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The conversation covers various topics related to MACD, including the return of the holiday, the use of language in media research, and the struggles of the Muslim population. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding accurate information and finding one's own way to achieve goals. The conversation ends with a mention of a budget and a social event to encourage discussion and organization.

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When I will be learning

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on Main Road

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I'm about to find NASA at Teterboro was

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in LA, and he

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in bedarra wakulla.

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In wakulla Bala

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Prague we should actually sorry, yes, Sydney Emery was

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totally off the phrasing of loss of Canada and sending events greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as you begin to see and visualize many of the minus signs of the Day of Judgment,

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as many the original data collected, approximately some maybe 60 to a maximum of 90 signs exist, the minus signs a day of judgment, when all of the signs have come about or taken place, who will enter into the 10 major signs, there is no turning back when the tech major signs that they begin as for the minus signs, some of them can begin to repeat themselves or occur at different stages to history that sometimes people do get confused when they begin to read certain things. And it makes for a minus sign they think that is very close to the hour. Even though the hour is very very close. Because a lot of times are mentioned inside the beginning of supranational body further EU laws are

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mentioned the past tense

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in the hour of last Candela has been established by men in the past tense of the past tense for the hour has been established. Why is the last time the other mentioned that the hour has been established, because in front of a lot some of the other it has been decreed and written down. The last time the other adjust in the hour is going to take place with very close approaching life was defined. After the liveness etc. Boom, boom, you have 34 more reward. Indeed for mankind, The hour has come very, very close. And many people are heedless, that sums up many of us individuals today, we're in your akula area killer, you may know who

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we are to visualize every single sign some people still not believe. Because many people get very excited to know about the final signs as they just begin to take place and even the modern world around us, the media around us they love to make movies about the end of time, how the world would collapse the Armageddon. And even as the Armageddon was mentioned inside the Bible of surah painted poofy monkey man, the final warfare that will take place between the man and Cofer between Hey was so between the forces of good and the forces of evil is a thing that's even documented inside the Bible that everyone is awaiting. Likewise define y2k with many people, they flocked to Jerusalem,

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thinking that leads to them is going to return is going to come in the year 2000, you will come down upon this. So don't be

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over thinking that these individuals don't know about the counting of the hour and establishing of the hour as far as far as we are concerned, if needed for those signs and we don't need for those signs. The wise individual, the believer is the one that takes heat. The wise one sees and reflects our things around them and begins to get prepared for the hour. The real beginning of all of us the hour is when we enter into the grave. Because that zone of entering into the get gray Paralympian boss up over Accra is not the blinking of an eye, or even more swift and quicker than that. As soon as a person enters into the grave, you could have died for 50,000 years 100,000 years would only be

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like a blink of an eye that you have resurrected in front of a loss of Canada. However, as our topic is to discuss or to highlight the importance of the belief in unmet need, admitted these classified as a bridging gap between the completion of the final minus signs of the day of judgment and entering into the major sign of the Day of Judgment.

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Some of the relevant classifies amongst the 10 signs that the 11th sign or the first of those signs is MACD. There's no turning back once email address becomes then after that the whole of the Day of Judgment begins to take place at 10 major science renumber begin to discuss about the various number of signs of the various format of the science but in general in a salary mistake if memory serves correct state images the first sign of the earth will be a data will be the base will be any integer comma upon the first sign in the heavens will be the sun will be rising for the opposite direction once the signs that begin to take place It is a domino effect for some people at the moment even

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saying for example yeah huge, huge they exist amongst us all at the job exists at the job is the system or the New World Order all around us. This is all incorrect. The simple query of Amazon know what Gemma is. Goodwin mentions in his books talking about the face of the earth era is all of this is a domino effect. If one sign becomes apparent, all of the other signs begin to follow. It is a wrong key to believe that Yeah, you demand huge exists right now amongst us. Obviously we know they're behind the wall, because some of these individuals trying to promote that they have come out they are unleashed upon this earth the turmoil the fitting the calamities at the moment the people

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looting and squandering wealth, etc, and killing enslaved people. These people are certain topless individuals they are from the lineage of yoga Matthew, this is a wrong belief to have, you do not abuse certain individuals that will come when the final sensations begin to take place and becomes a domino effect. That is a simple cream to anybody takes one side as if this is a job is existing at the moment. If at the judge is there, and I'm sure you're aware, do we can you sleep at the jello? Well, how does the job begin to make away the soul when you visualize one individual that a simple question is with a submarine.

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But the journey today very quickly and swiftly, Elisa has to descend upon the white minarets of diminish the white minarets of the Grand Romanian Masjid at the moment inside Syria, Damascus at the moment that we find that is going to be location when it moved to Canada. As of the moment it was sananda he will descend once again upon the wing of the angel of water dripping from Israel because he was lifted off the taken a voiceover taking a shower and come back in exactly the same take a look I'm gonna bring him down. So if antigen is present at this moment in time, then he also needs to be present as well. So this is just something to help us to understand in this short

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introduction, that if people begin to highlight certain things that we created and the Sunnah is to follow the safest view that all of it will happen at the same time. Obviously, Mr. McAfee because he will come before there could be some gap people begin to insert that may be so in so in a moment, Matthew, we're going to discuss certain individuals who claim to be a monkey or people claim they are this person should be an entity or later on, people come and write about and this person isn't magic. Once again, the dimension the safest thing is if a man is there, straight off the head, but we find that he will meet in person and he would meet him physically. So only individuals who claim

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to be Matthew, the right guidance individuals, when did they ever meet Lisa Elisa. And that's the point the Muslim world is waiting for our mentees. Allah Mercy is a member of my Salah.

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These are the three individuals that all the Muslim world is waiting for. And obviously we know that

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they already believe it has already gone into hiding for them. They couldn't wait to touch upon it for them is already alive. I don't know how many hundreds of years old he is already living inside the cave until the end of time, you will come out and we're going to highlight the difference between the belief of Sunni Sunni belief and what does she believe? Remember, belief in Islam, being Sunni isn't necessarily based upon certain clothes that you wear what you do and assume that are known by the authorities are known by the police. They are perceived beliefs and the sooner that make you part of it sooner. Just

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to mention, if you want to know who the who is not a Sony, any individual revives the companions, speaks ill of the companion to the companion formula she is for a month this year. I'm loving that the sooner or and the sooner or those individuals who know they're not every single Companion of the Prophet Mohammed doesn't pick up any book or any book on Aveda and the final chapter, you're going to find discussion chapter heading mainstream love for the Sahaba love to the Sahaba wife, Brenda my written is to highlight a clear distinction and assume that the things that they display is different from what these people did begin to display because obviously some people to go around and

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promote that. No

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Difference between us and these individual theories and great big difference. Great big difference in our belief and the belief these individuals that they hold, likewise by the Sunni is believed because of a lack of unity, the collapse of the failure or the turmoil, the corruption environment, he has to come to rectify that we've never been left in or maybe left in a state of darkness and lost. Within we bring this home or take them out the realms of darkness, bring them to the Lord, bring them to the light. It's only a matter of days. What till 10am, Ludovico happiness, these are the days that we alternate upon this dunya a day for them, I think for you, a day for them. And then

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a day for you is that look under wants to test the believers to find those individuals who are the real believers. And it has evilness when you when you're full

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of meaning for life

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do you perceive that you're going to enter into paradise and you're never going to be tested? Indeed, we did test on believe is defined as those individuals that have lost control know, those were the true for individuals, and those who are the line individuals. So many of us today that we say that we believe that we have email that when trials and tribulations begin to pay for love, or difficulties begin to come upon us look at the average Muslim begins to happen to them. I don't want to go to the machine display. I'm a Muslim, or I don't want to wear my hijab anymore. Why this comment has been made at me at my workplace or stopped from doing this. You know, this is excuse

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expression, the shallowness of our even this the shallowness of our email, because that man is small, our tests are small. But for us, we think these tests are big tests. The big test, or the greater tests are going to come the question asked last time the server, no one could hope to ever aspire to go through these tests. Because we are full of ourselves. We think we're going to live through these tests that we know that when a job comes, they will fit in our head Oh no. It's not

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the greatest fit now that would be a fool this Muslim oma will not be this turmoil is bloodshed, the calamity that we're all visualizing at the moment, their greatest fears that will be will be holding the job that will be the greatest fitna upon this Muslim oma, the people who will be tried and people will be tested. As for remember, nothing that we find is smooth. Also, the name and the characteristics of a mammal manatee that we find, according to classical books are similar that we find describing through email and Matthew, what

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is mukana is learning some of those ways, maybe you can guess me a bit loopy. So this individual his name, will be the same name as a message of love. And his father's name, will also be the same name as the Father's name of the Messenger of Allah. So his name will either be Mohammed or it will be the name of Allah highlighted. Several people come, and they claim to be you if you read the story. Originally, they were born with different names, they change the names and call himself Mohammed, or they change the name and columns of x men, or they change the Father's name, you know, the father that Mohammed is up to par. So a melody will be known as the name of Muhammad.

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That will be his name from birth, because some of these people claim to be attracted to you. You read them in great detail, that was not their original name. That was not their lineage. They've changed the name, the latest age to try to play in front of the people. That is the chosen one word in Korea to talk him into a spoon in any sort of salad any person is going to be from the limit of Optima Optima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad Salah, there, he had the various children by mountains and houses by Crusade, a fleet of vans assume that is that he will be from a lineage of an

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AMA shear as soon as he or they believe he will be from the lineage of an crusade. That is the creed of the sheer clear distinction here, and the sooner say, He will come from the lineage of a hazard. The CSAT will come from the lineage, any unforeseen. I don't sell Amazon products to rosulip Dani Sonia for

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profit firms have mentioned I had the message the statements had eaten me alive as soon as imagine that the message said the meaning literati alimenti will be from my family for mandated mean for FEMA from the children of Guatemala. So he be closely related to the Prophet Muhammad and know

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he will have a wide forehead and he will have an aquiline a sharp nose he will have any advantage the individual will have. Also we find that recording can be the famous shift that we find he tries to make a jump was known as trying to prove that he's possibly from the limit of a person

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Same as well. And he mentioned this without you may be involved in technical concepts. He mentioned that he's been generous enough yet he has an infinite limit of his father and MACD. He saw the side of me from the family of a person

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and from his mother and be from the family side of the site, this is the way that this shape is trying to put the two

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or the ladies together he is from a lineage of both of them. Anyhow, what is more important is from a lineage any of us are among a smooth unmasking, as what lane allottee generally means is a title is given to the chosen one or the selected one. And MACD is not a name, it's a laptop, it's a title. So a person's name is not going to be automatically. That's a title that's given to an individual who has been chosen and selected. For example, that we find is sort of indeterminate or defined. I assumed it was so nutty Nicola Rashi II, as you know it upon us to follow my Sona and the sooner the right the guidance qualified as McAfee, the chosen and the selected ones, who are the chosen and

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selected ones inside this Heidi Alba were over for Ursula Wiley. So any chosen or selected individuals are known as

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the chosen ones and MACD is the chosen or the selected individual life for the client in the evening heard me say, this son of mine is going to be any sad is going to be a monster is going to be any illegal, Li qualified and the Hadith and Sunnah Amita Buddha we find, it will be from the living call by the name of your prophet and resemble him in conduct. So, he will be in contact like the Prophet Muhammad, but he will not be like him in total appearance, his appearance will not be like a prophet Mohammed son by his conduct this behavior will be similar to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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The minute

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you slip up later, and MACD is any front page is from the family and the household of the Prophet Muhammad, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will rectify it in one night in the Hadith the Muslim of internationalism imagine now here we find a key point because some individuals believe that it will be a righteous scholar who will claim to lead the people and the key element inside is heavy is a lot under elementary was headed mentioned is a lot under element rectifying in one night. So he could just be average individual, a normal person who comes to the prayer room person who attends a lot from data will rectify one night and select him and choose him and make him to become

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unmanageable. So it's not as some people may think as McCabe is a well versed individual is an island with the State of Hawaii or the movie or the leader email and then all of a sudden, he is now selected and given the extra rank of becoming I've met him You can see he mentioned a year or two ago Honey Boo Boo Boo Are you app you can see the famous McAfee that we mentioned, he is getting a lot come to Allah to guide him accepted his repentance of repentance upon his individual inspired him and guide him and select them all you should do, but I will not

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I will guide him afterwards print previously he was not such a righteous individual or such as in a position in a lofty position in this manner, a lot counter will inspire this individual and select this individual make this individual become any admin he will be any individual another assignment element he will appear is when the world will be in a terrible state will be in a bad state and men deeming me any

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young No.

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Camera mulia Goldmember, Java, Yakuza

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mmsd will come when the world is full of corruption and turmoil and you will begin to place justice, equity fairness upon the earth of the previous even the earth was full of corruption and turmoil. So when the earth is full of total corruption and turmoil and it possibly could be signs of the building of the at the moment, as you mentioned, is continuous bloodshed and fitting that we find and that will begin to create the coming of the return of the line. Consequently, we'll be fighting it will begin to take place amongst ourselves certain durations mentioned that they will be certain leaders of the Sunday or sons of the sunniva that will begin to fight for the treasures which exists

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underneath the Kava, there are certain treasures which are lying underneath the Kava and the sons of the salita will begin to find those treasures at that time and nothing will begin to appear and come out in the open. Either I

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follow one. If you ever hear of the madman or he's become apparent, then you need to go and get back to him. Well, I'll have one

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Even if you call upon is by no hurry,

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even because he is not the right word, but look on the left is it shows one shift.

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He begins to take some slight contention about his wording the heavy I know

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the rest of the holiday excessively because of the potential existed. But a key point here when it comes to talk about the flag, black flag for a son, and he will come out from the cave and he will go and he will be in amongst them relevant had been mentioned. This shows the accurateness a distinction between us who follow a passion of zeal and zealousness that we find it quickly ceases anything this must be empty. And you will know what I'm referring to the black flags of Afghanistan, that this individual He must be automatically accepted that we find

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the will not be there, he will not be there, they will come and join me and message me He will not be inside the land of course. So when people say that land forests are the moment that is the land area on the stock market return black flags and imagination you can understand what that means, by getting into trouble and emotions are covered. So they he will not be amongst them. They will join Alma de so people are pushing his previous belief that sustainability passed away. He was inside the cage, etc. He must have been a Nazi etc. And we'll have people riled up. Obviously, whatever happened where we took place, the belongs of Muslim Canada and I was trying to get every single

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individual for the action, their belief, our belief as far as we're concerned, man, matter of Islam for home Muslim, whoever dies as a Muslim was born as a Muslim, and a lost contact with the individual and whoever lives their life as a clay disbeliever never ever accept accept Islam never announces it. Rocky the Muslim athlete of a believer is the Inner Earth here. The individual is a disciplined evil. So people begin to pray certain individuals is a good individual, but this person is a disbeliever he does these things for humanity we spend any 27 or 28 years in prison and they help communities he does this he does that etc. Volume according to creative atmosphere not our

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character that individual fools or individuals are disbelievers because the biggest thing that they've never done inside their life that they should have done is what

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they've done is to

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serve the world but you forget the creator to answer capture your discipline in our previous serve overland serve Muslim Canada Anna, and I'm not under an open up doors for you to begin to do what to begin to serve mankind as well as go into your visa or fastener. Also, we find that for now, you know, painter, hopefully we can give him the pledge between the local and

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the Macondo. Ibrahima Ali Salah. So this is the location of the place that they are, will be given to be at this location. If you study all over Matthew,

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where do they give their flesh in the middle of Africa called me, he made his own character in the land of the earth. And he said to people this way, you have to give the pledge. So this shows that he's fought to defend their own temple or maybe just around the corner from him. So Missoula was called Yeah, he was he said, given to you, there's only one individual that we're going to mention that some of the early modern time took place in December 1979. That was the only one time that many senior Aloma, they got confused that maybe this individual, this individual, isn't it, because he had a claim, and he stood outside his location, and people gave him the data. So the rest of you

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that came, none of them ever were able to stand at a location, and people are ever able to give us a place to get eat this individual, not for the fact that when he comes back, it will be, as you mentioned, a time of blessing for this Muslim formula. As we know that the many arts that we're facing and other parts of the database, the return of the method d c over d, e f, f d to the end of time from a foam insulation, and Matthew will come about a look from the other end he would send a send a rain booster

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and it will begin to bring up his produce and his vegetation and the blessing will begin to take place and your petitioner will often matter as much wealth distribution will be placed upon this earth that we want to

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honor once again given honor and distinction. You're ready to serve and you live 24 seven ultimately and only for eight years and we find your immediately hidden or seven ideas on how to construct as mentioned, they were meant to live for some seven or eight years in a form this by qualified material COVID-19 upon

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Upon the great state of estelar, great state of difference of opinion was an excessively take place and you begin to place any justice and equity upon the earth of the earth, you place a state of turmoil in corrupt corruption and difficulties. And likewise, you find that the vegetation that earth and the heavens begin to fall down upon us individually. Also, we find a man called Ron he begins to mention he also entered into the land of Jerusalem as well but is a question about any

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of this. also rumored to be present at a time of Matthew mentioned the beginning is an Islamic also up there as a waiver for the

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color of money, paper and to either another like nobody.

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How will you be when recently Maria will come down and there will be many more emails and your email from amongst you will also any media that habito Mr. Buhari and Muslim so in our magazine, we leave race and Islam in prayer, because the prayer a salad Some will say the prayer was called for you the other and the farmer was given one Maccabees so he sadly Salah as he's descending and he's dating me, I met the man he returned him to lead the prayer. But he said and I said, I will say it was cold for you and they have given to you so you are the one

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of the people you have to lead the people in prayer. So these are all signs that will be present at the time of men at any as well. Like polyquaternium using recently money for a new Alma de Thompson pina colada in the bathroom. The famous owner, he will say commonly the brand he said, he said no, this is a form of honor between your own mouth amongst yourself this is your email is going to lead you in any trail for you individually. After the death of prayer Matthew find that he sadly Ceylon will remain Did you know that he remained and needs to be mentioned for another seven or eight years.

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So, these are the certain academic that also certain people begin to measure or reject the concept of any unmet need, there are some individuals out there who want to promote that and maximum does not exist or that they begin to mention that if it is so important, why is he not mentioned inside of my name, but as a side point, and adjust is also not mentioned by name inside the Quran. The Quran talks about the coming end of the hour it talks about the establishment of the hour. So the generic terminology inside the for unimaginable for an event it does not need to accurately mention every single word by one word, if it mentions that the our identity established or the hour is going

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vary with the average establish that meaning of the hour it encompasses everything related to the hour inside and South Africa. So when people begin to say a man is not mentioned or people need to mention that the ad about a MACD are not strong in nature or the actual word and MACD is not mentioned inside the durations of Imam Bukhari and Muslim. So some people to come and measure is not mentioned by the word and Matthews have mentioned it normally mentioned Mr. McComb, your leader, your email doesn't say specific times over and Monday. This is how some people want to discredit that the whole concept on Monday is a myth. It doesn't exist. And this is a wrong creed, a wrong

00:28:31--> 00:29:11

belief to have rather many of the relevant studies and mentioned that the concept and the belief of McAfee until after it was known as the size of Cadiz that are working in nature, there are so many I have seen so many I have been regenerated and the authenticity is not questionable. But when you find in the science of honey, when something is mentioned, German and German mentioned from one group to another group to another group, and they told me I need you stay with Kevin is impossible that this is a lie is not one of these I did I had one break and when so many are happy to be separated from one group of competitors to another group to another group and exist in numerous

00:29:11--> 00:29:51

books of the sooner that we find that this is an evidence This is something which is something authentic, and when you have a deep suffering emotional chemistry, I've gone and collected all the Hadith which talk about the shadow side or talk about the coming of any inability likewise before to find out about the four books that we have collected about unmet need specifically this this will take keeps the niza the distinction that remember how he was they may have certain ideas that exist inside there. You cannot always rely upon them the manner with the meaning that sometimes there's certain ID they may have missed out or they never collected for whatever reason it may be so person

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turns to the four books of the sudden inside there you find the sort of mood or the imaginative money and and the side that we find the dead collected certainly

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javita don't exist in such a pain the person needs as a hobby to complement OR to understand the full picture. The only thing that we have to be wary about these four books are sold on their authenticity in comparison to Bukhari and Muslim at times is questionable, as we need to bear in mind all the happy inside Bukhari and Muslims are authentic. There's no doubt about them as to the books of Sonam. other books of cylinder we find there are times there's some ID, which are questionable, the mahadeo which are fabricated, some which are very weak, some are weak as well. So sometimes, when generally take it as a pinch of salt, somebody mentions Huggies. I mean, I'm not

00:30:38--> 00:31:19

saying that we should have become Paddy. But this is a general rule that we buy at times, and the books are certain certain ID can be questionable. However, if I had eaten 34 books a sudden it strengthened something that comes in handy, then this will be a form of evidence, some extra information is mentioned same wording as Imam Bukhari musty Muslim is there but some extra wording extra information to strengthen it, never rely upon a single wording of a hadith inside a B double o inside to leave the intermediary that this is what the word is, some people try to pick that one caddy and say this is inside the sooner A B double and say this is an evidence, you have to look at

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the whole picture and begin to understand that and this is a critique that too many of our brothers as well. They just leave one handed and say oh, this means this

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is not possible that you could be one handed and say this was his name that had he can be one so that he can be abrogated, that had been made no longer exists, man, because we don't have that knowledge of how to understand what is a claim in his head, a person has to go back to reliable authentic sources to understand what is the Hadith mean, what is interpretation, the Hadith, the reason why we mentioned this, as I mentioned, the beginning of many people to come to the signs of the final day begin to see certain things, the building of lofty buildings, that's a minus sign the Day of Judgment. Many of us individuals, when we begin to think that the hour is what is life around

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the corner. It is classified as the minus sign the day judgment, and also begin to study the heartbeat in great detail. You know what many of the elements I mentioned, they mentioned. This doesn't mean the baptism, as many of us may think and also that many for many years of my life as well as a building block the building. Yes, it's quite sad spending the money with skyscrapers, etc. But the building of the building doesn't mean that it's necessarily blameworthy doesn't mean necessarily, it's sinful. You understand the point it doesn't mean it's sinful. Yes, it can be wrong wasting our wealth, but accepted that we might. But it's not as simple as in the sign, which is

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showing one of the signs of the minus sign the day judgment, where some of the other signs could be simple signs that we find excessive drinking of Hummer, the excessive committing of fornication is a blameworthy sign. So not every single sign that they judgment means that it is an evil sign, what is evil which is taking place. That's why it becomes important and paramount to return that to people who understand how this study led to realize they could bring and highlight to us that this is the correct interpretation, or the correct meaning of what is taking place just like now at the moment that we find in the land blasted out of shame that we find this we all know that Allah is as I

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mentioned, the beginning is going to return back there. So some people may get excited that all this bloodshed now he must be coming any minute now. He must be coming back. No, don't follow any emotional interpretation of Islam. Look at the new tools, look at the text of what they say and what they highlight and how they be explained. Because as I mentioned this, this homeowner will be left in darkness, they are critical to understanding how they understand their wording, understand interpretation are able to invite the consumer to bring them to the right unique profile. Yes, there are individuals in the marketplace or in the consumer magazine, library, fancy machinery blood serum

00:33:59--> 00:34:39

and now to begin to reject the concept of a meth lab, but many individuals have them it may or may not heard about them to this day to reject the concept of it, but in simple the person should avoid any technical understanding or studying of certain things as I we believe because we will actually begin to corrupt the mind begins to corrupt the mind or taking the person away coincidentally in the text or call our partner whatever has been established before and so no person should accept it or not ask how and why it How will not become a while would he come or how will this happen person should lead to a loss of family. How will they find a better translation is a word of nuclear

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

weaponry will take place almost under either. Under laner Cassie will known the command is good for your code command is between the letter cat and Moon a lot of times I'll be and it will be an old forms of weaponry and everything can collapse and be taken apart. A person goes back to the original format of the use of the sword and nonsense and bows and arrows that we find that

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Do something settle for loss of data to change, just like 10 years ago, many things that existed a week or two, whatever imagine that the modern world today would be like this in this manner that we find all it has, has evolved. Likewise, the last time that Allah Allah, Allah, Allah tried to break all this apart and bring it back to the essence what it used to exist before amongst those individuals by the sheer belief that those who claim to be the malady that we find amongst you study the deleted of the died individual, and the sooner that we find the truth about who are going to be talking about and who are the top amount amongst any of our fedorova that we want a clear

00:35:38--> 00:36:12

distinction that you find so the top email, which I understood I have collected through the top email, and the sooner the top email the sheer, there is a clear distinction really between any of our emails that email that we have, and as I mentioned, they believe that the message before them has gone into hiding is already born, is going into hiding and you come up to the end of time and deliver the people you need from the evil hardship they're facing also comes to a mind according to their buddy, the actual product we read at the moment is not the correct color on the right corner is with a with the inner and MACD is going to either he's taking the beautiful answer we

00:36:12--> 00:36:51

individualize your reading is around four arms as far as they are concerned. So don't fall into the trap of thinking that any of these individuals as I mentioned that they create is just a few elements of this distinction, there is a major element of distinction between our belief and individuality is integrated library for alignment the in the case of the marine in one dimension, there is no melody except for the submarine. There's no Chosen One, except for a submarine. Here, if we begin to understand this heavy, some objective this heavy, heavy other explain this heavy. Going back to the original meaning of the word mastery, we said it means the chosen one, the ultimate

00:36:51--> 00:37:15

chosen one. From this FOMO we returned back to this formula is none other than Italia Silla. So the Word of God doesn't contradict about a salesianum being LSD, or the actual Alma de taking any taking place. Because is it also the chosen one just like a broker or not an attorney. So this is a contradict, as the concept automatically I'm sad when he was still he existed.

00:37:17--> 00:38:00

Also very quickly want to mention that claimants those individuals who claim to be an asumu see that we find that a DEA officer Sudan, we find one page in Sudan, this individual claim to be any amendment we need on time that we find, like what we mentioned, Mr. Gianni is another individual claim magazine. First, he claimed to be just a pious individual that he claimed to be a lefty than he claimed to be. Then he claimed to be the final messenger or new messenger and format leads to his life, how this individual has turned over Brexit famous initially, he debated him. And this individual is known for for him for making these false claims that if I'm a liar, that may or may

00:38:00--> 00:38:14

not destroy me and make this happen to me when you marry a woman and you said to a father that if you don't marry her to meet, you will die. In one year, this will happen to her, she got married, she lived for many, many years, even after he died except for the father named etc. So the challenge is she

00:38:16--> 00:38:34

said, if I'm a false individual, may I die a quote from death, whoever the live die was a death. So when he challenges the ship, the ship live for many years after him, many years of this individual reading history, he had some serious problems dimensioned from inside the house will not come to Allah. But when he died, then you could find that the

00:38:35--> 00:38:49

fetus was coming from wherever the body except and this is supposed to be the chosen one and the selected one he died in an even manner. That is even madness individually that he died. Your one individual mind as I mentioned the 29th of November 1979.

00:38:50--> 00:39:32

This date corresponds with what corresponds with the first of the month of Muharram they pay 1400. Remember that at the beginning of every single part, there will come one who will rectify the fate of this Muslim Omar. So at that time, 1979 was the date or the beginning of the year, 1400 years time in Canada. So you find that funny who came at that time that people can that he's the man he at that time. And people believe in many of even some of the urban living today in Medina who live today. They believe that he was the chosen one. He was the mouthpiece, but he was the only one that stood there. And the pay was given to him. But there are certain signs that existed amongst

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

individuals whereby he began to kill the Muslims around him. He began to shoot at the police etc and harm them around. So these are all signs showing lack of demand, the sinking of the earth and the madman he comes when people come to attack him the earth will sink and fall off those people. This never took place. But it was these are the signs that began to happen. This person is zealous passion and he's believed and people dreaming about him that he is the chosen one. He's the selected one that he believed he actually ended up getting

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

Here's the method as far as we are concerned, the journey of the Muslim continues, we continue to make the effort and pray for loss of Canada Allah that the MACD returns the MACD counter we can be taken out of the darkness and his archers are facing and we don't exist. We know they visualize it at least that we all know that we are making the effort making that struggle. As I began with all of us a day of judgment begins when we need this printer, as all of us become over worrying about the judge. Oh, yeah, dude Roma dude or the other side that begin to Okay, and get worried about them and get interested about them. How many people learn about these designs, and as most designs are

00:40:39--> 00:40:51

watching, what it is clips on YouTube or whatever they want to keep sending, they don't bother to watch it was a cold arrivals or something. Is it a one day watch is all of this. You know what brothers, but

00:40:53--> 00:40:58

some of the brothers still don't pray, don't pass, don't carry out the righteous actions.

00:40:59--> 00:41:34

You need to be more well versed in all of us about only the bills, the end of time, everything. If you're not preparing yourself, it's just knowledge. It's just knowledge that has no impact. real knowledge is the knowledge that you take and you surround yourself with that knowledge and you begin to equip yourself and the existence that is not there. And it's funny to me I love coming back here for that topic and ability to implement these words and best ability to make us become those individuals and leaders who hold up against accidental head is first of all, welcome to Allah implementing the best security this 30 seconds if you don't mind, the brother announced that we are

00:41:34--> 00:42:07

opening the mission street I've been appointed to be the main co payment amount with that machine. And as you guys know, I don't normally come out and carry on long fundraising events and take this set up quite short and simply because it's outside of the red buckets collecting all of your wealth and welcome to attend the mercial see the work that's taking place there that will be the one and only measures which are inside this community. A week in and week out and sermon given in English language, English language, we can all understand what you're welcome to attend to because they'll be running there for free for the community and welcome to see the work that's taking place there to

00:42:07--> 00:42:40

encourage discussion and organize the discussion that you may have and share to committee members allowing us to return back to speed inside that house have a lot of candor and you can move welcome to come and see the question see the effort required to create this other society so once again, we've got some great buckets to be collecting for the machine we have to raise 750,000 pounds and submit this for the for the for this building. We have already acquired the building on Wednesday night they opened last night officially as a merchant in four days we thank you for stopping in ability to do that and inshallah I'm quite optimistic inshallah we'll meet our target and deliver

00:42:41--> 00:42:49

this money to the owners of the building and then begin to expand is going to become a house of content often many, many services were full of holly Heather was so lovely, wonderful.