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After praising of lots of Canada, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala send them continuing looking at good moral values or practices, we find that many of us unfortunately condense our life on certain elements of practicing,

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we begin to say these are symbols of a practicing Muslim. These symbols are no doubt, excellent good trades for the person to have. But to condense a person's life

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or persons features and this is the only symbol of a practicing Muslim is incorrect. Carmarthen, we find that people may look at the size of a beard of an individual, the way they dress, the way they pray, the way they conduct certain external actions about their life. And people begin to conclude that this is a so called practicing Muslim. And we begin to see Unfortunately, many flaws inside etiquettes and behavior. Because sometimes we home in so much upon these external features, the internal features not changed of the individual. And that is the difference between the prophetic methodology of teaching people that appropriate to salon was more focused upon changing the status

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of hearts of mankind. Just like we find that they seek this as external sicknesses that we may face and we struggled through or deeper than that, and a greatest struggle is

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sickness, sicknesses of the heart, to cleanse the heart to purify the heart, does you find that the final moment just entering into gender that we find the concept of

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jealousy, hatred, envious behavior is taken out of the heart, before the person enters into gender. Many of us will never ponder and reflect on

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that this is an eight minute sickness that is first spread upon the earth. And the last founder wants to purify the humic totally remove this ailment inside the heart of the individual and enter the individual into purified state. Inside paradise, they call the money a pure heart. Likewise, they find jambalaya

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in them and the COVID saline that they were by the children will no avail the individual, except for a person who comes with a pure heart, a sound heart, we were trying to find a pure heart inside this dunya Allah Subhana Allah give that individual, a pure heart. Inside,

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that you find that the foreign foreign, following moral value that we find is sometimes difficult. For some of us to practice, some of us can show respect, we can show generosity, but how about towards those individuals who may harm you, or those individual turn away from you, or people who take away your writing.

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This way, many of us we fall short. They hear that we find that now practicing Islam

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goes out the window now becomes a personal vendetta, a personal experience. And this is my write that I need to claim back here we don't look at prophetic traditions are examples of how the Prophet and his son conducted himself, or how he told the companions to conduct themselves after the

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other will talk to him and monitor those virtues and actions. To make ties with that person who cuts away from you what the amendment and to give to whoever does not give it to you, takes it away from you. What does shut America and to pause it and to forgive one revise you because you speak ill of you and had even the Muslim have an admin that we find to be amicable and the ability to show goodwill friendship to overlook and to pardon is a very deep value to have. Because if we are to be harsh, and to retaliate with rudeness, and do not to give to take revenge upon people. This world as I say won't be a very good place. We pay some kinds of misery, complaints, anxiety, worries, guilt,

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hatred, anger, enmity, that Islam lifts the individual beyond what the average person does. The Muslim isn't just the average individual. The Muslim begins to go deeper than that. To show these traits are valid.

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Using characteristics and behaviors, to outshine the world outside people around us. That is some expression about the Islamic belief that it is virtuous, to refrain from reciprocating those hot, hot, hurtful actions. And I had even Sunni mom tell me that we find a man came

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and said to the Messenger of Allah, some of the Lord said of this individual, he came to stay with me. While I went to stay with this individual, he did not entertain me. I did not show any hospitality towards me. Now he's come to stay with me and look to be with me, what should I do in return? Should I behave exactly the same manner? and individual behave towards me? He said, No, rather, you should entertain him take care of him. Like was another happy that we find him in a sort of Timothy as well? Do you know what kind of relation to one another? Do you don't deserve one another, don't hate one another. And do not be envious of one another. When I can coo Eva, the lady

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who wanna borrow the Wii brothers towards one another, and oppose it should not abandon his brother for more than three days, should I stay away from his brother for three days, because then shape on will get the better of both of these individuals. And this is what Islam or the Quran leads to about pardoning

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overlooking country make relationships with people who take away from the individual,

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generally take the forgiveness of Thirdly, have a looking one will

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take the path of ordering the goods.

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And in Germany, and turn away from ignorant individuals, because average individuals, they are ignorant individuals in the sense that many people don't want to reconcile. They want to reconcile the people people that they fluster over people having division, over having brandco does well, even though it's very accurate in its wording, even if disputes amongst family members, between a husband and a wife, bring an individual from the husband side, and bring an individual from the woman's side who want to reconcile, don't bring family members who are going to stir more problems, or to serve their own cause, if they will, if they truly want reconciliation and allow a blessing inside them.

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And likewise, the opposite as well. There are many parts that we forget the Koran also mentioned that if a person has to desert their wife has to separate their wife, then how does the person do that? person does it upon amicable terms? Good terms. So Quran mentions that you've been entered to marriage, you've taken the token haleiwa and move heavy covenant. Some of the earlier mentioned this covenant as a value of 1000 covenants, 1000 notes 1000 contracts. There's many inside the contracts of buying, selling purchasing, promises etc. mentioned in the beginning sort of matter that we find be truthful, towards your food, the coconuts that you make, but only one coconut in Santa Clara

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mentioned that you've taken a survey and deep commitment is regarding matrimonial relationships. person just doesn't dissolve the likeness doesn't fall prey to the society around them to the Jay Z person tries to reconcile inside their lives is what Islam encourages us to do. What do you

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say to Mr. Thurman after watch? For I do not know.

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The recompense of a bad deed is a bad deed. That person may retaliate with a bad deed to another individual.

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But in a deeper way of the believer. Femina Rafa was number four Angelou, Allah, whoever called this and forgives and tries to reconcile for Angelou and alone that person's reward is upon Allah Subhana Allah Allah we reward the individual. This way many of us that yes, our intention many times and definitely at all times should be inside Asada inside a circle that we find, should be focused towards Allah Subhana Allah, but what about these moral values? Do we forgive me for that? Do we overlook for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah that my idea will be with Allah Subhana Allah, every person disputes with another individual, and it could be easy to speak with you. And you know that

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you're right. President isn't terrible disputing person needs it. For what reason is the person leaving?

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The person will have a house in paradise. The person

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Did you know that this person is continuously debating you arguing with you for what purpose? Leave it because your intention will be to gain something far greater than that, to gain the reward from Allah subhanho Donna, and as we find that practical examples inside the Quran, that can be taken with certain verses that speak about how the companions understood certain verses inside the Koran that we find inside.

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And before we enter inside this area inside, so

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are we good to refresh our memories about the surah. So to know that we find a 24th chapter,

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which mentions the word note seven times inside the surah. Very rarely does Allah repeat a certain word inside the same surah very rarely occurs as the realm of defense he mentioned it shows that atomia the important disorder

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This is a surah contains a low noodle shall work you will learn that when the greatest parable speaking about Allah Subhana Allah has numerous passages inside the poem speak about other motivation, how did Allah we speak about the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah for most

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of us 255 to see

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the greatest idea inside the

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10 separate section, all speaking about Allah subhanaw taala, the end of

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the 15th chapter, and speaking about Allah Subhana Allah and likewise here the middle of the answer, so to know that we find speaking about Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, no light upon light, Allah guides to his life, whomever He wills. And as we find that this Medina Surah 64 verses that we find has been narrated and mentioned back

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around the a lot that I mentioned when he sent a letter invites the people. He said to the people, teach your family members, the sort of pseudo Nisa as well, one more. And these are the fourth chapter of Quran speaking predominantly about rights and regulation towards women. So to the 33rd chapter, also speaking about dress code and conduct of women, and I was sued to the 24th chapter, speaking about rights and regulation about society. And it's been narrated by Danny, and easterseals.

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And as we find a theme of this sort of that we find a moral society. That's what the suit is speaking about. How to develop a moral society, male and female relationships, proper dresses that we find punishment of adultery or fornication, we shouldn't shy away from what I've seen teaches us that the whole story begins by speaking about those individuals who carry out these evil practices. The evidence is established with these individual pieces, the punishment for these individuals, when a loved

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Surah zelner. No other surah begins with such wordings, inside the Quran, every student from Allah Subhana Allah. But why is Allah mentioned surah This is a sutra we sat down

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for something specific, and it's something more deeper inside the surah one, four, we made it an obligation for you to look at the commandment inside the surah to learn from the commandment, and there are many commandments inside the surah what can

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say to the believing men to lower the disease to God the chastity then of that mentioned,

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then how to instead say to the believing women, to lower the ages, and you got the chance to God the private parts. Other other injunctions are mentioned side is like well defined punishment, as we met you, people who commit adultery, and this should make us cuivre make a video to reflect upon the sharing of a loss of Canada because many of us take life trivial, that people that commit sin are openly it's become a common norm in a society that we live in, to have extra marital relationships, to be involved in how long to be involved in all these evil practices that we find and for which people think it's just common practice has even ended sort of mentioned in the law the Buddha

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those would love to spread for whitish evil, moral, sexual misconduct, bad behavior, innocent relationships and society long.

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For these individuals will be evil just as the inside is

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a prime reason for sexually transmitted diseases on the face of this earth is what is simply because of adultery because of fornication. That's a factor. That's a reality. There's nothing to shy away from

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Nevada is the reason why these diseases when a person is a morally upright individual, a married individual than a present presents, the trustee presents themselves. When a person becomes what the society is preaching in such society, a lead towards these diseases, they speak about his

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journey so far away by the prophet, I said he went through through January through January. So the people they punishment, and he saw people in a state of nudity, male and female individuals that are coming up to new or coming out of the burning the burning part of burning hole that are coming out of that and the fire is burning them. And after expenses these are the male and female individually committed Zina upon this earth. This is a punishment for these individuals. Returning back to the IRA inside suta Nisa, verse number 22, that we find that speak about forgiveness, and overlooking, we find inside is virtually fine, we find

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it and you're told by our Masaki de Sevilla, when we are

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below the fold, Rahim. Don't those individuals who

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don't individually, any of you take an oath to swear that I'm not going to forgive? If you have if you have the wealth, and the property and richness to say I'm not going to give to those individuals, or

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those close family members, those are the poor individuals and those who carry out the hegira.

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Canada, this is referring to Mr. abney assessor, who was a maternal cousin, the son of the maternal on on the Abubakar Siddique, or the local LA.

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As soon as the main theme this surah is referring, in reference to what is known as the serpent if

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the story of blaming Asia

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carrying out this evil action with the seal of the surah to get a greater understanding that aluna who began to spread these stories, because this companion you picked up a shampoo to over

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to whisper and began to spread tales, and slander and stories. And Ayesha became upset about this. Would you turn to our father, he never really been eaten, to such a degree that some primitive proceed mentioned even the properties of that some element of doubt came onto his mind as well. So she said that I know that I am free. And Allah said sent down revelation regarding me that you find the iron inside so to know I detailed speaking about Free Asia, or the Madonna from any blame

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aboubaker Sydney, this individual was part of spreading these days. he repented. He punishment has given him whatever punishment given the other time and he repented. But should he be a father? That'd be totally different. Many of us. Many of us individually may hold a grudge inside our heart may still hold inside our hearts. Why should we show kindness and goodness, this individual was with me. For months ago, people close to him. He's relative, was misdeed was a poor individual who performed the heater. Obama said he was the one who was spending upon him all the time. So now he refuses to spend upon it because of these comments that he made. But Allah mentioned are highlighted

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in yellow.

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Don't you want that Allah should forgive you this way in the mind of God and going to damage it because he mentioned that when this verse is revealed, he said, Of course, of course that we want Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us, of course that we weren't done. So he said, I will never ever stop spending upon this individual as long as I'm alive. This will be called forgiveness overlooking

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and I qualified even even

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today you will get Allah to forgive you. And many times we mentioned is that what does Allah Allah this what we need to homie inside our life oberholtzer Nick was worried about his own love his own, his own right was belongs to him. But Allah wants to take him to a higher dimension. Don't worry about your own self and your personal status. Seek that which Allah loves. And this is the difference between a man and

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you know, hypocrisy is widespread. Whether it be an epoch or a coffee wouldn't be the de facto of belief, which is hidden, that people display themselves as most of it and tried to dismantle Islam. that exists unfortunately, but you find Armani hypocrisy, which

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is open apparently all of us we suffer from that there's no exception. But if there is great, there's great, great of nifa. And a person needs to be vigilant about that. When an Tifa hypocrisy becomes apparent, it's common practice. People you shouldn't say, let's overlook, let's, let's forgive.

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It is not the time to say to pause it and to overlook and to forget that which is apparently, Allah mentions Shiva Buddha.

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It's also to Toba, what the characteristics are about the characteristics of the believers are believers order the good and the evil. That's what believers do. What do hypocrites do?

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they, they prohibit the code a pretty good and the older, the even the opposite of what the believers do. When this becomes open inside society person shouldn't say make an excuse for people, neither is apparent in front of us. We find legislating how long along how long, presenting her arm in such a sight encouraging her arm, this is a great big responsibility.

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In the lives of

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those who love to spread advice, you know, as a personal individual, if I can get her arm is my personal sin between me Subhana Allah, if a person in authority comes out in society, and creates an environment for people to do harm, people shouldn't say turn a blind eye. overlook that. That's open nifa, open, hypocrisy, open dismantling of society that leading society towards

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encouraging people to come and do these action, come and participate in some of these actions. We as a Muslim society should be wary about that. We shouldn't drop our guard and fall prey that like life is forgiveness. Life is overlooking this element a person shouldn't overlook. person should be brave enough to highlight this is something which is dismantling our society. This is hypocrisy that's chewing away from our society, there's going to take away the moral fiber of our society, the moral values of our society, the goodness of our society, that we are based upon to study the teachings and principles that we have. I likewise continue that Sunday, as an arranger to speak about the

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sooner that we find whereby once

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a man came, and he revised aboubaker, Sunday,

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certain words to him, Obama said he could remain silent. The man again said something about him, again, you remain silent. The third time the man again said something to him, this time of the day he stood up, or he returned, he said some words back to him, the prophet Elijah, somebody stood up, and he began to walk away, our workers addiction, are you angry about something you have a soul about? It is something that's happened that made you angry to walk away from this gathering. He said to him that the first time this person revived you, an angel defended you. The second time the person revived you, the angel defended you again, the first time this person revived you, then you

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stood up to revive him or to curse him to respond to him. So then chiffon came in the middle, I don't like to sit in emerges misshapen attempts. So the poor guy, somebody got up and he left. This is like the characteristics of the believers. Agenda, argumentative behavior, always try to have the last straw. The last argument, the last say, the last word, to prove that the person is always right that we find and that we find that this is something we should develop inside ourselves, to posit and to forgive, and to have amicable relationship towards the people around us. We find that to

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be an individual of goodwill. But we're able to parlay that into forgive individuals, isn't as some people begin to mention is a weak personality. By the ethics and US law convention, a person who's able to forgive and to pardon and to overlook is a sign of a strong personality, a strong individual. That's how to skin Islam, have discussed it a person who's able to do that is in a stronger more fiber and moral element that this individual has the ability to retaliate, to respond, to take back they do right or whatever it may be, but this individual has a higher limit of the devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, the prophet Alayhi Salam is the greatest example.

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The best of creation that we find that he persevered through all the harm all the plotting of his time.

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Klansmen, all the people around him, he showed his hatred towards a prophet alayhi salatu salam, how he remains committed, when a person has that belief in Allah Subhana Allah has that conviction and belief that he will not calm down I always be those individuals who are patient individuals.

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And facing this persecution, Allah will respond to these individual may be inside this dunya if no more so inside, does he find that the harm that is people that they may throw upon the believer individual response is given inside the Quran. So many times or the

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concrete ends are speaking about forgiving about pardoning, overlooking, and to no exception to that we find the end of certain areas that we find the 16th chapter on why now.

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If you are to retaliate, or to seek to write or to punish, then you should respond equally, according to the punishment is due to the individual, because it shouldn't go beyond the parameters go beyond the limit, position go into into a frenzy go into an arrangement, and this person punished me or done this to me. So now I will do beyond them, when they've done to me. First it should be controlled inside their response, when I'm sober, they will highly Saberi. But once again, the ayah seeks towards that which is better. What I in sabato, Alicia, I do something which is better if you have to return late. If you Be patient regarding this lower surgery, this is going to be more

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beneficial. More benefit for a patient individual was the owner.

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Be patient. Indeed your patience is with the loss of Hannah Diana was

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one of the

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younger one, don't become over worried about what people are doing. what people are saying, Don't become in a state of deep, being upset. anguish, anxiety, depression. As I mentioned, the word the comes this concept depression I'm a Muslim is never depressed. What is the

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alternative on the face of this earth? Because it isn't like a deep depression. And natural depression may exist for all of us, human beings, certain elements of loss when property they find pets and things inside their heart. But a person is never overcome. The believer is never overcome that they they they become an individual who fret about their life, you know, close to a million people commit suicide. Why? Because why they lose hope was the biggest element that Muslims have is faith is discipline.

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Don't worry, don't worry about their words and their statements. Don't become upset about what these people are carrying, or the planning. Even they're plotting a final final last kind of measure

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that they are putting and they're planning is little zulum in Japan, they're putting in the planning can move mountains out of place. You know, if we study that linguistically and in today's world, they can change your whole country from here today. They can make the right look wrong. The wrong look right, even look good and good look bad. That's what they can do this how accurate our measure the actual deployment is that good people look at the evil people on the face of this earth and evil people look at the most best of citizens and the best of individuals in the face of this earth. Then they can move mountains out of their place. If we took if I linguistically in the deceptive nature,

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the practice, by other mentioned will

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often go off in an AMA Yamato Bali moon, don't think Allah is often unaware of what the Vani moon what is oppressive people what they do, they cannot escape from a lots of hands either in the law, morality the Taco Bell Latina whom

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Allah if we don't individuals who say whoever faith Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is with that individual. Allah is.

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Allah is the friend of the pious individuals along with those individuals who believe

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those who believe and they say Allah Subhana Allah person who developed that inside their heart. They are the friend of a lots of Hana data. There's a read the works of Tamia and for fun, they know Leo shaytani while we are the criteria between

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The Friends of alone. And the friends have shaped on me the distinction who are the friends of Allah? What are the symbols of the friends of Allah, Allah, and the symbols of the Friends of chiffon that we find. And that's why we read through his work for his life. Tara, RJ, you find strange things about this personality, strange thing. You know, it wasn't just the common people. It wasn't a common people who accused him of certain things, we keep the fantasy, right, it is life. You find your own agenda. It was great for them at that time. Greek Allah who spoke about me,

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that led me to be incarcerated, to be placed inside prison or in and

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around the leaders. So this is, this is an individual. In today's world, a radical individual who wants to change society, a person has these fatawa that go against the common practice inside our society, placed in prison read is

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read his letters inside prison.

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Even inside prison, you find a high moral fiber. He never broke down

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prison in that time in Damascus that we find within or inside the prisons of today that we find all luxuries. In a majority of his work is the first he mentioned Richard Cohn called a found in fact president when a cold was taken away, you find that it came to end of the lack of shapes of notebooks, notebooks for the using of his mind his work that he wrote, he said Our fatawa is 36 volumes printed.

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Each volume approximately 500 pages. This is fatawa wishes of eternia he wrote this individual inside incarceration business around him. Bad wicked individuals, did he join join the club and the deception? Or does he begin to preach the Word of Allah Subhana Allah, that's how much of a character he was that these individuals don't come out of prison. They said we rather remain incarceration, which shaped some Tamia because he's reformed us. He's changed us. He's a real teacher. He doesn't become frustrated about his life, and that was taking place around him. And that's when he came out of prison. And time changed. And you need the cane. The leader said that

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what should we do? We need a man who spoke against you. What should we do with these individuals? Should we seek revenge? Should we give a rebuttal to these individuals?

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He said

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you're never going to find them on the face of this earth.

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Forgive them positive overlook them, they are fuqaha overlook what they said about me Let the three Valley como yo yo lo de campo from Morocco me no blame upon them to stay. Allah is the one that causes and forgive these high moral fiber. And characteristic and behavior, you know, for us is likely so trivial. Just say a little tweak, a little thumbs down to statement. For some of us, the whole world explodes, the whole world turns upside down. Because likes and dislikes and whatever it may be images are all based upon what society it should be based upon. Allah Subhana Allah belief and conviction that it was believed that the old saying of the service hobby, or knowing of the

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service or knowing of everything, that's what should worry the individual inside their life. That

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is with the machine with the truth of God, that's who the person wants to be with a good to see you in Israel, I've described a higher level of just being a Muslim, or being a movement, the pinnacle level level being or the inner level being of being mostly known, being a person who goes far higher, far greater than the average individual. May Allah give us all the topic and ability to become amongst those individuals who are known to do the good to excel inside our practice and external practices, our internal practices, our faith, our relationship, our personal religion, within our hearts with Allah Subhana Allah, that when we forgive and we overlook it sincerely inside

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their hearts, seeking the pleasure and happiness of Allah Subhana Allah