If we acknowledge our sins what’s the next step

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Adam mentioned that we acknowledge our sins. What's the next step that one should take? We find hoonah. Allah mentioned. Sharon, conditions have told you that we find amongst them that we find briefly is and you're clear on in Basia, when a person recognizes their sin, then they refrain from the same, cause sometimes we find that people do same. Or you know, they may be looking at something for example, looking at television, stuck for the last stop for the last stop for the last

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stop for a

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while something on the street stuff will not stop. That's it. That's not that's not Toba. That's not a stick.

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That just to see some of the stuff.

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Sitting at the back of the wedding hall is stuck full of stuff,

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isn't it? There's not tober tober is and you're clear on the mouse here, say everybody's around, but do nothing to get out of Riba. You know, drinking is heroin but do not need to come out of it. You know, smoke is haram do nothing to come out of it. So once you recognize your sin, you take positive steps to come out of it. Whether you sin again and again is another discussion Allah mentioned a man will will may sin again, do it again. But that moment in time, the person refrains and the person has a strong azeema a strong commitment, I'm not going to come back to that sin again. And likewise, it had recently been merger in another who October is a person feels remorse or regret about the

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sense seems that pain You know, when you when a person commits a sin, and then it haunts them, they think about it. That helps you change. When a person begins to boast about their sins. Doesn't say could no mercy Martha omarama would be forgiven, except for those who boast about their sins. post about the sin and boast about Xena

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that's you find Carla mentioned something very very accurate. They say the person who commit Zina and knows is a sin and repent. There's a high chance that person will be forgiven and be pardon a person who never ever commit Zina in their life. Focus on this person will never commit Zina in their life but says Muslim with it

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says what's wrong with me? Nothing wrong with it. People want to do it. If they feel hungry, you're under home. They could do what they want to do. Why are we so worried about it? One man has enough he hired he never committed is in his life.

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This person is more dangerous than the person who did commit Zina and by toto.

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Okay, remember that this person is more dangerous, because he's saying what's wrong with it?

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Why are you creating your first test? We find these musacchio nice thinkers in the Muslim world people who come to these things who don't do these things, but like to say, what's wrong with saying we can believe in Old Gods? What's wrong with this? What's wrong with that? What's so important about the hijab? What's so important about it? these are

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these are words of disbelief, if you don't want to wear the hijab, just just a sin. If you come and say, the day job has no importance has no relevance. It's backward thinking we don't need it. We're living in the UK. We don't need a job no man.

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This is more dangerous.

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This is more dangerous because why incur incur Sherry or your project initially, select was the tober fest and first has to feel it inside the heart that I've done wrong in my life. I need to repent and last and open up ways for a person to come out of those sins. Makes consider tober make positive steps code for ombre, go for Hajj. Go do certain apps enjoy the must be regular in your in your prayers for selected project come to the machine. Make sure you're there on time for gym I read extra knuckle prayers we had to do all these actions.

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To help you to strengthen yourself, show me show that Toba colossal panda goes insane, the load open up the pop. If you do slip an error again, no problem. That's the human being can make mistakes again, do the same thing again. But that moment in time, you recognize what you're doing is wrong and you take those positive steps, that is a great sign of change. When we recognize our sin or our sins, when we don't recognize our sin, we will not change this other person. So I have a bitter person of innovation. Why the sofian authority mentioned that Sasha will be their person bigger and more Beloved, to shake on, then the person commit sins. Because a person commit sins may eventually

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repent. A person commits a bidder will never repent. They always think they're doing right. Like as opposed to some people commit sin. They always they think they're not doing anything wrong. So they carry on doing the action. So the beginning is to recognize what we're doing is wrong and to take positive steps in order to try to change ourselves or to remove ourselves Likewise, the company that we keep, we know this leads us into haram try to remove that or stay away from that inshallah. We'll

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