Abdul Wahab Saleem – Muharram – Getting Ready for the New Year

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of the new year and the importance of recognizing the calendar in modernizing culture. They emphasize the importance of finding gifts and rewarding individuals for their actions and activities throughout the year, particularly during the beginning of the year when many people are going for hedging. The season of fasting is also discussed, with some speakers emphasizing the importance of hedging false accusations and ensuring proper hedges. The speakers stress the need for people to be mindful of their behavior and recount actions to avoid negative consequences.
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Spit out 100 out of salatu salam ala rasulillah and Hamza returning from the UEFI. Ama, who are you careful Musee de Sala La La CDM from an early he was like the ajmeri alumni live Nam and from now on right now the mountain of data, was it gonna end up getting rubbish he saw that he was sitting opposite me listening, the power only visit offices near even visiting alone melesa Yeah, my doctor who said I wanted to either she said I welcome all to this exclusive lecture about the the new year that we're about to commence.

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And what I mean by the new year when I say that we're a new year, you might think, Well, we've already gotten through the new year and we're actually a few months, we're actually several months through the year. And we're awaiting the next year we're waiting 2018. But what I really mean by the New Year over here is the new year, okay?

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Because of the fact that in our times we conduct ourselves in offices at work and other places, primarily through the Gregorian calendar, we sometimes lose track of our Islamic calendar, the Hadrian calendar, right. And it's quite important for us as Muslims to continuously connect ourselves selves with this particular calendar. And the reason for that is because Allah subhana wa tada wished for us to be connected to this calendar, the difference is one of the two calendars. There's a number of difference, but one of those differences one of the two calendars is based on the solar year and the other calendar is based on the lunar year. Okay, so now of course, when

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there's a lunar year, where there's a lunar year, it's obviously going to be slightly shorter than the solar here. And that's the case with the hygine calendars, obviously, it's slightly slight bit shorter, a few, you know, 10 odd days shorter every single year, then the solar calendar, the Gregorian calendar, which we use 2017 1816 15 before that, and so forth. Right. So we are now about to commence 1439 of the lunar kgd calendar that was marked by the hedgerows of the Prophet sallallahu it was similar to Medina. And the reason why I stressed the importance of recognize the different recognizing the differences between these two calendars is because it's not our

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calculation of the of the year, okay, the yearly cycle is done based on the lunar calendar. However, our calculation of every single thing related to the day is based on the sun based on the solar system, right based on the day in the night and so forth. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us two songs and he actually tells us of this in

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in more than one verse, one of those verses is in sort of the the sort of loss of kind of what God says whether or not it and we made the night and the day two signs, okay, so give us two signs. And another verse alike spans on this a bit more seen when they the gyrations of the one on one, but there are human asinelli dallimore.

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He is the one who has made the shots, the sun, very, very powerful light Leon he's given the sun, a very, very powerful, strong sharp light, okay? When Amara neuron and he's given the thumb up the moon, a very soft light. And then he says, well, but you're harmonizing and he made for each specific phases that it goes through. Sometimes it's a full moon, sometimes it's a half moon, sometimes it's a crescent and so on and so forth. So unless you kind of what that is, is a lie is made for different modernizing the Dynamo either the city no one is up and the reason why he's done that is so that you know that either the sentencing was up so that you recognize the number of days

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is yours, right? So you know, which urine, whether in 1432 345678, or perhaps as we're going to be commencing very soon, nine, okay, so Allah Subhana, Allah made the moon in that way where it goes through different phases where it is essentially very small or barely noticeable by the naked eye in the beginning of the month, and then he appears gradually until in the middle of the month, it becomes fully apparent and then it slowly decreases in size as well again until it disappears altogether. So unless is the reason why he's done that to the moon, so that you know that number or numbers of the years that you happen to be in. Okay. So if you notice there's a difference between

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the sun and the moon in this regard, right? The sun, it's pretty much the same, at least to the naked eye throughout the year. Right?

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So you can't really tell the difference in terms of which part of the month you're in. But Allah says I've made the moon such I've given it Manasa, so that you're able to tell the year apart, you're able to tell that difference when he's out. And also so you're able to calculate what you're able to calculate all of the things that you need to calculate including your fast including the braking of your fast including your hedge, including your car, all of these things are based around the lunar calendar, right? Including everything that you move out, someone says I'm going to bow too fast for one year, where are you going to decide how much that one year is it is it going to be

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solar or Lunar naturally goes to that the lunar because everything is done is generally conducted within the lunar calendar. Similarly,

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a number of explorations related to where time is involved. Similarly the death of a woman after she's divorced or after, after she's divorced. So how do we calculate that it's obviously going to also be calculated by the lunar calendar as well. This within this lies the importance of us in interacting with this particular calendar with the lunar calendar. And another factor is that it is part of our heritage right? And a lot again and again speaks of this when he says in another verse he says yes, I don't care if they asked you how come there are so many different phases of the of the moon so the prophets I said, when when he's being asked Allah subhana wa tada replies, he says,

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He MRP tool Ignasi will tell the people that this is mo RP, this is your timings, right. What Hajj This is the timings for the people. And and also this is how you recognize the dates for Hajj as well okay. So there is a significance of us connecting ourselves to this particular calendar and within this calendar within the PGD calendar, within the lunar calendar within the days that we know based on the you know, the aegd months, how long a will and so on all the way till do all 12 of them, right? Of course, there are 12 months in both calendars, but as I said the size is different because the lunar calendar is shorter. Okay. So

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in terms of these months, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that in a Hadith, the prophet of Islam told us, Allah told us through the prophet autolube will

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go and look for the goodness throughout your entire year, okay? What are our looting as a hotkey document to become and look around for the gifts of your Lord as well. So notice what he's saying, Look for the goodness throughout the year, us, sometimes we believe that the goodness in the year is simply in Ramadan, okay. And the goodness of the Year for those people who are going for Hajj is in hajj as well. And other than that we have no other seasons in which we have a goodness to seek from allies that will get specific times in which Allah has given more award for certain things over other times, for instance, but that's not necessarily the case. The reality is that there are

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specific times throughout the years that a lot throughout the year that Allah has specified for which Allah subhana wa tada has placed great amounts of reward, and the loss of panel data, His Messenger tells us of this angle to look around for the good throughout the entire year without uploading it on people and look for those gifts. So what I'm trying to do today, inshallah, Donna is to tell you, and I can remind you and I have the gifts of a lot in the month of Hello, okay, there's a number of gifts that Allah has placed in this month, just as a last place certain gifts and certain functions that a person can do throughout every single month of the year. One is no

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different. In fact, how long is the start of the year so you'd imagine that just as a loss of kind of what the other place some of the best days in the in the end of the year and that's the picture that's when people went for hedging that's when everybody was talking about the 10 days of the project and so on and so forth. If I like please Greg word reward towards the end of the year naturally alone also please great reward towards the beginning because it's not um genuinely encourages us to ensure that we are doing some goodness throughout, but specifically and most definitely in the beginning of our actions and at the end of our actions, we are even more further

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encouraged to do so if at the end of the year lives please create reward reward that's in the in the hedge of the season in general, that obviously a lot will have great reward also for us within the within the month of problem as well. Right. So where is that great reward allows messengers awesome Tim told us in a tradition. He said the army badshahi on

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One shot shot in LA and levy to the rule of thumb okay we're showing a lot of that either the owner who didn't

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well after the loss allottee burden for you but only the profits of a lot while he was sitting them said that the best of fasting the best of fast

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after the shadow of Ramadan after the month of Ramadan is the month which you all call the month of hubbub and the best of Salah the best of prayer after your obligatory prayer of course is the prayer that you pray

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at nighttime Okay, so notice the profit is drawing a correlation here is drawing a correlation between the night prayer and between the fasting of the month of alcohol okay this is really important for us to notice and understand that there's a bit of a correlation between fast between fasting the month of how long and praying the night prayer the pm will lay okay why is that or what is that correlation? How do we try to reconcile or how do we try to understand this particular collection of two different things two different distinct concepts how do we understand that like this there are certain facets and there are certain prayers which are connected to other obligatory

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prayers or that are connected to specified occasions and times and so on and so forth. For instance, when you go and pay a little bit for the home there's an after a little hook there as soon as well similarly when you pray fudger before fudger there is some not an after before factor the sooner and after hunter Of course there's no sooner there is a lot of hot after the sunrises the length of a of a spear as it's known right about 15 minutes after for the time that's one thought to go ha time comes so there are some prayers which are connected to a specific Salah their voluntary prayers but they're connected to another prayer okay

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like this one and before law like this one and after law like this one and before fighter like this one and after a moment like that, so not after a shot and so on and so forth. Right? So these Sooners are the best Sooners to do and on top of this whole list is of course with it whichever is the best printer that you can break that is not obligatory Okay. Now as for prayer in general that is not related to a specific time which time is the best time for you to choose to pray like let's say you just want to pray some no often the best time to pray no often is the nighttime.

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Similarly, there are some facets that Allah has placed before the month of Ramadan before the obligatory past and after the month of Ramadan kind of like a luxury panel with the least should not before law and so not after, right.

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So those fasts are considered very very encouraged because they're related to this actual obligatory fast almost and that's why the prophets are sending us too fast and shabang so much so that some would say that it says if He fasted the entire month and the prophets I send them encourage us to fast after him a lot in shawano as well for 60 days. But if you want to talk about the best season to just voluntarily fast other than those which are correlated to obligations then the best season for fasting is this season we're about to commence inshallah load that up at a time today in your lifetime. And that is the the month of and that is the month of impossible because the profits are

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seldom said after the CRM evaluation the best of fast after the ones that were one is the first of the month which you call and one and a lot a lot messenger call this shadow law the month of a lot keep that in mind Okay, the month of a lot. Now whatever the prophet or whatever Allah Himself attribute something to Allah azza wa jal himself that means that a lot of kind of what Allah is trying to tell us that this is a very magnificent You know, this is a very very magnificent magnificent matter whatever it is that's being discussed with a lot is talking about the the she camel that is found in the law says not by the law, right? Similarly when Allah subhana wa tada

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wants to tell us how brand or a serious this the fire is a lot tells us it's not a lot similar to you and allows you to tell us the the magnificence of the house of a lot, a lot tells us that it is that they have a law right? The profits has an Intel tells us also that it is the house of luck as origin IE This is a very serious place. It's not a it's not a place where it's a very very magnificent place. So similarly

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This month here is a very magnificent this month is a very virtuous this month is a very great month for that reason, a lot of prophets I send them said shadow law, the month of Allah, Allah eternal and the one that you all like to call them. So it's the month of Allah. Now Now that we know that this is the month of Allah, let's look at the one deed that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam singled out for this month, he said the best of fast after the fast of Ramadan is the fast of this month. And we know that the Prophet told us that the fast is also indeed which is the the reward of which is directly designated to a lot. So, a lot of profits are sent in told us that a law said that

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a sole Li y, z, that the fastest for me, okay, so he attributed it to himself. So the month is attributed to a lot of zoa j, the deed which Allah had designated for this month is also attributed to a lot of Zodiac and hence the type of reward that a person will be getting for fasting during this month is definitely an over surety, very, very, very great. And it has an adversity he used to say that a lot has started off the month started off the year with a how long month meaning with a sacred month. And similarly a lot finished off the year with a sacred month.

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And there is not a single month after Ramadan, Felisa shalom to Sena de vida, Shanti Ramadan, although more in de la him in Pelham, there is not a month in the entire year after Ramadan, which happens to be as a whole month not specific days, which happens to be greater,

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near a lot as origin then, and, of course, after, as I said, Ramadan. And that's something that we found also in a hadith in a student a coupon as soon as possible out of a necessity, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked, and you lady, how you doing? Which part of the night? Which part of the night or profitable, which part of the night Oh, profit of a lot, is the best? What are you actually have one, and which part or which one of the months or profit of a loss of a loved one it was, and that happens to be the best

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prophets or send them said, Hi, you, lady Joe Fu, the best of the night happens to be the middle of the night, okay. And the best of the month happens to be the month which you all call. And

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so you've now decided that the best of the month after the month of Ramadan to fast as a season, kind of like the best part of the day to pray is nighttime, the best of the seasons to fast is this particular month, which is the one which is the first month of the Hijri calendar.

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And this particular month, as it condenses, it's a very, very important time of the year because this is where everybody's starting their lives all over again, pretty much right? It's the beginning of the year, it is a time. But by the way, this is a time of reflection, because you have to think about the fact that a year of your life has passed. It's not necessarily a time of celebration. That's not what we're calling to. But it is a time of importance in terms of reflection. So we will reflect about the fact that an entire year of our life has gone and what exactly is it that we've done within this particular year that has come to pass. And that's why a mortgage of 100. He

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mentioned some lines of poetry, which are very beautiful. I read parts of it to you.

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He says that when he is quoting he says Papa Shula only got one last letter, what I'm telling FEMA at a time

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that you ended up going through the entire year. Sure. I mean, you went through the entire year and you were occupied and heedless, and so on and so forth. And you didn't think of what you didn't think of the follow the virtue of the month of Muharram. Neither did you think of the virtues of our job as well.

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And you didn't give the due rights of Roger Federer job and one fader fee be happy, and neither did you fast. The month of fast in the best of ways you didn't think about fasting the month of vast and ensuring that all of the obligations of the fast and all of the voluntary deeds in the month of fasts are all done perfect perfectly. And neither did you think of the 10 days of the hedgehog. You didn't think much of it. I didn't think much of it. He's addressing all of us here. And he says you weren't you weren't standing up the night. So these particular days, right? The 10 days of the

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falaka anthem presumably have nothing so why don't you go ahead and

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At least have one tear come out of your eyes. And let some tears flow during this particular moment, out of remorse and sadness of the fact that you wasted a year of seasons. And now that you're going into this new year with a step of being an army God who within the probie hamata demo, and then you you face you greet this new year of yours with a with a new dress, of a man of a faith, and October so that you have repented from all of the things and all the shortcomings of the past year, and you start pretty much fresh you start a new season, a new chapter, but within within your life. And one of the best ways to start that chapter, of course, is to start it off with fasting. And fasting is

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something that the prophets I send them said there is nothing that is similar to it in reward. Why? Because the messenger told us that Allah subhanho wa Taala said the fastest for me is we already explained and I'm the one who gives the reward. I am the one who doesn't need to reward without any limitations for this fast and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told mama alayka. So go ahead and fast wire for in the hula dilemma who because this fast actually has no, no, it has no nothing similar to it, meaning in reward, there's nothing that can power up to it, nothing that can match up to it. So when I will Mama, listen to this video, when mama heard this from the profit isn't an

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either or profit of a lot, there's nothing like this, there's nothing like fasting in terms of the amount of reward that you you get out of it. He and his family used to regularly fast to a degree that entire the entire year in their house, you wouldn't even see smoke burning, except when except when there happened to be guests. So the neighbors. Now of course, they didn't have the type of houses we have today. So if their neighbor saw smoke coming out of, you know, different portions of their house, they would immediately know that these people have some guests over, right because they're burning some fire to cook some food, and so on and so forth. So this is this Hadeeth should

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should move us at least to fast a few days during this beautiful month, in which the fasting is of course, very, very encouraged. And there's one specific day which we'll talk about, in which the fast is even more, so encouraged. But the entire month is also also encouraged. Many people used to fast

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the entire month of hubbub. And it's enough for us to at least get some of the virtual. Obviously, because of the type of lives we have, it's hard for us to make the adjustments to be able to fit fit it in an entire month of foster in you know maximize the benefits but at least we ensure that we are able to fast method on Mondays and Thursdays, at least we can do the weekends, at least we can do certain days that we select for ourselves in this beautiful season. The season of virtue the season in which fasting By the way, when it comes to pianola the night prayer we discussed that already that since

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prayer has a certain section of the day in which prayer is the best and that is the night prayer. Similarly Allah has designated a section of the year in which fasting is the best in addition to of course, the obligatory thoughts and those two months which are related to the obligatory month, but I'm alive before Shabbat after children. But in addition to those three, the best season to fast is run.

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Okay, in terms of Fiamma lane it comes every single night. So if you miss it tonight, you're going to be able to catch it tomorrow. If you visit tomorrow, you're going to be able to catch it that he after. But as well how long only comes once a year. So you have to try to make the most of the month while it is still around and while you are in sha Allah to Allah is still around and in good health. Now the one day in which fasting is even more even further encouraged, is that day which is the day of actual law, okay, the day of actual law.

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The day of actual law, which literally comes from the word I shall law the 10th, the 10th day of of this particular beautiful month of a problem once a day in which it's also reported that some of the other profits, such as new holiday syrup, and such as Moosa restaurant as well, they used to fast this particular day as well. And so the profits of a lot where it was send them also fasted this particular day, the day of actual the 10th day of Hubble. In fact, he used to fast this day even before he moved to Medina. And when I say that, what I mean by that is that he used to fastest even before a lawsuit, kind of without

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I had obliged upon the matter fast the month of Ramadan. So the Prophet descendant was fasting, even before he had traveled to Medina, okay.

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And then when the prophets of Allah where it was setting them

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came to Medina, he also continued to foster us.

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However, what Allah subhana wa Allah sent out the ruling of fasting, the month of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then he told people that it is up to you, if you'd like to fast you can fast and if you don't, then you don't have to fast anymore. So after that, the prophet SAW Selim didn't command people before that, after he moved to Medina, that is he would essentially command people in addition to the fact that he was fasting before he moved to Medina, when you got to Medina, he was also down commanding people to go ahead and and hold this fast as well as in his companion some of the scholars they said it was actually obligatory to faster deal

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for the Sahaba essentially Some said it was muster up very, very encouraged but other Central's obligatory to frost the deal when the obligation of Ramadan King, then laws, messengers all sudden said to the people, whoever wants to pass can do so whoever doesn't want to fast, doesn't have to, but still it remained it encouraged us. And I'll tell you the great favor of a lot of religion upon the oma for placing a great virtue and a great reward within this fast and shallow God I just end up in a little while so hang in there. But before we go there, the prophets I send them was walking in with you. And as the profitsystem was walking in Medina, he noticed that some of the people from a

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mister Jews were fasting to deal with are shorter. So the prophets in the morning to see remember he already knew about our show, because even said that they themselves used to fast they themselves used to fast Ashura as well you know God before in the pre Islamic times, but he wanted to just see what they have to say what the Jews have to say. So he asked them my husband, the woman that ito sumana What's this day that you all thought as well? So they said to him either Yeoman Avi This is a very great thing. And your love roofie he moves out a lot scene moves out a set time and the people of musasa as in the Israelites, whatever of your own. Oh no and Allah subhana wa tada allowed for

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the homeless or for the people of feed the Pharaoh and the pharaoh himself to drown as well.

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So who sadly said Ahmed fostered this day out of fangs and gratefulness to Allah azza wa jal so we also fast this day out of gratefulness to Allah as origin so the prophets of the longer it was sitting him said phenomenal.

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We are even more worthy of Musa alayhis salam than you for sama who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I'm obviously I'm so the profits of the law where he was sitting and then ended up passing this particular day, as in continuing that that fast, which you're already started prior to that, and also he commanded others to go ahead and fast on this particular date as well. So it's a great date, a great season to fast.

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And all of how long is the season to fast, but specifically the day of Ashura is a day in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had specifically encouraged now another thing that one can do as well. And this is something that the prophets I send them wanting to do. But the prophet alayhi salatu salam passed away before he could do it. And that was in the final year of his life. He said, when the next year comes, I'm going too fast the ninth day as well. Okay. Now, notice that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that means that in the previous years, he didn't fast the ninth day. Okay, so that means that likely the Prophet wasn't fasting the whole month, even though if someone wishes to fast the whole month, that can be done, and there's no problems with that. But from this particular Hadith, we get the hint that he would fast most of the month, and not the entire month, because he said that I'm going too fast, the ninth day of problems from the next year from the subsequent year. And why is that?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he wanted to do this because of the fact that of course, it becomes safer in this way, right? This way, there's no way you can miss the day of actual law and also so that he would go against the practice of the Jews have just fasting on the one day. Instead, the prophets I send them said I'll pass the day before and in some traditions the day before and the day after as well. Okay, so the ninth 10th and the

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Levin says, Well, this is a little bit about the fast of martial law.

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And the fast of Ashura has great, great reward along with it as well.

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And so we should definitely

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hold this fast. It's like a fall. It's a, an expiation from it for an entire year of sin. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had exclaimed and told us of in a tradition as well, one of the other things that one can do during this particular season, is

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this is something that some scholars, they say that the traditions related to it, the Hadith related to it are weak, but other scholars, they say, No, the Hadees related to it are strong, okay? And what's that? That is to encourage

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generosity on the day of Ashura. Okay, in terms of, you know, allowing your family, for example, to eat as much as they want to take them out for a dinner or so on and so forth, and those type of things. Now, just to be clear, when we say Ashura, you're going to be fasting, how are you going to take your family out for dinner? Because after Mother's Day finishes, right?

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So if you want to practice this sooner, which is to be generous on the day of actual specifically,

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okay, then you would have to do that on the ninth night after the mother. So you'd faster nine and after the motive, you ensure that you have a good meal for your family, if you want to give some presents, sure, that's fine as well. All of that is paid. Now as I said, the Hadees goes as such man what's the honor, and he he'll martial law and in some traditions, Manasa Allah yada, he, whoever is generous, whoever makes you know, gifts to his family on the day of I showed up on the day of our shoot off family, in one tradition meaning wives and children and another tradition very clearly, children as well, man, what's up? Yo, Masha? What's a lower Alayhi, Salam sanity, Allah subhanho wa

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Taala will make the rest of this year, very comfortable, very easy, and so forth. Now, I go back and say some scholars they believe this tradition is we actually in terms of the What have you seen, many scholars believe that this tradition is weak. But there's two things a, some of the scholars they do say that this tradition is authentic, and be

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the folk aha of Islam, including the Hanafi, the Maliki or the Sharia and the hanabi era, all of them agree that it is a Sunnah for a person to be generous to his family during this particular day. Okay? So though the chains of some of the traditions are weak, and some people are very extensively tried to link this to this practice, to some deviant groups, and so on and so forth. But to be honest, that attempt to link this practice to deviant groups is a false attempt, and it didn't. And it doesn't there's no substantial information that we have in order for to attack for us to accept and validate this claim, okay? Because we have these traditions and we have Sunni scholars from the

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Hanafi, the Maliki or the shafa and the hanabi, not all of them agreeing that this particular practices this and that, so how can we then

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attributed to some foreign groups to Sunni Islam, Sunni Islam comprises the four schools of Islamic thought that when it comes to when it comes to rulings, such as it is most to have to do this, such as it's, you know, appreciated or it is encouraged to do this or it is discouraged to do not. So you go back to Sydney sources and the Sydney sources include and the foremost of the sources are the form of the Hanafi amalickiah. The shutter Yeah, and, and as I said, all of them agree that it is a it is a good practice to be generous on this specific day, to your family. And that this hadith is applicable because a it is related to football, a, it's related to virtuous deeds. Now, when it

00:34:24 --> 00:34:44

comes to virtuous deeds, you don't have to be as rigorous in terms of Hadees authentication, that's number one. Number two, there are some scholars have actually authenticated that tradition as well, such as adding on the shielding. So considering those two factors in the form of though, we say that it is an encouraged practice for a person to you know, take some time and

00:34:45 --> 00:35:00

take for instance, the family out for a generous meal. At the ninth night after a revolution he does it on in the during the day I showed up or on the day of I showed itself a person but perhaps is generous in other ways to the family.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:18

Such as presidents or you know, maybe someone gives money to their family. Now this tradition is graded as one of the keys of it is okay. One of the keys of sustenance from Eliza logic. So if you want sustenance and you practice this,

00:35:19 --> 00:36:04

I can almost assure you that you will feel a difference throughout your year in terms of how much grant you have from Allah zone and how much financial help you have from Allah. How do I say I can assure you, because many, many, many Sahaba and Tabby and other scholars and other people who practice this, they all said we tried it and it worked. Okay, amongst them are actually Sahaba as well. Amongst them is jobbing from a mystical Sahaba amongst them a Sufi and even arena Who said I tried this for 50 years and it worked. Meaning I tried being generous to my family and on the deal, but I Shula and I noticed that a lot increase my wealth throughout the rest of the year. So I

00:36:04 --> 00:36:34

encourage this practice because it's a Sunni practice that is endorsed by all four of the Medina, an OVA and it is a it has a hadith some scholars, they deem it weak and other scholars, they consider it strong. Okay. So that is related to the deal of actual so there's two things to do there fasting and, and number two to also encourage generosity to the family specifically and if a person wishes to be generous to other people, it's a good season to to accumulate good deeds inshallah. Anyways,

00:36:35 --> 00:37:25

last but not least, in this season, throughout the centuries, and even in our time, still today, people are returning from unhedged, okay, because we know Allah subhana wa Taala told us that and had to assume that maluma HUD specific months, okay. And those specific months, though, they've come to pass, but now people are meeting making their way back to their homes. And though we have very fast transportation means or transportations, which get us around pretty much all around the world really, really fast. But even though we have those means of transportation really fast here and there, even then sometimes people till till today till our times, you know, decide to remain after

00:37:25 --> 00:38:05

HUD for a few weeks in Mecca. Until now just actually this morning, I had messages from people in Mecca, who had questions about their have developed different things pilgrims still have to deal with, often with that when they're leaving Mecca, for instance, and other such issues. So pilgrims are all heading back now. Okay, this is the season in which pilgrims are all coming back for pitch. So it's a great season from that angle as well. People have gained a pious deed and they're going to be going back to their country in sha Allah with their Allah changed people. And the way we recognize that we have actually changed as pilgrims, perhaps a pilgrim will hear this as well. So

00:38:06 --> 00:38:11

the way we recognize that we've actually changed as pilgrims is the following.

00:38:12 --> 00:38:56

Because remember, the good Hajj, a pure Hajj and acceptable hedges a very, very high status to have within this life. And thereafter, because the prophets I send them tools or something and he said 100 level, they said, I will just down Illa in the agenda that there is no jazza there is no true recompense for a proper hedge for an acceptable hedge, except that the person is granted gender. So this is a very high status that the person will be granted simply for doing this. But how do we ensure that our hedge is proper? How do we ensure that our hygiene shallow data has been accepted by the law as origin? And hasn't diversity explained this to us, and he said that the sign of an

00:38:56 --> 00:39:38

acceptable hedge in the sight of the fact that the person will be granted gender is that he returns to his people. And he has become a static in the linear. He's not chasing after the money anymore. Because he's seen the world before he millions of people gather, he knows that he knows what this world is all about. And that his small world, his little cocoon, his little, you know, community that he was in. That's not what the whole world is about. The world is much grander, all of these people are worshipers of Allah. So if he wishes to exceed, if he wishes to, to join in in the race and actually make it somewhere, then he has to start worrying about the hair after more than

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

worrying about his. So a person returns back not very much, not no longer caring for the dunya Remember, the person the person went, and perhaps he had a lot of money. And perhaps he had good clothing, perhaps Yeah, he was wearing the vest of very expensive, you know, watches and so on and so forth. But here he was before a lot. I'm dressed from all of those things and you

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

He was just wearing that hat on, right? So all of these things bring, bring humility to a person and chase them away from the from the vineya and bring them closer to the hereafter. So you'll be Zion, Virginia while he been seeking the author of the hereafter and the hereafter alone. And how do we know that the person has actually been forgiven, hasn't invested, he tells us also, he says the sign of that is such that the person comes back and he has left all evil actions, or at least the majority of the evil actions. This doesn't mean the person will become infallible. This simply means that he will now have to feed divine aid from Ally's origin to be able to avoid the evil that he was

00:40:47 --> 00:41:29

on prior to going for Hajj, you'll have a substantial, a noticeable change within within his life. So I asked Allah subhana wa tada to grant all of the adjudge to hedge about which the prophets of Allah even sent him said, and so he Muslim, and had do the math of that hedge ends up breaking down all of the sins, that that were prior to it. And before we finish off, some of us may be saying, well, the hedge did that for the people, but we didn't have that experience. Right? What I want you to realize is that all five pillars of Islam are actually actions which expiate a person's sins if a person does it properly. How so?

00:41:30 --> 00:42:18

Firstly, law, you know, having the law saying nothing, the law is the greatest of deeds, okay? Meaning that a person truly believing in these words and acting by these words, not the law and the law, that is amongst the ways to enter agenda, okay? The profits alone while he was sitting, he told us of this about the person for example, that's dying. He said, my partner and capital Konami die your luck, whoever happens to have the last of his words die in a lot, you'll enter the agenda, whoever says law in the law, and he says it, whilst he's truly believing in it that this person will be forgiven for and so on and so forth. So there's different traditions related to this many

00:42:18 --> 00:42:46

traditions, right? In fact, even on the Day of Judgment, when the scales will be placed, a loss of control with data will bring the card which says not you know, hiding a lot, right and not you know, hiding the luck will be even more heavy than all of the sins on the other hand, so saying Yeah, the law and truly believing in the fact that there's no God worthy of worship except Allah so again, there's no no need really a person can do that is greater than this.

00:42:47 --> 00:43:08

Then comes the prayers and the Prophet told us of the prayers he said that that Asana, water comes with July to eat a door. What Oh, my God, you don't know about Luca Fira to Lima Vina whom not much to me, but think about this hadith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the five daily prayers, similarly praying.

00:43:10 --> 00:43:55

Between Juma and another Jamaat, it praying Jamaat, and also the fast of Ramadan, pray, doing that fast and then going to the next level down and doing the faster that I'm about all of them. expiate the sins that that happened to be between them. So if a person is continuously occupied and fulfilling these obligations, even if he didn't have the opportunity to do, inshallah, there's great reward in these in great opportunities to ensure that a lot of our sins in the light of Allah raises our status. So I asked Allah Subhana Allah to raise our status. And I asked him lots of panel with Allah to grant us the blessing of worshiping Him in this new year, in a way that we hadn't worship

00:43:55 --> 00:44:11

before, rather, in a way that will continue to get better As the years passed within our lives. In sha Allah, Allah does not belong here and for listening to us a little longer LSA Ed Nam hamedan. Allah Allah He also said I'm only going to lie he will bark at you

The reason why the Hijri calendar is of specific importance to Muslims is that all significant dates of concern to a Muslim, and all rulings of Islam related to specific dates or time frames are based on the Hijri calendar.

The fast of Ramadan, the yearly cycle of Zakat, the dates of Hajj, the ages defined in discussions on puberty, all celebrations throughout the year, and all supererogatory fasts throughout the year are based on the Hijri calendar. Likewise, the dates of all of the events in the Prophet’s life, the lives of his companions, and all generations of Islam throughout history are based on the Hijri calendar.

Additionally, some Muslim countries continue to use the Hijri calendar as their official calendar. Collectively, all of these reasons make the Hijri calendar of central importance in a Muslims life.

In this lecture, Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses the importance of the Hijri calendar in detail and highlighted the virtues and rituals specific to the month of Muharram

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