Sulaiman Moola – Life Is Not Short, Rather We Are Learning To Live Late

Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I came across a very profound quotation in the Urdu language which goes as follows xinda Geka elmia year nahi hai ki Baja jaldi Hatha mho djati hair, the tragedy of life is not that it is ending very quickly or passing very swiftly, bulky sl elmia year here can hum Bihar dare say Gina seek their hair. But the real tragedy of life is we are learning to love very very late. Yet again someone said in the auto language diary series mozzie Ki Kahani nahi hair history is just not a mere tale of the past, but it can muster to build keep the skill gap put to Bernama hodi. Here, it is a moral compass for the future. And if you were to merge these two reflections and

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Proverbs, The message I want to imply one of the things that we are not learning sufficiently from history is that do not place your hopes on humans. If you place your hopes on humans, then you are predisposing yourself to disappointment. One Celia de caminos Zamani will actually work from our data. Gentlemen, hi Ray. Imam Shafi said Stop attaching hopes to people and you will be a happy man. In fact, someone said it so beautifully. The nature of humans is say attune work it up. One mistake one glitch, one hiccup term whoa al Hassan od will delete and erase years of kindness. Look at marriage, look at employment, look at siblings one mistake and all good will be wiped out. But when

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it comes to the court of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Al Hassan RT you the happiness say one virtue will erase years of sins. So do the wise thing and bond with your Allah and attach your hopes with your Creator. You will never be disappointed

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