store called howdy Chiquita Baba. We're hiring Buddha Buddha Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam or shadow Morimoto to her wakulla Mojave Desert in beta wakulla v akintola. latine wakulla bola let infinia Frobisher Elise Audrey while you're Sidley Emery, we're Lisa Nia Coco Lee of the phrasing of lots of hands

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Under sending images greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the previous collection of a hadith. The main theme was a mere to Sala the importance of the prayer.

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And just as the Quran itself Some 83 are occasions or the Quran describes a prayer and action that comes along with it. Well p masala to

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establish maintain the prayer and to give azuka

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the text Islamic Jew system which is due to be given to the eight categories of different types of individuals main sites or to Toba.

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The relationship between a salah and azuka that we may be wondering about

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because a Salah takes the time of the individual

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oneness aka our Sahaja Yoga takes the wealth away from the individual, as some may people may perceive. However, they had a defined manner kasana lumen Sadako attain, wealth does not diminish by the giving of sadaqa giving of wealth and likewise why a Salah that devotional time does not take away the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah and that's when Allah Subhana Allah describes Amir to Salah as we mentioned I've sort of Baja when Allah subhanaw taala spoke to musala Salah macadam, Allah Moosa tech Lima inside salt and he said that we find a lot so Canada spoke to musala a serum and inside sort of Baja in nanny and Alola Illa Illa Anna Bodine Joaquim is Sala tele decree indeed

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I'm the one and only Allah Subhana Allah and establish a Salah to remember me to remember Allah Subhana Allah.

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remember Allah for koroni as korakuen remember me and I'll remember you that is a loss of Hannah Diana. And as towards the end of sort of power loss and I mentioned what lockerby salviati was severely her learner's allegories or nano naruko Kawasaki bertoli taqwa yet, I jiba a lot of dimensions, where Miranda can be sovereignty over your family members to perform their prayer was to be Alia. Wali steamer, a tion of focus. Subbu persevere continuously, no Yo, yo main continuously remind yourself, remind your family members remind the people about you about Amira to Salah that we find amongst the final words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as early as Hadith have concluded,

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a Salah, a Salah, one American, a man who come that prayer, the prayer and what your right hand possesses. That has been classified as relevant Hadith mentioned as amongst the final words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam leaving this dunya as Sala Salah, always reminding his Muslim oma about the prayer. Ally Cortez Soraka wants to be your ally, remain patient persevere committed towards that.

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And then a lot of times I mentioned learners, allegories or we don't ask you for any sustenance, any provision in 510 minutes in a day, multiply that by five maybe an hour or so is taken away. Naturally every human being would think that this is chewing away from my time, from my wealth for my commodity for my business. But look how Allah subhanaw taala describes a mere two Salah we don't ask you for any provision, any risk. New narzo cuca we're going to provide for you has nucala sufficient is Allah Allah makes a promise we're going to provide for you to take care of you while I am Kimberly toccoa and if there may be some shortcomings of this dunya while I Akiba to the taqwa

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the final abode, the final residence will be for the moutoku for the Moto pain for the pious individuals. So we as human beings, we all worry that if I do certain actions, they may take away from my wealth from my property from my earnings, but Allah subhanaw taala gives gives this promise that nothing is taken away from you. Rather you find it really math concluded mean as bad the risk if a person wants to increase Baraka more blessings inside your wealth, and a memo be Salah

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filled Gemma t have concluded if you want more Baraka inside your wealth, that remain more focus in offering the prayers bill Giamatti in congregation that 1015 minutes

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Each prayer as soon as soon and bad robotic wonderful extra praise before after that we find takes away 1015 minutes. If a person's happy to Allah salotti wa salatu wa spa, la comunidad de carnitine God and preserve your prayers, Wolfie karate in the LML Cora Cora Al Quran called no killer and a half Allah sala de la Sri that preserve solid acid. In a hadith in Sahih Muslim Do you find whoever misses salata acid is as a dead person is lost all the family members and all of the wealth, who had these children had imagined why why is that we mentioned about solid acid because acetone person gets busy with the dounia with the world with their family or with a business transaction. So as it

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begins to slip by, so does he find a strong warning inside the head If we miss Silla terrassa has lost everything as a severe warning. So a person makes an effort, a lot responds without effort of that individual inside. So to do that, we find two key back to coming to the Juma prayer. And last counter Allah doesn't say that remain day of the gym or remain day inside the masajid for either Korea to solder to fantasy roofing or de Vaca whom in fact Linda, Allah says that when the prayers been established and completed, fantasy roofing out, go out in the land go out on the upon the earth. What does that mean for Linda? go out and seek from the virtue of the blessings of Allah

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Subhana Allah, televangelist surah ends by mentioning well lo Cairo Rasul.

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Allah is the best provider once again people think that Juma is an obstacle. Uma takes me away from my work takes me away from this this hour or so we have to break away May Allah forbid some of us think it's a disturbance. And some of us pillow house is a nuisance. Living in Europe in the West Jumeirah a disturbed person misses three days in a row. Allah Subhana sees the heart of the individual sees the heart the individual and it's time and time again we have to break ourselves free in your workplace you know able to go and perform your man in comfort. You always have to argue about it always have to fight for it. We can week out for her the other Shogun harem and it is work

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becomes haram for you. It becomes an obstacle is a deterrent is taking away from Allah Subhana sealing your heart drifting away from Allah Subhana Allah well lo hierro rasa clean Allah is the is the best provider for the individual who makes that effort towards Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that these obstacles that shape on he places in the heart and the mind individually even before and infer even for spending even before doing certain actions. Look at the way shape on Iblees how you work, almost like I mentioned a shape on a document zakharova Murakami fascia,

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a shape on a document.

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He promises you with poverty.

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Your Swiss, the Salinas Wolfie of holiness, either unfucked so to sniff up urine. As you spend, you're going to be impoverished. You're going to be poor, you're going to be weak shape on your swisscom blood. In fact, before even spending he comes and he whispers individual, that if you spend this wealth, you give it in a way of Allah Subhana Allah, you're going to be a losing individual. While you're Morocco, Sasha these are the two plots of shape on we are Morocco bill fascia, this is the way of shape on that he commands you with elicit conduct, misconduct, bad behavior, and for what Hush. So that's the five most in this world that we find is engrossed in the collection, capitalism

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of wealth, and controlling that wealth, or using that wealth for what and for

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those people who love to spread in the legs in a boon and Tashi and furniture to fill that in Manu, llamada Boone and Eamonn fit dunya will era those people who love to spread voice inside society. Lo Mara de la moonphase Tanya with Kira, for there will be a severe punishment inside this dunya Cobra era before the era will loja do Kumar for men who were further lower, low worse even early. What does Allah promise Mark Farah, pardoning, forgiving, overlooking and Allah, Allah give promises his virtue will know who was it Ron earline Allah is vast, expansive inside the wells that he possesses in his owns, the whole dunya that he owns and whatever exists upon this dunya and in the heavens and

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the earth. Allah arleen all knowing of it

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situation what we may be entering into what we own, and what we possess. And as we find that is d planning

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and as penetrated into our mindset about the use of wealth that we find, you know, these individuals, they send them I should have seen in 10 years or 20 years, me singing me Asana, 100 years of strategic planning and plotting, and brainwashing instilling within our minds that if you have children, if you have family, then you become a poor individual and leads to poverty.

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Statistically inside this country, more than 50 to 60% of the people in this country are born out of wedlock. booed out of this country, the state of this country is dramatically collapsing. And that's why remember a lot more the historians have written a moral society, it lives on a moral fiber, it lives in a moral fiber. And the moral fiber of the of this society is diminishing, that if 60% of people are born out of wedlock, and then they tried to instill within our minds inside this Muslim Ummah, that to have children, it leads to poverty, according to the statistical facts that we find 1.2 1.2 children or their one son and one daughter will suffice upon this earth. Iraqi children

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Quran, read the Quran, Lovato Quran, Quran Quran, don't look at the coffer around us. For sure rule of law, look at the Quran addresses certain things that this modern world begins to tackle us with, to throw upon us to distill inside our mind, a concept of what they believe in what or talk to Allah document emla not Nina lukaku was

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in such trouble and

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we just saw a story about an Ambien demanding the cattle and perhaps in the BS

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about the rights of animals and cultivation. And in this discussion about a more urban area, almost dimension one a doctrinal Allah document

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and we might have Sokka don't kill your children because of poverty, nano narzo kokoon what

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we're going to provide because firstly a person apparently worried that if I if I spend then I'm losing my wealth. So Allah says we're going to provide for you and we'll provide what your home will provide for your children. Then Allison damages are sorted is israa. The same to chapter two, which is full of aware Middle of Nowhere he full of explicit commands and prohibitions that we find deep surah salted a Surah Surah Surah Al rocky to Allah had a surah you find so many Ayah inside there about what how a person needs to conduct themselves upon this dunya Hey, Allah kinda mentions wala Dr. Ola de harshita embla

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don't kill your children, because fearing poverty that you think that having children, it leads to poverty. Now honeymooner Zuko, whom was he a con una, Allah kind of mentioned nano naruko, whom Nana Zuko, whom we're commanded to provide for them over an elementary the children first. Now the parent is worried about the child, if I have children, then what's going to happen about the sustenance about their risk, Allah says we're going to provide for them. When he come then we provide for you and as they say it have many custom they say that every child brings its own destiny. Every child brings this blessing. As for them every child, it brings for them, destruction, difficulties for

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them. While I can often take off a tuna every child brings a destiny brings a blessing for the individual you find in the katakana Kabira ordinances to kill children to carry on abortion to destroy children because you fear poverty, you feel like you figure out how you're going to take care of them in a couple of Cana hip and Kabira is a massive mistake and great blunder for you to kill innocent children

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to destroy a pregnancy to abort a child for no for no reason just for the reason that you that you feel that you're not going to be able to provide for them.

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A Sharia What does it say? The Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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ala alluded to one hour luden where dude, he said love the fertile marry the fertile and the loving. Because on the Day of Judgment again, I'm going to compete regarding my followers on a day judgment. When it really mattered for sorrow Sharon hadn't hadn't gave her daddy's

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dude, how do you know that a woman is going to bear children. How do you know that unborn in our own way?

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Her in a Honda. In awatea look at a mother Look at her arms Look at her sisters. And from there in general that you find out whether this woman is going to pay children even though as I mentioned, you have women your show in a sir. Well yeah Boo. Boo. Oh use a William uwchlan and wait while you're doing your show. AHIMA no alleman Cody unless pantalla mentioned yeah women you shall we know a lot of Quran Allah

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subhana wa Jalla Jalla Lu bestows upon him every once in a

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avoided the core

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Quran and Nam Nam blessings, whoever Allah gives two daughters, any any Gods them and he preserves them and he nourishes them and he takes care of them will enter into paradise.

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Nestle honey, honey, I had these three habits three daughters, a boy Jenna, but look at what the mentality in our culture and mentality by people is that their daughters are some form of difficulty. The Quran begins by saying he gives notice remember he wants then I mentioned as the core mentioned whether he wants to use a William Cochran and we're in as against both male and female, why

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akima leaves whomever he wants Baron, that is Allah Subhana Allah and no Allah Monica de Allah is the all knowing the powerful, the ability to do what befits His Majesty superior know what the other person shouldn't fall into the concept that we find around us about life that we see. And even this idea that we find Allah Subhana Allah mentions about the natural cycle on the face of this earth. And once again, a bombardment that we find of a society that they want to create. And normal society is based upon wedlock, about a nigga, a matrimonial relationship between a man and a woman, how to assess, that's the foundation, we shouldn't fall into the trap that society is based upon the

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relationship between a man and a man and a woman and a woman that doesn't exist in Islam. We don't have any hatred or anything. This is a study of a lots of panel data. And it wasn't for too long until they legalized the certain practices that we find. Ghana

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had them as well haraam FICO, to be him, inside their own books is haram for them. But they want to change the the whole gender cycle, the mindset of people of acceptance of that which is haram to be permissible,

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essential, in some ways, the essence of a human being between us the simple question of qualicum and Shane callicoon. Have they been creative in something or did they create their own self? Can a man in a man create something that's not sooner or

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later sooner or be

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artificially he

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is on the inside the heavens? Adam at a certain kind of way that was all in his own. What can I do? Rocky, Jana, he agenda all of Jenna. But what what did he feel?

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He felt lonely. He needed comfort. He needed peace. In general, how can a person need comfort need peace? So Allah Subhana Allah created for him out of the bedroom of Adam created our la sala

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that he could enjoy life had the assess

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assassin insane, the whole essence of the human being that we find, how can this be just wiped away? How can it be wiped away? That is not it doesn't exist inside society, even individually, how did it come into existence in the face of the earth, by a relationship between a man and a woman is the essence. And thus we have to understand that principle Sharia can never be changed, can never be twisted, can never be upheaval. person shouldn't be worried about the onslaught that continues about the shadow of Allah Subhana Allah shery of Allah Subhana Allah is sublime, is supreme is pure, is refined, the human being refined the world. That's what we need to understand about Allah Subhana

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Allah or about the word of Allah Subhana Allah and as we find also returning back to the concept of giving of wealth, or being worried about wealth, or having children or spending one's wealth. One fisherman is cuckoo mama to a dune. I'm not surprised I mentioned a fisherman Erie skookum almost doesn't mention a lot of the

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FRC shakin RG. I'm not the hoopoe, law officer maybe mana Mach tube, the end

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The heavens is being tested for you for your risk. Or you could just take their parent meaning that day in the heavens you don't have access to it.

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Women are doing what you've been promised it will be given to you so I'm not doesn't say you're not doing your job risk. Allah takes a different level that is inside the heavens that your risk is there and we will provide will give it to you for the summer it will add

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in Nola Mifflin,

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Tora Bora besana even

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on an earth as you mentioned arbatax

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four times for different emphasis Allah mentions wallfisch sama is Fukuyama to add on that your risk will be given to you for the summer he will no longer have to miss them and nakane tante cone for the summer he our possum Mina la well, rd no indeed, la la misma and na contente code, tacky dat well why do you say why do you say your risk mix for promises for promises? That day your risk has been tested in your area, your life, your span, your wealth, your property, just like an accountant, just like you speak

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this language on how our mentioned describes things that we as human beings we fail and we get over worried about what the weaknesses, man muraki Salah Quran that's what the weakness we don't focus on the Quran. We don't see into the Quran we don't see into the message of the Quran. And thus we find that the benefits

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that we find, in fact, firstly, one's own family members that we find

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the probiotics I'm encouraged, encouraged spending after the soda that they saw the cash to spend on your own family members, on your own children and your wife or your family members

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that we find. Don't leave your children a state of poverty in a state of asking, take care of the subjects underneath you. Then you find a sadhaka will hide

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giving in the way of Allah giving to the Muslim cause through his Muslim oma, that opens up numerous other blessings that we find because you only provided Hades undefined, you're only given your provision, amin as a risk because of the

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overall Misaki. If that sustenance that we have at the moment is being given by the leave of Allah Subhana Allah because of the poor people that pray for us, that a person who sends charity who gives wealth to the opposite to other individuals, those poor individuals make

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for those for those individuals to that increases their wealth. Nice is Baraka inside their wealth. Does you find this hadith Columbo and Adam, Alec in his head he could see that we went to dissect understand today be later Allah

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said you have no Adam, unfair on

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our son of Adam spend and I will spend upon you. That is Allah Subhana Allah Hadith could see our son of Adam spin. Allah didn't say restrain, hold back. Spend, who will spend upon you, who will take care of you Allah, I will spend and take care of you. And as if I even look at me fine. When you find na kabhi na na na casa

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the means to lose that the person is losing something I find that habashi something to be taken away from the individual because spending of this wealth that we find but we find that spending inside Islam has so many virtues

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that literally from the beginning to the end of the Quran that you find is the beginning is coupled with the giving performance of salah and the giving of czaka when you find something strange in the beginning of Quran Soto Baccarat Allah mentioned suparna with the delicacy tabula rasa Buffy who does not

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allow in beginning talking about the keytab talk about sort of Baka talk about Al Quran that we find a book that contains no doubt that we find

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believing individuals will you emunah salata those who established a prayer that you mentioned, there was a we tuna zeca woman Marisa whom you will say *.

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She will argue

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Allah didn't say they established a predator give this occur. Allah says woman Morocco, unicorn. These are the believing individual what we provided them they begin to spend it. So he's not talking about a soccer is talking about spending of wealth, Shiva tomahto key characteristics of the pious individuals as how the Quran begins, whether we find throughout Surat Al Baqarah. We find numerous either clustered together at separate occasions such as

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Most of the iron is a suitable blocker as we know suitable blocker is a Madani surah these 286 verses and resourceful Ayah to Surah madonia is

00:30:11 --> 00:30:55

his rules and regulations so as you find these 10 years inside Medina populations he completed his time in society as we find injunctions inside total Baccarat while le imraan that we find are placed in specific sort of Baccarat. What are some of these iron that we find which to speak about in Burke about spending of the wealth in the wave Allah Subhana Allah muster Lula de una empresa de de la cabeza de have button and but that's about sin ability to lead somebody to have the workflow to die fully mania shallow well sooner lien Allah gives this parable and as many parables inside some at this in some 90 odd parables inside the Quran and quite a few insights total Baccarat masala, Fukuda

00:30:56 --> 00:31:41

empresa de la camisa de hobbiton, people who spend their way in the way of wealth in the way of Allah subhanaw taala is like a corn, a piece of corn, this piece of corn that we find is placed inside seven is the plant that grows and these these A's they give out 700 a yield of 700 that's if I'm in sudden duration that you find that for every good deed that you find, or spending is multiplied 700 times over. So I'm not give this parable of spending of the wealth is multiplied many times over 700 times over for a person who spends their wealth in a way for loss of power to Allah. And that's quite a handy thing Bukhari and Muslim as well. About one date, person gives one date is

00:31:41 --> 00:32:09

multiplied many times over. Till eventually becomes a mountain. When a person goes back into around the day judgment that one day because multiplied many times over then it becomes a mountain. Imagine that one small data person may give in sadaqa give it in charity, one small coin, Allah Subhana magnify the multiply that had eaten Bukhari Muslim to become a mountain weight of goodness what are individually inside and Latino? una

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00:32:13 --> 00:32:25

de la mudroom Indira Bhima whoa funa la mala Mia has a known Allah Xena coonawarra feasability de those who spend their wealth in the wave Allah Subhana Allah familia, Takuma Nova

00:32:28 --> 00:32:37

then after giving their wealth, they don't brag and boast about it. Well as that they don't harm the individual. Sometimes person may help another individual.

00:32:38 --> 00:33:18

always reminds him Don't you remember you you needed wealth I gave you this wealth I loan you this money I done this for you done that for you. That's not giving sadaqa that's not helping someone. That's not charity. The Quran says that they don't continuously mentioned as you find a Hadith, Salah for a young romulo Yama, Yama, three types of individuals Allah will not look them look at them in a day judgment. woman whom ilmainen Munna Lima opia person who continuously reminds a person what they gave I done this for you I done that for you. I helped you did I done this for you lay on guru a yarmulke Yama Allah De Luca individual de judgment. And likewise This is the Quran, there is

00:33:18 --> 00:34:03

no point giving sadaqa at the person begins to continuously harm the individual or continues he mentioned that virtue of helping another individual Coloma Ruffalo, McFerrin hi Roman Sadako teen yet either to remain silent, and to say good word is better and to give sadaqa and to then follow it with harming the individual. If you want to give sadaqa then do it sincerely for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah keep it between you and Allah and leave it at that so we find Keith man who has suffered, we need to develop in some just like teeth man, I saw a sharp almasi this will be concealed as sins. We don't know when to know them they need to be inside good deeds

00:34:04 --> 00:34:11

kita Marion has entered see concealing of good deeds that a person done this for the sake of

00:34:12 --> 00:34:20

keeping a secret you and Allah no one knows what the call is about the hotter you forget about your own self.

00:34:21 --> 00:34:51

You forget about it yourself and inside that you see it flourishing. That's what happiness is. That's what sort of God is that? Is that's what he's helping another individual that we find color maroon color. meadowfoam Oxford, Ohio, Minnesota putting yet another one lohani Yun haleem Candela Yoshida on lohani Ahmad is rich, Allah has no need for you to give your wealth and think you're doing some favor to this person or favorite Allah Subhana Allah halleen forbearing

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

that is Allah Subhana Allah so person shouldn't think that means giving welfare individually helping another individual that I'm doing some form

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Have a favor rather than the favor is upon you that allies favor you with this wealth Allah favor you with this to see how you're going to conduct yourself upon the face of this earth. Yeah you Latina amaroo Lusaka can be many will add the color you know Leah and

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don't destroy your sadaqa don't destroy your charity reactions calorie Yumiko Maria and nurse What are you going to build a Yeoman farmer for Luca maffulli sofware Anika Massa Luca savonnerie Pura pasado web Ilona. This person who takes action just up and then harms people. Another parallel is like, soft one. We might not hedger is like a rock,

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or a rock that you find just dust is upon them. And you find where bit where there is rain. raindrops come down upon this rock with that dust and it washes it away. Be my last

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cache luck, no algorithm for you. You've done all this hard work, give me a nice charity done whatever you done, then because continuously harming this individual boasting about your actions. Then this action of yours just like dust on a rock. Allah sends down the rain and washes it away. washes your audience away is taken away from you by loss of Hannah Diana is a severe warning about not falling into this. Likewise when so many other is inside the car under the umbrella home at her mirbeau Tila remaining its own sort of Baccarat, those who spend their wealth, seek in the face of Allah Subhana Allah, yo yo Latina mo

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Are you believe spend of the piggyback of the things the provision that we provided given to you when I'm talking to me in Africa in another hour, another two minutes in Allah Allah who wonder unfuck tomb, whatever that you spend in your life, then Allah Subhana Allah has full knowledge regarding that. These are all numerous Ayah inside suta Baccarat that we find about infoq till eventually that we find are into sankaty funny in a way into foo, however, to hunt for Cora, Ohio, Lacan, if you conceal your sadaqa then is better for you. And you give it to the poor individuals considering the giving of a sadhaka to these poor individuals under the name for coonawarra

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bailarina siran what Allah Nia 10 again, inside sutra, Bukhara, those individuals give their wealth, in the day, in the evening, in the open in in secrecy for omaggio marinara beam Allah when Allah Allah has a known, sometimes a person needs to give words openly, openly why maybe to encourage people when the Hadith

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and these are perfectly some that some people came in a bad state. And he asked the people to give, but it wasn't much of a response. And he's upset the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and then he extolled encourage the people even more. So one person came and gave whatever he possessed

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as we find the completion ahaadeeth

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madman homina homina massanutten follow agile Agra woman Amina Bihar man Sandra finished me sooner than Hassan attend whoever in the good sooner means to encourage the people something which is established. He'll have the initial reward this person who placed the first wealth was in much televangelists and mountains of wealth aligning day at an appropriate time he smiled and he was happy to hear we find that sometimes a person every person may be remaining aloof, staying away some person has to do that. The daring act of going and doing the good action to remind the people encourage people people follow suit. That is a son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Likewise, when

00:38:43 --> 00:39:16

we came to perform the Hajj or perform the aroma that we find that he upset him, and he had to make that the pact of sildenafil de beer. And then his wife raviolo, Donna encouragement said that the companions are only upset. They're human beings, they're upset because they never got to perform the how to perform the camera. They have to come back the following year. So your Rasulullah Sophia cheated, on the other hand, have you shaved your head, they'll follow suit, but they just it's a natural feeling. So the appropriate time he shaved his head and offered a sacrifice they followed suit. People

00:39:17 --> 00:39:54

need encouragement, need people to encourage them. Because if people just sit there and watch everybody else, no one would do. Society won't change. As I say a few good legs, a few good men to change society, because they encourage people and people in a comes an effect, a ripple effect that everybody wants to then participate wants to do something, but the initial idea is given to the individual who begins that ripple effect in such society that we find unlike what I mentioned, where you'll be sort of caught up create socket wealth to flourish. And if you study these iron,

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

and MMC, you imagine that these these are these custom is about

00:40:00 --> 00:40:49

Reba is to Dane about Riba interest about loan about debts, these cluster Imams, UTP. It can and it can feed aluminum on two volumes. These are classified as the final ayat. Allah mentioned Will you be sadakazu that person thinks that that interest is well for this dunya it flourishes. Allah says that doesn't flourish. Allah says Will you be sadaqat wealth that really flourishes, his charitable actions that flourish and they are increased by Allah Subhana Allah womenfolk dementia infoway lippo who were who are whoa hi rose up. Inside surah Saba Allah mentioned. Wherever woman talk to me say in for Hua, for Who are your lipo? Whatever you spend in Allah Subhana Allah mentioned as Baraka,

00:40:49 --> 00:41:04

Phil Malley was with Allah then we'll give Baraka Baraka inside that wealth. Inside that wealth when a person has spent wahoo Lupo. He had our stock from lalibela calm when Jimmy and muslimeen have a stock photo in order for him.

00:41:16 --> 00:41:52

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was the human Temasek Episode nichido meeting ama guide. As we mentioned along with the Quran is a deep language we need to focus upon to understand the word the dialogue that takes place between Allah Subhana Allah and the human beings. That's why the Mormon the believer when you recite the Quran, aka nucleolar and here please stop me Tamia Rama de la la. The if you want to speak to Allah Subhana Allah and stand up in prayer.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:56

And he will Allah Subhana Allah speak to you for Takara

00:41:57 --> 00:42:29

read the Quran. read the Quran and Allah you have the book, as if Quran is speaking to you, not only speaking about other people, or about the world, about your hood, one nesara while mutia code while era law, a Quran you hottie booni Quran is speaking to me. That is the most powerful impact of the Quran that you find earlier mentioned that when you feel that the Quran is speaking to you, then you begin to understand what's known as

00:42:31 --> 00:43:09

the miraculous nature of the Quran. Because the whole Quran is a more at Giza, is an ultimate miracle from Allah Subhana Ghana, where she felt only Murphy sudo and a cure for the ailments the sicknesses of the heart, and Rama for the believing individuals. Surah Surah person understands the language of Quran webmanager Quran has a great impact upon the individual. And as we as we mentioned previously, you lead in Emmylou * lucam Allah TJ Ratan tune je caminada bien le

00:43:10 --> 00:43:19

* Agha lucam Allah teacher Ratan sherando guide you show you a business transaction that will save you from the punishment.

00:43:20 --> 00:43:31

A evil chastisement pujara Allah Allah means that sort of Toba in Allah hasta la mina mini Allah has purchased

00:43:33 --> 00:43:37

will be be man Attila Hema Shira. Well,

00:43:38 --> 00:44:23

as you find that the word bakery is both meanings to buy and to say both into interlinked words that you find in Arabic language in the lush Torah. Allah has purchased from the believing individuals like what you find inside as you mentioned, such sort of Juma that we find, as you mentioned, by the coup de Sala fantasy roofing, finished Juma go out to earn your sustenance while low hydro was a pain in other places Oh Quran in La Nina yet new Nikita La La como Salah. Those who recite the verses of Allah Subhana Allah, who established a prayer one Sakuma Murdoch, Nami Mera Naam Simran wala Nia, those who spend of their wealth in secrecy and in open, you're a junior teacher written

00:44:24 --> 00:44:44

taboo, they are gone into an existence of a transaction and then taboo that has no loss, that does not fail, that does not end. Then once again now one major transaction about establishing a prayer and spending a one's wealth is a transaction that has no loss.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

The ending is a good ending. For an individual, which transactions are this dunya is an element we classify according Sharia as profit and loss, that you share the profit and you said share the loss inside the euro. You only share it

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

The profit, there is no loss at all. If you fail to understand the vision of the era, then you lose the ark era and you lose the dunya.

00:45:11 --> 00:45:57

Era, you lose this world and you lose the hereafter as well. And as you mentioned, the spending of one's wealth in the way of Allah subhanaw taala specifically on our family members that we find and likewise upon his Muslim Mama, as you find various narrations way mine can get awkward, we see an ad in awkward, some statements of Roma, dissecting, questioning these narration these wordings where you find the meaning is quite explicit and the meaning is true in the concept of the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah bacteriol be sadaqa for in a certified nurse final Bella la tapa erase hastening doing giving us sadaqa because you find that mishaps difficulties are not able to encompass it, meaning a

00:45:57 --> 00:46:23

sudden it takes away calamities we find out in the ratio that you find there will be sadhaka cure your your ailing your sick patients you seek individuals by the giving of sadaqa Some of us may imagine culture for us, but there is an essence inside the den by the giving of Southern guy takes away calamities takes away difficulties take away arches the individual in a sadhaka natuzzi Roman area

00:46:25 --> 00:46:27

muscle Cabo Cabo

00:46:28 --> 00:47:06

Cabo Rashida to cover the giving us sadaqa alleviates the hardship of the grave that we find in authentic narrations that we find sadaqa takes away the anger of law extinguishes the fire of the individual. And imagine the person spends their wealth in the way of a loss dependent upon this Muslim Ummah, in trying to help this Muslim Ummah and what's happening at the moment that we find because these individuals are equally spend their wealth and the Quran documents that they have, they have a vision, they have a cause. And just as we began with that, we failed to understand that cause in a vision, a deep it requires.

00:47:07 --> 00:47:32

It requires an emphasis, it requires effort. And they put in the effort. They put in the hours, they put in the time, they put in 100 G's 150 years. They put many gaze into the vision that they have, whatever we put into the vision that we have inside our life. The Quran mentioned in the legend tougher, Yom Fukunaga alone the answer period

00:47:33 --> 00:47:34

in the Latina castle,

00:47:36 --> 00:48:01

those who disbelieve they spend their wealth, Leah sudo and subida. They spend their wealth to deter people away from the path of the law. millions, billions, all this world around us at the moment. All this wealth at the moment is spent to derail people away from Islam. To make this image of Islam,

00:48:02 --> 00:48:35

billions are being spent to derail people. First, a young Fukunaga in the Quran says didn't say they hold back. They go and spend it. They don't hold back about their wealth. They know what they want to do. Leah should do unstability law to direct people away for the power law firm mata coonawarra him has written locodoco and described but unfortunately, is going to be a state of loss for them. Then the Quran goes a step further. From Yola, Boone,

00:48:36 --> 00:48:57

then they will be conquered, ruled over. Look at the Quran. They'll spend a wealth to derail people powerful law, and they're going to spend their wealth they're going to be the state of loss inside the Euro upon this dunya from my yoke labuan. They will be conquered hotman nurserymen

00:48:58 --> 00:49:36

coup de la mina, ye Subhana Allah, no matter what they do, you have a boon, we're going to overrule them, we're going to conquer them, we're going to overcome them. That is a reality that we fail to share that inside the Quran, the Quran describes and as you find that we have to relive the Quran we live the vision, relive what existed historically, many times Muslim Ummah, that when we were down when we came back, and when we were down, you find that there were individuals who always had a vision. That's why hula bow when the Mongolian leaders that his daughter is walking through the streets

00:49:37 --> 00:49:59

of Baghdad that we find after they they planted and looted everything what they had destroyed, but that as a minister is there right that blood is all the way across the streets of Baghdad Pura that he went three lat three areas were precious to the Muslims, Naka, Medina, and Baghdad that we find the Torah full of hate my wisdom, he became the empire for the Muslims that we find

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

hula costata is walking inside the streets and she sees an old man, a wise man and Ireland scholar

00:50:07 --> 00:50:15

and tries to ridicule him just ridiculous today I thought Islam was going to conquer and rule. You're going to be dominant ruling over you today.

00:50:16 --> 00:50:19

Who's ruling over you today? Can Alamin Takuya?

00:50:21 --> 00:50:22

He said, What do you say?

00:50:23 --> 00:50:29

What do you say about the shepherd? That the dogs that he has around him a dog that he has around him? What do you say about that Shepherd?

00:50:31 --> 00:50:41

She says that the shepherd has the dog, that when when the sheep they splinter away, they become disunited, then a shepherd sends the dog to put them back together again.

00:50:43 --> 00:50:45

He said Allah Subhana Allah

00:50:46 --> 00:50:48

has made you individuals.

00:50:49 --> 00:51:37

You are the dogs, not to belittle them, but you understand the parable. We Muslims are disunited fractured broken away on my sent you individuals now that now as that dog would bring the sheep together again, to bring us back to the Quran and the Sunnah. That's what this world is all about yo yo, to awaken us to bring us back within the sources of the Quran and the Sunnah to muster up us once again, Masters once again inside that vision and I imagine a firstly within our own selves, that we are dominant, we are powerful, and rule will be for all Islam. That's the first vision inside our heart and our mind. If a person doesn't have that inside their heart and their mind, then

00:51:37 --> 00:51:38

this person is lost.

00:51:39 --> 00:52:23

That person has become enslaved to the modern world around them already. For a person breaks those shackles within their own selves, that I'm a free individual, a free identity. The only shackles that remain upon me to the day that I leave this dunya is the change for you the Sharia is a change of color, no color of food, what Buddha has yet to convey again, carry on worshipping Allah Subhana Allah until your kin comes to you in number one mila ecclesall Luna nebby you Latina Amano Salonika selling with a Selena Aloma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad gamma sunlighten Ebrahimi ebrahimian de cambio de Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad

00:52:24 --> 00:53:00

Ibrahim Ibrahim al hamdu Majeed, Tina Fey, Tanya Hashanah Warfield, karate hacer una joaquina Adana, cabana alumna and Susannah Oldham tarafindan, our tarhana an akuna nominal Casa de la pena Fulani, one in alladhina sub lacuna Ballina, wala unphysical una de de una mano robina. In Nakuru for Rahim from Ghana Africa, Elena sobre was a bit akademin on so Nana Komal Catherine Abdallah to sepuluh bonobo de tener will have Lana melodem kurama in na kantele Wahab Ravana hablan ominous vergina Maria Tina kurata you

00:53:01 --> 00:53:16

happy now? mmm I'm gonna coppermine Dinah Contessa Milani watauga Elena Nakata tawakkol Rahim. subhanak degradability Amaya seafood was Ala Moana Marisa Lena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sala de como como como la

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