Yahya Ibrahim – Live Islamic Q&A 30-09-21

Yahya Ibrahim
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that's the number one Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Al Hamdulillah hunter share Karim wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say even more Salim. So Ed now whenever you know Habibi, now Mohammed Medina sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim to Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala ab abdic awasu Lika Nabeel me well Allah early Hippo Hurry and wasabi Hill oral Maya mean broth Matic a hammer Rahim. Allah McMartin. And I say you didn't want to send in say you didn't more saline Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu It was selama fear lien filter they'll say Lola be automatic a hammer. I mean, it's once again a pleasure and an honor to share with you on this

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wonderful initiative of Islam channel. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah gathers us together, and for our time that we spend together with you sending in your live questions and me trying our best in sha Allah to assist you with them. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it a gathering although separate from our places I come to you live from Perth, Western Australia, wherever you are in the world, that Allah gathers us together in our hearts and our spirits rewards us for the time that we spend together and makes it one of fidelity comfort, love and ease for our way to Jenna, Allah. I mean, your brother Yeah, hey Brahim with another installment of Islamic q&a with Islam

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channel, and I look forward to you queuing in and calling in and chat law. And we pray that Allah Subhana Allah allows your questions to go beyond your own essential needs that they are a benefit in general, for all listeners from the era of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While I wait for your questions to kind of queue in, I thought I'd speak about something that maybe isn't as often spoken about. And this is something that a times is very, very essentially necessary for us as people of faith and people have good intention and conduct. Yet, however, we have the humanity and our human leanings to at times make mistakes and Subhana light and authentic hadith the prophets I

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seldom said cool look at the Mahabharat all of the offspring all of the children of Adam are prone to making mistakes. While Hyrule hopper in at our boon, the best of those who make those mistakes are those who turn to Allah, our Lord Allah Subhana Allah Almighty, and seek repentance and ask for forgiveness. I wanted in sha Allah knowing that this is a reality for myself in you may Allah Subhana Allah cover my sins and make that what you think of me in my privacy better than what you may know that Allah Subhana Allah forgives me what you are unaware of an unseen of that he is aware of, and he is seeing of Allah Ameen. May Allah Subhana Allah give us hearts that are true and pure,

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and allow us to navigate our compass of heart back towards him, and to reconciling and restorative justice that we establish within our homes and families and communities a lot. I mean, so the topic that I wanted to delve into today were rules for giving a good apology rules that you and I need to hold on to in practice taken from the sunat taken from the teachings of the prophets, I send them but that are also very much in line with

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modern, common sociological and psychological studies. These are rules that when you kind of package them together, you are a person who then stands in front of others, humbly before Allah before them, asking for another chance and a new beginning and a new page to be turned. And then Allah Subhana Allah may put in the hearts of those who we have offended, the opportunity for us to reignite that trust and restart from a place where we may have sunk even below the zero line in our relationships. These are a times difficult kinds of discussions and comments, especially because some of them are theoretical, but at the same time they are necessary and these are building tools, especially for

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our younger generation to kind of absorb in how to manage conflict and how to resolve it and how to move forward in their life when they have done wrong. Now the first rule, of course, is that as you begin the apology is that there is an intent and the knee that is set in the heart and this Nia must always be

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Seeking the pleasure of Allah, it's not to deflect it's not to shift blame, it's not to get out of the trouble. It's not to just I just gotta say it, then I can move on with my life, rather than knee of giving a genuine apology is that it is something that you're doing, seeking the pleasure of Allah and that's what separates us as Muslims from others, that whatever we do an action whether it's a statement we make even a movement of our heart, it has to be one that needs the NEA and the F laws in the suit. The truthfulness that we seek between us and Allah and any time that you step forward with seeking to make amends, bring peace come together for any other reason, then Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. And having that as a set intent, you grow further apart Allah makes this kind of clear in a husband wife situation when there's tension, the law tells us in sort of 10 buffer up in you read that is law when you were filter level by anathema it both of them want to bring about a good change and rectify their mistakes, their problems, their their issues, a both of them come whole heartedly, seeking resolution, it is only then you with 50 level, but you never know. Allah brings tofield Allah allows what nobody thought could happen to happen. Allah bridges hearts that had found rancor and wrath and anger between them and others. Allah can change an avowed enemy into a loyal friend

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and companion once again. So therefore sincerity and having a place that is between you and Allah first becomes very important. One of the great moms and imams Sophia and Marina before he was one of the great Hadith scholars in the era after the Sahaba whenever people would come to study from him at him and knowledge, especially that these are the prophets, I tell him, he will give them words of advice, three particular ones, one of them is very important in this discussion, he would say, I'll slip my bayonet kawabe in Allah yesterday Allahumma vena cava webinar nurse, that if you are able to fix the problem between you and Allah first, then Allah will help you fix the problem in that you

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aggrieved other people with and therefore when you look at any scenario where there is an apology that is owed by you to others, set your first intent as being to fix it for Allah, Allah will make it easy in helping you fix it, amongst others in society. Number two, when we speak about a true apology when we speak about something that is true and sincere,

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it must not include the word but had it not been if you didn't, had you not said this first, if I hadn't heard from them if I hadn't seen this or read this or the word but that one that qualifies the one that kind of, you know, a person throws in with their apologies, I'm very sorry. And I know you know, I know, you know, I mean it and this is from my heart, but you must also understand right away, you've taken away the value of an unreserved apology. One that is that you know, is due one that is required to be fulfilled, and have polluted it by doing something that is profiteering for yourself and of self gratification and of lessening and deflecting the responsibility that you are

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trying to acknowledge in front of those who you have offended and therefore the word but is one of the words that a loss of had I want to add in the prophets I sell them, you know, condemn, in the example of a blease when Allah Subhana Allah says, Mammon, aka Allah tells you that the amount of took at least what caused you not to submit in sujood giving your authority down and humbling yourself to the authority of Adam, who I've ordered the angels and all other creation to be humbled in front of him? Paula? Anna, he said I he gives a rush he gives a but but I'm better than him. I have knowledge I called r&b I know you are my Lord. I know you are a lot I know you are the master.

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I know you are the creator. I know you're the one who is will remove me from your marriage. I know but, but and how you don't mean I believe myself superior to him. And therefore, the the statement of Iblees pushes him further away from the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that becomes an essential rule. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always unequivocal in his declarations in

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His instructions in his giving in his taking and his orders. Everything that is meant to be said was said, and therefore you know that you're on the sooner when you say what you mean and you mean what you say, I want I want you to hear that again, that you say what you mean. A loss of kind of entirely taala says it's simply in an area that we hear each and every time one of the Imams lectures us in the day of Juma. Yeah. Are you I Latina, I'm an otaku. Allah ha, hot. We're kulu Colin sadita Oh, ye who believe in SoTL as AB, big man, mindful, conscious obedient of God, and speak a straightforward word, no meanderings, no ifs, ands, or buts. And therefore, that becomes a

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second very important condition, very important instruction in offering a true and sincere apology, that we pray, may fix some of the mistakes that we have committed towards others who are owed that apology. Number two, at number three, excuse me as we move forward with our list is that when we apologize that we keep focus on our actions, and not on the outcomes, so it becomes important that when we are offering the apology, that we're speaking about ourselves, we don't put ourselves in judgment over what other people have done, or how they've received it, or why aren't you accepting it, you know, you must accept this for me and so on will speak about the importance of accepting

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sincere apologies from others, which is an a, you know, a forgotten Suna of the prophets I send them however, when you are issuing the apology when you are speaking unto others, be very careful to make mention of your actions, have statements that show that you've thought and reasoned and understood. What are the problems that have been caused? And what are the outcomes that have happened from them, and that this is the result of why you stand before people today and ask for their forgiveness. As you have begun it with a law. You must also do it with others that are greedy, my Malema nawawi. He says as is in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. prophets eyes lm says it's

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added we all know manlam Yesh core. And NASS, let me assure Allah, the One who is incapable and unwilling to show gratitude and thankfulness to other people can never be one who is truly thankful to Allah subhanho. To add, if you can't say thank you to somebody who has done kindness to you that you've benefited from it, that you've been honored by it that has been sent to you through them by Allah. If you're not grateful to your husband and wife and your children, if you're not grateful to the education you received your grandparents, those who met those who haven't those who have preceded you, and how you puke incapable of showing gratitude, you are incapable then of being truly

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thankful to Allah numero uno, where he kind of talks about this hadith and he says the opposite is also true. We have a teaching in our language studies and our Islamic Studies, our studies have also shown that a Shia or out of will will do that things become even more clear, more more understood when you reflect on what opposes them on the other side of the coin. So when you want to understand this, you also understand that not just the one who's incapable of thinking it's the one who is incapable of not acknowledging others for good, but acknowledging their mistakes unto others. So the one who is incapable of retracting from a mistake they've done of making a declaration that this is

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wrong. And whenever I let unforeseen look at how Allah says Kunal Po, Amina Lila, stand up as a word before God stand up for Allah, she'll had that as a weakness unto yourself, because whenever an unforeseen come in some verses, even if it is against yourself, even if you which means even if it makes you have to apologize, I misunderstood I spoke wrong. I did not intend this with this action. And therefore, make sure that people know that you know what you did wrong. Many times you'll even do this with your own children. You will say, do you understand why I'm upset? And, you know, somebody could say I'm very sorry. Okay, what are you sorry for? What What is the apology for? Yeah,

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no, no, I'm really, really sorry. About what what is it about and that becomes very important. And Allah Subhana Allah makes that, you know, one of the ways that we govern in our processes of our

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May Allah subhana wa tada grant us ease and comfort Aloma I mean, another important principle in issuing a good and true sincere apology that we pray will be accepted by those we have offended is do not overdo it with your own pain and remorse. You know sometimes people Subhana Allah, they like dress it up it's like Hollywood May Allah protect us era and the tears in the end it's all about them. And if you knew how deep this you know, I feel and how sad I am that this happened and I am so so so so so and they just go on and on and on. And you know, crocodile tears and you know, these kind of statements they come because this is a known problem, that when people come to apologize,

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and they feel maybe that if they don't make if they don't sell it, they don't act it well if they don't sell it, because it's not deep down and sincere from the heart. So if I don't sell it, if they don't buy it, then I gain nothing. And it is at this moment that you see some of the greats will have of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam when mistakes were committed by them, they were not people who dressed it up seeking favor of the prophets iclm or favor of the other Sahaba rather they were people who stood up in acknowledgement of their mistakes. Now I'll give a very vivid example from the life of our interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the moment have happened in

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nabee belta radi Allahu Allahu Allah wa Howard is one of the people who made his euro. With the prophets I seldom he witnessed all of the battles of the prophets lie Selim beginning with the Battle of bed, and he is one of the old mohajir and one of the early of those who came into the deen of Islam and made great sacrifices in the path of Allah. Now, when he left Mecca, the people of Mecca they laid siege to his home and his father and his mother and those he had to leave behind. And they said to him, something very simple that could follow for age. They said, Listen, we're not going to ask you to be a hypocrite or all we want is one thing that the moment you hear Mohammed so

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I said Lem has decided he's coming to conquer Mecca that you send us off you send us a letter to notify us how to being a man of truthfulness and honesty he agreed. So they left his family be they didn't you know, and he was lived with the prophets I send them for those years. And when the day of the conquest of Mecca came in, the prophet was leaving Mecca. He made the declaration we're heading to Mecca for for Fatima Mecca, how to send them a letter with a woman who he did in one of her braids. She's an unbeliever, and she headed out towards Mecca. The prophet in form was informed by Allah subhanaw taala. And he sent Ali and zubayr and others to get this letter from this woman. And

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they caught up to her at an oasis that the Prophet said that she would be at and just not to Harmer but just to bring the litter when they returned with the letter evidence is there a laws inform the prophets I send them the woman has given her testimony, physical hard evidence is there it sealed by how to everything is clear. And no matter what the law I know, said O Messenger of Allah, this is treason. This is a capital crime. It's punishable by death. And the prophets Allah Allah is lm said, Omar, just I have him come see me how to grow the alarm. I know a genuine believer, this is a moment where it's going to apologize for something and he says a messenger of Allah jakka my matter has

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arrived to you, Allah has informed you and I knew that Allah would not ever leave you to be in that humiliated state. And I know that Allah will not cause your defeat and the only reason I fulfilled This is because these people had put so much pressure on me in this sense, and I want it to be Amanda my word so I send them the letter so that they don't say the men of Mohammed our lives. And one of the explanation of that when I met this discusses this, and at the same time, I did not do this, this believing in you or hiding this from you a messenger of Allah, and he issues apology of clarity. He clarifies the matter.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that oh, let him be for Allah looked upon the people of Bethel and said, whatever you will do after this day you are forgiven Allahu Akbar. How to bro the Allahu anhu was one of the messengers of the Messenger of Allah. He was the man that Allah chose that the prophets I sell and chose to deliver the message of Islam to the people of Egypt. He was, you know, a trusted man with a prophet. I send them there after. And this shows you that if you apologize correctly, and do it in the right way, then you will be honored in that sense. I believe we have a caller on the line and said, I'm on a call.

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Not yet in chama Alright, so Alhamdulillah you know, these are important principles and rules that as we're moving on

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Long we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us high yield and being able to practice them in that sense. One of the other important principles and rules of giving a good apology apologizing in the right capacity is don't focus on who started it, or how it began. And you know where where you got involved in it. And I'm not the only one to blame. And sometimes Allah, when a person of trueness to Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah steps forward to acknowledge they are willing to wit bear the burden of the mistake. And you can see examples of this in the lives of the prophets of Allah in that life of musante as salaam, for example. He's one who stands before Allah, and he says, Call a

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lot of be in the hotel to me know whom, Oh Allah, how can I go to these people when I killed the man while I lived amongst them? Right? And I lived to them either either does he mean for many years that I was known to them, you know, they're they're going to say, you know, this and this and this. And so Musashi has said, understands the importance of being true to one's word. I believe we have a caller on the line in Sharla.

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So we'll end our first session, the line to Allah look forward to receiving your calls in sha Allah shortly. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us access Allahumma I mean, what said I want a Kumara Mottola he or volcat

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